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.& ■■ 






'J3& £*? 

» 1 

ft ' 

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j? i 

1 -m^-'-- '**■**] 

1 ' /^\*u 

4 \ 


TO 1 ** 

















X) K 






P.O. BOX 340 


fable of 

3 5899 00071 5510 

The Last Piece 


Pawn th-e 'Road a Piece 


Piece de Kesistcm 


fi Piece of the ^ction 

Student trife 

droincj to Pieces 

£lub$ and ^ctivitie$ 

3& Piece of Their Minds 


Pieces of liight 




■ I 






■■■1 -■*•• ■■1 Li 
• v-'< I ■■■I ^H 

. ,V-:W •. ■ ',;■,' fet 

Ring Philip 'Regional 
High. School 

2C1 Iranklin $treet 
Wrentham, Ha$$ach,u$ett$ 02093 

Tel. 500-334-1000 

?£X 505-364-3875 

fhe Chieftain 

Volume 43 

"We hold our responsibilities to be the development of the intellectual, 
physical, and social capabilities of the students as a base upon -which they can 
continue to grow a$ mature, contributing members of a free and democratic 
Society and to instill in them a sense of integrity, direction, and purpose. 


j 1 

< I ■ 


JJsS/r9k tfa 





A ^Sa^^h^ the students and ^ 

-*Xto a puzzle ftTS?,? community is comparable 

Pieces. The Kmg Phi, £ co ~irv f ^?" & " P ° f ^ d ^nt 
with the spirit, pride fiS L T^ by b ° nds fortified 
possess. At the same time SSrt T ^ Whkh KP Students 
King Philip is an indWdaaTS^ aChande r ryperSOnwhoa «ends 

to feel welcome. Each student m f il u/ , everv °ne is made 
Every person involved whh K n Jph it^T " ^ ^ ° Wn ^ 
puzzle of the community. 8 P "* 3S ° ne P iece to the entire 

T^^r^L?^ ** ° wn p — - «** 

X out. The fi«lStS£S w"? hm ! th3t mak6S them sta » d 
busy with class election" *e r Trstfl f "^ *"* leamin §- The y ** 
classes. The sophomoreciass & ""^ ^ thdr academic 
of hfe a t KP anS is e^^^Sg^T^ * ** ^ 
longer being the youngest at 7 ™" 1 6y Io ° k forward to ^ 

competition^ pep X Themel /! f °° tba11 gameS ' class 
the title of uppeSLC^^^^^^wda^ 

college fairs and the PSATs However ° CCUpied Wlth ™ts such as 
doing it. The senior class sdlZ' ^ -T^ to have f ™ while 
oldest in the school JZS&J 3 ? S1 ^. They are the 
Ea chx«emb e r /th e cl aS sSr sar S! ^j?" for the res * <* the classes. 
^ -do, class is the ^^^^^^^ 


Allison Milld and Kerry McDermott arrive safely, just in time to 

make it to homeroom. They are happy to be driving instead of taking 

the bus, and they certainly have a great perk — senior parking. 


Hilary Hayes and Jillian Roache chat at their lockers before getting 

books for their first period class. They are in no rush to do anything. 

Homeroom doesn't start for ten minutes. 

one piece at a time 

Kristin Kehrmeyer stops and smiles 
for the camera after dropping her 
field hockey stuff off in the locker 
room. She has had quite a success- 
ful and fun season. Kristin is 
already looking forward to playing 
next fall. 

Amy Fennessy and Tina Gagas 

are always able to brighten up 

their homerooms with cheerful 

smiles. They are eagerly awaiting 

the start of another day of classes. 

Ben Sias and Andy Calnan have 

a quick discussion about their 

homework from the night before. 

Homework is one of the usual 

morning topics of discussion 

within the halls of KP. 



Jen McKay and Jen Brown stop 

to pose for the camera. They 

were walking into school from 

the parking lot when they 

stopped to talk. 

HI, HO, HI, HO; 


Josh Cooney takes his time walking 

into school from the parking lot. He 

has a long day of school ahead of 

him, and then a football game. 


Kerry McDermott always 

expresses her happiness, even in 

the morning. She eagerly gets 

ready for school, and is 

prepared for a great day. 


It's another early day for senior 

Kelly Wardner. She is barely 

awake under her comfortable 

blankets when the alarm goes off. 

The worst part about getting up 

early for school is having to leave 

behind the warm covers. 


Kylee Day welcomes the 

morning with a cheerful tune. 

She prepares for school after 

taking a long shower. 

Taking a look at the daily lives 
oi Ring Philip students. 


Meghan McHale and Kate Allen smile with a breath-taking 

sunrise behind them. It sets a beautiful backdrop in the early 

morning sky. What a great way for two friends to start the day 



Paul Lapierre and Chris Wagner slowly wander toward the school. 

They both show their school pride by wearing their KP paraphernalia. 

Also, the boys have a football game after school. Good luck! 


Amy Smith and Kylee Day work diligently at the wheel in 

their ceramics class. They take a short breather and smile for 

the camera. Shortly after, they returned to working the clay. 


Despina Hamos, Melissa Sharron, Catherine Foley, and 

Tara Nyborn anxiously await lunch. They pass the time by quietly 

talking to each other, and wait for the lunch bell to ring. 

in the thick oi it 


Kaitlyn O'Connell, 

Stefanie Hayes, Melissa Gray, 

Rob Kelly, Marissa Tuohy, 

Meredith Jones, and 

Johanna Krouk gather in their 

English class. They have just 

finished reading Julius Caesar, 

and have decided to call it a 



Katie Andreozzi works 
efficiently in her French class 
on a test. Tests usually make 
for a stressful day, and it is 
good to get them out of the 
way before lunch. 


Chistopher Gibson, 

Derek Leavitt, and Mike Rieger 

are in a deep discussion about 

their soccer game after school as 

they await the lunch bell. 

Hopefully they will win. 

Good luck boys! 

1987 i 



1803 1884 1898 1897 1890 1898 

Wendy Rukstalis wanders 

through the hall all by 

herself, with not a person in 

sight. Although it didn't look 

promising, she did make it 

on time. 


Wendy Krasnauskas works 

very patiently with her 

sculpture in art class. Soon after 

it dries, it will be ready to fire 

and paint. She can then put it on 

display in Mrs. Cress's room for 

all to admire, or bring it home. 


Kristen Hall, Allison Milld, 

and Amy Fennessy make their 

way to class between periods. 

They seem to be enjoying the 

year so far as seniors. The girls 

certainly have a lot of exciting 

events to look forward to. 


Brian Daigle is completely 

absorbed in finishing his math 

problems. Hard work pays off when 

one earns the good grades he 


Tony Garlett and Andy Lake 

stop briefly for a picture as they 

head toward the DECA room. 

They are both star members of 

the DECA program and will be 

missed next year. 

'Taking a peek at what student* do 
during class time and in lunch.. 


Grace Becker, Tina Gagas, Katie Farren, Courtney Murphy, 

Kelly Fagan, Kristy Flaherty, and Allison Lodge all take a 

long drink. It's important to stay hydrated throughout the 

day. It can keep you alert, and that's good for those 

long, (dry) classes! 


Meghan McHale, Kylee Day, Kristen Hurley, 

Jenna Menfi, Erin Flynn, Kellie Cronin, Kate Allen, and 

Jon Pond all relax at the lunch table in the senior section. 

The food they eat now will provide them with energy for 

the rest of the day and into the afternoon. 



A bus load of juniors returns to King Philip after a field trip to 

the Newport mansions. This U.S. History field trip is 

looked forward to all year. 


Chris Rice gets a drink while on break from his job at the food 

court. Chris spends his Saturdays earning extra money. 

finishing off 


Seniors Kara Murphy and 

Sarah Gentry take a break from 

an evening round of mini-golf. 


Rich Chute, Tim Blinten, 

and Josh Gould wait 

patiently in the cold for 

their bus to arrive to bring 

them to soccer practice. 


Wendy Krasnauskas and 

Briana Short sip their sodas 

after finishing a meal at a 
local restaurant. Eating out is 

something King Philip 

students enjoy, especially on 



Scooping ice cream is just one 

of Chris Mahoney's many 

talents. Chris manages to 

squeeze work in with other 

activities such as playing on 

the K. P. football team. 



Seniors Meghan McHale and 

Erin Flynn take a dip at an 

end of school party. They 

can't wait for summer break. 


During the long cross country 

season, many lasting bonds 

are formed. Here, 

Brendan Halpin and 

Gregg Santabarbara are 

stretching out before they run. 

Evan McGrath rings up a sale. 

Evan is just one of many 

King Philip students who work 

after school. 


Kate Allen and Jon Pond 

spend First Night in Boston. 

Spending time with friends is 

a great way to finish off a 


jifter $ch.ool, King Philip students continue 

their busy schedules with 

part time jobs and extracurricular activities. 


These freshman boys can't wait to get to their soccer practice. 

One day they will be the stars of the varsity team and 

will be looked up to by future freshmen. 


Rhianne Crowley hides behind a pair of glasses while waiting 

with Kellie Cronin to play field hockey. 

£ ♦^^l^?!\ 








ran h 

•J .»« 



The Class of 2CCC 


Outstanding Seniors 


Senior Superlatives 

Bemember WHen 



,?.*■* i^*.T3,n 


• » . 



• *-*& 








Aaron Afarian 


IKES: Heather, winning, my x-c team, boys' 
ights out, cruisin, Stop and Shop runs. DIS- 
IKES: North Attleboro, OA, losing, the Subur- 
an, winter, WT, white rappers. FAVORITE 
1EMORY: winning the Class C mile my junior 
ear, rips at the lakehouse, February 9th. ACTIVI- 
IES: cross country 1-4, indoor track 1-4, outdoor 
ack 1-4, backdoor football games, running 
trough dewy meadows. FOUND: on the track, 
i the woods, hoody-hooing it up at a crowded 
ouse party. AWARDS: varsity cross country and 
ack, x-c captain, indoor and outdoor track cap- 
in, x-c team MVP, Hockomock- All-Star. AMBI- 
ION: To become a better person, get rich, and 
iake a difference in the world. 

Leanne Andrade 

KES: friends, family, driving, butterflies, sun- 
ine, the beach, snow. DISLIKES: mean people, 
iders, getting lost, being late, school. FAVOR- 
E MEMORY: BSB with Amy & Tresa, Cape Cod 
mmer '99. FOUND: with friends, working. AM- 
TION: to be rich and sucessful. OTHER: Thanks 
jm, Dad, Tresa, and Joey. I love you guys! 
anks to all my friends who've stuck by me all 
?se years! Good luck to the Class of 2000! 

Safia Agane 

Jennifer Allen 

Jen, Jenny 

LIKES: BG, beach glass, hugs, Mountain Dew, 
laughing, my journal, messenger bags, aggres- 
sive car rides, mix tapes, sandals, orange, hoodies, 
poetry, sunsets, playgrounds, snarfs, monkeys. 
DISLIKES: soup, being late, MS, hypocrites, turtle- 
necks, goodbyes, ignorance, feet, Q's, conformity. 
FAVORITE MEMORY:DMB '96- '99, 5/26/98, 
DECA, SG4, Rait, CHA, tree w/ MM/ RC, Dylan 
and Simon '99. ACTIVITIES: Softball 1-2, field 
hockey 1-3, DECA 3-4. FOUND: with Brian, at 
work, with my DECA girls, in AS's Jeep. 
AWARDS:Who's Who in American High School 
Students '99, letter in FH, DECA awards. 
AMBITION:live in Australia for 6 years. 
OTHER:Thanks Mom and Dad- I LOVE YOU, 
and anyone who was ever there for me. You all 
mean the world to me XOXO FAVORITE SONG: 
Two Step- Dave Matthews and This Train- Sub- 

Kate G. Allen 


LIKES: summer, hugs, beach, achieving goals, 
nice people, running, traveling, mountains, help- 
ing. DISLIKES: politics, feeling tired, getting sick, 
school, homework, wasting time, sitting for a long 
time. FAVORITE MEMORY: cross-country '99, 
Triathalon CA '99, Hyannis Tri 99', VT w/ KF, 
Italy w/ Fam 98', Oregon 97', First Night w/ JP, 
cow fields w/ JP. ACTIVITIES: indoor track 1,2,4, 
spring track 1,4, cross-country 3,4, soccer 2, Peer 
Leadership 2-3. FOUND: running, sleeping, 
swimming, working. AWARDS: Student of the 
Month, varsity letter and jacket. AMBITION: To 
live every day of my life to the fullest, to meet the 
man of my dreams, and may I never stop achiev- 
ing. OTHER: Thanks Jessie for being a great sis. 
Thanks Mom and Dad for giving me a world of 
support and your heart and souls with love. 
Thanks so much for believing in me. 

Nancy Antonellis 

LIKES: friends, parties, sunshine, summer, happy 
people, beach, music, Big Red, cute guys. DIS- 
LIKES: rain, homework, depressing/mean people, 
losing, rules, worrying. FAVORITE MEMORY: 
Summer '99. ACTIVITIES: NHS 3,4, FSC 1-2, Peer 
Leadership 2. FOUND: at Shaws and with friends. 
AMBITION: To be happy and have fun. OTHER: 
Thanks Mom, Dad, Kara, Julie, and all my friends. 
I love you all! 


Kathryn Garnett Atkinson 

Katie, Alice 

LIKES: waterfalls, drummers, colorguard, Cadets 
of Bergen County, Emerald Marquis, nature, 
architecture, Enya, braids. DISLIKES: people who 
think they're better than others, ignorance, preju- 
dice, hypocrisy. FAVORITE MEMORY: trips to 
Boston w/ Bri and Wendy, Dayton 98, 99, 00, NJ 
96-99, Orlando 98, Wisconsin 99 (and the engi- 
neering campus), EJC 98+99, Cadets 00?, BSG 96- 
97, CFS 97-99, percussion sleepovers, Grow a Brain. 
ACTIVITIES: color guard, ie- marching band 1-4, 
winterguard 1-4, winter percussion 2-3. FOUND: 
spinning or with Briana and Wendy. AWARDS: 
color guard stuff. AMBITION: To be the greatest 
architect that ever lived and be in the Cadets and 
Emerald Marquis. OTHER: To Bri and Wendy- 
Thank you for all you've done for me. You're the 
greatest friends- I love you. To the colorguard- 
you guys rock! 

Soapy, Fia 

LIKES: singing, purple, sunflowers, love, drama, 13, 
Kim Wah Sah, beach, #2 NE, Ryder trucks, Iowa, 
family. DISLIKES: lhateyou's, accidents, backstabbers, 
keyed cars, being stood up, TP, rainy days, deaths, 
being sick. FAV. MEM.: Mission Impossible, pranks 
w/TD, tennis w/ JW, fresh gym, allies, Hampton Bch 
w/TD, KF, Loon '98/99, stories HM, TN, Monadnock 
w/LC, AS, HM, WK, DB, looking at NP w/ DH, pull 
hischin.all that jazz w/LC AC 1 1 V. : chorus 2^4, drama 
1-4. FOUND: driving people, Arrow, anywhere w/ 
Hannah, Youth Group, Tish's, on stage, w/Lynnie, 
singing. AWARDS: honor roll, Who's Who. AMBI- 
TION: To live happily ever after and mean the world to 
a special someone. OTHER: Good Luck to LC, TD, AS, 
and whoever I forgot. Reach for thestars. Thanks Mom, 
Ayaan, Yusef, Ken, Jesse for a good time. FBC Youth- 
I Love You! I'll never forget anything! God Bless! 

Katherine Andreozzi 

LIKES: Australia, SNL, mtn biking, dreams, out- 
doors, Ani, photography, Native Americans, full 
moons, Cape, NIN, road trips, silhouettes. DIS- 
LIKES: orange soda, slow walkers/drivers, hypo- 
crites, goodbyes, gravity, ignorance, discrimina- 
tion. FAVORITE MEMORY: Missy Giove '97 
(thanks Cole), bike trips '97, '99, first 7-1 1 Slurpy 
with Brian and Cole (thanks guys), concerts. AC- 
TIVITIES: soccer 1-2, x-c 3-4, w. track 1-4, Softball 
1-2, s. track 3-4, Diversity Club, Photography Club. 
FOUND: out w/the guys, on my bike, at work. 
AWARDS: varsity letter/jacket, capt. s. track, 4th 
place in potato sack race 5th grade! AMBITION: 
To live each day like it's my last and help keep the 
world turning in the right direction. OTHER: To 
the fam: thanks for your endless support and love. 
To my friends and heroes: you are the fuel for my 
inspiration. EVERYONE has a special place in my 







;-. : 






Kristin Beck 


LIKES: beach, friends, stars, sparkles, yellow, sun- 
sets, orange, the ocean, hikes, camping, travel- 
ling, shopping. DISLIKES: snobby people, spi- 
ders, complaining, ignorance, goodbyes, home- 
work. FAVORITE MEMORY: Great White w/ JN, 
Applebee's, movies, diving w/ blue sharks w/ 
UD, Maine, River Rave 98,99. FOUND: 
Treadwell's, Applebee's, D&D, out w/ MC, PP, 
and JN, mall. AMBITION: to learn to do new 
things all of my life and to travel around the 
world. OTHER: Hi Mom, Josh, and Nana! Thanks 
for being there with me these past 17 years! I love 
you guys! FAVORITE SONG:What's my Age 
Again?- Blink 182. 

Aaron Bourke 


6-Pak, Steel 
LIKES: Simpsons, running, tennis, Aw! Suburban! tool 
crib, KPBackst Boys, ping-pong, Swedish Fish, Kenyans, 
schl plays, Cch. Taz, Jr Fugitive. DISLIKES: Acedog 10, 
the Internet, Montreal, LFO, Sharon, O A, groupies 
(she-man), the Legion, Burnt Swamp Rd. FAVORITE 
MEMORY: X-C camp, NY wilderness adventure, de- 
facement of Bullock's house, kicked out of Papa Ginos, 
fortress of solitude, ski trip, mad rippers at lakehouse, 
prom, DMB, Bela, mattress racing, Pan-Mass Chal- 
lenge. ACTIVITIES: X country, indr track, tennis, indr 
soccer (Ruff Ryders 2-6), canoeing in circles. FOUND: 
eating dinner at 4:00, playing the Bills, defeating Tripp 
Blair in ping-pong, C-Note Invitational, trying to get 
Phish tickets, never succeeding. AWARDS: tennis MVP, 
honor roll, varsity pin/track, x-c, tennis, inventing the 
? , track hock champs 1998. AMBITION: To beat Gregg 
Santabarbra in tennis. OTHER: Bourke's mom! Like a 
statue! Thanks Mom and Dad. Not so much Justin. 
FAVORITE SONG: #41, Dave Matthews Band. 

Heather Blair 


LIKES: Aaron, stars, smiles .soccer, food, dreams, 
friends, fun. DISLIKES: losing, tears, change. 
FAVORITE MEMORY: ski trip, Feb 12 '99, NY 
trip, Haiti, Riverside field trip, New Year's '97. 
ACTIVITIES: soccer 1-4, basketball 1-2, Softball 
1-2, indoor and outdoor track 3-4. FOUND: on a 
soccer field, w/Aaron, at the GAP, eating, run- 
ning, laughing, having fun, busting a move on the 
soccer bus. AMBITION: To be happy, successful, 
and to make a difference. 

Desiree Bliss 

LIKES: CA, 98 °, vball, shopping, tennis, shoes, 
summer, West Coast beaches, surfers, camping, 
snow days, sup. tacos, roller blading, food. DIS- 
LIKES: make-up, spiders, driving w/JR and 
friends, SAT's. FAVORITE MEMORY.: Monad- 
nock, Fla '98, N'Sync '99, Volleyball tournaments, 
tennis break up parties at the Ghosh's, Singled 
Out at KP, Loon, float meetings, St. Monica Pier, 
Disneyland, All That, Prom '99, the bushes in the 
snow, party on Jackie's porch. ACTIVITIES: class 
secretary. 1, class president 2-4, Peer Mediation 2- 
4, Basketball 2, gym leader 3-4, tennis 2-4. FOUND: 
Jackie's, Dunks in Norfolk, Fri night at Emerald 
w/ LH. AWARDS: varsity letter, pin, and jacket- 
tennis, most improved player-tennis, Student of 
Month, Who's Who Among American HS Stu- 
dents. AMBITION: to be the next Shania Twain. 
OTHER: Mom and Dad, you're the greatest. FA- 
VORITE SONG: Desiree, Mr. Carneiro. 

Philip Bouvrette 


LIKES: waking up in the morning, going to bed at 
night and everything in between. DISLIKES: wak- 
ing up in the morning, going to bed at night and 
everything in between. FAVORITE MEMORY: 
getting deported and re-imported. ACTIVITIES: 
fencing. AWARDS: Yeah, I got some. AMBI- 
TION: will see as the years go by. FAVORITE 
SONG: No Surprises- Radiohead. 

Cindi Ann Brawley 


LIKES: Blink 182, daisies, orange, the moon, 
Florida, sleeping, pickles, soccer, BD #2 NE REV, 
Fenway, Atlanta Braves, punk, Hemingway, mac 
& cheese, 910, Rancid, Guttermouth, Less Than 
Jake, Save Ferris, frogs, SS and Drew. DISLIKES: 
mayonnnaise, drinking, bugs, snakes, lending TD 
$$, second year, geometry. ACTIVITIES: TP foot- 
ball, team 12 w/ RS and JL. FOUND: Friendly's 
Friday w/Roe, Norton, Franklin, Bellingham, 
playing pool, at the Stadium, driving, at work. 
FAVORITE MEMORY: 11 .15.97 Green Day, pickle 
on the window, 4 proms, River Rave '97& '99, hit- 
ting the curb, Warped Tour '98, Riverside '99, 
Norton Semi '99. OTHER: Thanx to Mom, Dad, 
Sebastian, and MB. . . to RC, RH, and PM, I'll be 
there for you guys! Thanx to the Friday staff at 
Friendly's. FAVORITE SONG: Steal my sunshine- 
Len; How's My Driving- LTJ; Toast & Bananas- 
Blink 182. 

Grace Elizabeth Becker 


LIKES: good friends, sunny days, my xc sisters, mint 
chocolate chip with chocolate jimmies,my Volvo, win- 
ning, track, llueves, teeth, laughs, smiles, french fries, 
26, butterflies, stars, blue, drive bys, blankie, Junior 
Mints. DISLIKES: grey days, thunder/lightning, being 
cold, workouts,figh ting, goodbyes,losing,crying / stress / 
bad moods, failing. FAV. MEMORY: Queeche , N'Sync 
'99, Haiti w/HB, Thetford '98, Heptathalon 98,Prom 
'99, Cooks '99, Camp KP-XC '98 '99,OA trips w/AM, 
handoffs w/KH, BB, record w/KH. ACTIVITIES: fid 
hockey 1-2, x country 3-4, wintrack 1-4, spr track 1-4, 
Peer Ldership 2-4, NHS 3-4. FOUND: running, at the 
Hooker's, w/friends. AWARDS: MVP win/spr track, 
xc, win/spr track, Sun-Chron All-Star, varsity letter, 
Hock All Star,captain. AMBITION: havefun, be happy, 
successful, live a good, fulfilling life. OTHER: Thanks 
Mom and Dad for always being there, I love you! 
Thanks Rosie for being the best sister. I'll always be here 
for you. I love you! 

Joseph Bousquet 


B ■■■■ 38 
HI BHB0 IKxfl 

S5a''£ 1 't 

Kevin Breitenbach 


LIKES: Simpsons, Suburbans, the Tool Crib, run- 
ning. DISLIKES: excursions, midgets, the school 
uus, mopeds, 10-18-98, losing. FAVORITE 
MEMORY: N.Y wilderness adventure, Bullock's 
House, kicked out of Papa Gino's twice, making 
:he fortress, ski trip w/ AB, AA, HB, WR, '99, all 
Hate Meets w/ MS, AA, RP and the golf cart. AC- 
TIVITIES: indoor track, outdoor track, x-c, indoor 
soccer, skiing, off reading w/ Frank, JP, BD, mat- 
ress bobsled w/ BH, AB, TM, ping-pong, back- 
ward football, Ruff Ryders 2-6. FOUND: driving 
ny Suburban, Montreal, digging holes at Indian 
.ake w/ AB, AA. AWARDS: varsity letter for 
ndoor, x-c, and outdoor track, Unsung Hero out- 
ioor track, National Bird Calling Champion, cred- 
ted w/invention of the question mark, runner up 
it Thumb Wrestling Championships, indoor track 
12-0. AMBITION: Leave Plainville! FAVORITE 
JONG: Ants Marching- DMB. 

Shaun Callahan 


Joshua Brock 

Krystal Angela Buckley 


LIKES: thunderstorms, old houses, the Fairies, 
hot Angels, camp fires, fantasy, 80"s 
movies, Maya Angelou, rainy days, Salvador Dali, 
Dragons, peirogies, painting, night time, gar- 
goyles, Neve, tea, candle light, the Dream Keeper 
4-24-99, the Cape w/Joe, Art w/Steph, Wiener 
Works w / KR, and everybody. ACTIVITIES: field 
hockey 1-2, class officer 1-2, drama 1-2. FOUND: 
somewhere over the rainbow. AWARDS: HOBY, 
Art All State nom. AMBITION: to always create, 
love well. OTHER: Good luck Class of 2000. 1 love 
you Mommy. FAVORITE SONG: Not a Pretty 
Girl- Ani Defranco. 

Sean Cahalane 

LIKES: soccer, golf, skiing, Christmas, gifts, vaca- 
tions, T.V. DISLIKES: homework, school, losing. 
ACTIVITIES: golf, skiing. FOUND: on the golf 
course. AWARDS: Unsung Hero for golf. AMBI- 
TION: golfer, golf course designer. FAVORITE 
SONG. Jay Z, Will Smith. 

Robert Carey 

LIKES: winning, wrestling matches, writing, get- 
ting out of the house, the wee hours of the morn- 
ing. DISLIKES: trends, and the people who bow to 
them, professional soccer, leaving with regrets, 
old slang, listening to people getting angry over 
trivial things. FAVORITE MEMORY: stealing the 
corn with MP, clubbin at and around the GP, 
Spiritual Indulgence at NF, the HSX, graduation 
and the end of high school. ACTIVITIES: wres- 
tling, guitar, lifting, going out, school stuff, being 
a silent psycho. FOUND: on Providence 
Common's GP, the woods, school, UCONN. 
AWARDS: honor roll 2 years, wrestling captain. 
for One, Mungo City, Almond Kisses, Cloud. 

Kristopher Carlson 

Kris, Stneems, RobinHood 
LIKES: archery, kayaking, backpacking, moun- 
tain biking, camping, traveling around the USA at 
archery tournaments, hiking, 94 Saturn. DISLIKES: 
people w/ poor personalities, bad drivers, rap 
music. ACTIVITIES: Junior Olympic Archery. 
FOUND: kayaking, shooting, at various archery 
tournaments around the U.S., shopping at East- 
ern Mountain Sports. AWARDS: 5th in the US for 
Olympic Archery, Eagle Scout, NAA- Gold Olym- 
pian, Archery USA Team Elite Captain. AMBI- 
TION: continue school through Masters Degree 
in Architecture, have a sucessful career, go to the 
Olympics Gold for Archery, be #1 in the world. 
FAVORITE SONG: Blink 182- All the Small Things. 

Lenny, Homeslice, Brock. B-Rock 
LIKES: OCB, trucks, WWF, road dog, Rocky, C.H., 
Bruins, Looney Tunes, Judge Roy Bean, Oregon, 
Forest.Luniz, ATL, Ted Johnson, country. Randy 
Travis, midgets. DISLIKES: DMB, contradiction, 
bickering, conformity, soccer, morons, jerks, 
people who won't defend their opinion, mingo, 
math, homework. FAVORITE MEMORY: Foxboro 
Stadium with my brother and Dad. ACTIVITIES: 
football 1-3, freshman football coach, track 1-2, 
fishing. AWARDS: varsity letter and jacket. AM- 
BITION: Be succesful and retire early. OTHER: 
Thanks to everyone who helped me to get where 
I am today. FAVORITE SONG: Uncle Sam's CurM. 
Miner's Prayer 

Chris Cardarella 


LIKES: family, Mindy, boxing, my car, loud mu- 
sic, 2Pac, designer clothes, Caribbean beaches, liv- 
ing in luxury, partying and punishing. DISLIKES: 
rules, dealing with grumpy people, pigs, failing 
grades, waking up early. FAVORITE MEMORY: 
Laverty asking the toilet for paper at Santo's. 
FOUND: chillin in the hood with the crew strap- 
ping indoors. AMBITION: to be a millionare, own 
my own island in the Caribbean, also to be pam- 
pered and tended to my every need. 


* I 

Maria A. Chrisidis 


LIKES: my best friend Michelle, happiness, 
shopping, weekends, my car, art, true friends, 
coffee, flowers, the ocean, morals, family, 
butterflies, parties, starry nights, nice guys, angels, 
smiles, ladybugs, rain, snow. DISLIKES: narrow- 
minded people, depression, repression, fake- 
people, fights, spiders, crying, liars, backstabbers, 
selfish people. FAVORITE MEMORY: summer of 
'95 in Greece. FOUND: working at Plainville 
House of Pizza, hanging out with Michelle, at 
Mike's house-parties, with my friends, in my 
room. AMBITION: To become a doctor and lead a 
happy and heathy life with the one I love. OTHER: 
Thank you to my family, my best buddy Michelle, 
and to all my friends for being there for me always 
and making me who I am today. Good Luck Class 
of 2000! 

Rebecca Cochrane 

LIKES: Jesse, thunder, Guster, fall, NC, Escort, 29, field 
hockey, haunted houses, Ct, red roses, KP ftball, animal 
game, sweaters, Cocoa Krispies, mailing, Fridays, stalk- 
ing w/AF, Plainvlle girls, slpvr w/Jill/gang, Newsies, 
ponchos. DISLIKES: humidity, sand /bathing st, re- 
takes, the pelican, Sal, goodbyes, rushing. FAV. MEM: 
Guster w/JK 95, DMB 98, Fox. hnted hse 95, spice girls 
w/AL TG AF, soph yr art w/the gang, talking with 
PSQ/s in speed wrtng, Guster yard sale w / Mrs. Keene, 
driving to school w/AF, late night trivia with JEK, eke 
nghts w/Kings. ACTiVnTES: basketball 1, Held hock 
1-4, NHS 3-4 V Pres, SADD 4. FOUND: w/JK, Nick's, 
movies w/AF, hanging w/the pple-eating spaz mon- 
ster, renting videos w/the spice girls, checking the map 
for AF. AWARDS: varsity letter/ jacket, hnr rll. AMBI- 
TION: live a long/happy life. OTHER: Thanks for all 
of your love and encouragement, Mom, Dad. Kathy, 
Sean- 1 love you! Thanks for everything, Keene family! 
Jesse- 1 love you so much. Thanks for the best years! 

Melissa Clark 


LIKES: guys, mall, butterflies, sparkles, the beach, 
coffee, flowers, purple, kangaroos, Blink 182, shop- 
ping, flamingoes, summer, X-Mas, leopard print, 
watermelon, carnivals, cotton candy, nails, 90210, 
Grateful Dead teddy bears, candles, N. Carter, lava 
lamps, Chinese umbrellas. DISLIKES: liars, getting 
up early, slow drivers, breakups, bugs, stress, mean 
people, homework, worrying, being broke, rumors, 
sports, high beams, gdbyes, decisions, Mondays, 
whipped cream. FAV. MEM: R. Rave 97-99, DMB 
98-99, Ha 98, 6 Flags 99, Semi 97-98, Prom 99, Mall of 
America 99, Charlie's, Aerosmith 99, Hot Night 98, 
Pickle on Window at BK w/PPand CB, 7/99 w/MT, 
8/5/98 w/KC, Blink 98-99. FOUND: at the mall, at 
work with my guys, driving w/PP, at BK drive 
through w/PP. AMBITION: to be rich and famous. 
OTHER: Mom, thanks for everything. If it weren't 
for you I wouldn't have gotten through these four 
years. I love you. FAV. SONG: Lightning Crashes. 

Jillian Coates 


LIKES: Sleeping, autumn, Pink Floyd, midgets, 
hooded sweatshirts, caffeine, laughing. DISLIKES: 
early mornings, car problems, making decisions, 
math, bathing suits. FAVORITE MEMORY:the 
teacups, Roger Waters 8/24/99, Saki Saki. AC- 
TIVITIES: Softball 1, winter track 1-3, spring track 
2, field hockey 1 . FOUND: at work, w/ Amy, on a 
coffee run. AWARDS: varsity letter and jacket. 
AMBITION:To find the one and be happy with 
whatever comes. OTHER: Thanks to Mom, Dad, 
Al, Jen, Jon, Jes, & Russ. I love you guys! FAVOR- 
ITE SONG: Comfortably Numb. 

Cole J. Constantineau 


LIKES: pumpkins, setting clocks, gummi 
dartboards,the Farside calendar, signs to Mr. 
Besaw, when Shea gets kicked in the Junk, Duplex 
Cookies, paintballs in plastic baggies, the goon 
squad, the Houlihan clan, Mark's new house, the 
Probe, Ranger, Tempo, Reliant, Camaro, Van, 
Treadwell's. FAVORITE MEMORY: falling out of 
Frank's truck at 30 mph, when Brian Allaire 
assaulted the tiger mascot, gunpowder presenta- 
tion for Mr. Fischer, Perry's adventures at Dave 
Matthews, copying the keys to the Reliant and 
borrowing it from Perry, my adventures with the 
halls, putting Treadwell's out of business, the 
goon squad showdown. FOUND: Foxboro State 
Hospital, the time factory, the Van. AWARDS: 
The New England Press Association Journalism 

Joshua P. Cooney 

Coonmasta, J, Coon 
LIKES: football, baseball, #17, dancing, concerts 
in summer, parties, friends, #83, Irish, Coach 
Finase's speeches, ski trips, Halloween, Mike's 
Deli, laughing, Chinese food, diving boards, the 
scrubby. DISLIKES: losing, liars, dishonesty, be- 
ing unhappy, morning, Mondays, homework, 
Sweatt Hill, Franklin. FAVORITE MEMORY: DMB 
95-99, River Rave 99, Semi 97-99, Prom 98-99, ski 
trips, all the parties, summer 98-99, Cape, football 
camp, putting ice and pepper on Webber's pillow. 
ACTIVITIES: football 1-4, baseball 1-4, basketball 
1, Student Council 4. FOUND: with friends, driv- 
ing around, parties, having fun, OCB, Cape, at 
Reebok, raiding the sophomores at night at camp. 
AWARDS: varsity letter and jacket, Unsung Hero- 
Baseball. AMBITION: to live a happy and pros- 
perous life. OTHER: Dad, my best friend, thanks 
for everything. Mom, I love you. Jessica, follow all 
your dreams. You'll be fine. I love you all! Good 
luck Class of 2000. 

Jessica Church 

less, Jessie, /C 
LIKES: good friends, having fun, music, trave 
strawberry ice cream, snow, driving, black lab 
the beach, Swiss cheese, turtles, Boston, laughir 
DISLIKES: greed, hatred, mean people, hot an 
humid weather, cantalope, stress. FAVORIT 
MEMORY: trip to Russia. ACTIVITIES: jazz bam 
marching band, MYWE. FOUND: hanging aroun 
with friends, playing music. AWARDS: hone 
roll, music awards, math awards. AMBITION: I 
be successful. OTHER: Thanks for everythir 
Mom, Dad, and Mag. 

Lindsey M. Conroy 

Lin, Bird, Compton 
LIKES: #333, cheese, frogs, blue, friends, havir 
money, drawing. DISLIKES: mornings, demerit 
FAVORITE MEMORY: anytime not in schoc 
pulling his chin w/SA & all that jazz. ACTFV 
TIES: basketball 1-2, concert band 1-4. FOUNI 
with friends, working. AMBITION: to be succes 
ful and happy in the years to come. OTHE1 
Thank you, Mom, Dad, Rachael, Courtney, Nan 
Papa, and the Greenes. I love you all. Good luc 
Class of 2000. 


BmuvH Ski 



Joshua Cooper 

;ES: baseball, basketball, listening to music, 
. DISLIKES: cops, my car, this school. FAVOR- 
MEMORY: freshman baseball. ACTIVITIES: 
eball and basketball back in the day. FOUND: 
whereand everywhere. AWARDS: honor roll 
.hman year first term. AMBITION: To gradu- 
high school and buy a Pontiac Trans AM. 
HER: Thanks to my friends for sticking behind 
through the years. Peace. FAVORITE SONG: 
and my Girlfriend-2Pac 

itm , -» s.^H 

Joseph Creedon 


LIKES: cooperation, Marx, pulp, citrus fruit, The 
Egg Man. DISLIKES: capitalism, oppressive sys- 
tems, Korn. FAVORITE MEMORY: Cibo Matto 
'99, the War, Rice Krispies, swimming pools, Car- 
digans '98. FOUND: leading the revolution to a 
better, brighter future. ACTIVITIES: Bee Keepers' 
Club, drama, the movement. 

Paul Croteau 


IS: hanging out, football, being with friends, 
ing video games. DISLIKES: school/home- 
;. FAVORITE MEMORY: winning the super 
i at Bishop Feehan. ACTIVITIES: football, 
., basketball. FOUND: everywhere. AMBI- 
•J: Be successful in life. Have lots of money 
: un. FAVORITE SONG: Scar Tissue-Red Hot 
i Peppers 

Kellie Marie Cronin 

Kel, Cronin, QT, Kel-Cro, Kel Bel, Smellie, Santa 
LIKES: softball, friends, red, orange, laughing, smiles, 
pictures, dancing, cold pillows, #3, 4-23, eating, acting 
goofy, strawberries, oldies, doing laundry, DECA 
buddies, my dogs. DISLIKES: sickness, indirectness, 
impatience. FAV. MEM: road trip w/RC97',cruisew/ 
JM 98', 11-26-96, DECA trips, proms, summer '99 w/ 
RC,SM,RM,RS,beinga turkey /super herosuper some- 
thing! ACTTVmES: softball 14 (capt. 4), field hockey 
2-A, gymnastics 1, DECA. FOUND: having fun w/ 
friends, partying w/my DECA cult, pulling through 
w/CP. AWARDS: DECA trophies, letter and jacket. 
AMBITION: to live a long, happy, life filled w/ love, 
family, travel, and ability to appreciate what God gives 
me. OTHER: Thank you Erin, for being my best friend, 
teacher, and above all, a wonderful sister. Thanks for 
kickin' my butt, Sean! Rhianne-I never would' ve made 
it without you! Mummy and Daddy-Thank you for 
always providing me with love and support! I love you 
all!-kiss kiss! FAV. SONG: That's What Friends are For. 

*■««■««■«■— ■— —M— BMBBMMW 

Sean Crowley 

Head, Jimmy, Leroy, SB 
LIKES: peanut butter, parties, loud systems, hang- 
ing around with, JB, BT, DF, MT, BH, AA, getting 
lost in Boston with JJ, BT, MB, CB, Mac D's with 
JC, BT, KM, AM, when supposed to be in art. 
DISLIKES: snobby people, cops, boring week- 
ends, school, backdoor entries, breaking up with 
people. FAVORITE MEMORY: freshman science 
w/Mrs. Knight, BK drive thru (BJ) with BT, TM, 
BD, SD, DR, falling off Ali's tramp. FOUND: in 
Lakeville, BK parking lot, driving, working (yeah 
maybe), at Ali's house with JB, AW, and MD, 
Bob's house all night, with college kids. AMBI- 
TION: To be really rich, have a good looking wife, 
nice car(s), sweet house. OTHER: To all the little 
ones who haven't graduated yet...Hfli>e/»»/Toall 
my family who supported me so much. ..Thanks a 
lot! FAVORITE SONG: Tell Me It's Real, Break 
Stuff, Sugar. 

Brian Daigle 


Michael Costello 

LIKES: basketball, football, weekends, lunch, 
Rhalls, skis, Bud Monster, O.C.B., parties without 
rats, the tub, fishing, living with Lou, football 
team. DISLIKES: rats, parties with rats, C.R., dst., 
gips., ML., 6 week suspension and finally more. 
FAVORITE MEMORY: all summer of 99. AC- 
TIVITIES: sports, partying. FOUND: fishing, 
cruisin or at a RIP. AWARDS: varsity letter, jacket, 
and pins, basketball captain. AMBITION: go to 
school and don't be a P.O.S. 

Rhianne Crowley 

Khi, Rhen, Rheni.Peas 
LIKES: Juan, #23, hoodies, rd. trips, black cow, 
the cult, outdoor showers, body hugs, Slushies, 
playin in rain, daisies, Candee, shooting stars, 
free stuff, randomness, W.S. DISLIKES: cold nose, 
pink, mosquitoes, gd. byes, mornings, itchv eves. 
FAV.MEM.: DMB '95-99, rd. trip w/KC '97, truck 
stop, Ani '98, Smokin Grooves, DECA trips, 2/ 
23/98, Spoon Tues, big spheres, Snick & ADD w/ 
TN, Bart, CHA, FH w/KD, cake, Riverside '99, 
chase w/x boys, SG4, RED. ACTIVITIES: gym 1- 
4 (capt), fid hcky 2-4, sftball 1, DECA (sec.),Stud. 
Coun. 2-4 (corr. sec), NHS, dance. FOUND: at 
dance, eating, laughing. AWARDS: letter, jacket, 
gym. all star & MVP 1,2, DECA trophies. AMBI- 
TION: go skydiving and be happy. OTHER: Thank 
you, Mom, Dad, Paul and Jen. You guys mean the 
world to me. Yaya and Papu, 1 will marry Greek. 
I promise. I love you all! XOXO Good Luck Class 
of 2000! FAV.SONG: How's it Goin Down-DMX 


Michael Darcy 

LIKES: broking desks, paper airplanes, the un- 
titled show, Mark'n'Jesus, DSX staff, Bar-nope, 
Canadian in the office, Evangelion, And 31337 
Jay and Silent Bob at Narcon, Jedi Skill/., and 
kickin back with DECA. ACTIVITIES: DECA. 
EOUND: The PJ's, home, and lurking in the bushes 
at Lisa's house. AWARDS: NOPE! AMBITION: 
To make Dreamscapes-x successful. OTHER:To 
all my friends and DSX, never drift apart. To all 
the DECA people, I'll be in contact. You haven't 
seen the last of me. FAVORITE SONG: anything 
by FILTER, Korn, or Limp Bizkit. 

Jim Demone 


LIKES: quality car rides, hockey, Cape Cod, Hamp- 
ton Beach, ping-pong, golf, summer, #17, AOL, 
sleeping, Capri Suns, De Angelo's, Pirate's Cove, 
Funbarn. DISLIKES: Brochold, Franklin, Feehan, 
work, Sunny D, zepher, Pudge, dogs, geese, to- 
matoes, 5 am practices, DMB. FAVORITE 
MEMORY: making it to the state hockey tourney 
for the first time in 25 yrs, becoming a member of 
the Dragons. ACTIVITIES: hockey, Leo Club, golf, 
baseball, backyard football, pong, nursing home. 
FOUND: hockey rink, pong table, AOL, De 
Angelo's, concerts. AWARDS: Sun Chronicle All 
Star, All-Hock Team (both for hockey), captain of 
hockey team AMBITION: To own a gas station or 
mini-golf course. OTHER: Thanks to everyone 
who has helped me in my high school years. 
FAVORITE SONG: I have one... 

Kylee Day 


LIKES: purple, 2, Belma, chunks, pictures, sweaters, B's 
Clues, Austin Powers,tioopers,Eeyore, smiles, eyes, 
Kevin Bacon, singing, stars, Stuart, sleeping, Dopey, 
Madonna, dirt/water mixture. DISLIKES: fights, spi- 
ders, mornings, lies, stress, sneezing, being wrong, 
losing, boredom, sunburns. FAV. MEM.: Cape '99 w/ 
CP and JM, New Years' '98 w/KF, BG, KA, Crimson 
Mission '99 w/KF, BG, CM, DMB '98 '99, Steve Miller 
'99, Chris Cadiz class w/MM, RAVE dance '96 & '99, 
car chases & TP, Hard Knock Life Tour '99 w/ RC, KF, 
CP, JM, Smokin Grooves '98, FH camp /Casts w/RC 
FOUND: the Meridian room 203, Spy Tech, Spruce 
Pond w/KF, BG, meeting in the woods, hanging out 
w/ friends, Turner St. w/KF, Looking for the bathroom 
w/CM, at the mafia w/JM, CP. AMBITION: Live a 
long/ happy life. OTHER: Mom and Dad, thanks for 
everything you've given to me through the years. I 
appreciate it. You mean so much to me. I LOVE YOU. 
Nikki, you are the best! Congrats to the Class 00! 

Kristine Lorraine Delano 

Kris, D 

LIKES: roses, long weekends, summer, friends, 
sports, ocean, Riverside, coffee, hugs, long walks, 
Pooh Bear, mini-golf, shopping, Abercrombie, star- 
gazing, Boston trips, plays at MHS, concerts w/ my 
M girls and guys, sandals. DISLIKES: snow, mean 
people, silence, long car rides, tears, giving up, lone- 
liness, fake people. FAV. MEMORY: Prom '99, exam 
lunches at Friendly's, boat trip, the mini-golf inci- 
dent, MHS, coffee chats, summer '99, *N SYNC 6th 
row, MB20, BNL, nacho cheese. ACTIVITIES: field 
hockey 1, Softball 1, basketball 1, Treasurer 1, Track 
2, Leo Club 3-4, Model Senate 3, Yearbook 4. 
FOUND: working at AHFOS, at the mall, anywhere 
with friends. AWARDS: Honor Roll, MFLA poster 
contest 2,3. AMBITION: To be a sucessful lawyer 
and enjoy life. OTHER: Thanks to my family. I love 
you guys so much. I owe everything to you! Good 
luck, Bob, I know you'll succeed at whatever you 
do! FAV. SONG: Anytime, Dancing Queen, Push. 

Craig Domko 


LIKES: football, watermelon, Sour Patch, hockey, 
gym, Corvettes, mac and cheese, red, summer, 
sleeping, Maine, Limpbizkit. DISLIKES: work, 
school, homework, math, VL, early mornings, 
snobs, mosquitoes, football camp. FAVORITE 
MEMORY: OCB every Thursday during football 
season, 8-2, beating Foxboro 33-14. ACTIVITIES: 
football 1-4. FOUND: work. AMBITION: go to 
college and into the airforce. FAVORITE SONG: 
Nookie by Limpbizkit, Stuck, Break Stuff. 

Scott M. Dowling 


LIKES: girls, parties, soccer, college, fast cars, 
weekends, summer, vacations. DISLIKES: trench 
coats, failing, summer school, losing, Franklin, 
demerits, being sick, the hospital, liars. FAVOR- 
ITE MEMORY: winning the Hock championship 
freshman year for soccer. ACTIVITIES: soccer 1-4, 
winter track 1, spring track 1. FOUND: chillin at 
the hood, on the soccer field, Chris' castle, the 
beach, concerts. AWARDS: Captain, Hock All 
Star, Sun Chronicle All Star, honor roll 3rd term 
junior year. AMBITION: go to college, make 
mucho dinero, have fun. 

Benjamin Davis 


LIKES: goofy juice, fruit, soccer, Jen, money, 
sleeping, food. DISLIKES: getting up in the 
morning, working, homework, running 
FAVORITE MEMORY: camp parties at C.C.'s 
ACTIVITIES: soccer 1-4. FOUND: at the hood, 
beach. AMBITION: To go to college and make a 
lot of money. OTHER: Thanks Mom and Dad for 
putting up with me all these years, and good luck 
Tim and Greg. 

Robert E. Doane 

Rob, Robbie 

LIKES: painting, drawing, water skiing, Stephen 
King novels, vacations. DISLIKES: essays, tests, 
long compositions, homework. FAVORITE 
MEMORY: Junior Prom 1999, mini-golf, drive-in 
AMBITION: Receive a Bachelor's degree in archi- 
tecture, and make millions as an architect. 

-J8 " 

Tricia Dunne 

Tish, T-Dog 
.IKES: friends, Sprite, Irish men, LYNX, #2NE, 
j.E.S.,DECA, soccer, Irish Spring, money, pool, 
lanleys, Ireland, Pop Tarts, Mustangs. DISLIKES: 
chool, backstabhers, riddles, accidents, demerits, liars. 
r A V.MEM: DMB 97,99, U297,SIane99, Hamp. Beach, 
itg mup, mission impossible, pranks, gym class 2, 
hem. 3, NE.R, 96,97,98,99, Dr.Small, 20 questions w/ 
S, convenience mission Saudi Arabia, Applebee's, baby 
'oil, England 99, France 99, Ireland 95, 96, 98, 99, 8-23- 
9, 8-26-99, puddle jumping w/K-fay, AR's, FL w/ JC, 
>ig Apple. ACTIVITIES: soccer 2, vice president 3, 4, 
)EC A, 3, 4. FOUND: SA's house, JR's house, passenger 
eats, stadium, Ireland, w/friends, work. AWARDS: 
)ist, Comp 1st, State Comp (DECA). AMBITION: To 
ve in Ireland. OTHER: Thanks and good luck to SA, 
:B, LC, SC, SD, K-fay, AF, AL, JL, AM, DP, JP, spider 
/oman, KRJCKC, IS, BS, and the Bio group. Also, we 
we you Nicky. Thanks to my family. You've done a lot 
>r me and I love ya. 

Amy Suzanne Fennessy 

Ames, Fenndog, Fenn-Fenn 


i KES: J Mclntyre, Ben & Jerry, angles, NKOTB, smiles, 

tening, hugs, cuddling, rain, crying, Da wson'sCreek, 

lell of autumn, oranges, that feeling, Tinkerbell, long 

Iks, playing with my hair. DISLIKES: sweet comment 

t, mean people, stress, fights, our problem. FAV. 

EM.: semis, proms, football games, Westside, BC's 

; »1, stalking w/BC, sleepovers, 6/27/98, making 

' deos, Disney w/fam, Bush, time w/Erin, driving to 

i hool w/BC. FOUND: stalking, w/BC, having fun, 

■ atching random movies w / BC, hanging out. AMBI- 

ON: to make a difference in someone's life, fall in 

I ve, raise a family, be happy w/no regrets. OTHER: 

om and Dad-I wouldn't be who I am today without 

j )ur unconditional love and support. I appreciate all 

] m have done for me. I love you both! Erin-I couldn't 

i ive asked for a better sister. I will always be here for 

' iu. I love you with all my heart! Becky-thanks for 

■ing my best friend. Class of 2000-Thanks for the 

emories I will cherish all my life. Good Luck! 

Kelly Fagan 


LIKES: life, purple, ocean, wildflowers, Martha's V., 
Jeeps, Irish, travel, funny people, ftball, Austin Powers, 
Disco w/CM, thunderstorms, M. Python, Braveheart, 
BBC, being giddy, the 80's, BG's funny faces, NH. 
DISLIKES: nothing. FAV. MEM.: summers at Hamp- 
ton Bch, the dragon w/CM, Flipcup nights, Cape C. 
w/CM, BG; Stever Miller 98'-99'DMB 99 w/ BG,KD, 
Smoking Grooves, 98, N. Year's 2000, crimson mission 
w/CM, BG, KD, Ames w/BG, fauna=soil w/KD, 
homecomin g 99, prom 99 +00, time w / Mike. ACTIVI- 
TIES: fid hock 1-4, bball 1-3, Softball 1, tennis 3-4, Stud. 
Counc. 1-4. FOUND: cruzin'w/C. and B. in the Jeep. 
On a mission for food with BG. On spytech, Spruce P. 
w/ KD,BG,CM. Turner St. w/ KD, Meridan Hotel rm 
203 w/KD,BG,MM. AWARDS: varsity letter/jacket. 
AMB.: an outrageous life filled w/love, happiness, 
adventure. OTHER: Thanks Mum and Dad for all the 
luv and wisdom. You have made me so happy. Jules- 
sistah, I luv ya! Maxx and Bennie-hugs and kisses. 
Congrats and best of luck to the Class of 2000!! 

Kathryn Farren 

Katie, Kate, K-Fay 
LIKES: 67 or 99 Ford Mustangs, #4, soccer, smiles, 
laughter, 10/3, friends, sleeping, family, hugs, 
roses, love, Xmas Eve, Cobie, broken in jeans. 
DISLIKES: snakes, feet, rude people, back stabbers, 
you know who you are, drunk driving, warm 
milk. FAVORITE MEMORY: Europe w/TG, JK, 
SS, Hampton Beach w/TD, SA, puddle jumping 
w/TD. ACTIVITIES: soccer 1-4. FOUND: w/my 
friends, w/my PtP group TG, JK, SS! out having 
fun. AMBITION: to make a difference in people's 
lives. OTHER: Thanks, Mom and Dad, for all your 
help-Good luck to all my friends. Good luck Class 
of 2000. 

Erin Lee Flynn 

Fh/nny, ER, Fiynna 
LIKES: Mike, #55, blue, having fun, laughing, smiling, 
friends, Yorks, crackers & cheese,FH, winning, sum- 
mer, vacation, beach, snuggling. DISLIKES: snobs, 
rainy days, arguments, losing, stress. FAV.MEM: Hard 
Rock '97, trips to UMass w/DH, Hampton Beach w/ 
JM, KF, CP, RC, Steve Miller '99, DMB w/JM, TR, MM, 
party at JM's house '99, the long talks w/DH, junior 
skip day, getting T-boned in the middle of nowhere, 
field hockey. ACTTvTnES: fh 1-4 (capt.4), winter track 
1-4, spring track 1 -3, Leo Club 1 . FOUND: hanging w/ 
DH and MM, at Lambert's, chilling. AWARDS: Un- 
sung Hero, Varsity letter / jacket. AMBITION: get 
married /have a wonderful family /be successful in 
anything I do! OTHER: Thanks Mom, Dad, Joe and 
Matt for always being there and for everything you 
have done through out the years. I could not have done 
it without you. I love you! Thanks to all my friends for 
all the fun memories. Good Luck! Diana, thanks for 
being the best friend that you have been. My high 
school years would not have been the same without 
you. Good luck in anything you pursue. Love & hugs! 
Mike, thanks for always supporting me and standing 
by me in everything I have done. I love you! 

Catherine Foley 

LIKES: summer, friends, night time, stars, coun- 
try music, parties, beach. DISLIKES: my mini bus, 
Franklin Car Wash, men in white coats, arro- 
gance, narrow minds, ex boyfriends and girl- 
friends, snobs, math, getting grounded, stress, 
lying, school. FAVORITE MEMORY: summer '99, 
campfires, Tim's, Rocky Mountain Hotel, Jello, 
Mike's, Mexico, Useless Eustess. ACTIVITIES: ice 
hockey, roller blading. FOUND: w/friends, work, 
PB's soccer games, mall, movies. AMBITION: go 
into FBI or CIA. Travel the world. FAVORITE 
SONG: Martina McBride-Happy Girl, Tim 
McGraw-Something Like That. 

Nicole Evans 

Nicky, baby 
LIKES: all of my friends, mv family, vacations, the 
ocean, roses, Friday nights, nice people, late nights, 
shopping, forest green, navy blue, driving, parties, 
Pooh Bear, laughing, having fun, swimming, music, 
singing out loud, Applebee's, Mr. Ferreira's class. 
DISLIKES: intolerance, snobs, mean people, winter, 
Mondays, goodbyes, earlv mornings, the men in the 
white coats, no money, double crossers, immatu- 
rity, all my fears, tank tops in December, means 
guys, the Franklin Car Wash, rules, stress. 
FAV.MEM.: The summer of 99, Maine, the Cape. 
ACTIVITIES: cheerleading 2. FOUND: out with 
friends, babysitting, having fun just about any- 
where. AWARDS: varsity letters, Student of the 
Month. AMBITION: To go wherever life takes me 
and have fun while doing it. Also to do well with 
whatever I decide to do with my life. OTHER: I just 
want to thank my familv and friends for the support 
that they have given me over the years. I love you 
all and thanks for the support. 

Kristy Marie Flaherty 


LIKES: sun, beach, sand, sleep, roses, sunflowers, baby 
blue, food, Appleb's, gum, spcl talks, laughing, hugs, 
my bd, sunglasses, stickers, parties, night, rain, snow, 
wtr skiing, jokes, swiniming, pictures, D&D. DISLIKES: 
spiders, snakes, rude people, liars, saying gdbve, my 
alarm, a.m., cold, crying, fighting,. FAV.MEM.: Rvrsd 
99, S. Miller, T. Petty w/KS, DMX w/CP, JM, KD, RC, 
Hampton Beach w/CP, JM, EF, RC, Cape Cod, PA, 
gym w/JM, CP, CC w/the girls, girls' night to Boston, 
PPP w/KS, HP, SM, DECA trips, AH.BAHH, MM 
house, SC house, Auburn w/the group, MC, SC, RD, 
AG, ML, KM. ACnV: fid hock 9-11, gymnstcs 9, 
DECA 11-12. FOUND: gym, Auburn, CC, w/DECA, 
Appleb's, w/the girls, w/Matt C AWARDS: 1 st dist, 
2ndState, top 20 at Nat. AMB.: be happy, live life to 
fullest. Make suremy future is what I want it to be, work 
hard. OTHER: Thank you Mom, Dad, Kevin, Mark for 
your love/support. I love you! Good luck Kevin in Jr / 
Srvrs. Mart, thank vou for voursupport.Thanx friends. 


Elisabeth J. Gaetani 


LIKES: Muppets, banana splits, tood, flannel sheets, 
summer, socks, snow, deep talks, sleeping, Curious 
George, traveling, friends, hugs, going out to eat, con- 
versation, my car, the beach, laughing, the 80's, gum, 
Italians, my bed, Stuart, sweaters, KF's funny faces, AZ 
DISLIKRS:spiders,alarms,hw, gray days, trafhc,hang- 
nails, station wagons, rudeness, stupidity, mosquitos, 
Nov.,math, hospitals. FAV. MEM.: Meridian Hotel; rm 
S Miller 99, DMB 99 w/KF, DH, and KD, Crimson 
Mission 99 w; KF and KD, Newport Dr. Love w/TM, 
ski trip 94, flip-cup nights, crazy legs, Arab sisters w/ 
CM, Meg's uncle. FOUND: on a mission for food w/ 
KF, cruisin w/CM & KF, on spy tech, Spruce Pond w/ 
KF & KD. AMBITION: travel the world, live a long, 
healthy, happy life, look back w/no regrets. ACTIVI- 
TIES: field hockey 1-4, tennis 2-4. OTHER: Mom and 
Dad, thank you so much for your love and support 
Carissa and Ben, you two are the best . I'll miss you so 
much next year. I love you! Good luck Class of 2000! 

Leanne Gay 


LIKES: Vicci Tori's star, Peanut Butter and Jelly, the 
cords, my broken seatbelts, door handles, and 
side mirrors on the famous Tempo. DISLIKES: 
those who steal or control others' lives because 
they don't know how to be themselves. FAVOR- 
ITE MEMORY: pumpkin eyebrows, Chiquita Ba- 
nana, Pugs, you think you're cute? , River Rave 
'98, seventeen, Riverside June '99, Kill Roy!!, Dots!!, 
The Ball '99. FOUND: out, Mike's basement, 
Sarah's car, my room, work, traveling across Mass 
or even New England with Mom and Dad. AC- 
TIVITIES: jv softball 1-2, IORG. OTHER: I know at 
times I have made life a more difficult road than 
it had to be, but I never would have made it 
without you. Thanks Mum and Dad! I love you! 

Anthony Garlett 

LIKES: my truck, chillin w/da boys, girls (defi- 
nitely), Auto Zone, da' boys from North, food, 
DECA. DISLIKES: school, cops, ummm... that's it, 
girls that think they are too good for everyone. 
FAVORITE MEMORY: chillin w/da boys: IN, JC, 
TIES: DECA, work, that's it. FOUND: AutoZone, 
North Attleborough, the mall, Providence, and 
anyone's house whose parents will let us in. 
AWARDS: 1st place Districts, 1st place States, top 
10 nationally in DECA competition, DECA class 
president. AMBITION: to be my own boss, and 
enjoy life to the fullest possible. OTHER: Thanks 
Mom and Dad for all the help and support. With- 
out you, I wouldn't be where I am today, and 
without your love, I wouldn't be who I am today. 
FAVORITE SONG: Small Things- Blink 182. 

Frank Garofalo 

LIKES: Hilary, some of my friends, my truck, 
when Shea gets kicked in the junk. DISLIKES: 
nothing in particular except for pumpkins, fake 
kidnappings, Wrentham Village Premium Outlet 
Mall, Nazis, drive-bys, and anything else the po- 
lice have questioned me about. FAVORITE 
MEMORY: Sox game w/Boo Earns, fake college 
days, ruff riders make shift soccer team, Dave 
Matthews JP style, Sox game w/ Hilary, Plymouth 
Reliant off-road challenge '99, Mark Hagen's bee 
keeper challenge 98 and 99, Fourth of July w/ 
Hilary, and everything else I did w/her. FOUND: 
Mark's house(s), country club, Eaglebrook. 

Robert Gibeault 


LIKES: life, Briana, drumming, nature, trees, bike rides, 
Maine, recognizing beauty, chess, trout fishing in 
America, walks /golf course, nuggets, laughter, free 
thinkers, poetry, Gonzo Journalism, Phish, Beatles, F. 
Zappa, Dylan, G.Dead, B. Marley, coincidences / 
syncronisity, unbearable lightness of being, being out- 
side, RAD, happy. DISLIKES: ignorance, repressive 
tolerance, calling people consumers, legal tender, use- 
less authority, KP Academy, swine, prohibition, societ- 
ies, pliers, TV, lost opportunity, The Fear, The Loath- 
ing. FAVORITE MEMORY: anytime w/Briana, 18th 
bday, Little Sunny Doggies 7-4-98; it was strange, 
splitting open and melting 6-18-99; it was stranger, 
Phish shows. FOUND: riding my bike, in a session, 
drumming, on an Australian mt range. AMBITION: 
To be a bum on the streets, Zen Master, NINJITSU 
Warrior, a R&Roll star, writer, organic gardener, phi- 
lanthropist, and likeable wiseguy. To walk the earth 
and to know thyself. OTHER: So long and thanks for 
the thrills FAVORITE SONG: Take Your Clothes Off 
When You Dance -F.Z. 

Jaron Goldstein 

LIKES: sleeping, soccer, ski trips, ping-pong, 
Cape Cod, hot tub, mountain biking. DISLIKES: 
speedi Chestnut Street, speeding, tickets, sarcasm. 
FAVORITE MEMORY: Pearl Jam 98', DMB 98', 
Spanish videos with Wags, Stonehill '99, Jay Peak 
'99, Boston w/ Bob and Greg, Soccer Camp '96, 
Rockport w/ Erik, Mike, Greg, and Bean. AC- 
TIVITIES: soccer 1-3, basketball 1-2, Leo Club 2-4, 
Ski Club 3-4, NHS 4, Peer Mediation 2-4, Peer 
Leadership 2-4, Yearbook 2. FOUND: Beloff's 
house, Silver's Gym, chillin' w/ Mark, Jim, Bern, 
Pete, and Miles, Great Woods. AWARDS: Boys' 
State, National Merit Letter of Comendation. AM- 
BITION: To live a lappy and hsccessful life. 
OTHER: Thanks Mom, Dad, and Kaela for every- 

Christina Rose Gagas 

LIKES: #17, pickles, onions, field hockey, men, 
Europe, the 49th hostage, puff-paint, pictures, 
Espanol, kids, beach, skiing, singing. DISLIKES: 
fights, zucchini, Friendly's, stress. FAVORITE 
MEORY: fountain in Spain, Powder Puff, field 
hockey 99, DMB 97-98, Imani, stuck in elevator in 
France, time w/AL,BC,AF, chillin w/KF. AC- 
TIVITIES: fieldhockey 1-4, basketball 1, winter 
track 2-4, softball 1 -2, spring track 3-4, Peer Lead- 
ership 2-4, NHS 3-4, president NHS 4, drama 1-2, 
Ski Club 1-2, CCD teacher 3-4. FOUND: at KP, 
speaking Spanish, driving, practice, having fun. 
AWARDS: varsity letter, jacket, pins, winter track 
capt. AMBITION: to live in Spain, be successful, 
marry the man of my dreams and have kids. 
OTHER: Thanks Mom and Dad. You're the great- 
est. Jen, thanks for leading the way. Bill, good luck 
at BC High. Ally, I'll miss you. Class of 2000, 
thanks for the memories. Good Luck! 

Sarah Gentry 


LIKES: going home with Laurenzor and Jill, secret 
lovers, Riverside, friends, ice cream, car rides 
with Cheryl and Matt, band bus trips, Dan's hair, 
my scary list, spitcicles. DISLIKES: seafood, rude 
people, homework, One More Time, long rehears- 
als, Mondays, drummers. FAVORITE MEMORY: 
All New Jersey trips, exam lunches at Friendly's. 
ACTIVITIES: marching band 1-4, concert band 1- 
4, jazz band 2, NHS 3-4, Leo Club 2, basketball 
scorebook 1 -4 FOUND: at marching band, at work, 
out with my friends, anywhere but my house 
AMBITION: To be successful in life and enjoy 
every minute of it. 


Diana Hadfield 

IKES: 21, winning, field hockey, wildflowers, 
uth, smiles, Junior Mints. DISLIKES: psychos, 
es, violence, aliens! ACTIVITIES: field hockey 1- 
softball 1 -2. AWARDS: captain of field hockey. 
OUND: watching football games w/ KW, 
ambert's, t-boned in the middle of nowhere w/ 
C and EF, anywhere and everywhere w/ EF. 
AVORITE MEMORY: Steve Miller '95, 
alloween '95, KC Prom '99 w/ PL, UMASS, 
anda, dressing up, dancing w/ EF, field trips w/ 
G, field hockey '99, Red Police Log w/ KD No 
oalie! OTHER: Thank you and good luck to all 
iy friends. Erin- what would I do without you? 
j my family who is helping me to get where I'm 
ling, I love you for everything! 

Lauren Hall 


<ES: field hockey, the beach, purple, movies, 
rs, shopping, the summer time, yellow, E!, 
ston, art, roses. DISLIKES: being rushed, 
Krastination, self conscious people. FAVORITE 
;MORY: the beaches movies + Chili's w/ DB 
i JW, NA, KV, HH, & KH, movie nights. 
:TIVITIES: field hockey 1-4, winter track 2, 
loor field hockey, Field Hockey Summer 
igue. FOUND: with friends, at the movies, the 
ill, working, looking for something to do. 
'1BITION: To be happy and successful and to 
ike a difference in at least one person's life. 
HER: Thanks Mom and Dad for helping me 
ough the years. Nicole- don't worry. Just go 
th the flow. EM- have fun and don't be so 
I idest. Kristen- it's been real, it's been nice 
I inimum wage. Yah!) Good Luck. Thanks to my 
I ends for being there. It was a blast. Good Luck 
«s of 2000! 

Mark Hagen 


LIKES: duplex cookies, Spanish class con Lorenzo, 
Perry's Reliant. DISLIKES: the smell of Shea's 
Camaro, false accusations, wasting 6 months of 
my life. FAVORITE MEMORY: Allaire beating up 
school mascots, boardgames on New Year's Eve, 
the Great Pumpkin Caper. FOUND: Foxboro State 
Hospital, in the back of Frank's pickup truck 
looking for Cole, sleeping, in my room playing 
fooseball. AWARDS: DECA-first place Districts, 
2nd place States. 

Kristen Hall 

(Older) Halt 

LIKES: Justin, Stars, sunshine, orange, running, 
trampolines, #7, vacations, friends, vacations, 
friends, summer, the beach, long talks, horses, 
smiles, pictures, basketball, winning. DISLIKES: 
losing, fights, good-byes, mean people, shin 
splints, getting caught, driving, McDonald's, 
being scared. FAVORITE MEMORY: track, x-c, 
anytime I was w/ my friends, everything about 
Saucony, car chases w/ Amy. ACTIVITIES: 
cheerleading 2&3, x-c 4, indoor track 3&4, Peer 
Leadership 2-4. FOUND: w / my friends, working, 
running, playing basketball. AWARDS: honor roll, 
varsity letter and jacket. OTHER: Mom & Dad- 
Thanks for everything. I love you. Tom, my best 
friends: I love you guys. Thanks for everything. 
Keep in touch, Class of 2000- Good luck. I will 
miss you! 

Despina Hamos 


LIKES: friends, roses, chickens, singing, clubbing, 
dancing, parties, black, purple, clothes, shopping, 
spending money, Betty Boop, steak and cheese subs, 
convertibles, eclipses, Express. DISLIKES: Reese's 
Peanut Butter Puffs cereal, bumblebees, selfishness, 
iguanas, hoochies. FAV. MEM.: breakdown on 495 w/ 
'98, Superjam w/JF 98', Haunted House w/Vampire 
Boy and KM, and SM, meeting Puff Daddy w/JF, 
freshman gym with KW, looking at NP w/SA, CH, 
LT,hangingout w/SM the whole summer of '99, SW 
w/SM, Mar. 29, '99, Anna visi concert w/SM, Sept. 25, 
hanging out w/SM, clubbing, the mall, the beach, 
singing. AW ARDS:1998S.E.Dist.SingingCompetirion. 
AMBITION: tobecomea famousopera singer! OTHER: 
Thank you Mom and Dad for always being there for me 
through thick and thin. Thank you Stephanie for being 
my best friend for all of these 18 years. U Rule Thud! 
FAV. SONG: Wild Horses by The Sundays. 

Melissa Hanlon 

LIKES: dolphins, things that are green, family, 
parties, quads, Nick Hexum, G wen Stefani, Jewel, 
raves, after school sessions, leaving town snow 
days, Mrs. Barnes, rolls, 311, the ocean at night 
time. DISLIKES: snakes, rules at school, fake 
people, science, summer school, sunburns, car 
accidents, people who lie. FAVORITE MEMORY: 
311 on 11/12/99, Bonney's rape parties, Smokin 
Grooves '97&'98, playing CUPS w/ Cindy Banks, 
Kevin Didick, Brendan Flatley, tripping over 
stones w/ LisaWatkins. FOUND: In the Hood, w/ 
B. Flatley, cruisin roads w/ Santo, down the Cape, 
Purgatory Chasms. AMBITION : To make it out of 
high school, go to college, and succeed happily in 
life OTHER: Thanx Mom for putting up with me 
and also pushing me through high school, doing 
everything possible for me. I appreciate it and I 
love you and Dad with all my heart. 

Jarrod Hagen 


LIKES: Mom, green, nature, hockey, chicas bonitas, 
goIf,VT, danks, Reggae, frisbee, fires, FP's, nice cars, 
fun, food, rallying, road trips, backyard sports, civ- 
ics, skiing, winning, Funk, punishing, Dana, MS's 
house, wkends. DISLIKES: sitting around, doing 
nothing, annoying people, waking up to an alarm, 
fast food, hw, ugly feet, losing, whining, math, 
shwag, Franklin, Feehan. FAV.MEM.: Lemonwheel, 
Camp Osweego, Frageau's grad. party, Montreal, 
Drowne's last night, Gard's house, Phish shows, 
JG's grad. party, PC's grad. party, LL baseball, beat- 
ing Franklin, golfing at FCC w/DL. ACTIVITIES: 
hockey 1-4, ftball 1, tennis 2- 4, soccer 2, golf 1. 
FOUND: MS's house, backporch, treefort, J. Gard's, 
the bluffs, Stoney Brook, tomatoes, pit, wt rm, rink, 
ghetto. AWARDS: Hock All-Star twice, Mil. Daily 
All-Star, Sun All-Star twice, Player Award, Big Pun 
award. AMBITION: be happy. FAV. SONG: 54-46, 
Let's Get It On. 

Brian Hamlin 


LIKES: #7, Micah, football, baseball, track, 
winning, Nike, OCB, Jeeps, Varsity Blues, D'Lo's 
classes and stories. DISLIKES: raisin, liars, losing, 
annoying girls, cowards, trash, rats. FAVORITE 
MEMORY: 10/7/99, Moment w/ Beano and Fiske 
at Toyle's, beating Foxboro 33-14 '98, Skip Team 
w / CF, JC, and JR, Races to OCB, DMB '97, '98, '99, 
Smokin' Grooves '98, Dear's freshman year. 
ACTIVITIES: football 1-4, baseball 1-4, basketball 
1-2, track 3-4. FOUND: Beano's, practice, Micah's, 
rock, driving around w/ Beano, Lewis, and the 
Dear, cruises w/ Lewis and the Dear. AWARDS: 
8 Varsity letters, '99+'00 Hock champs winter 
track, varsity jacket. OTHER: Thank you Mom 
and Dad. 


Carissa Hassell 

Cornilia, 20/21) 

LIKES: my friends, Empire Records, Dazed & 
Confused, hazelnut iced coffee, Italian food, 
Dopey, 20/20, bread dip, purple, butterflies, shoes, 
shopping, freesia, music. DISLIKES: waking up 
early in the morning, mean people, mushrooms, 
backstabbers, homework, hoochies. FAVORITE 
MEMORY: ceramics every year, breaking down 
on 495 w/ DH, Lilith Fair '98, George Strait '99, 
Brandy '99, Normandy Farms '99, big stick and 
tweezers w/ SM, DH, LT, 10/28/99 w/ Sm/ PP, 
10/4/99 w/ SM, 10/15/99 w/ SM/PP, p.7 w/ 
TN/TH. ACTIVITIES: cheerleading 1, softball 1- 
3. FOUND: at the mall, in my room, at work. 
AMBITION: to have a long a successful life. 
OTHER: I would like to thank all of my friends 
and family because I would have never made it 
without you. 

Katherine Holt 


Hilary Hayes 

Scott Herlin 

Scout, The Great One, The people's champ 
LIKES: Run D.M.C., V.W.'s, football, Anthrax, 
Coach Finase, the Rock, hockey games, the King, 
Coach Simarrian, Slayer, Voltron, turntables, Ger- 
man cars, OCB, rips, D. La vallee, #36, Police Acad- 
emy movies. DISLIKES: Korn kids, American cars, 
Cumbie's, McDonald's, scout fullback, 
Bellingham, trash, history, boy bands, North FA- 
VORITE MEMORY: class competition '99, Run 
DMC '99, Wutang '97, Sam Black Church '97, 
Shootyz Groove '97, Boys's State '99, football prac- 
tice, OCB Thursdays, Raw Jun '99, 508 shows '99, 
Jr. stories w/ D'Lo. ACTIVITIES: football 1&4, 
Massachusetts Boys' State 3. FOUND: In the Jetta, 
in the Deer's truck, in the Deer's basement, on the 
practice field, OCB, chillin' wit da homies. 
AWARDS: MA Boys' State '99, honor roll, varsity 
letter in football, gym hero 1-4. AMBITION: To 
have enough money to buy Plainville ($1,000). 

Todd Hester 


LIKES: Goon Squad, Goodie Mob.the van, Scatman 
John, Dr Pepper, Kevin Bacon, pumpkins, MC 
Hammer, talking heads, primus. DISLIKES: 
Footloosem Dirty Daigle, Houlihan Clan. FAVOR- 
ITE MEMORY: The war, Daigle's bloody nose, 
cake in Jeff's face, Cibo Matto, his pool, Star Wars, 
Stories of Junior, Sportscenter, Hello McFly. AC- 
TIVITIES: Bee Keeping Club, bowling, track, Of- 
fice Max Fight Club. FOUND: The Thank You 
Sign. AWARDS: Office Max Employee of the 
Month, math, Observational Humor, Keyboard- 
ing. AMBITION: Be like Domko. Become a State 
Representative. FAVORITE SONG: Baby Got 
Back, Sir Mix- a- Lot. 

John Houlihan 

Juvi, Little Houlihan 
LIKES: orange soda, street hockey, ham, hockey, 
Sunday. DISLIKES: healthy food. FAVORITE 
MEMORY: Todd telling me, Houlihan, you're an 
idiot!!!. ACTIVITIES: playing hockey in Stoughton. 
FOUND: at the park, at work. AWARDS: hardcore 
champion of the world. AMBITION: To be a pro 
wrestler. OTHER: axe. FAVORITE SONG: Kid 
Rock-Baww & DaBa. 

Kristen Hurley 


LIKES: friends, llueves, thunderstorms, Westside, 
socks, sandles, the beach, glitter, sparkles, baby 
blue, soccer, # 18, soccer sister DISLIKES: choco- 
late, goodbyes, losing, stress, rumors, lost ambi- 
tions, mornings. FAVORITE MEMORIES: drive-bys 
with KM,KS,AM,GB,KW,KH, soccer '98., birthday 
parties w/ KM & AM, handoffs w/ Gb, MM's 
house 99, Hock Champs 98. ACTIVITIES: varsity 
winter track 1-4, varsity spring track 1-4, soccer 1- 
4. FOUND: W/ friends, on the soccer field, doing 
drive-bys, going to Applebee's or Cook's. 
AWARDS: Varsity letter and jacket, varsity pins for 
soccer, winter and spring track, soccer captain. AM- 
BITION: To be as happy and confident as I can be. 
OTHER: Thanks to all my friends for being there 
for me. Thank you, Mom and Dad for your sup- 
port. I luv you guys. Good luck Class of 2000! 

Larrie, Queen, the Prophet 
LIKES: popsicles, the Muppets, stickers, 
Shakespeare, Cape Cod, rowboats, clambakes, 
Pillsbury Doughboy, fireplaces, Halloween, sing- 
ing in the shower, Red Sox, Frank, people w/ 
spoons, Christmas carols, diving headers, inter- 
national travel, not watching tv. DISLIKES: men- 
tal breakdowns, mildew, headaches, criticism, 
my sweet organizational skills, losing everything, 
blood, splinters, insomnia, slop bucket, hitting 
parked cars. FAVORITE MEMORY: CCSU '96, 
Russia '98. ACTIVITIES: soccer, basketball, track, 
drama, Peer Mediation, class treasurer, RYLA '98, 
Girls' State '99, National Honor Society . AWARDS: 
Commended Merit Scholar, varsity letter/pins, 
captainship, the Xerox Award in the Humanities 
and Social Sciences, King Philip Key, Student of 
the Month. AMBITION: to touch my toes w/out 
bending my knees. OTHER: Mom, Dad, and the 
Hayes/Lonnes Crew: thanks for everything. 

Kristen Hooker 

Kris, Hooks 
LIKES: good friends, fall, #12, strawberries, track, 
football, winning, Robin Hood, peppermint sticks, 
the Hawk, starry nights, romance, drive-bys. DIS- 
LIKES: mean people, math, crying, losing, cats, 
being late, scary men, meatloaf, accidents. FA- 
VORITE MEMORY: Vermont '98, powderpuff, 
ski trip '99, prom '99, N'Sync '99, Cook's Hall 
football games, drive-bys. ACTIVITIES: soccer 1- 
3, indoor track 2-4, outdoor track 2-4, cross coun- 
try 4, softball 1, peer leadership 3-4, NHS 4. 
FOUND: at track, with friends. AWARDS: varsity 
letter and jacket, captain of indoor and outdoor 
track. AMBITION: To ha ve my dreams come true. 
To be happy with what I am doing and who I 
become. OTHER: Thanks Mom and Dad for ev- 
erything you have given me. Thanks everyone for 
making high school a great four years. I love you 
all, and will miss you. Good luck Class of '00 


Bryant Johnson 


.IKES: going to BC, hockey, lacrosse, driving, 
leeping, sandwiches, laughing w/ET, JM, TM, 
H, JL, LC, KC, AA, SR, PM, AG, MW, CB, LH, BP 
>ew, watching fights, music, random ideas, 
-fome Run Derby. DISLIKES: getting up in the 
norning, running, islands, the 5 year program, 
ittle dogs, losing things. FAVORITE MEMORY: 
peeding down Tower Hill Road (scary road) w/ 
H, BP. ACTIVITIES: hockey. FOUND: never. 
WARDS: Home Run Derby champion. OTHER: 
i yen re gonna tell a story, juice it up a bit. Then 
veryone can enjoy it. FAVORITE SONG: Got Your 
/loney- ODB. 

Sarah Keen 


IKES: friends: JJ, MF, LG, JM, LM, MK, AR, MS, 
■ange and blue, dance, barley bubble, laughing. 
<WORITE MEMORY: skiing, Bermuda & Florida, 
jmper cars, River Rave, Riverside, BNL, awake- 
hon and finding sleep, sweetheart ball-camp, 
anobie Lake and the tilt-a-whirl. ACTIVITIES: 
rough 1 1 till she offers me protection, a lot of love and 
fection, whether I'm right or wrong, and down the 
aterfall, wherever it may take me, I know that life 
on't break me, zuhen I come to call, she won't forsake 
c. I'm loving angels instead. Robbie Williams, 

Michelle Kade 


LIKES: my best friend Maria, family, friends, lilacs, 
swimming, ocean, summer, sun, flowers, 
laughing, purple, pink, thunder & lightning, 
butterflies, food, kick boxing, holidays, snow, 
shopping. DISLIKES: being sick, mean people, 
feet, peas, sweat, homework, tests, decisions, 
getting up early. FAVORITE MEMORY: camping 
with my family, hangin out with my best friend 
Maria, going to the beach with all of my friends, 
going to Florida, Mike's great parties. FOUND: 
working at Honey Dew, hanging out with my 
friends at parties, going to the movies, shopping. 
AMBITION: To become a successful person! To 
make a difference in the world and help other 
people! To become a nurse or doctor. 

Kathryn Kavanah 

LIKES: smiles, hugs, laughing, friends, sunsets, 
the ocean, spring and summer, kind people. 
DISLIKES: mean people, snobs. FAVORITE 
MEMORY: PACT stuff with Karen, YOW '97 and 
'98, CLI '98 w/ Theresa, Youth Convention at B.C. 
High-Jan. '99, Youth rally at Maiden Catholic 
High School-March '99, Gospel Road-July '99, 
Inside Out Soul Festival-Summer '98, '99, being a 
P. A. at Edith Read, all the swim shows with 
Merry. ACTIVITIES: PACT, SADD grades 9-12, 
NHS grades 11-12, dance, swim, Girl Scouts. 
AWARDS: National Honor Society member, Silver 
award recipient. AMBITION: to be happy in 
whatever I am doing. OTHER: Thanks for 
everything Mom, Dad, and Matt. I love you guys! 

Bradford Kellogg 

LIKES: having fun, hanging out with friends, 
concerts, fishing, being outdoors. DISLIKES: 
conceited people, mean people, bad drivers. 
FAVORITE MEMORY: Perry's, Dave Matthew's 
Band Adventure, Pumpkins, Ruff Ryders, Goon 
Squad, Hartford, Suburban, Woodstock 99. 
ACTIVITIES: soccer, cross country. AMBITION: 
To be happy with whatever I do and be good at 
what I do. FAVORITE SONG: Two Step by BMB, 
All Along the Watch Tower by Jimi Hendrix. 

Mark Kenney 


LIKES: basketball, baseball, music, ping pong, 
guitar, Everclear, Pearl Jam, friends, weekends, 
sleeping, UCONN, structure, Tommy H, golf, 
winning, AOL, Hot Shots Golf, Cape Cod. DIS- 
LIKES: Panthers, shamrocks, chopen, losing, early 
wakeups, work, getting lost, sickness, planes, 
pionship 3/24/99, Cape Cod, Hampton Beach, 
Steffon's Beach House, last day frosh year, DMB, 
semis, Jr Prom. ACTIVITIES: basketball 1 -4, base- 
ball 1-4, soccer 1-2, Leo Club. FOUND: Demone's 
ping pong table, Jazz's, AOL, basketball court, 
football games, w/ MM. AWARDS: baseball/ 
basketball letter, jacket, Unsung Hero basketball, 
captain basketball. AMBITION: To live life to the 
fullest. OTHER: Thanks Meghan, Amy, Caitlin, 
Brian, Nana, Papa, Gramma, Mom and Dad for 
caring and all the support. Miss you Grandpa. 

Margaret Jordan 

Meg, Mf, Gem. Queena 
LIKES: yellow, huggie, zippies, spoons, Lil Rascals, 
popsicles, Juan, freckles, sock puppets, MASC, scratch/ 
sniff, Black Cow, kiwi, polka dots, frogs, mittens, bon- 
gos, Calvin /Hobbes, puddles, A. Sandler, storms, fatty, 
skippy, Candee, beach, boats, big spheres, stars, bed. 
DISLIKES: cats, feet, secrets, carnivals, MD, strangers, 
clowns, $, Gold Fork, germs, crashes, pools, spiders, 
fights, nuts, rules, sickness, waits, moassed rabbits. FAV 
MEM: 2/20/99, DMB, spoon Tues., Spheres, Rave 96, 
H-coming 98, MASC, Feb Vac. 98, New Yr's, April \'x. 
99, MASC, Cape w/SM, KC, RC, RM, t-stop, X-Prom, 
t-party, Cape w/JM, MM, JA, RC, SM, RM, RS, PL, TR, 
B-day '99. ACTTVnTES: soccer 1-2, w-track 1-4, s-track 
1-2, Stud Cncl 2-4, SAC 4, Pr Med 1 -4, Drama 1 -3, NHS 
3-4. FOUND: playgmd, flo, concert lots, as a queena 
w/CP, looking for outlets, Cape wEW, stealing spoons 
wRC, over the rainbow. AWARDS: letter, NHS, Pr Med 
VP. AMBLTION: Be the ambassador to Ireland, find 
adventure/beauty in everything/everyone. 

Jesse Keene 


LIKES: Becky, #26, football, Old Country Buffet, 
GUSTER, Coach Finase, gametime, the program, 
watching TV with BC, Stanza '90. DISLIKES: 
Hawks, Eagles, Sweatt Hill, Panthers, losing. 
FAVORITE MEMORY: Haunted House '95, 
McDonald's November 29, 1995, Beating Foxboro 
33-14, Raw June '99. ACTIVITIES: football 1-4, 
track 2-4, baseball 1, winter track 4. FOUND: 
Rodman's, car, OCB, practice, BC's house. 
AWARDS: captain of football, varsity letter and 
jacket. AMBITION: To open my own health club. 
OTHER: Thank you Mom and Dad for everything 
you've done for me. Thank you Becky for four 
great years. Thank you to the Cochrane family. 












> i 

John E. King Jr. 

Johnny, Cakes, The Bin/, / 
LIKES: music, boards, friends, B'Ville, AOL, Taurus, 
CBC, Scouts, SCV, indoor, time w/K, long talks, DMB, 
being Vie Hero, the 50, ADAMS, long bus rides, week- 
ends w/KF & MM, Tour; the 102, T'90, reading, AEO. 
DISLIKES: f-ball, lecture, nasty buses, Spartans, curfew, 
Premier, bad rehearsal sites, hot practices, math, AS, 
stock, arrogance, ignorance, slow drivers. FAV. MEM: 
Summer 98, indoor 98-99, NJ 98, pit-fix-it day 99, FL 98, 
Wl 99, OH 98-99, NYLC, Prelims 98, Can. 98, Latin II, 
Feb Vac 98, DMB 99. ACTTVITIES: winter percussion 
2-4, marching band 3-4, drama 2, SE District 1-2, ECJ 
2-3, yearbook 3-4. FOUND: the pit, AEO, Maiden, AOL, 
the Taurus, tour, b-room, loading/ truck, asleep, w/ BC, 
w/KF, MM, MK, SG, MMcK. AWARDS: 98 DCI Div II 
Champ, 98 USSBA Div III Champ, 98 WGI Silver, 99 
BOA AA Reg. Champs, National Young Leader. 
AMBITION: play for the CBC, make music the rest of 
life. OTHER: Thanks, Mom and Dad, for all the love 
and support. Linds: good luck. You aren't a bad sis 
after all. Mv friends: I'll miss you guys. K-thank you, I 
love you. FAVORITE SONG: DMB. 

Melissa Lynn Lanteigne 

Missy, Liss 
LIKES: partying, clubbing, hanging out w/ 
friends, fast cars, purple, animals, sleeping, 
shopping, Harley Davidsons, vacation, beach. 
DISLIKES: snobs, slow drivers, spiders, snakes, 
working, backstabbing. FAVORITE MEMORY: 
Newport field trip w/ Jen M, Maine w/ Sarah C, 
getting tongues pierced w / JM, Norfolk Cemetery 
w/ JM, VW, JH, SC, JJ, CD, cardboard place, 
purple haired break, sneakin out w/ Vicky W, 
Indian bust w/ JM, SC, JH, JJ, CD, prom night '99 
w/ JM, JH, & DC. FOUND: at work, at home, with 
friends, in my car, on the beach. AMBITION: 
graduate, live life to the fullest. OTHER: Thank 
you JM, VW, SC, JH, & JJ for being there for me. 
Jen I will miss you and I hope things will eventually 
work out. Thanx Mom, Dad, Shell, & Nana. I 
could never have made it without you. Words 
can't express what you mean to me. I love you 
always & forever. BM & CC I love you guys. 

Wendy Krasnauskas 


LIKES: cheese, mythology, stalking, U2, full moons, 
painting/drawing, thrift shops, Care Bears, bon- 
fires, watching male bonding, driving through 
Plainville in the dead of the night, really long walks, 
toilets go whoosh! DISLIKES: miscommunication, ig- 
norance, cockroaches, my failure w/ relationships, 
my lack of understanding of the opposing gender, 
the level of testosterone in some males, violence. 
FAVORITE MEMORY: NYC, trips to Boston, w/ BS 
and KA, the Jarod incident (aka the hand), Dr. Pep- 
per incident, RB, BC's birthday party, Ruby Tues- 
days, Stop & Shop cake fight w/ BS, flower show at 
the Bayside Expo, late night trips to Scumby's. 
FOUND: ...the place between awake and asleep, where 
you 're always dream wg..-Tinkerbell. AWARDS: a good 
job sticker from my dentist. AMBITION: to design 
and live in a smaller version of a castle; perhaps own 
a bookstore. OTHER:Merci Mama! et je t' adore! 
FAVORITE SONG:U2-With or Without You. 

Andrew Lake 


Patrick Laverty 


LIKES: music, money, cars, cruisin, parties, in- 
doors. DISLIKES: authority, work, rats, punks, 
bunk. FOUND: cruisin, with the crew, chillin at 
the estates, on the road. AMBITION: make the 
most out of life. FAVORITE SONG: 

Jodi Beth Lazarus 


LIKES: Ryder, colorguard, little boys. DISLIKES: feet, 
frosh girls, thieves, back stabbing. FAV. MEM.: swing- 
ing w/Flo, bus rides BD, Mr. Puttz, OH bus ride with 
BB, BM, MS, KD, semi 1-4, prom J4, KA, SS, CA, RR, 
EJ, Rochstr 3-4, OH 3-4, watching CA. w/Shalyn, Nah 
Dude BB, Poop/peanuts BB, 123 Chubbs 56 KA, SS, 
EJ, AW, Hoof hearted BC, drumline, ET, head hair KA, 
Don't make me run. I'm full of choc. BC, wishmack 
SA, Ehereher HM, Wipuush, Meow SS/Dartmouth's 
Cat Woman, you're mom...on a stick...rotating really 
fast, Peanut Butter. ..AHHH JF, I must be butter, cause 
I'm on a roll! JC and JC, Aunt Edna/goats SS, Molality. 
13 SA/HM, when BB dumped CT, when LT punched 
DR, peacock feathers, Bach in Blue, Market Place, 
Candy Necklaces, Ting and Tang. ACTTV.: marching 
band 1 -4, winter guard 1 -4, winter percussion 3-4, cho- 
rus 2-4. FOUND: practice, work. AWARDS: varsity 
letter, Gold Medal/MICCA Chorus Fest., gold med- 
als/marching band /color guard. AMB.: Broadway 
singer. OTHER: Thanks to all the people who believed 
in me over the years. I love you Mom, Dad, Jen, Todd. 
FAV. SONG: I Will Remember You-Sarah McLacklan. 

Michael Kiser 


FAV. MEMORY: Bandaids,17, dimes, Kermit, Can 
Spofford, My Best Friend's Wedding, River Rave 9 
New ABC's, making out during X-files, Xena, Fit26,B 
dark choc, special lemonade, 7/9/97-10/98, the ne< 
thing, Applebee's, Riv. Rave 99, on the wrong side 
the road with Blondie, scary Andrea after happy cloud 
all of the parties, PEZ, child hd Christmas, bumper cai 
OTHER: Ever since I was a child I have dreamed aboi 
what path I would walk and what I would achieve. F< 
so long these dreams haveseemed so faraway,butno 
they've come into sight. I must begin to reach for ther 
I know that this is going to be hard. I know that at faro 
I'll think that I don't have what it takes, but then I'll loc 
back at h.s., remember when I wrote this, and I will kee 
going, and I will achieve my dreams. To all my teacher 
friends, and peers, thank you. Even though we may n< 
have been friends, or may be we didn't even like eac 
other, but thank you for being a part of my high schoc 
memories which I will cherish for the rest of my life. 

Paul Lapierre 

LIKES: football, hockey, OCB, Monday Nigh' 
Football, gym, art, Portuguese roasted nuts, par- 
ties, Daytona Beach, music, girls, baseball, bas- 
ketball, golf, root beer, sleeping, #80, diving 
boards. DISLIKES: school work, losing football 
games, math, cops, Beavis, chipmunk cheeks, 
strawberry essence shampoo. FAVORITE 
MEMORY: winning 8 games last year. ACTIVI- 
TIES: football 1-4. FOUND: at OCB with the foot- 
ball team, crusin in the LeBaron Turbo, w/ chip- 
munk, wearin splatter pants. AWARDS: letter 
and jacket- football. AMBITION: join the USAF 
and open my own business. FAVORITE SONG: 
Hypnotize- BIG. 


Allison Lodge 

Ally, Al, Alylyn 
LIKES: #14, field hockey, winning, mix tapes, 
Applebee's, sieepovers, driving, fall, beach, Indians 
sprints, dances, night games, spirit week, holidays, 
chicken and rice pilar, secret psychers, Nike ads. DIS- 
LIKES: bad drivers, circuits, humidity, archers, traffic, 
Chinese food, O.A., losing, finals. FAV. MEM.: field 
hockey '98/99, first in line for meals at f.h. camp, 
Martha's Vineyard w/TG, slepovers at BTs, dances '98, 
'99, DMB '98, f.h. camp '97-'99, making Spice Girl vid- 
eos. ACTIVrnES: field hockey 1-4, Softball 1-3, Peer 
Leader 2-3. FOUND: at Applebee's, CT, w/TG driv- 
ing nowhere. AWARDS: Sun Chron. All-Star '98, '99, 
Hock All-Star '99, MVP 4, varsity let/ jckt. AMBITION: 
To be happy and successful,to live my life w/out con- 
flict. OTHER: Mom, thanks for being there. Dad & Terri, 
thanks for lending an ear/supporting me. Jonathan, 
Lauren, Kellie, and Melissa-you are the best. Good luck. 
Have fun. It goes by WAY TOO FAST! You've helped 
me to be the person I am. THANK YOU. I love you. 

Jennifer MacKenzie 


JKES: coming in late, cruises in the morning, 
;ating rolls, sleeping, staying out late, techno 
nusic, parties, money, BK, smoking, getting 
dismissed, skipping, dancing. DISLIKES: my 
iAAB not working, snotty people, car accidents, 
alking on the phone, sick, cold rainy days, demerit 
system, getting suspended, working Sat. 
nornings. FAVORITE MEMORY: June '99 field 
rip to Newport w/ Missy L, road trip skip w/ 
vlissy L, Jarrod H, Vicky W, getting special w/ 
Thris D, Jarrod H, Jeremy J, Chase. 

Vincent Lorditch 

LIKES: stuffed animals, ya, now get over it. DIS- 
LIKES: jocks. FAVORITE MEMORY: finding 
friends who didn't care about my reputation. 
ACTIVITIES: B.S.A., Diversity Club, drawing. 
AMBITION: to have a good life. 

Stephen Macropoulos 

Crop, Zeus 
LIKES: soccer, summer, my jiggas, the beach, my 
car, vacations, the boat, K.P. hockey games, win- 
ning, money, my family, Cape. DISLIKES: losing, 
whiners, mornings before school, Panthers, home- 
work, limits, disagreements. FAVORITE MEMORY: 
Tuesday night w/ RM, RC, KC, '98 NCAA Tour- 
ney with the boys, exploring rock islands, going to 
Martha's Vineyard and almost running out of gas, 
FF 99, Old Silver Beach w/ my jiggarettes, 4th of 
July, junior skip day, Ronas in Jazz's hot tub. AC- 
TIVITIES: soccer 1-4, track 1 . AWARDS: varsity let- 
ter, jacket, soccer captain. AMBITION: To have a 
positive effect on every person that I interact with, 
every team I am a part of, and everything I pursue. 
OTHER: Thank you, Mom and Dad, for all that you 
have done for me. John, I couldn't have asked for a 
better role model. I love you. 

Peter Lown 

Pete, Clown 
LIKES: football, baseball, winning, Pats, Cape, 9, 
37, Friday nights,007, Webb, Ping-Pong, the Boat, 
Tribe,NAS, WY, money, Coach Finase, Chicken 
Basket, Varsity Blues, Program. DISLIKES: los- 
ing, Panthers, North, trash, tests, Monday, flam- 
ers, slow drivers, Shamrocks. FAVORITE 
MEMORY: Smokin Grooves '97, NCAA Tourney 
games, Cape trips, beating Foxboro, Prom '99. 
ACTIVITIES: football 1-4, baseball 1-4. FOUND: 
At Demone's, Applebee's, kickin it with the boyz, 
AOL. AWARDS: football letter and jacket. AMBI- 
TION: To be successful. OTHER: Thanks Mom 
for being there for me. Dad, thanks for pushing 
me to be the best I can be. Good luck, Ben and 
Alex. I love you guys. 

r W' *SA 

t \ sL^ '1 

w _iI> ; t' . im 

WLl k "iSw 

— - 


Elizabeth Magner 

LIKES: mountains, Oreos and milk, climbing trees, 
listening to good music, playing good music, laugh- 
ing, roller coasters, Bolero, the sky, rollercoasters. 
DISLIKES: ignorant, annoying, and foolish people, 
meatloaf, soda under-the-cap games. FAVORITE 
MEMORY: trip to Russia, UNH band trips, crazy 
canoeing adventures and crazy Spanish projects 
with JC and JW. ACTIVITIES: marching band, jazz 
band, cross-country, National Honor Society. 
FOUND: anywhere. AWARDS: band awards, SE 
Districts, Spanish Student of the Month, Chemis- 
try Student of the Month. AMBITION: to travel the 
world, to understand the world, to be successful, 
to have fun and be happy. 

John Lomasney 


LIKES: donuts, pants, bar, JS, not being in school, 
snow days, Mr. Besaw, bananas, paint, logs, tiles, 
paper, shoes, matching boots, applesauce, turkey, 
Alabama, buddy stoota. DISLIKES: JS & LS w/ 
GS, authority, new administration, teachers who 
care too much, not being treated as citizens but 
as inmates. FAVORITE MEMORY: deep sea div- 
ing off the coast of Madagascar, fighting crocs 
while swimming the Nile, the Bin, New Year's 
1999, The Flume Baboom. ACTIVITIES: Oriental 
Baking Club, ball rolling, traffic dodging, tree 
jumping. FOUND: at ECW, Julie's, 4-wheeling w/ 
Witey, WSC on a roof in a pool around the town. 
AWARDS: thimble tossing 45-93, rabbit chasing 
63-108, loudest mouse, dog walker of the month, 
oyster shucker of the year 03-72. AMBITION: Al- 
ways make others smile, grow naturally purple 
hair. OTHER: I just want to say sorry to all or any- 
one who goes through this school after us! 

Matthew Mackey 

Matt, MacHog, MacDaddy 
LIKES: yonkmg, Saturday night at Ian's, KP 
hockey (open the door), fixing the Camaro, 
Cumby's, going to Autozone, TG, MW, MP, BC, 
JC, SM, IN, all my boyz, surge. DISLIKES: psycho, 
Excedrine, English class, and having no window, 
police. FAVORITE MEMORY: Saturday night at 
Ian's (run), summer 99', gettin lost with MW 
going to the beach. ACTIVITES: hockey 3, base- 
ball 1 , yonking 10. FOUND: Stewart's, sporting 
events, in the Camaro, with the police, Stacie's 
house, with IN, MW, or TG. AWARDS: ranked 
1st in class, hockey captain, goalie of the year. 
AMBITION: To make 7 digits, have a car that 
doesn't break. FAVORITE SONG: I Want it That 
Way- Backstreet Boys; Break Stuff- Limp Bizkit. 
OTHER: Mom and Dad, thanks for all of your 
help. I love you. 


Stephanie Manoloulis 


LIKES: pink, blue, Eclipse, Gap, shopping, my cat 
Oreo, friends, flowers, candles, my hamster 
Peaches. DISLIKES: hoochies, spiders, yogurt. FA- 
VORITE MEMORY: history class-Bigstick and 
tweezers w/ CH, DH, LT, Oct 28, '99 w/CH, PD, 
lust in Rl w/PP, summer '99 with TH, DH, DS, 
JK, TG, Vampire Boy with DM, KM, JN, TH, 
March 29, '99 with DH, July 26, '99 with DS, Aug 
14, -99 with DS. FOUND: in my room, at work, 
out with DH, LP, PP, or CH, at the mall shopping. 
AWARDS: honor roll junior year for 3rd term. 
AMBITION: graduate high school and be the best 
child care mother I can be. OTHER: I want to 
thank my Mom and Dad for being the best par- 
ents, and always being there for me. And I want 
to thank Thespina and Thud for being the sisters 
that I never had. And a big thanks to all my sup- 
portive teachers. FAVORITE SONG: Who bat? 

Meghan McHale 


LIKES: Cape, A. Sandler, DMB, shamrocks, Ire- 
land, sandals, sea glass, skiing, summer, a- freeze, 
13, Ronin. DISLIKES: cats, milk, Witch, OA, 
double sessions. FAVORITE MEMORY: frosh 
softball, JM 99',DC w/KH, KW, tree w/RC and 
JA, Umbomber w/KD, DMB 96-99, N.C. w/AA, 
OH HELLO w/KH, All my memories w/ LH/ 
CC, Little Men. ACTIVITIES: soccer 1-4, basket- 
ball 1-4, tennis 3-4, Ski Club 1-4, M.M. '98 w/ HB. 
FOUND: w/friends,the jeep. AWARDS: varsity 
letter and jacket,Hock-Champs Soccer 97' and 98' 
AMBITION: to live happily with a house in CC 
and a farm in Ireland. To wake up each day w/a 
smile on my face and have no regrets. OTHER: 
Thanks Dad, Cait, Liam, and Bren. Thanks for 
always being there, I love you! Good Luck Class 
of 2000! I love you Mom! FAV. SONG: The Best of 
What's Around- DMB. Tupelo Honey- Van 
Morrison, Crossroads- Cone Thugs N" Harmony • 

Patrick Mattson 

LIKES: dirtbikes, snowboarding, New Hampshire 
trips, loud music, woofers, 2 stroke engines going 
fast, money, heavy machinery, the outdoors and 
indoors, J. P. DISLIKES: getting up early, being 
bored, getting caught, mids and anything below, 
school. FAVORITE MEMORY: Cardarella scrappin' 
in gym, boxing with Cardarella and getting beat 
down, ragging on Laverty. FOUND: chillin in the 
hood with the crew and the indoors, down the yard 
hangin out with Johnny H, John, Bert, Anthony, and 
Vierra. AMBITION: to earn 5 stars and be success- 
ful. FAVORITE SONG: Thug Love-2 Pac and Bone 
Thugs N Harmony. 

Kerry McDermott 


LIKES: friends, lilacs, weird dreams, Grease, blue, 
#4, fall, stars, reminiscing. DISLIKES: grapes, 
stress, worrying, frizz, confrontation. FAVORITE 
MEMORY: Prom 99', Queche trips, Spanish vid- 
eos with AM and GB, field hockey camp 98' 99', 
football games, Westside. ACTIVITIES: field 
hockey 2-4, track 2-3, tennis 1-4, Peer Leadership 
2-4, NHS 3-4. FOUND: doing drivebys in the 
Hawk, at Applebee's with AM,KH,GB,KS,KH,KW 
AMBITION: to have a life filled with happpiness 
and success. OTHER: Mom, Dad and Shawn, I 
love you! Your support and encouragement have 
made me the person I am today. 

Amy K. McGuire 


LIKES: midgets, rain, music, shows, sleeping, The 
Simpsons, socks, wrestling, BSB, my car, friends, 
laughing, Blink, shoes, singing and dancing badly, 
Mexicans, bread, dreaming, driving, my dogs, TV, 
road trips. DISLIKES: coffee, WT, rednecks, wak- 
ing up, hypocrites, jeeps, bad luck, stanky people, 
fakes, outlets, 490, when they think they are better, 
high school, hippie ideas, hot days, attitude prob- 
lems, thick headed people, Dawson's Creek, dirty 
bathrooms. FAVORITE MEMORY: driving home 
from the Warped Tour '98, teacups at Riverside, 
SAKI SAKI, car rides with MS, the flying 
propeller,SMC, idea at CVS, karate chop, 9/22/99, 
5/1 concerts, Jorge, everytime I laughed. FOUND: 
work, my car, w/my buds, doing random stuff. AM- 
BITION: to be a groupie, meet a lot of cool people, 
to be better than the people who think they are bet- 
ter, to be happy. OTHER: Thanks Mom and Dad, 
my cool bros Dan and Tom, and all of my amigos. 

Jesse McKenzie 


LIKES: music, set strike parties, rainy days, cozy 
moonlit nights, FF VIII. ACTIVITIES: drama, 
DECA, marching band, winter percussion, tech 
crew, Sachem. FOUND: backstage, roaming the 
school, Mr. F's room, RIC. OTHER: Thanks, Mom, 
for putting up with all those nights I never came 
home. FAVORITE SONG: Wish You Were Here 
by Pink Floyd. 

Daniel Mead 


LIKES: playing my guitar, hippies, Phish, being 
atheist, reading, opinionated women, dank, peace, 
the environment. DISLIKES: meatheads, being 
told what to do, rap, constant antagonism, hypo- 
crites, people who don't elaborate, war. FAVOR- 
ITE MEMORY: 4/20/96 in Hawaii. FOUND: 
chillin with my friends discussing issues. AMBI- 
TION: to make a living doing what I love to do. 
OTHER: Thanks to all my friends and family for 
taking the time to understand me. FAVORITE 
SONG: The Wedge by Phish. 

Ryan McHugh 



n rTncj am 

Eric Meixner 


Ryan Miles 

IKES: summer, beaches, vacations, Bond, soccer, 
ish money, The Dragons, Huds, AO, Ginp Gonp, 
te Jetta, sleeping in, visiting fam, winning. DIS- 
IKES: moving, hw, speeding tixs, car stereo, pe- 
meters, Nauset, on the line, wvpo, Stoughton, 
rubles, Pizza Hut, slow drivers, waking up early, 
sing. FAVORITE MEMORY: ff 99, Hock title 99, 
imma 99 w/KC, SM, RCUCONN 99, DMB 98- 
>, SG 98, P&P 98, soccer 96-99, lot #11, USU 99, 
iccer camp 96-98, ww rafting 98, Maine 99, fam- 
V reunion 99, Oct 13, 98, trips to Utah & Fl, AO 
7 -99, Spanish videos 98-99, Six Hags. ACTIVI- 
IES: soccer 96-99, track 96, tennis 97, Peer Me- 
iation 97-99. FOUND: WVPO & the Nacho 
ome, Applebee's, D'Angelo's, Crops's Cape 
ouse, my bed, The GZA's hot tube, on AOL, at 
lurch, NC. AMBITION: Make a couple million. 
WORITE SONG: Any Pearl Jam or DMB will 

Jenna Menfi 


LIKES: Todd, summer, hugs, yellow lollipops, hoodies, 
my car, laughing, long talks, sleeping, motorcycles, 
beach, auntie, food, vacations, antifreeze, Fat Tuesdays, 
flippies. DISLIKES: winter, driving in the rain, ciga- 
rettes, conflicts, mornings, lies, boredom. FAVORITE 
MEMORY: CapeCod w/Cp,KD, Hampton w/Cp, KF, 
RC, EF, Horida w/ TR, Blue Man Group, my b-day 
party 99, car chase + tp, cruise w / KC, DMB 99, SJ, prom 
99, pool hall w/ CP, KD Steve Miller, 2/14/97, varsity 
parties. ACTS: field hockey 1-2, Leo's Club 4, DECA. 
FOUND: w/ Todd, hanging out w/ KD,CP, & the girls, 
in my car, sleeping, shopping. AMB: get married, live 
a happy, healthy, and wealthy life. OTHER: Thanks 
Mom for all your love and support. Thanks Ben, John, 
and Laurel for all the good advice. I was listening. 
Thanks to all my friends for making h. s. so memo- 
rable. Thanks to the Rubinos. I love you guys! Thank 
you to Todd for always being there when I needed you 
and being my best friend. I love you always. 

Katie Renee Merchant 


LIKES: hazelnut coffee, sleeping, weekends, con- 
certs, eating rolls, college days, spring friends, 
A.E., boom, money, roses, the color blue. DIS- 
LIKES: mornings, curfews, demerits, fighting, 
rainy days, crying, people who don't know how 
to drive, this prison, immaturity, JF. FAV. MEM.: 
Quarries '97 & '98, Maine w/NB, Boom '99 w/ 
AE, CD, CC, LT, Cancun '97, Ozzfest '98 & '99, 
Rolling w/all my friends, California '98, Local 
Bazooka '99, Family Values '98, working at Dunkin 
Donuts, Haunted House w/DH. FOUND: at my 
house, working, driving around for somewhere 
to go, Fridays at Boom, CB's college, with AE, 
sleeping. AMBITION: to make as much money as 
I can and move to California. OTHER: Good Luck 
next year VW, SC, JJ, CD, JH, JK, RB, sweet boy, 
and everyone else. Good Luck to the Class of 2000. 
Thanks Mom, Glenn, and all my friends for all 
your help. 

Sean Moore 


LIKES: freshman baseball team, class competi- 
tion, 2:25 every weekday, summertime, listening 
to music, gym class, last year @KP. DISLIKES: 
junior English class, homework on weekends, 
always having an empty tank of gas, blue 
Oldsmobile, having to pass 4 years of English. 
FAVORITE MEMORY: leaving this school will be 
it. ACTIVITIES: baseball, anything except home- 
work. AMBITION: graduate high school and col- 

Courtney Murphy 


LIKES: laughing, beach, sports, animals, Moppet, 
summer, parties, being with friends, sunrises, 
sunsets /bonfires at the beach,, skiing, swimming, 
music, Monty Python, Muppets, Disney movies. 
FAVORITE MEMORY: Cape, 8 / 1 7/99, Bay Route, 
ski trip 99', dragon w/ KF, quarry jumping, Club, 
Crimson Mission w/ KD, BG, KF, Bentley w/ JH, 
RM, JG, BG, MG, Disco night & X-mas parties w/ 
KF, sisters D&D w/ BG, Foxboro with RR, MM, 
JG, KP, talks with KF, BG, New Year's 99'. AC- 
TIVITIES: field hockey 1-4, tennis 1-4, Student 
Council 1 , track 1 . FOUND: driving with BG, KF, 
KF's house, laughing, at parties. AWARDS: var- 
sity letter and jacket, tennis captain, MVP. AMBI- 
TION: to live life to the fullest while having fun. 
OTHER: Thanks Mom, Daddy, Uncle Craig, Nana, 
Grumps, Grammylyn: your love has made me the 
person I am today. Heidi, you mean more to me 
than you'll ever know. I love you all. Good Luck 
Class of 2000! 

Timothy Mele 

Timmy, Dr. Love 
LIKES: things British, girls, Sean Connerv, art, 
dreams, chocolate, thinking, imagination, poetry, 
theatre, 1930's & 40's, old /great movies, sleep, 
Beatles, tuxes, long walks by the sapphire sea below 
a star dust tapestry, music, talking dogs, clambakes, 
skiing. DISLIKES: Monday, unibrows, car accidents, 
cats, Spam, Tupperware, falling down stairs, irritat- 
ing people, Kathy Lee, deadlines, mornings, igno- 
rance, Stones, SAT's, pain, evil, awkward moments, 
itchy things. FAV. MEM: Nantucket w/BG & Dr. 
Love, Narraganset w/JB, TS,KH,BM, drama w/BS, 
MD. ACTIV.: soccer, tennis, drama, ski club, Stu- 
dent Council, Peer Mediation, Human Rights Squad, 
THETA. FOUND: By the time you read this I will be 
sipping margaritas in Tahiti. AWARDS: Hot Pants 
disco champ 1974-79, honor roll, Joey Award (Excel- 
lence in Theatre). AMBITION: Unlock the secrets of 
the universe, sitting on my couch. See the world and 
all its wonders. OTHER: You only live twice. 

Allison Leigh Milld 

Ally. Al 

LIKES: true friends, x-c sisters, grilled cheese, 
llueves, puppies, sleeping, winning, laughing, 
beebs, fall. DISLIKES: workouts, losing, home- 
work, stress, goodbyes, attitudes. FAV. MEM: 
prom 99, Queche trips, x-c camps 98-99, class com- 
petition, baseball games w/KW, trips to OA w/ 
GB, Nationals 99, Spanish videos, lost in Fall River 
w/GB, KW, KM. ACTIVITIES: cross country 1-4, 
winter track 1-4, spring track 1-4, NHS 3-4, peer 
leadership 2-4. FOUND: running, driving in the 
Hawk, taking naps. AWARDS: MVP x-c 98, best 
freshman x-c 96, most improved x-c 97, best new- 
comer wt 96, Hock League All Star x-c 97-98, Sun 
Chronicle All Star x-c 97-98, wt 97, varsity letter 
and jacket, KP Key, captain x-c, wt, st. AMBITION: 
be successful and happy. OTHER: Thanks, Mom, 
Dad, John- I wouldn't be the person I am today 
without you. I love you. Thanks to all my friends 
for being there. Good luck Class of 2000. 




I A ' 



Jaclyn Murphy 

///. kir 
FAVORITE MEMORY: River Rave98' and 99', 9/ 
7, Chucky Cheese, Christmas 98', glowing mam- 
mals, dots, Riverside, bumper cars. ACTIVITIES: 

Lauren Murphy 


MEMORY: River Rave '99, bumper cars, glowing 
mammals, 9/7/99, Christmas '98, Riverside, 
Chucky Cheese, 11:11, prom, roller coaster. AC- 
TIVITIES: sophomore and junior class secretary, 
NHS, SADD, Leo Club. 

Tiffany Murphy 

LIKES: parties at Bryant College, parties, creed, 
convos with Roode, Coon-dog, beach, fall. DIS- 
LIKES: snobs, KR's singing. FAVORITE 
MEMORY: Prom 99' after party, never will I for- 
get that night, Oct. 23 '99, the HBF. ACTIVITIES: 
love soccer and work (Puma), Softball is great, I 
wish I could' ve played, art will always be a part of 
my life. AWARDS: painting in the Attleboro Arts 
Museum. AMBITION: to become an art profes- 
sor. OTHER: with arms wide open under the sunlight. 

Brian Patrick Muse' 


LIKES: the Mustang, hockey, Le Saber, MDMA, 
Bad Boy Bill, Venom, 2 Pac, family, girls, parties, 
friends, RAZ, IZUM. DISLIKES: Metrapolis, bad 
vibes. FAVORITE MEMORY: making hockey state 
tournament for 1st time in 25 years. ACTIVITIES: 
hockey, chillin, gettin ill to the beats, clubbing. 
FOUND: chillin. AMBITION: go to college and 
see what happens after that. FAVORITE SONG: 
Got the Groove, MDMA 

Ian Nichols 


LIKES: loud music, girls, parties, Cumby's, friends, 
pudding, Altoids, driving, hangin' w/MM, MW, 
TG, JC, others. DISLIKES: cops, freaks, country 
music, dentists, English and math class. FAVOR- 
ITE MEMORY: night out w/Tom and Dummy, 
Party w/the boys. ACTIVITIES: indoor soccer 
(not for KP). FOUND: in my car, working, 
someone's house. AWARDS: self-pride. AMBI- 
TION: get accepted into JW, keep job, graduate, 
keep GF. FAVORITE SONG: too many. 

Jeremy Nickerson 


LIKES: MM, MP, TH, JC, IN, MW, SM, girls. DIS- 
LIKES: school, smoking, Taco Bell. ACTIVITIES: 
lunchtime, gym class, football, baseball, hockey 
with JH. FOUND: working at T for T, on a college 
day, hanging w/Matt, Ian, Josh, Matt P, Sean. 
AMBITION: never going to school again. OTHER: 
Thanks to Mom and Dad. 

Kara Marie Murphy 

Murph, 001 
LIKES: #7, Gonzo, Gabe, blue, Scotty, SA sleepovers, 
choc, ice cream, P.J's, N. CA, game of life, summ. 
Softball, basketball, pink lemonade, golf carts, white 
water rafting, sleep, fuzzy blankets, the babemobile, g- 
spray, washrooms, Rent. DISLIKES: waking up early, 
spilling choc, ice cream on white shirts, slow drivers, 
shnakes, bus accidents, blinkers, bleachers, hospitals, 
pain. FAVORITE MEMORY: 5/9/98, 8/6/98, 2nd 
DMB '99, Annie '96, NH w/KB, Symphony Hall, 
honking game w/KB, Taboo games, Sr. Night at Mr. 
Putz, when it rained buckets. ACTIVITIES: marching 
band 0-4 (drum major 4), bball 1-4, Softball \A, NHS 3- 
4. FOUND: w/KB, at home sleeping, w/the SA's at 
practice, getting rides on Chris's golf cart at the stad., at 
Fnendly's. AWARDS: varsity letter /jacket. OTHER: 
Thanks, Mom and Dad, for always being there for me. 
Thanks Sean and Brian for being the best brothers and 
letting me in the homerun derbies. Thanks Kayla for 
being a wicked awsome friend. I love you guys. 

Jessica Eve Nash 

LIKES: friends, pasta, water fights, weekends, 
mini golf, cake fights, movies, sleepovers, laugh- 
ing, happiness, phone, Slush Puppies. DISLIKES: 
mean people, Windex in the eyes, bees, stalkers, 
sadness, getting lost, hypocrites, table dancing, 
homework. FAVORITE MEMORY: hanging with 
the gang at Treadwell's. ACTIVITIES: basketball- 
1, Deca-3. FOUND: Treadwell's, out w/P.P, K.B, 
Applebee's, Ray's and driving in great white. 
AMBITION: to be successful in life. OTHER: Mom, 
Dad, and Adam-thanks to all my friends. You 
have helped me so much. I love you guys. FA- 
VORITE SONG: Time of Your Life-Greenday. 
Crazy- Britney Spears. 


■ ' 




Tara Nyborn 


.IKES: friends, family, the beach, weekends, New 
'ear's, Halloween, summer, flowers, music boxes. 
5ISLIKES: I don't like to think about them. FA- 
/ORITE MEMORY: Semi '98, Semi '99, Snick & 
\DD w/RC, dance trips w/RK, RC, AD, CM, and 
CC. ACTIVITIES: gymnastics 1 -2. OTHER: Thanks 
Aom and Dad for everything and good luck, Jake. 

Kristen Pedro 


KES: the beach, #15, roses, long walks, sleep- 
s', summer, candy, blue, hanging with friends. 
SLIKES: snobs, backstabbers, smoke, goodbyes, 
;hts, changes, attitudes. FAVORITE MEMORY: 
y favorite memory is going to the junior prom 
th Nick, Katie, Mark. Going to the beach on the 
it day of school with KH,KP,NR,MP. FOUND: 
nging out with my boyfriend Matt, out with 
ends, work. AWARDS: honor roll. AMBITION: 
get married and have a family and to have a 
ccessful career. OTHER: Thanks Mom, Dad, 
d Gram for always being there for me and sup- 
■rting everything I do. I love you all very much 
d I'm grateful to you all. To Kerri and Mike, 
>od luck in school. Thank you for being there 
r me. You guys are the best. To all my friends, 
>od luck in whatever you do. I love and I will 
iss you all. 

William Thompson Partridge HI 

Thorn, Billy T., Toothpick 
LIKES: sports, Nike, orange, driving, swimming, 
lunch, Gatorade, fire drills, walky talkies, rubber 
bands, art class, Spanish videos lawn mowers, 
crayons. DISLIKES: mean people, seaweed, Mon- 
days, exams, Spanish, cough syrup, locked bath- 
rooms, track, trash clocks. FAVORITE MEMORY: 
soccer, biology class in 10th grade, Spanish home- 
work with Jeff Perry, lunches in the courtyard. 
ACTIVITIES: soccer-outdoors and indoors. 
FOUND: in my car or in my locker. AWARDS: 
honor roll. AMBITION: to go to college and live a 
successful and happy life. FAVORITE SONG: 
Allstar, Mary Had a Little Lamb, Nookie, Wheels 
on the Bus. 

David Pavidis 

LIKES: being outside, bike rides, my job, being 
happy, seeing beauty, being with good people, 
Environmental, ceramics, Mrs. Cress, learning 
and passing on knowledge, Phish, fluffy nuggets, 
watching stars. DISLIKES: meatheads, legal ten- 
der, DINKS, sports curriculums, kids that turn 
into gym teachers. FAVORITE MEMORY: 6/18/ 
99, dancing on the roof, Atomic Ellis, Phish, Allman 
Brothers, little sunny doggies, 7/4/98 w/Bob, 
recording, meteor shower w/Bob and Z-man. 
ACTIVITIES: doin stuff w/people, morning bike 
rides, jammin. FOUND: in the art room, land- 
scaping, in my truck, on my bike, at the studio, in 
a tree, in the woods. AWARDS: coolest necklaces. 
AMBITION: landscape, make pots, be happy, learn 
more about my environment, see life wherever I 
go. FAVORITE SONG: Split Open and Melt, Weird 

Dominic Perrelli 

LIKES: music, girls, guitar, sick parts, theory, 
Sherlock, 'tussin, anything you plug into the wall 
that makes a wurring noise DISLIKES: issues, in- 
consistency, rules, Korn, bad shows, Kid Rock FA- 
VORITE MEMORY: NJ 97 & 99, Dayton 98, Or- 
lando 98, Santana/DMB 99, Ozzfest ACTIVITIES: 
marching band 2-4, percussion 2-4, jazz combo, jazz 
band 2&4, East Coast Jazz, concert band. FOUND: 
Brian's pool area, Franklin's van, Guitar Center, the 

Jeffrey Perry 

LIKES: pumpkins, Shea getting kicked in the junk, 
duplex cookies, Mark's new house, Houlihan clan 
and goon squad, any of Mr. Lavallee's classes, 
Simpsons, Time Factory, van trips, 7 Eleven, pa- 
jama pants. DISLIKES: Suburban, Reliant, 
Treadwell's, Montreal, good stuff, trench coats, 
Acedog, DJ Jesse, Ace dog again, Barnstable. FA- 
VORITE MEMORY: Dave Matthews, duplexing, 
Halloween, jumping off Chuck's porch, Hartford 
at 3 am, losing Frank in Boston, Papa Gino's w/ 
Vernon, Ruff Ryders, POC, painting Kramer, Re- 
liant, patio manager, Bullock's house, dead girl at 
Mt. Snow, camping out, camp, gorilla Dan, Snra. 
McCourt's class. ACTIVITIES: x-c, track, football 
freshman year, backyard football games, English 
1-4. FOUND: in the Reliant, Franklin Country 
Club, 7 Eleven. AWARDS: I made the honor roil 
once, x-c captain, spring track captain. 
AMBIITON: beat OA, jump a car. 

Christopher Pantazi 


LIKES: wax paper, boiled football leather, 
dogbreath, orange hairs. DISLIKES: the fuzz, 

John Pepin 

Adidas Boy, Curly 
LIKES: the Big Apple, soccer, Scooby-Doo, Adidas, 
weekends, WWF, bright yellow, mv computer, 
sleeping, hanging out with friends, toys, dream- 
ing. DISLIKES: English, homework, having JM 
mad at him, Russian skinheads, brown water, 
making donuts. FAVORITE MEMORY: Evan's 
Pizza with AR, KA, NE, Ozzfest 98 & 99, working 
at the BA with JM, BS, TD, SD, driving around 
aimlessly, Oh, 1 get it!, Russia with HH, JW, JC, 
LM, Sasha. ACTIVITIES: soccer 1-3, Leo Club 3-4. 
FOUND: working at the BA, sleeping, on the 
internet. AMBITION: to own the BA, win the 
Lottery. OTHER:Thanks Mom, Dad, JM, AR, AR, 
JW, HH, BS, KA, TD and all the others that I 



Carol Pham-Do 

Queena, QT, C, F.A.B. 
LIKES: laughing, summer, sippies, bright colors, 
clueless, Cher/Elton, food, auntie, pulling through, in- 
side ]okes, sleeping, amusement parks, toys, cartoons, 
field trips, puppies, vac, traveling, Disney World, meet- 
ing people, dancing, parties, friends, 2:25, shoes, hugs, 
freedom, surprises, proms, music, diversity, change, 
being a kid, helping others, concerts, dressing up, b- 
day countdowns, mem posters, bubble bobble, post 
cards, new pants, cars, Skippy, Fatty, Candee. DIS- 
LIKES: hypocrites, arrogance, waiting, winter, racism, 
being controlled, being alone, fights, mornings, lies, 
boredom, stress, colds, pessimism, good-byes FAVOR- 
ITE MEMORY: Cape 99 w/ JM.KD, Spooky World, 
Hampton Beach w/JM,RC,EF,KF, & the guys, pool par- 
ties frosh yr., Rave 96, Singled Out, Semi 97, Riverside 
99, jr. skip day, car chases & tp, class comp, x-prom, 
Hard Knock Life Tour w/ Kd,JM,RC,KF, DMB park- 
ing lot 99, Steve Miller 99, Bush 97 w/ AF,RS,MK, pool 
hall w/ KD.JM, at Mafia w/ KDJM. 

Christina Policastro 


LIKES: rainbows, showers, GPK, drawing, mints, vin- 
tage VW bugs, swing dancing, Softball, snow, band 
comps. DISLIKES: sweat, humidity, dirt, crowded halls 
in schl, smoky bathrms, being tired FAV.MEM: Giants 
Stadium /march band, band camps, Hock Champs, 
summer league state champs- 7 games in a row! AC- 
TIVITIES: Stud Coun. 1-4, Softball 1-4, march band 2- 
4, win. track 3, NHS 34, Diversity 2-3. FOUND: art 
rooms covered with paint, at school, on the computer, 
with GPK. AWARDS: NHS, Art All State, MVP sum. 
Softball 98, every competition from march band, Hock 
Champs varsity Softball 99, Tri-Capt Softball, letter, 
jacket, pins. AMBITION: To do it all while I am young 
and stay young forever. OTHER: Thanks to Mom and 
Dad for always being there at every game and comp.- 
I always appreciate it, even if I don't show it. Thanks 
for being patient with me. Thanks to all my friends, 
GPK for treating my like your princess, Mr. F, Mrs. C 
Mrs. B and all my teachers for helping me through. 

Edward Poles 

LIKES: football, big hits, AAJ the few times after 
school w/JV, IS, DP, DM,DL, mornings due to DP 
& MJ, class with Doctor and John Finase, OCB, 
dank. DISLIKES: meatheads, coaches, MCI-KP, 
the new administration, Lapierre bare-backing it, 
losing, JP, PH's, Wagner's complaining, practice, 
extra sprints after sprints after practice, adminis- 
tration in the parking lot, CC's, Mrs. Smith's gym 
class, shwag, sift. FAVORITE MEMORY: leaving 
withG-Dog, for 1, coming back w/ 10, Ian's house 
at 6/18/99, $290 speeding ticket. ACTIVITIES: 
football 1-4, wrestling 1. FOUND: nowhere. 
AWARDS: hit of the day- 1 time. AMBITION: to 
be successful at whatever I do. OTHER: I would 
like to say thanx to those who helped me: MJ, JV, 
and everyone else I forgot. 

Matthew Poletto 

LIKES: fighting w/ KF, mount, climb., chillin w/sis/ 
bro, blonds. DISLIKES: father in NY, guys who think 
they're better than God, fake blonds. FAV. MEM.: 
stealing com w/ Bob, falling off rock/495, winning 
Hock, camping /Norm. Farms, swing dance w/ LD, 
zip line, Boston. ACTVTS: wrestling, bike riding, club- 
bing, DECA, lifeguarding, rec. counslr, flirting, life to 
the fullest. FOUND: walking, Prov.pickingupchickies, 
clubbing, Spooky World, making up movie names/ 
Robo, Harley Davidson (ok Honda) AWARDS: Eagle 
Scout, conducting swing lessons, wrest, capt. 1 ,2 DECA 
state officer, class pres.9, Leadership Academy AMB.: 
Do what I want to do!! When I realize what it is I'll let 
you know OTHER: Mom and Dad: I love ya: Thanks: 
have fun Dannie: I'm still wondering what is your deal, 
but you're still a great kid. Love you. Mike: Go break 
some thumbs tough guy! Hope your life is all that if s 
cracked up to be. Joe: Keep off the pounds (Fatty) Bob: 
Well Bob I grew up with you You were my best friend. 
I'll always look at you like a brother. Keep in touch. 

Jonathan D. Pond 

Jon, NANDO. Pondy 
LIKES: drawing, soccer, spring, b. wings, POPEYES, 
beef, milk, coffee ice cream, Lindt balk of fun, Ruffles, 
spontaneity, LDI, Led Zepp, DMB, Radiohead, Hendrix, 
Newbury Comics, blue & green, shades, beaches, trees, 
sky, laughing, Jim Carrey, Nicole Kidman, Roxbury 
Guys, family vac, parties, weekends w /my bros, Sprite, 
family. DISLIKES: scabs, fish, egotism, how it gets 
darker in the winter, music, sick, headaches, injuries, 
dirty hands, STRESS, suffering, shallowness , material- 
ism, crowd followers, salt/ vinegar, bad breath, bullies. 
FA V.MEM: summer '95, Aruba 96-97, DMB 97, Ireland 
98, Page and Plant 98, First Night Boston 98-99, Collec- 
tive Soul and the Cranberries 99, frosh year, running 
like rabbits in the 600 w /SD, falling asleep in a cow field 
w/KA, Meg's Cape house 99, SM's Cape house 97, the 
Balsams, talks w/ML, Mt. Wash. 99. ACTO/mES: 
soccer 1 -4, indoor track 1 -2;4, spring track 1 -4. FOUND: 
playroom @ KP. AWARDS: BSA, varsity letter/ jacket 
for track/ soccer. AMBITION: create/ live a happy/ 
healthy life. OTHER: Special thanks to Mom, Dad, Jeff, 
Steve and Nate for always being there for me. 

Laurier Nicole Pungitore 

Laurie, Punge, Big L 
LIKES: the Novas, sleeping, shopping, money, 
driving, being with friends, being happy, friendly 
people, being healthy, rain, gum, shoes, drawing, 
falling upstairs. DISLIKES: headaches, worrying, 
being sick, working, rude people, doctors, being 
scared. FAVORITE MEMORY: jumping the fence, 
River Rave 99', Smokin'Grooves 98'w/ PP, Six 
Flags '98 w/ PP. ACTIVITIES: working. FOUND: 
working at the Gap, sleeping, or just driving 
around, w/SM, PP, KH, MC, BH, JP, JN. AMBI- 
TION: to live life to the fullest, be happy in all I do, 
be successful and live happily ever after. 
OTHER:Thanks, Mum, for being so strong. 
Thanks, Dad, for always lending a helping hand, 
Chris, for being there, Jenna, may your spirit be 
with us forever, and to everyone else, I love you. 

Christopher Plummer 


LIKES: revenge, music, bass trombone, Caddy 
Shack, objectivism, libertarians, Slaughter House 
Five, pinball, paintball. DISLIKES: liberals, nar- 
row-minded people, school, vandalism. FAVOR- 
ITE MEMORY: six weeks of music at Tanglewood, 
playing with the Boston Symphony Orchestra. 
ACTIVITES: Beekeepers Club, jazz band, NHS, 
GBYSO, YAO. FOUND: Symphony Hall, 
Tanglewood, band room. AMBITION: to play 
with a major symphony orchestra. FAVORITE 
SONG: Rite of Spring by Stravinsky. 

John Polillio 


LIKES: working, riding, skiing, having fun. DIS- 
LIKES: English muffins, people who think highly 
of themselves. AMBITION: to graduate. 



Pauline Elizabeth Putnam 

Paul, Weenie 
IKES: friendships, the beach, dolphins, money, 
usic, vacations, talking on the phone, sun, 
jterflies. DISLIKES: mean people, tests, jerks, 
gits, liars, rain. FAVORITE MEMORY: Six Flags 
/MC, Summer '99 w/MCJN, jumping the fence, 
EC pickle on window w/MC,CB. ACTIVITIES: 
-ivebys with MC, work with Jess. FOUND: work, 
mging out with friends- JN,MC,LP,KB,SM,KH. 
MB1TION: To succeed in everything I do and to 
/e happily. OTHER: Thanks Mom, Dad, Mike, 
id all my friends who stuck by me. I love you 

Anne Robbins 

Annie Bananie 

CES: DRAMA, hanging out with NE.MK, 
:,MC,ARJM,LM,JP,KA, BL, AC,MF, AK, going 
he beach, swimming in the ocean, school baked 
za, eating in the courtyard (when we were finally 
iwed!) eating at Applebee's, homeroom with 
,PP,LP,]R,etc. Mrs.V's hugs! getting married to 
at drama cast party. DISLIKES: talking on the 
me, history class. FAV.MEMORY: pizza burn at 
ins Pizza with JP,KA,NE, summer '98, lost on the 
/ to mini golf, changing the clock in Mr.F's 
ory class, J.Wu's algebra 2 class with JP, New- 
t with NE.CF.TS, drama Its A Wonderful Life. 
TIVTTIES: winter cheerleading 1-2, drama 3-4 
h AR,MF,AC,AK. FOUND: Applebee's, the mov- 
with AC or MK & gang, MK,NE, or AR's house. 
/ARDS: homeroom captain with Mrs.H. AMBI- 
)N: lawyer or psychologist. OTHER: Good Luck 
iors! I love you guysKyou know who you are) 
;s me! FAVORITE SONG: Wide Open Spaces. 

William Raymond 

Will, Wendell 
Wrentham and Norfolk 
LIKES: girls, Erin, food, sleep, skating, running, blue, 
winning, legs, Phish, music, art, liberalness, skiing, 
Humph/ Dance, girls. DISLIKES: ignorance, losing, rac- 
ism, oppression, BSB, boredom /evil. FAVORITE 
MEMORY: KP x-c camp, Phish, Bela Heck and DMB 
in one day, the tree at camp, stuff with Tim, living next 
to Aaron, Jr Prom, acquiring street signs with Aaron/ 
Kevin, hangin' at Heather's, Aaron's, or Tim's, looking 
at girls a lot, skating well. ACTTvmES: KP x-c/track, 
Skating Club, Root Beer Hoat commitee. Driving Into 
Fixed Objects Club (D1FOC). FOUND: skating rink, 
track, in my bed, kitchen. AWARDS: 5th Grade Geog- 
raphy Bee, Freshman of the Year award for KP x-c 
(waiting for the trophy, coach). AMBITION: to become 
decisive, or, maybe not, I'm not sure, to honestly be all 
I can be. OTHER: I want to thank my family for 
supporting me in all my endeavors. I love you guys. 
FAVORITE SONG: Run Like an Antelope' 

Jillian Roache 


LIKES: Cody, hugs, smiles, true friends, clunky 
shoes, sandals, comfy sweatshirts, rainbows, 
buttterflies, bull frogs. DISLIKES: feet, back 
stabbers, liars, fake people, being down, being 
hurt. FAVORITE MEMORY: convenience mis- 
sion, B adventure, air raids, pantsing Nicky in the 
gym, Bio Group, punching Tim, performing. 
ACTIVITIES: dance, drama, Leo Club, DECA, 
field hockey manager. FOUND: w/ DECA girls, 
Cook's, w / Trish in my passenger seat. AWARDS: 
2nd place awards in Districts/ top ten in States. 
AMBITION: live life to the fullest. FAVORITE 
SAYING: We're all so strong when nothing's 
wrong and the world is at our feet, but how small 
are we when our love is far a way. OTHER: Thanks 
Mom, Dad, Trish, Amy for being there. We love 
you Nicky. FAVORITE SONG: Sex on the Beach- 
T- Spoon. 

Ryan Roode 

LIKES: hockey, driving, sleeping, going to the 
Cape, chilling on the lake, snowball fights, ladies, 
fast cars and boats, off-road rallies, MD collec- 
tions. DISLIKES: orange, 6 a.m. practice, DMB 
parking lot, speed traps, Franklin, Feehan, days 1- 
7, sketchy people. FAVORITE MEMORY: gradu- 
ation, getting my truck, going to the Cape, mak- 
ing the state tournament in hockey. ACTIVITIES: 
varsity hockey, Leo Club, A.S.E. FOUND: Lake 
Pearl, hockey rink, driving around. AWARDS: 
Wlio's Who Among American Students, honor roll. 
AMBITION: to go to college, become a chemist, 
and be successful. OTHER: I would also like to 
thank my friends and family for standing behind 
me all these years. 

Wendy Rukstalis 

Wen, Little girl 
LIKES: laughter, hugs, falling leaves, pumpkins, 
puddles, clueless, smiles, Fatty, Skippy, Candy, 
Betsy, stealing cars. DISLIKES: ignorance, tread- 
mills, sarcasm. FAVORITE MEMORY: Girls' State 
'99, Riverdance '97. ACTIVITIES: marching band 
1-4, winter percussion 1-3, tennis 2-4, Peer Me- 
diation 2-4, NHS 3-4. FOUND: not at home! 
AWARDS: WGI second place '97-'98. AMBITION: 
to always find the silliness in the serious! OTHER: 
I always knew I would look back on my tears with 
laughter, but I never thought I would look back 
on my laughter with tears. Thanks Dad and Mom 
for everything, and to my sister, Tara, thanks for 
showing me what it means to be a best friend. I 
love you! FAVORITE SONG: Kissing You. 

Andrea Rasicot 

Sflssi Rasi 

LIKES: Tlie Group, happiness, crushes, drama w/ AL, AC, 
AR, MF, & BL, Cheeze! DECA, 1 /2 dozen cousins & one, 
rabbits w/Beth, being too cute, lemonade, LHB Crew, 
college days to RIC, purple, yellow roses, Applebee's, 
the Atwins, FB's, dances, lime Lip Smackers, clouds, cof- 
fee, LaLa. DISLIKES: 9 mos 17 days, spiders, conflict, 
Napkin Nazi, smoking, being obsessed, me in the crazy 
clouds, stupid boys, baby spice, ugly shoes, Dennis, sau- 
sage fingers, depression . FAV. MEM.: Bahamas w / MK, 
getting lost at mini-golf, River Rave, MB20, marrying 
AR at drama, summer before August w/ my boy, drama 
nights behind stage, Yah you do, being w/JM, LM, SK, 
LG, BC, MK, JW, JP, AR, AC, and MF, Applebee's cakes, 
camp. ACTIVITTES: DECA, drama, Stalking. FOUND: 
at LHBP, in Mike's basement, day dreaming, Newp. toi- 
lets that cost $.25. AWARDS: 3rd in State/Nat. DECA 
comp. AMB.: live long. OTHER: Tlie Group-friends may 
come and go, but I know we're forever. MK-You are mv 
bestest bud. Mom & Daddy-thank you for spoiling me. 
I love you. Princess- watch out for those skajuniors! 

Kristina Robbins 


LIKES: my car, the beach, being 1 8, summer, #27, 
light blue, dance, the sun, my fingernails, talking, 
most of my friends, B.C. sessions with JG and DG. 
DISLIKES: winter, getting caught, Sundays, wait- 
ing. FAVORITE MEMORY: summer '99, 7/2/98, 
NJ '97, Germany '95, Weiner Works '98. ACTIVI- 
TIES: field hockey 1-3, dance, work. FOUND: 
driving in Franklin, at the EBS, with my three 
favorite boys. AWARDS: from dance. AMBITION: 
to become a successful doctor. OTHER: Mom, 
Dad, I love you. Thanks. Katy and John, have fun 
in HS, Krystal- thanks for watching out for me. 
Jillian- remember I always have a shoulder. 


David Ryan 

Dave, Hummer 
LIKES: soccer, basketball after school, Outkast. 
MardiGras'98. ACTIVITIES: soccer, indoor track, 
track and field. FAVORITE SONG: U Can't Touch 
This by MC Hammer. 

Jason Santopietro 

Santo, Jay 

LIKES: indoors, parties, after school sessions, qual- 
ity blonds, snowboarding, money, motion ocean, B- 
Boys, Italia, Slush Puppies, the Chasm, pizos of 
Kibba, 2Pac. DISLIKES: cops, Wrentham cops, new 
faculty, freaks, bad waves, butts, arrogance, girls 
that drool, spitting, schwag, bunk, tail pipes, dis- 
eases, cowards. FAV. MEM.: Luposw/BF, MP, MC, 
CO, PM, ducking cops with PM, CC, big Newport 
session on beach, 311 Great Woods, Beasties at 
Wistar, Cape w/CR, SD, kicked out of kind connec- 
tion. ACTrVTriES: baseball 1 ,2, Human Rights Squad 
2, phys.ed. class. FOUND: in the hood, backroads, 
cruisin, in the Ac, New Hampshire, behind Cumby's, 
Cumberland Reservoir, expensive restaurants, Car- 
ibbean, Cancun, Boca Raton, Florida. AWARDS: 
Mountain Dew Vertical Challenge-snowboarding, 
Black and Blue Trail Shredder A ward. AMB.: to rule 
the world. OTHER: top of the food chain, Brooklyn. 
FAVORITE SONG: So Wacha Want, Beastie Boys. 

Melissa Sharron 

LIKES: sleeping, iced coffee, vacations, strawber- 
ries, shopping, good friends, the summer, dance, 
my cats, purple, memories, roses. DISLIKES: spi- 
ders, homework, being sick, waking up early, 
feet, liars, bugs, good-byes, slow drivers, cheese. 
FAVORITE MEMORY: flying propeller thing and 
car rides with A.M., summer 99, concerts, drive 
by spies, gas station with AS, high speed chases 
w/HC, weekends with the crew, Hot night III 
with DH. ACTIVITIES: dance-1 yrs, Peer Media- 
tion 3-4, Student Council (auxillary)3. FOUND: at 
work, dance, driving around. OTHER: Thanks 
Mom and Dad for everything. Good luck Keith, 
Katie and Class of 2001. 

Kelly Shaughnessy 

Shaugee, Kel 

LIKES: #23, blue, Good Times, rain, fall, SWAMP, long 
talks, red roses, star gazing, drive-bys, Elmo, holding 
hands, memories, hugs, tickling, Felicity, winning. 
DISLIKES: pinnies, losing, CL's, milk, goodbyes, tears, 
late people, wet socks, breaking up, doubles, alarm 
clocks. FAV. MEM.: frosh yr, class comps, Homecom- 
ing, weekends, Jay Peak 99, proms, semis, football 
games, DMB 97,98,99, Powder Puff 98 $9, with KM, KH, 
KW, AM, GB, field hockey camp. ACTIVITIES: basket- 
ball 1 , field hockey 1 -4, Ski Club 3-4, s track 1 4, w track 
2-4, NHS 3-4, Peer Leadership 2-3. FOUND: with KM, 
KH, KW, AM, GB, practice, working, shopping, on 
phone, Applebee's or Cook's, drive-bys. AWARDS: 
varsity letter, jacket, pins. AMBITION: to find who or 
what it may be that completes me. OTHER: Thanks 
Mom, Dad, and Ryan for everything. To all my buds 
esp. KM, KH, KH, KW, AM, GB, I love you all and wish 
you the best of luck. Thanks for being the best friends 
I could have. FAVORTTE SONG: Heaven by BicRunga. 

James Shaw 


Ryan Shea 


LIKES: Britney Spears. DISLIKES: getting kicked. 
FAVORITE MEMORY: algebra 2 both times, the 
chicken cluck cluck boom. ACTIVITIES: National 
Honor Society (NHS), team twelve w/CB & JL. 
FOUND: Chuck's house, Cole's van. AWARDS: 
All State QB, Unsung Hero, Outstanding Out- 
fielder Little League '87. AMBITION: If you have 
to ask, you'll never know. 

Lisa Sabadini 

LIKES: writing, role-play, MTG, Jennie and Bill 
DISLIKES: stupidity, UPS trucks, any possibl 
typeof mathematics. FAVORITE MEMORY: mid 
night tacos with JM, Do not enter! Do not enter. 
NARCON '98, 4/3/99. ACTIVITIES: DECA, soft 
ball, acting. FOUND: with the get some crew anc 
the Holy Order of the Locker, otherwise known a 
Milford. AMBITION: to become a writer. OTHER 
I love you Jennie! Best of luck. You're my BES' 
friend in the entire world. FAVORITE SONG 
Hollow Years by Dream Theater, Silent Lucidit' 
by Queens Ryche. 

Ian Shaw 

E, Shaw-Dog 
LIKES:people who dare to be different, socia 
gatherings, shows, walks, mac & cheese. DIS 
LIKES: King Philip, meatheads, negative people 
racists, people who plan things. FAVORITI 
MEMORY: summer 98 w/ DM, JB, SS, session 
with the goat, Berkfest, Phish 98, 99, the jungle w, 
DP, BG, BG, DL, JV. ACTIVITIES: soccer 1-2 
track 1 -2. FOUND: In my car, Economy Car Wash 
JV's house, with the goat and Bob. AMBITION: t< 
become a farmer and grow corn and shear sheep 
go on tour w/Phish, climb mountains, just get u( 
and leave someday and not know where I'n 
going. OTHER: I would like to thank my parent 
for always listening and putting up with me am 
my friends for being there. FAVORITE SONG 
Phish-Lizards, Doors- The End, Led Zeppelin 
Stairway to Heaven, Frank Zappa- Catholic Girls. 


Allison Sherrick 

KES: friends, beach, summer, swimming, candy 
rn, Third Eye Blind, mittens, art, my cats, Se- 
le, CO, PE, CM, Bruce Willis, driving , movies, 
je eyes, best buds, feet. DISLIKES: mean people, 
ing stood up, car accidents, backstabbers, heart 
eakers, regrets, bad breath. FAVORITE 
EMORY: Cape w/Kel, Hey Mr. Reese's, tattoo 
y, hangin w/KW, SA, MS, LC, AM, LA, DH, 
attle '97, England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales '98, 
) '99, Riverside movies w/la chicas, scrag, gas 
'MS, forking yards, camping w/CN and the 
•Is w/park ranger, clubbin in Denver. FOUND: 
tting rear ended, w/Nautica guys, KW's, at 
)tball games, watching butts w/KW, in water, 
a plane going somewhere, on stage, singing at 
>nadnock, sleeping. AWARDS: Student of the 
>nth, Excellence in Design Your World, honor 
1. AMBITION: love and success. OTHER: 
anks Mom, Dad, and Jeff. I love you!! 

Nicole Souza 

ES: Dragons, Type O Negative, #9, concerts, 
k, night, peacock feathers, football, wings, 
h, open-mindedness, gummisavers, fire. DIS- 
ES: hypocrites, posers, manipulation, intoler- 
i, meat, eggs, egos. FAVORITE MEMORY: 
31/98, France, Ozzfest '99, Sevendust '99, Fear 
ory & Static-X, Locobazooka '99, First Night 
campouts, those random nights at Scooter's. 
riVITIES: going to shows, drawing, biking. 
JND: in the middle of a moshpit, outdoors, 
ing. AMBITION: to surpass all limits physi- 
and spiritual, and to unlock the secrets and 
'er of the mind. OTHER: Thanks Mom and 
for your never ending support and belief in 
A special thanks to those who have stuck by 
and who accepted me for who I truly am. 
/ORITE SONG: Here by Vast. 

Christopher M. Sims 

Chris, Simzie 
LIKES: friends, family, soccer, Excel 98 w/ RM, 
rap, all concerts, my teal wheels, my NA boys, 
girls, ping- pong, freshman year, RYU, Premier 
Dynasty, memories, ghetto driving with Fire. DIS- 
LIKES: homework, especially history, Franklin, 
OA, Canton, country music, perimeters. FAVOR- 
ITE MEMORY: Boys' State 99. ACTIVITIES: var- 
sity soccer 1-4, track 2 years, baseball 2 years. 
FOUND: in the library studying and doing home- 
work. AWARDS: Sun Chronicle All Star, Boys' 
State delegate. AMBITION: to make a lot of money. 
OTHER: Thanks to my family who has always 
been there for me and thanks to Erica for looking 
after me freshman year. 

Amy E. Smith 

Peas, Ames, Chunk 
LIKES: Muppets, hoodies, blinkers, #17, orange, 
violent hugs, rain, sleeping, pictures, sweaters, 
coffee, aggressive car rides, clear nights, thinking, 
mix tapes, uncontrollable laughter, new recruits, 
randomness, my friend. DISLIKES: early morn- 
ing phone calls, cold mornings, jet skis, change, 
traffic, conflict, being lost. FAVORITE MEMORY: 
frosh year, varsity parties, Great Woods '98, SG4 
w/JA, RC, SF, gymnastics w/my peas, Cape w/ 
JM, New Year's Eve '99, summers 97-99, 2/14/97, 
Persian Empire'sl st album w/BG, Prom 99 w/SH 
Big Lick, town pond w/SS. ACTIVITIES: field 
hockey 1-3, gymnastics 1-4, Softball 1-2. FOUND: 
driving, shoveling poop, w/the girls, sleeping, 
D&D's, w/Toot. AWARDS: varsity letter and 
jacket, gymnastics captain. OTHER: Thanks Mom, 
Dad, Pete, and Grams. I love you! Everyone else — 
thanks for all the memories! 

Charles Stone III 

Chuck, Stoney 
LIKES: diving boards, football camp, #74, height, 
Wagner complaining, $290 tix, Lewis's eye, cov- 
ered wagons, going 8-21, Red Sox, picking on 
Lapierre, haystacks, college days, deer, WNBC, 
Rodman's gym, Toledo/sea stains, FB, Coach 
Finase. DISLIKES: unibrows, North, red Camaros, 
eating disorders, immature people, back scrubby 
thingies, smokey shamrock tattoos, missed fid 
goal(BH), losing, Roger Clemens, Bern, Costello's 
fippas, dirty hats, nasty feet, swass, 6:20 AM, 
Herlin touching me, H tattoos, episodes. 
FAVORITE MEMORY: Frank cleaning my carpet, 
basketball games, Yellowstone w/Eric, Wagner 
bringing dictionaries to football camp, Britney 
Spears concert, Ms. Shirley's class, 3 Franklin 
games. ACTIVITIES: football 1-4, baseball 1-2, 
hockey 2, track 3-4, weightlifting 1 -4, tug of war 2- 
4, fighting w/sloppy tips 1-3. FOUND: OCB, 
Eaglebrook Saloon, Mike's Deli, Treadwell's, 
Mike's, home, 1st night /Boston, the New Rock, 
playing w/Beavis. AWARDS: Hock All Star. 
OTHER: Thanks to my family for putting up with 

Ryan Straw 

Bern, Bernie 

LIKES: NCAA pools, girls, concerts, ping pong, 
sports, money, Phillies, snowboarding, AOL, 
ronas, parties, the Cape, ski trips, friends, backdoor 
football. DISLIKES: driving around, doing noth- 
ing, Franklin, Belling-trash, losing, fakes, wvpo. 
FAVORITE MEMORY: junior skip day, sum- 
mer' 99, all of the great concerts, baseball, backdoor 
football games w/JD, MK, and PL, the treadmill 
night, NCAA night with the boys, Cape '99, lot 
#1 1 . ACTIVITIES: baseball 1-2, golf 3-4, ski trips, 
snowboarding. FOUND: cruisin in the Jetta, at the 
ping pong table, Tweeter Center or Foxboro Sta- 
dium, Jazz's hot tub. AMBITION: to graduate 
from a good college and get a job that rakes in the 
dough. OTHER: Thanks Mom and Dad for all 
your support. El, good luck in your next two 
years. FAVORITE SONG: How's it Goin' Down- 
DMX, Triumph- Wu Tang Clan 

Briana Short 


LIKES: the moon, walks/beach, sandals, the world, 
Bob, S&S cake, fam. nights, happiness, NYC, wrap 
skirts, bargains, dancing (alone in the rain), childhd, 
Lucky, laughs, smiles, hugs, weird coincid., mangos, 
VW's. DISLIKES: ignorance,demanding people, people 
w/2 parking spaces, drunk drivers, unhappiness, suf- 
fering, socks, choc. FAV. MEM.: Bob/Briana adven., 
Bos. w/WK/KA,theJarrod indd,NYC w/Wendy, RB 
w/WK, Ruby Tues, 2nd Beach, P. Simon, Dr. Pepper 
incid, Bob's 18th B-day, Swed Fish, Ahh (CP), dancing 
to B Joel w/ Bob. ACmTITES: Stud. Coun. M(pres. 41, 
NHS 3-4, PrMed. 2-4, term 1-3. AWARDS: wonderful 
life. AMBITION: live in many countries. Never forget 
life's little adventures & make the world a better place. 
OTHER: Mom & Pop- Thanks for making life a con- 
stant adventure exposing me to different aspects of life, 
and constant love/support. Aly- Thanks for being my 
role model/ always laughing w/me. Z-man- you al- 
ways make it fun, your laugh is contagious. Bob- 
remember- flower, Wk/ KA- Thanks. To everyone 
who at one rime touched mv heart- 1 love vou all. 

Michael Stoddard 


LIKES: Afros, The Digity Donks, Hemi, crushed 
velvet, tight slacks, mullets, FZ, long trail 
doublebag, ribs and cornbread, beaches, quarrv 
jumping. DISLIKES: clowns. FAVORITE 
MEMORY: the string cheese incident, Maceo 
Ainsworth's back porch, Boulder, CO, with Kel 
the rocks, the Rasta house on the Cape. FOUND 
struttin with James Brown and Bootsy Collins 
AWARDS: 1st Place-B-Olympics. AMBITION 
grow an Afro and become a bad piano playin 
man!, ...spreadin the funk across the land! OTHER 
2% jazz, 98% funky stuff! Good God! FAVORITE 
SONG: Stevie's Spanking by Frank Zappa. 


Lydia Thumm 

Lyds, Lid 

LIKES: purple, flowers, horses, tigers, honesty, sum- 
mer, parties, dancing, ocean, Red, unicorns, city, good 
friends, senior yr., CC, music, mall. DISLIKES: stupid- 
ity, immaturity, liars, players, stupid girls, dark, being 
yelled at, freshman yr, being suspended, fake people/ 
friends, unforgivers, speeding tickets, spiders. FAV. 
MEM.: CB fair '97, Smokin' Grooves '98, parties '99, 
summer at Dick's w/ JK, Nicki, Mandy etc. (I love you 
guys)! getting off speeding rickets, senior yr classes, 
Alive Sept. '99,Bcw Oct. '99 w/ Nicki, all the good and 
bad times w/ Zanny (I LOVE YOU)! ACTIVITIES: 
partying, shows, shopping, riding my horse, hanging 
out. FOUND: out. AMBITION: to live long and enjoy 
every minute, to be famous. OTHER: Thank you Mom 
and Dad. Sorry for everything. It was hard but I did it! 
Everyone better keep in touch. I love you guys. You 
know who you are. It was fun! Thank you for being 
there! Evryoneelse: have a nice life! FAVORITE SONG: 
Juvenile, sublime, rage. 

Karyn Varey 


LIKES: friends, station wagons, field trips, horses, 
shopping, cute guys, JK, JN's haircut, Supercuts. 
DISLIKES: the vain, homework. FAVORITE 
MEMORY: Liz falling out of the movinf car, field 
trips to J's house. ACTIVITIES: National Honor 
Society, horseback riding. FOUND: with friends 
or at Sha ws. AMBITION: to be successful. OTHER: 
Thanks Mom and Dad for all your help. Good 
luck to Jen and Andrew in school. Thanks to all of 
my friends. 

Scott Tooker 

Took, Tooks 

LIKES: life, music, soccer, skiing, America, help- 
ing others, the color blue, travelling, pizza, posi- 
tivity, Red Sox, Cape Cod, movies, 311, sleep, 
summer. DISLIKES: bad weather, homework, wis- 
dom teeth, politics, stress, being sick. FAVORITE 
MEMORY: First Night in Boston '99, trip to Italy 
'91. ACTIVITIES: soccer 1-4, track 1,2, tennis 2-4, 
NHS 3-4, Sachem 1, Ski Club 2-4, Metacomet. 
FOUND: on the soccer field, self-respect. 
AWARDS: Key Club, NHS member, varsity letter 
and jacket, Student of the Month. AMBITION: 
succeed in college, travel abroad, go as far as I can 
in soccer. OTHER: Thanks Mom, Dad, and Colin 
for all your love and support. I will make the most 
of the promising life you have set me up for. 
FAVORITE SONG: Life's Not a Race by 311. 

Sandra Unterhollenberg 


LIKES: drama, sports, art, friends, music. DIS- 
LIKES: intolerant people. FAVORITE MEMORY: 
this whole year, my American friends and family 
ACTIVITIES: Diversity Club, cross country, bas- 
ketball, and figure skating, playing the piano!... 
FOUND: nearly everywhere. AWARDS: tries to 
be open to everyone and everything, optimist. 
OTHER: bad in making decisions. FAVORITE 
SONG: Elton's song, Hello, No woman no cry, 

Jeffrey Viola 


LIKES: Pink Floyd, Doors, Petty, fast cars, KB. 
Scooby snacks, and dank. DISLIKES: meatheads, 
Toyotas, homework, swag. FAVORITE MEMORY: 
forest with IS, BG, DP, DL, Tom Petty Concert 99 
and Ozzfest. ACTIVITIES: after school sessions 
with Goat and I.S. and Golf Team. FOUND: In the 
basement or on a nature walk. AWARDS: Golden 
Nugget Award. AMBITIONS: To buy Cuba from 
Castro. FAVORITE SONG: Love Her Madly- 

Christopher Wagner 

LIKES: ftball, track, winning, friends, pre-game OCB, 
Dream Machine, class comp, tug-o-war, sportscenter, 
snow days, sleeping, fid trips, gym, WWF/Josh, Scott, 
Jesse, term, at Rodman, pools/hot days, friends, family, 
my dog, #65, #67, the rosa, picking on Lapierre. DIS- 
LIKES: losing, Red Rocketeers, Hornets, Panthers, Fox. 
Warriors, Black Knights, Eagles, Bulldogs, Tigers, 
Bellingham, trying to speak Spanish, sum. reading, 4:30 
AM runs, camp, tests, Feehan, $290 tickets, 12 hour mts, 
trash, missed fid goals, getting lost in Lakeville. FAV. 
MEM .: 4-0 start /98 season, Thanks giving 98, being elected 
capt, MVP, Unsung Hero, beating Fox. 33-14, Riverside 
fid trip, S. Lacasse and Cch D in frosh ftball, Cch Brock's 
stories, Tom's Tavern-after victories, homerm, 12 times. 
ACnvmES: ftball 1-4, w track 14, s track 1-4, Leo Club 
4, NHS 4. FOUND: practice field, w / friends, OCB, at schl, 
at the gym. AWARDS: capt: ftball, w/track, s/track, 
varsity letter/ jacket, Unsung Hero w/s track, MVP s 
track, Lineman of the Year, Hock All Star. AMB.: get into 
a good college, good job, get married, have a great family, 
be happy in everything. OTHER: Thank you Mom, Dad, 
and Nicole. Everything Ido,Idoforyou.Ican'texpress the 
love I ha ve for all of you . Hopefully, I can make you proud . 
FAV. SONG: Toledo singing the Uncle song and B.G.A. 

Michael Toledo 

Roy the Mex, Melon 
LIKES: baseball, football, staying out late, money, div- 
ing boards, keeping my wallet, winning, sleeping, sea 
stains, covered wagons, #63, Coach Finase, Big Port 
Nuts, wallball, 6:20, WNBC, Derrr, listening to Coach 
Brock frosh year, 12 times, the rock, smack down, 
Lewis's eye. DISLIKES: Panthers, Rocketeers, P-Town, 
$290 speeding ticket, RATS, friends who whine about 
speeding tickets, clingy people, work, losing, trench 
coats, feet, swass, shamrock tattoos. FAVORITE 
MEMORY: Sox games w/Boo Earns, fake college 
days, Ruff Riders make shift soccer team, D. Matthews 
JP style, Orange pass '98, class comp FG style, Tuna 
Bowl 1, paintballing, frosh baseball, NSBR, Tileston 
whoaaa, OCB, C.S. sisters grad, camp, powder/fans, 
CW-bball games, Wags w/dictionaries, Ms. Shirley's 
class, Trixy's class, Powder Puff victory over Panthers 
'99. ACnvmES: baseball 1, soccer (Ruff Riders) 34, 
football 1-4, shot put 2-4, tug-o-war 34. FOUND: 
Chuck's house, Eagle Brook, car. 

Andee Verna 


Kelly Walsh 

Kel, Coffee Kels 
IKES: field hockey, fall, the Cape, friends, shoes, 
lusic, gum, shopping, movies, MAD TV, sleep, 
jses, puppies, Bruce Willis. DISLIKES: feet, pic- 
jres, annoying people, early mornings, spiders. 
AVORITE MEMORY: Riverside w/AS, scrag w/ 
>H and AS, Race Point and P-town w/AS, '97- 
>9, Mr. Reeses, 5 on 1, DMB w/KH '99, 
ickboxingw/ AS&DH, nice feet!, the stems, tam- 
ourines & maracas. ACTIVITIES: field hockey 
•4, basketball 1 -2, Leo Club 4. FOUND: with Ally, 
: th.> movies, sleeping, the Cape, A.S. pool. AM- 
ITION: to be happy and successful in everything 
do. OTHER: Mom and Dad- thanks for dealing 
ith me through high school! Never could have 
iade it without you. Good luck for the next 3 
?ars, James. I Love you! 

Matthew Webber 

LIKES: football, hockey, observation humor with 
IN, parties over IN. DISLIKES: school, home- 
work, practice, football camp. FAVORITE 
MEMORY: going to Maine with IN. Hey Ian 
remember North Cops ? MM, how's the toilet bowl? 
Getting lost with MM going to the beach. ACTIVI- 
TIES: football 1-4, baseball 1-2. FOUND: at work, 
driving my Camaro, hanging with IN. AMBI- 
TION: to be in some part of law enforcement. 
OTHER: All of my friends that are staying, have 
fun with the rest of high school. Christina, good 
luck with Jay. FAVORITE SONG: Break Stuff- 
Limp Bizkit. 

Penny Elizabeth Welch 

Franc, Buck, Nickel, Dime, Quarter 
LIKES: Abercrombie & Fitch, amuse, parks, artsy 
stuff, beaches, Breyer's, DAVE, driving, elephants, 
friends/family, grayness, SABBS, silliness, shop- 
ping, skiing, sleeping, sledding, winter, zebras. 
DISLIKES: Stupid People. FAV. MEM.: 5/28/99, 
exam lunches at Friendly's, NJ 95-99, Riverside 
99, s. 97-99. ACTIVITIES: concert band 1-4, NHS 
3-4, marching band 0-4. FOUND: beach working 
on my tan, at Burger King with my girls, 
Framingham, Hopkinton, LaLaLand, marching 
band rehearsal, Natick, on-line, on the road, at 
school, sleeping, Wrentham YMCA. AWARDS: 
KP Marching Band 95-99, Hist Day U&3), honor 
roll, NHS. AMBITION: to be myself. OTHER: A 
rose is beautiful because we feel its beauty, not because 
it possesed beauty ifse!/.-Hellen Keller. FAV. SONG: 
Dancing Queen, Like a Prayer, Paradise by the 
Dashboard Light, Puff the Magic Dragon, Mate- 
rial Girl. 

Jessica Wieners 

]ess, Bobo 
CES: Mickey Rooney, PeeWee Herman, Frank 
atra. DISLIKES: the smell of the cafeteria. 
VORITE MEMORY: homeroom, trip to Russia, 
ying tennis with Safia, the men in Finland. 
TIVITIES: marching band, jazz band. Peer 
diation, drama, Bible Study, Diversity Club, 
'Keeper's Club, winter percussion. FOUND: in 
white elephant, in the library. AMBITION: 
i Americorps, become a special education 
cher. OTHER: To my class, thanks for the 
mories. Wherever your talents lead you, bring 
e along. 

Kelly Wardner 

Wordy, Killa 

LIKES: Juan, soccer, basketball, Softball, DMB, win- 
ning, football games, my friends, my family school 
lunch, mashed potatoes, #7, 11, 1, skiing, my birth- 
day, Ben&Jerry's ice cream, the Volvo, the Malibu. 
DISLIKES: losing, Monday mornings, homework, 
stress, immature people. FAV. MEMORY: Girls' 
State, winning Hockomock League Champs '97, '98, 
'99, Quechee trips, class competitions, baseball 
games w/ AM, DMB concerts w/MM, Riverside 
'99, Martha's Vineyard, ski trips, Wash DC w/MM, 
KH. ACTIVITIES: soccer 1-4, basketball 1-4, Softball 
1-4, Student Council 1-4, NHS 3-4, Leo Club 1. 
FOUND: With my friends, or on some sort of field. 
AWARDS: '98 Hock All Star-soccer, '99 Hock All 
Star-soccer, Softball, '99 1st Team All State-soccer, 
'99 MVP and Best O-soccer. AMBITION: to be suc- 
cessful in whatever I do. FAVORITE SONG: any- 
thing by DMB. OTHER: Thanks Mom, Dad, Scott, 
and Lori for always being there-I love you guys! 

Michelle Wood 


LIKES: QT with friends and family, hockey games 
with Dad, languages. DISLIKES: math class, 9/ 
19/99. FAVORITE MEMORY: 4/4/98, 7/18/98, 
family Christmases, Horseneck Beach day trips. 
FOUND: something special. AMBITION:'to be a 
journalist and writer. OTHER: Thanks Mom, Dad, 
Gram, Gramp, Eric, and Dan for everything. 

$ Members 

of the 

Class oi 2000 

Nicole Beal 

Lewis Calzaretta 

Christopher Doherty 

Sean Feeney 

Kian Habib 

Jason Harwood 

Lauren Jancauskas 

Ross Murray 

Carlo Pagliarini 

Cassandra Turgeon 

Sean Feeney (right) 
Nicole Beal (far right) 


The Senior Class, the Class of 2000, has 
many outstanding students in its midst. 
Behind the bright personalities and more 
conventional accomplishments, however, 
are students who may not be known for 
what they have done. The Unsung Senior 
section is dedicated to some of the people 

in the Class of 2000 who have gone 
beyond the boundaries to achieve amaz- 
ing feats. They have experiences and 
accomplishments that some of us may not 
understand or know about. They have 
overcome obstacles without complaint. 
The puzzle pieces these people represent 
may not be in the vanguard of the class, 
but they are an integral part of the 
millennium puzzle. 

So *aliZ l ° rs about K 


' * an yacti Vities - 

hi ^ school c 

and tennis lJ eer - S *e ha 


s, "ce sh t 



overJ, er 

Vieces oi the puxxl 

," uers o/iVfrc; l yancl Was , y ls i* the 

her «^*!^^*htt^«*Z 

take herf ar £Z'»er, and 



id«** e 2 thio^""' W eslra at 
*-_A with * e . laM.TtasS 10 L.Ae- 







ificatvt at^ 








/" e <- o/ 199?^ Coaftj^ Joined the 

hZ ^^oh^ Sa y^L m o ^ SU »- 
n ard Wo , Les of his lifi r 0r, e of tu 









? the j**z coi vis,on - *&* ^ *°" ^ 



Cu ssio n 





ec a Use ajT7 s ho *v 
Nlc k stUck 

Undine it 
W ^it, We S ' 

c °mm 

can be. Bl 




■ ■■■' . <bn. 

is We dent oi ^ S ""I involved m cards 
the Preside* ^ ve ry * itvtet 

eenou^^a^ o^ Tr 

K? sports^ on ttve ^ sUC - 

Tr acVTea^ d aS a lso be^ h . 

***?<? *bere she vol£ de 

0-^ B - C S Tina b»d f°^ e was 

to exP^d n lwitVx thereoP eand 

chose^o«^ e dor5 toUa\y^ e t . 

Student A^ basS weeks over the - sh 


■nas ' 

bave ^enfjj ears > two Z y ° Ur > 

in IeSo "z*'s 

two of {? Ur mi "d. 
N «ole> s art 


has beeil Y he A ?t Ch,L Pac ^ze of art 

„ the honor W^SSSorts. 

C hris^^ ner ^e{ootba\Uea^or eyea r, 

Hehasbeeno-*^ rSinC eh^op s ^. 

is now the cap** starter . Chn ^ 

\. a * been a two w j tra c^ ^ aS 

vote dUnsnng r fe alsG acu oi out 

standings celV ea a i cbn sstoou 

this ye» T - 



^ tted ^d uP^be^g ^ Sewaselected 
tfven ^ oVed :^ v ears.Thrsye^ becatn e va- 
mor eand^ye ^ pos^ ^g 

president ag^ ^ at every £ everbee n 
cant- ^ esit :^dWr- ser trm 1 a ndProm 

b P ahandtennrs.liarry ^ ^) ^ 

Jess eKe en ' 'I L_ 


^'4j' Sa 'f0ai year ^«a 

Uass °f20 00 . 




^ C/ t aIY o^o ^ T °^U^ d ° eSb 
ot Mtowtosee [ I 

P'e ases , ™ ca " ra„ y " ea '°n«K.ay ,/" he 


*«' L, . Ca " c *"y on ; '°"« "V. £ " e ** ca me 

^po«:77 p *«& 

v fte is tact a ;; s ci,a «e nge ^ ,e ^ 

hjsacc ^pfe^ s en r s c °^^o n 


that do not Ki is t^ucn be se eTv uz is 

bacl <Warcl, ,'° L le »ii a J,., "™ *noi» s th 

<*he„ ™T (o *<* anw" P "« "and h J hes al- 

««.z ■„ Pac, *&ov?T? r f «*" //r ed «■ 


[lhe mcestg«y s V" v0 SWs 










n 1 o 

MOST P!*£lM<:i , £BL£: 
Josh Cooney 

Amy Fennessy 


Aaron Bourke 


Hilary Hayes 

3t$f jLLL-flTlOWlTV: 
Tim Mele 



Rhianne Crowley 



Desiree Bliss 

Chris Pantazi 

MOST SCflffteBKjLlirt'D: 
Amy Fennessy and Jon Pond 

^ MS^.^-K* 



KC$T LIKELY -TO 6tf ItfTO £ ttVVtK BttfVtK: 


Cindi Brawley and Matt Mackey 

mo$t ovnmi$fic 

Kerry McDermott 


Tim Mele 

3t$f tYt$: 
Briana Short and Pat Mattson 


Wendy Krasnauskas 

Josh Cooney 

Amy McGuire and Mike Stoddard 

MOST CtifltfAtV: 
Ian Shaw 


Lindsey Conroy 



Jaron Goldstein and Amy Fennessy 


Mike Toledo 

Meghan McHale 


Kerry McDermott and Bob Gibeault 

Todd Hester 

Hilary Hayes 


B£$T $MIL£: 
Lindsey Conroy an a Stephen Macropoulos 




ara Nyborn and Rhianne Crowley 

tow off their groovy dance moves, 
ara and Rhianne danced together 
>r many years, and now compete 
t the gymnastics team together. 


Chuck Stone and Brian Hamlin 

relax during a sleepover. They have 
remained friends right through their 
senior year. 





Mike Stoddard, Courtney Murphy, 
and Nicole LaRue show off the 
medals they won in a game. Nice 
shorts, Mike! 


Scott Dowling and Jon Pond smile 
proudly outside the Roderick 
School. Where did you get those rad 

Remember When 


by Jen Allen 

When boys meant yuck 

and friends were new 

dreams were unshattered 

and worries few 

Wlien recess was too short 

and life too long, 

decisions came easy 

without the need to belong 

Wlien storks brought babies 

and passions weren't so strong 

friendships were unbroken 

right was right, wrong was wrong 

Wlien bad things didn't happen and 

only skinned knees brought tears 

the nightlight in its socket 

quieted all our fears 

Wlien farewell meant just for summer 
and real friends didn't part 

the fun went on forever 
and never left a broken heart. 

Allison Lodge and Leanne Gay 

have fun climbing a tree. Being 
neighborhood buddies, Allison and 
Leanne played together often. 

SUPERSTARS! (above) 
Soccer players, Kylee Day, 
Andrea Lyons, Courtney Murphy, 
and Wendy Rukstalis, show off 
after a soccer game. 


Kellie Cronin and Meg Jordan grew up right down Courtney Murphy and Wendy Rukstalis 

the street from one another. really liked their thumbs, huh? 

FINALLY!!! (above) 

Kellie Cronin and Diana Hadfield celebrate 

their graduation from middle school. 

The day was important, but having 

a friend there made it even remove 

memorable. "When thinking 

back on. these times, we laugh a bit more 

loudly, feel a bit more at ease. "€or these are 

the days we look hack. ot\ as 

the good old days* 



Growing up together can be great fun. However, those annoying class 
pictures can be awkward. This Norfolk elementary class contains some of 
the smiling faces we see in the halls today, only a little older. 

~=;n r-< 


Remember When... 

• the New Kids on the Block were the greatest singers 

• spandex, scrunched socks, and big crimped hair 
were such a fashion statement. 

• the Smurfs was was the coolest tv show to 

• the stop light would turn red whenever 
the kids in the Norfolk Elementary 
cafeteria got a little too rowdy. 


MAN'S BEST FRIEND (far above) 

Jarrod Hagen, Chuck Stone, and his doggy, Luke, enjoy themselves while 
throwing sticks into the warm sunshine. Sometimes lounging around was 
as good as playing a game. Go fetch, Luke!!! 

DAISY TROOP 202 (above) 

Before you go on to being a girl scout, you must cross the bridge. ..that's 
what Amy Markopoulos, Kara Murphy, Jill Coates, Jackie Barnaby, 
Amy McGuire, and fellow daisy trooper are smiling about. They're going to 
be official girl scouts!!! 


THE LAST DAY (far left) 
Beth Gaetani, Allison Milld, and 
Kate Allen push back the tears and 
smile as they brace themselves for 
junior high. The other tearful time 
in a student's life comes in June of 
senior year. 

PEACE MAN (left) 

Rhianne Crowley and Kylee Day 

dress up for Hippie Day in the 
seventh grade. Both wished they 
had actually experienced the 70's 
because of the exciting clothes. 

DANCE! (right) 

Jenna Menfi and Rhianne Crowley pose 

after their big performance. Rhianne 

continues to dance to this day and has 

gone on to national competitions. 

Courtney Murphy and Beth Gaetani 

linger by the swing set for the last time. 
Courtney and Beth were moving on to 
junior high. 

ON MY HONOR (right) 

Kellie Cronin and Katie Atkinson march 

in a Daisy Parade. Both were top cookie 

sellers for their troop. 

VHEEEEE!!!!!! (far above) 

Ihianne Crowley, Kristy Flaherty, and Liz Magner enjoy a day on the 

lides. Even when they were little, dresses didn't stop them from having 


VHAT A LINE UP! (above) 

Thuck Stone, Ross Murray, Jarrod Hagen, Brian Hamlin, and Josh Brock 

re all set for kindergarten. Here they line up as they are ready to depart 
rom preschool and to go on to the big world of kindergarten. 

CHUCKLES (left) 

Chuck Stone is found here lounging on 
the floor of his family room. Today Chuck 
can be found lounging just about any- 
where from the weight room to Michael's 
Deli, where he works. 


FIELD TRIP! (right) 

Allison Lodge and Tina Gagas look 

like they can't wait to go on their 

sixth grade trip to Camp 

Bournedale. They have been best 

friends since fifth grade. 

WHAT A CUTE PUPPY! (far right) 

Amy and Mark Kenney take a 

break from climbing the trees on 

Madison Street to help 

Kellie Cronin show off her 

new puppy. 

Chuck Stone and Brian Hamlin wait 
patiently for the birthday cake. They look 
so hungry! 

WE MADE IT! (right) 

Kristen Hall shows how happy she is to 

finally be on her way to junior high at her 

sixth grade graduation. 

LOOK AT ME! (left) 

Penny Welch picks one of her favorite 

flowers from the garden. 

IT'S A SLEEP OVER (right)! 
Kerry McDermott and Kelly Fagan are too 

excited to sleep tonight. They are ready for 
a night filled with gossip and girl talk. 

SAY CHEESE! (above) 

Hard to believe it was ten years ago! Mrs. Mayer's second grade elemen- 
tary class smiles for the camera as they record forever their existence. Can 
you spot Beth Gaetani, Leanne Gay, Kristine Delano, Jesse Keene, 
Allison Milld, Brian Hamlin, and Lisa Sabadini among others? 

HURRY UP! (far above) 

Rhianne Crowley, Cindi Brawley, Kristy Flaherty, and all the other guests 

can't wait for Rhianne to open her birthday presents. 

NICE SHADES! (above) DRESS UP! (above) 

Kelly Fagan and Beth Gaetani look like twins Kelly Shaughnessy and Tara Nyborn get 

on this perfect summer day at the Pool Club. dressed up in old fashioned clothes. 

DID WE WIN YET? (above) 

Kristen Hurley and Chris Wagner get ready 

to help out their classmates in second grade. 

IME FOR A SWIM (above) 

;sse Keene and Rhianne Crowley go for a swim. They look so happy to 
et out of the hot summer heat. They have built a friendship on childhood 
lemories and fun times. 

; UCKY 13 (far above) 

| arol Pham-Do, Courtney Murphy, and Kelly Fagan smile as they 
; ;luctantly step into their Bournedale cabin #13. Everyone was a little 
dttish after hearing the ghost stories, but they made it through the week. 

$ome people come into our 

live$ and quickly qo, 

others $tay a while and 

leave footprints on our hearts 

and we are never the same. 



Jackie Murphy, Lauren Murphy, Kelly Fagan, Kerry McDermott, 

Sarah Gentry, and Kristine Delano show off their third-place medals at the 

softball banquet. It was truly a season for the Red Sox to remember. 

Remember When... 

• Mr. Cinelli told the Plainville third graders to take off 
their diapers and put on big kid pants. 

• the students of Wrentham Elementary took their 
grandparents to school for a whole day and showed them 

• Mrs. Burke yelled, All right 4th graders, get under. 

• everybody wanted to have her room painted like 
Punky Brewster's bedroom. 

'o re~ 



SPLASH!!! (above) 

Rhianne Crowley and Jesse Keene have been 

friends since the cradle days. 

ATTENTION (above) 

Matt Poletto and Carissa Hassell give an 

impressive presentation to their classmates. 

Jill Coates and Pete Lown leave plenty of 
room between them at the sixth grade dance. 

^4$ we watch, each, other grow and 

change into the wonderful and 
$Mcce$$i ul people we are destined to 

become, we will never forget the 

life-long friendship* we have made 

throughout our childhoods. 

LUNCH BREAK (above) 

Amy Fennessy and Becky Cochrane have been best friends since first 
grade. They take a break from walking through the fields of PA to eat some 
McDonald's. They have watched each other grow up and change... 
especially their hairdos!!! 


Remember When? 

•the annual kickball competition between the 5th and 6th 
graders was a HUGE deal. 

• every little girl wanted to be Shera, and every little boy 
wanted to be He-man. 

• Circle, circle, dot, dot. Now I've got my cootie shot! was a 
phrase heard daily in the elementary school. 

everyone wanted to be in a band like Gem and 
' ,J the Rockers. 

-J- 7 

FELINE FRIENDS (far above) 

They say that when you hang around with someone a lot, you begin to look 

like that person. I guess thaf s the case with Kelly Fagan and Courtney Murphy 

who are getting ready to go out for a night of prowling and trick-or- 



Everyone remembers the week spent at Camp Bournedale in sixth grade. It 
was the last time the students of each individual town spent time together 
before the mixing into the junior high. Courtney Murphy, Kelly Fagan, 
Wendy Rukstalis, Kristen Hooker, and Rhianne Crowley made a lot of 
memories there. 

SMARTY PANTS (far left) 
Ryan Miles and Jon Pond have 
always tried their hardest when it 
comes to school. This picture was 
taken at Academic Awards Night in 
eighth grade. 

Allison Milld, Kerry McDermott, 
Heather Blair and Beth Caetani 

enjoy the weather on a field trip to 
George's Island in fifth grade. 


Tricia Dunne's face hasn't changed much 

over the years. She's still as cute and 

lovable as ever. Even more endearing than 

her smiling face is that hilarious 


HEAVE HO!!! (left) 
Kristen Hurley, Kylee Day, and 
Heather Blair were the star players on the 
Tug-o-War team at the Norfolk Field Day 
in second grade. Today these girls can be 
seen playing their hardest at their 
respective sports. 


Jarrod Hagen and Brian Hamlin have 
gone to school with each other since pre- 
school. Even if their lives take different 
paths, they'll always be friends. 

EYOND ADORABLE (far above) 

ly Santopietro, Josh Cooney and Pat Laverty gave the sixth grade lip sync 

unique touch by dressing up like Blind Melon and singing No Rain. 

IG PILE (above) 

'iends gathered at Amy Fennessy's house for what was definitely the best 

irty of the year. Everyone had a blast and made memories to last a 



Showing off their new line of summer 

swimwear, Katie Atkinson and 

Grace Becker show how much they enjoy 

the water. Today, both of these bathing 

beauties have retained their energetic 


U 1 


K m 




B IH ShksSp ESaftS 


1 1 


th.e "Road 

a Viece 



? ....... ...82 



Vice President: Kristin Kehrmeyer 

Treasurer: Christine Holmes 

President: Andy Howard 

Secretary: Nicole LaPointe 

TWO PEAS IN A POD (far below) 
Mr. Webb and Mrs. Knight spend much 
of their time helpng out the class of 2001. 
They are a very big part of the Junior Class 
and are always there to help out. 


Brian Allaire 

Scott Amidon 

Emily Andreozzi Andrea Annese 

Krista Anthony 

Jonathan Baker 

Maria Baptista 

Susan Barb 

April Barker 

Jason Barron 

Megan Barry 

-58 ^ 


Sheila Barry 

Cliff Bassett William Bauser Jennifer Beaton Ryan Beatty Kristen Beaver 

Melissa Bell Jason Bellavance Gregory Beloff Jeremy Bentley Lauren Bettencourt David Bishop 

Janice Bishop Jonathan Bluhm Bryan Bocock Linda Boulden 

Eric Boulter 

Rosanne Boyle 

James Brady Heather Bronsdon Jennifer Brown Jennifer Bryant Elizabeth Burger Sarah Burke 

Kayla Burt 

Andrew Calnan Jennifer Capachin Margaret Casey Jennifer Chillemi Andrea Chruney 

^ 59- 

Holly Ciavattone 

Joshua Clark 

Michael Clinton 

Sarah Connolly 

Lizeth Connor 

Kristin Conrad 

Erin Conroy 

Frank Cook 

Joseph Cook 

Kevin Cotter 

Catherine Cove 

Kimberly Cox 


Kim Cox and Elizabeth Kinney are all 

dressed up for a Christmas party. They 
enjoy spending their vacations with close 


Kyle Fiske, Andy Howard, and 

Mike McCabe look so excited that school 

is out for the day. They can't wait for their 

weekend to start. 

Rickin' Back 

Andrew Croteau Belzail Cruz Meaghan Curley Christoher Darling Derek Darling Chris Delgrosso 

Jillian Dinunzio Christopher Doherty Lisa Domenica Kevin Donovan Brian Downing Christine Duffey 

Lindsay Dumont Lauren Durette Sameer El-Far Anthony Feeney Kerry Feeney Michael Ferrara 

Nicole Fisher Rebekah Fisher 

Kyle Fiske 

Jayme Fitzgibbon Elizabeth Flannery Lindsey Fliger 

Christine Flynn 

II L .11 

Lauren Flynn Stefanie Flynn Stephen Foulis Jennifer Friedman Melyssa Fuller 

H51 ra.1 ■■M 

Jonathan Genovese 

Emily Ghosh 

Laurie Giampa 

Robin Giampa 

Stephanie Gilbert 

Kaela Goldstein 

Brian Gulino 

Thomas Hall 

Brendan Halpin 

Alana Haun 

Stefanie Hayes 

Kevin Healey 

Terita Heath-Wlaz Lydia Helliwell Michelle Henderson 

Deanna Ho 

Izabela Hoagland Christine Holmes 

Emily Holt 

Brianna Hooley Andrew Howard Courtney Howard 

Teresa Hunt Micah Jackson 





Mike McCabe, like many other students, 

likes to take retreat in the nurse's office 

when the school day gets tough. 

Mrs. Sullivan is definitely a saint. 

Judy Mullaney and Becky Sevy stop on 
the way to class to chit-chat. Passing time 
is the best time to see friends and catch up 
on the day's activities. 

Terral Jackson 

Erin Johnson 

Sarah Johnston 

Meredith Jones Alexander Kalinowski Steven Kalliavas 

Cristin Kehrmeyer Erik Kennedy 

Michael Kenney Christian Keyes 

Elizabeth Kinney 

George Kleczka 

r 63- 







Melinda McGrath 

Jennifer McKay Meghan McKenna Melissa Mclacklan Brian McLellan Kathleen McMahon 

ristopher McNamara Keith Monahan 

Jennifer Moore 

Loni Morganelli 

Stephanie Morris 

Jessica Morse 

Erin Johnson, Melissa Gray, Liz Flannery, 
and Megan Barry joke around in the 
Barrys' living room after celebrating the 
twins' birthday. A night on the town and 
catching a movie was tons of fun. 


Kerry Feeney and Christine Holmes are 

listening intently to their teacher and not 
paying attention to the camera in front of 
them. Those smiles are because the class 
lecture is so intriguing, right? 

$mile$ qSll th.e "Way jiround 

r 65- 


Happy T)ay$ 

FOUR OF A KIND (below) 
Meredith Jones, Stephanie Gilbert, 
Marissa Tuohy, and Jess Nelson are long 
time friends. Over the years these girls 
have become inseparable. 


Jen McKay, Jen Brown, and Lindsay Dumont 

took an educational vacation to New York. 
These girls spent the day traveling around 
the city and seeing the sights. 

- ,: m« ■ ft 1 

Judith Mullaney Robert Murawski Colleen Murphy 

Ross Murray 

Jessica Nelson 

Jayme Nickerson 

Daniel Nyman 

i hh in- 

Brian O'Connell Kaitlyn O'Connell Kevin O'Loughlin Shannon Ober Rebecca Pelrine 





Jed Perry 

mm— —mm ma 

Mathew Pieroway Ryan Pinsoneault 

Julie Poirier 

Nick Powers 

James Prentice 

Katharine Prevost Jennifer Pulsone 

Nicholas Ray 

Josh Reno 

Christopher Rice Michael Rieger 

William Robertson Crystal Rogers Darby-Lee Rose 

Lisa Santucci 

Laura Shockro 

Derek Rose 

Jennifer Ryan Matthew Sanchez 


Jennifer Sebago Justin Setter 

Rebecca Sevy 

Ariana Shaw 

Steven Shaw 

Benjamin Sias Christopher Smith Kelly Sprout 

Rebecca Stanley Melissa Steverman 

Erin Strauss James Suchy Paul Sundquist Dante Susinetti 

Magan Swanson Mosiula Tatupu 

Sarah Teague 

Matthew Tierney 

Derek Travers 

Cheryl Tripp 

Marissa Tuohy 

Robert Ulrich 


Elizabeth Kinney models the football 
helmet used on the Junior class float. She 
and Andrea Lyons were taking a break 
from float construction. 

TEAMMATES (above) 
Josh Cooney and Holly Manigan show 
their love of football and their pride in the 
KP Warriors by wearing football jerseys to 
school. Is this a coincidence? 

fall i$ in th-e ^lir 




Kristen Verdeaux Matt Walker 

Michael Walsh 

Scott Wardner 

Steven Wason 

Danielle White 

Erin Wilensky 

Victoria Wilfert Lauren Woessner Justin Wolfrum 

Other Members 

of the 

Cla$$ of 20C1 

Samantha Caldwell 
Jason Corkum 

Erica Kim 

David Lodge 

Jaber Samrout 

Troy Simmons 

Eric Smith 

r 69~ 


Megan Conley and Maggie Church show 
off their school spirit. Even if these colors 
aren't chic this year, they're still popular at KP. 

(below right) 

Mrs. Cress and Mrs. Carneiro enjoy 
supporting the sophomores during the fall 
pep rally. For them, the fun has just begun. 

N»-Vt«i'-' > -» v "'*tf^''i 

V 1 


■ ^ 

■HL '^■fl 

■*:'■:'. ■^■•""^ % 


v ^*^jj 

I W 

"s'Y "*^m 

M f 

¥ ■ v 'JH Hi 

Laura Ahem 

Christine Albert 

Nicole Alger 

Danielle Andrews Matthew Andrews Nicole Armitage 



-70 ^) 

David Arvidson 

Kathryn Astley Susanne Aulisio 

Amy Avitabile 

Katherine Baker 

Cynthia Banks 




i I : ■ £- 



F.K» iH 




Brock Bousquet Rebecca Brennan 

Evan Brock 

Lee Brown 

George Bryant Stephanie Burgess 

Jacob Cacciapaglia Brian Cameron Meagan Capone Chris Cardinale Kerri Carlson Shannon Carney 

Amy Carr Christopher Cerrato Eleni Ceven Danielle Charbonneau Raymond Chaves Margaret Church 

Richard Chute Rebeccah Colcord Nathan Cole Katelyn Coleman Megan Conley 

Kristin Cook 

Jeremy Coombs Theodore Copparini Lindsay Corrigan Kalena Coulsey 

Judith Cronin 

Eric Cunnane 

Laura Daley 

Thomas Daniel 

Timothy Davis 

David Deblasio 

Sarah Cronin 

James Decelle 

EEK! (left) 

Jeremiah Kunze cringes at the idea of getting 
on that bus. One of the jm/s of being an 
underclassman is getting a free ride on the big 
yellow monster every morning. How many 
more days, hours, minutes to a license? 

SOUL (above) 

Lunch isn't just food time. It's one of the 
few opportunities these sophomores have 
to hear the latest news, to tell a great story 
to an audience of friends, and to unwind. 

Guinevere Deevy John Delorie Andrea Demone Ashleigh Desimone Maryanne Devine Kelly Dinand 

Cathleen Doane Jenna Dubose Brian Dugdale Christopher Dullea Justin Dunn Christina El-Far 

Thomas Flanagan Jason Fobert Michelle Fontan Keith Foster 

James Foulis 

Max Furst 

Edward Gately Jennifer Gaudioso Adam Gawthrope Joshua Geller Thomas Gemelli 

Peter Getty Benjamin Ghosh Vito Giacalone Christopher Gibson Angela Giguere Darcy Gilmore 

Michael Gleason Lauren Goodman Scott Goodman Trevanna Grenfell Michael Gunnison 

Nicole Hall 

Scott Hooban 

Jennifer Horan 

Lauren Hovey Annamaria Iannetti Shane Jackson 

Matthew Jillson 

Brad Jurgens 

Christopher Kade Peter Katapodis 

Sean Kelley 

Amy Kenney 

Marguerite Keyes 

Sticking Together 

PEACE, MAN! (below) 
Melissa Taddeo, Meagan Capone, and 
Megan Conley spend a day in another 
decade. This is always a favorite day in 
Spirit Week. 

Kristy and Kerry McKinney are enjoying a 
week at cheerleading camp. The football team 
gets 200% from these girls. 

Andrea King 

Megan Kirby 

Matthew Knell Joanne Koukiotis 

Andrew Koziol 

Jeremiah Kunze 

Corienne Lafond 

Kristy Lamothe 

Rebecca Larson 

Derek Leavitt 

H. Krajewski 

Jeffrey Litvin 

Richard Lockhart Jonathan Lodge 

Mary Lodge 

Andrew Lovely 

Benjamin Lown 

Julie Lyon 

Katelyn MacKenzie Jennifer Mackun 

Sean MacNeil 

Lisa MacPherson Nicole Magnuson 

Adam Mahoney 


Christina El-Far, Kristin McCann, and Adam Ewer enjoys dressing up for 

Harleigh Billian share an early cup of tea. Hallowee'en. He had a great night with all 

Soon the girls will be off to homeroom. his friends. 

$ tun 

Jay Mahoney 

Emma Maloney Daniel Martin Shaunelle Matte Jenna Mattson 

Michelle Matz 

Kristin McCann Andrew McCoy Katherine McDonald Kristopher McDonald Nichole McElroy Evan McGill 

Colleen McGuire Kerry McKinney Kristy McKinney Gregory McMorrow Eric Monty 

Michael Moore 

ll A Ik % ■M5UHP ■■ ■■■ 

Shannon Moore Rebecca Morse Michael Moses Lauren Mulcahy Kimberly Murdock Rebecca Mure 

Denis Murphy Heidi Murphy Christine Muse Andrew Neviackas Brandon Noble 

Jamie Noiles 

r 77- 

Mark Nolan 

Jake Nyborn 

Sean O'Connor Meaghan O'Malley 

Sean O'Neil 

Lauren Ober 

John Olivieri Jennifer Osborn Daylene Padua 

•its. lit r 

Robert Palmer Matthew Pasionek 

Joseph Pender 

Michael Prentice Patti-Grace Quick Nafeesa Rahman Blair Rainsford 

Bridget Rasicot 

James Ravinski 

Andrew Redfearn 


Katharine Reidel 

Kandice Rench 

Geoffrey Rice 

Sean Richner 

Steven Rieger 

-78 ^) 



Other TOmes, Other Vlace$ 

Adam Gawthrope and Ellie Straw 

disagree. They let their school spirit shine 
through by dressing up for Decade Day. 

Meagan Capone, Caitlyn Slovacek and 
Nafeesa Rahman enjoy a drum show at 
the International Fair. Here students can 
experience many cultures in just one day. 

ioussam Samrout Gregory Santabarbara Allison Savidge 

Steven Scott 

Kyle Sebring 

Amy Serena 

r 79- 

Keith Sharron 

Ryan Shaughnessy Michael Shruhan Jenna Shulsk 

Matthew Sieloff 

Joanna Silvi 

Caitlyn Slovacek 

Shawn Sluss 

Katelyn Small 

Daniel Smiley 

Amie Speroni 

Michael Sprout Courtney Stasis Kristen Stewart Mark Stoddard 

Joshua Silva 

Danielle Souza 

Elaina Straw 

Jennifer Thomas 

Corey True 

,_ r 

Robert Tuveson Steven Urquhart Amanda Vogan James Wald 

-80 ^ 


Nicole Webber 

Russell Wells Dominique Werboff 

Elin Wilcox 

athaniel Woodruff Nicole Wright George Yousif 

Kelly Williams 

Alison Winget 

Nada Yousif 

Other Members oi the 
Class oi 2CC2 

Emily Angeloni 

Chris Banks 

Robert Delano 

Daniel Gero 

Alana Haun 

Jacqueline Murawski 

Jennifer Preston 

Shelby Trahan 

Victoria Vlachos 

Jay Mahoney passes through the halls in 
between classes. No need for hurrying. 
The class isn't going anywhere! 

THAT'S BETTER (above) 
David Arvidson models a new and 
improved way of wearing a tie for his 
friend Andy Neviackas at the Semi. Right 
out of GQ? 

Sharing the Good fime$ 

^ 81~ 


Shannon Steele, Megan Barry, 
Courtney Woods, Amanda Spinney, and 
Jackie Olson have figured out that high 
school is more fun than they thought. 

ALL WORK AND NO PLAY (below right) 
Chris Bright diligently works in his 
history class. If only he could remember all 
the names and dates.... 

Jessica Allen 

Landon Amaral 

Brett Amidon Elizabeth Andreozzi Adrian Ashman Christopher Banks 

Amanda Barrett 

Megan Barry 

Siobhan Barton 

Ryan Beans 

David Beaver 

Julie Belek 


-82 S 
. ( 

Melanie Bernier Rosanne Betts Timothy Blinton Molly Bloomer Justin Bourke Richard Bremilst 

Lauren Briere Christopher Bright Timothy Burt 

Jonathan Butler Allison Byrne Joanne Caffrey 


Michael Ciaccio Kathleen Clancy Matthew Clark Krishna Cochrane Timothy Concannon John Condlin 

Beth Constantineau 

Miranda Converse Ian Cooper 

Barry Costello Shawn Coulsey Elizabeth Cove 

r 83- 

Kristin Crisafi 

Megan Cronin 

Jacqueline Crosby Christina Cummings Laura Czyzewski Stephen Dacko 

Abigail Dalton 

Megan Demers 

Travis Dickson 

Jeffrey Dolan 

Bryan Donahue 

Lisa Donovan 

Andrea Lecke is taking notes during 
history class. I bet she can't wait for that 
2:25 bell! 

FAB FOUR (above) 

Liz Andreozzi, Jenna Kraby, 

Alicia Giovannelli, and Vanessa Sotir are 

having a fabulous year so far. They especially 
enjoy attending high school functions. 

Head of the Cla$$ 






Dennis Garofalo Laura Gaudioso Christina Gilbert Alicia Giovannelli Lauren Girouard Christopher Graves 

Amanda Gray Alicia Greaves Emily Greaves Jeffrey Gustafson 

Kevin Hall 

Sondria Hall 

r 85- 

Brandi Hamlin Adam Harcovitz Michael Hassell Caitlyn Hawkins Thomas Hayes 

Jarrod Hebert 

Mark Hemphill 

Brian Hill 

Agnieszka Hoagland Harley Holmes 

Jonathan Holt Melissa Hootstein 

Siobhan Howard Stephanie Howard Nicole Hoyceanyls 

Doug Huber 

Jeremy Jackson 

Jill Jackson 

Jeffrey Jacobson 

Emily Jaronski 

Cheyne Johnson Kathryn Johnson 

Ryan Johnson 

Lauren Keeler 

Ryan Kelley 

Andrew Kellogg 

Sean Kern 

Lindsay Khouri 

Lindsay King Stephanie Knowles 






What Spirit/ 

STUDY HARD (left) 

Ken Tellum peaks over his pile of books. 

JOYS OF MATH (below) 

Question: What does four smiles minus 

In order to make it through freshman year, zero frowns equal? Answer: Four math class 

one must be organized and committed to 

friends: Kim Thomas, Caitlyn Hawkins, 
Leanne Carey, and Siobhan Barton. 

Jon Langille 

Jeffrey Larue 

Brett Lavalla 

Craig Lavalley 

Matt Lawless 

Andrea Lecke 

r 87- 

Lauren Leclerc 

David Leon 

Joshua Leventhal 

t mm WMMi WKM\ 

Zoe Lodola Alisha Lomasney Allan Macak 

Holly MacKenzie 

Sean Maguire 

Jill Malcolm 

Robert Maloof 

Lindsay Marshak 

i nnll 

Michele Martel 

Elizabeth Martello Travis Martin 

Allison Martino Nicholas Martucci 

Keith Mattar 

Christopher Matte 

Shana McElroy John James McGinn Jason McGrath 

Kim McNamara 

Dustin Mead 

Kelly Medico 

Gregory Mirliss 

Janine Molino 

Kathleen Moore Timothy Morris 

Peter Morriss 

Julie Mulcahy 


-88 S 

Jessica Murphy Matthew Murphy Michael Murphy Todd Murray Mikaela Noble Michael O'Connell 

Kathleen O'Neil 

Brian Oles 

Jaclyn Olson 

Michael Pacitto 

Nathan Partridge 

Vivek Patel 

ON TASK (left) 

Matthew Squire focuses hard on his work. 
Most freshmen are overwhelmed with the 
loads of homework, a big change from 
junior high. 

WE ARE FAMILY (above) 
Being the new frosh at KP, the Class of 2003 
has to work hard at sticking together. 
Luckily for them, they have formed many 
strong friendships. 

School Days 

r 89- 


TresKman Life 

The freshmen pile onto the stands and 
cheer for their classmates. They are 
quickly learning that spirit is a huge part 
of King Philip life. 

WHAT A COUPLE (right) 
Kristin Crisafi and Brandi Hamlin love 
hamming it up for the camera. It looks like 
the picture-taking interrupted a party. 

Andrea Patton 

Kerri Pedro 

Jill Petruchik 

Alison Philbrick 

Lisa Pittsley 

Christina Powers 

Brett Prevost 

Robert Proctor 

Justin Poirier 

Nicole Puddester 

Benjamin Purkis 

-90 ^> 


En H Mm 

C9B dMKIE!CTI4ira 

Samuel Raymond Wesley Roberts Renee Robinson 

Tina Rogers Nathan Schneider Katherine Sevy 

It ' \ 

Erica Shapiro Dana Shaw Jennifer Siakotos Shalyn Simmer Vincent Sitkauskas 

Caitlin Smith 

1 1 i If 

Shannon Steele Leah Stewart Shawn Stewart Ian Stone Elizabeth Streeter Michael Stuart 

Krystynka Stygar Christopher Suchy Kathryn Sullivan 

Paul Sullivan 

Ryan Sullivan 

Carolyn Sweeney 

r 9i- 

Robert Tangstrom Kristen Taylor 

Kenneth Tellum Gregory Tetrault 

Kayla Thomas Kimberly Thomas 

■Hr / 

Nicole Thomas 

Adin Tosches 

Brian Tufts 

Eugene Velloso 

James Walsh 

Although most students dread Monday 
mornings, the smile on Alicia Giovannelli's 
face says something else. She seems to be 
enjoying her first year of high school. 

Enthusiastic members of the Freshman 
Class gather around at their first float 
meeting. All their hard work made their 
Homecoming Day float a huge success. 

rfh-e I'ime of Our Lives 


. i 

hristopher Watkins Susan Watson 

Seth Weaver 

Marcella Wieners 

Kendra Willette 

Daniel Williams 

Keith Williams 

Other Members of the 
Class of 2003 

Jenna Wirtes 

Jeffrey Wood 

Aaron Auld 
Stephen Beal 
Lisa Blomquist 
Alyssa Bona 
Elizabeth Clontz 
Susan Connell 
Jessica Cullen 

Joshua Denton 
John Harrop 
Nicole LaCourse 
Ryan McDonough 
Jenny Palmer 
Carl Paul 
Minhaj Rahman 

Robert Riccard 
Christopher Rogers 
Lauren Tangstrom 
Kevin Teiner 
Jill Treen 
Jason Webber 

r 93- 



{Kg H igpS 9n jftfi 

f TTtITTOI 111 I hrTTTrTlffi MHM •-■«* ■ 



■ l T- r 

(EJ ■ 



Piece de 

> ■ 

Spring Captains........ 98 

Boys' Spring Irack.lOO 
drirls' Spring TVack..l02 

Boys' Tennis 104 

dirls' "tennis 1C6 

Baseball 108 

Softball 110 

fall Captains 112 

football 114 


Boys' Soccer.. ...... ..118 

drirls' Soccer.... 120 

Boys' Cross-C!ountry..l22 
dirls' C!ross-dountry..l24 

field Jfockey 126 

6olf 128 

Winter Captains 130 

Boy*' Basketball 132 

dirls' Basketball 134 

Boys' Indoor "track 136 

drirls' Indoor !rack....l38 

Hockey 140 

drymnastics— 142 

Wrestling......... 144 

Cheerleading ....146 


GIRLS' TENNIS (above) 

Courtney Murphy and Kerry McDermott are first year tennis captains, but they have 

the performance of pros. The whole team looks up to these talented captains. 

BOYS' TENNIS (above) 

Aaron Bourke is a second year tennis captain. Along with co- 
captains Tim Mele and Scott Tooker, he provides an excellent 
role model for the other members of the Tennis Team. 

-or r-1 

Spring Captains 



m i 

.. kV- 


The girls' softball captains Kellie Cronin, Kelly Wardner and 

Christina Policastro are versatile enough for any position. They are able to 

both play well and have fun while doing it. 

I '.EBALL (above) 

V t Pieroway is the sole leader of KP's Baseball Team. Considering that 

i only a junior his ability to play ball must be quite extraordinary. 

C« p ucs I 


The Boys' Spring Track 

Team finished with an 

overall record of 6-2. They 

came in second place, just a 

few points behind their 

rival, Oliver Ames. The 

team depended on juniors 

Aaron Afarian, 

Chris Wagner, and 

Kevin Breitenbach to have 

such a successful season. 

The dedication of the K.P. 

team comes from the 

leadership of Coach Kramer. 

Coach Kramer has been 

helping the sprinters for 

many years as an assistant 

coach. This year he stepped 

up as head coach. Though 

strenuous, his practices got 

the team ready to win. 

Looking to the future, he says, 

The young team 

improved greatly and 

looks forward to next year. 

FASTER! (below) 
Frank Cook, a sophomore, runs as 
fast as he can during a meet. His 
determination is outstanding. 

HERE I COME! (below right) 
Freshman Jeremy Coombs finishes 
a strong race. He will prove to be 
an asset in the years to come. 

Coach Kramer strikes a pose with 
seniors Paul Ashman, 
Andrew Burger, Andrew Strauss, 
and Larry Grant. These men have 
what it takes to make the cut. 

LAST LAP (below) 
Freshman Mark Stoddard sprints 
towards the finish line on the last 
lap of the mile race. Andy Strauss 
follows close behind. 

Boy$' Spring 

RELAXING (above) 
Junior Aaron Afarian takes a break after putting forth his best effort during 
meet. Aaron has been a very important part of the boys' team, winning mo 
of his races. 


AD TIRED! (below) 

ihomore Scott Maloney is on his last breath of air as he strongly finishes 
race. Scott's determination is an example of the effort the team put into 
h event. 

I TNG HIGH! (above) 

I shman Rich Chute clearly goes over the hurdle. Hopefully Rich will 

c* tinue into next season with his speed and height. 

-| 3oy$' $pring Track 


















Oliver Ames 



N. Attleboro 






GREAT FORM (above) 
Freshman Eric Monty shows off his 
jumping skills by hurdling over the 
first hurdle of the 100 meter race. 
This is a skill that takes much talent 
and practice. 


Back row (1 to r): Coach Kramer, Will Raymond, Andy Croteau, Mark Stoddard, 

Chris Wagner, Mike McCullough, Frank Cook, Eric Meixner, Derek Rose, James Brady, 

Brian Dugdale, Coach Sorrento, Coach Labagh 

Third row (1 to r): Aaron Afarian, Shaun Callahan, Brendan Halpin, Chris Smith, 

Joe McCormack, Bill Robertson, Scott Maloney, Jeff Perry, Jeremy Coombs, 

Tom Flanagan, Brian Allaire 

Second row (1 to r):Matt Sanchez, Derek Leavitt, Mike Rieger, Chris Mahoney, 

Ryan Pinsoneault, Kevin Breitenbach, Richard Chute, Andrew Neviackas, Jed Perry, 

Andrew Redfearn 

Front row (I to r): Jon Genovese, Eric Monty, Kevin Healey, Paul Ashman, 

Andrew Burger, Andy Strauss, Larry Grant 

ALMOST THERE! (above ) 
Aaron Afarian pushes for a strong 
finish to a tough race. Aaron has 
talents that the other teams in the 
league fear. 

MACHO MEN (above) 

Sophomores Scott Maloney, 

Ryan Pinsoneault, and Mike Rieger 

hang out after a long meet. It's easy 
to smile when the meet is over and 
the team has done so well. 






The Girls' Spring Track 

Team finished the season 

with an overall record of 6- 

2. Finishing third in dual 

meet competition and third 

in the League, Coach Bremer 

could not be prouder of the 

team's over-all successes. 

The Girls' Spring Track 

Team has always been 

known for their close 

bonds and their ability to 

work well as a team. 

Erin Johnson summed it 

up with her observation that, 

Spring Track is a large 

enough community so that we 

have a group of people with 

varied talents, yet it is small 

enough that we know 

everyone and can all work 

together as a whole. 

All the girls agree that 

Spring Track provides 

everyone with the 

opportunity to shine in their 

special field, while being 

considered a member of a 

loving extended family. 

HURDLERS (right) 
Kirsten Larrabee, Megan Barry, 
and Rachael Marcotte show their 
coordination as they practice 
hurdles for an upcoming meet. 

April Barker and Stephanie Morris 

race a Mansfield hurdler to the 
finish line. Their efforts contributed 
to the team's win against Mansfield. 

UP AND OVER (above) 
Nicole Magnuson is captured in the 
air as she practices the high jump. 
Throughout her freshman year she 
greatly improved. 

BREAK (right) 

Erin Flynn, Kristen Hurley, and 
Elizabeth Kinney are taking a well 
deserved break from a track event. 




drirls' Spring Track 

[ ETCH (below) 
Flynn looks serious and determined. She is shown here stretching as 
anticipates a tough upcoming track meet. 

J dirl$' Spring Track 






KP Them 

79 57 





Oliver Ames 90 

N. Attleboro 65 

Stoughton 92 








PUT ME IN, COACH! (above) 
Ms. Bremer is the coach of the 
Girls' Track Team. It is because of 
her high expectations that the team 
had such an unbelievable year. 

Back row (1 to r): Coach Bremer, Elizabeth Flannery, Caitlyn Small, 

Erin Johnson, Becky Sevy, Katherine Astley, April Barker, 

Jessie Morse, Megan Barry, Katelyn MacKenzie, Kate Blair, 

Kirsten Larrabee,Sheila Barry, Coach Fink-McAlice, Coach O'Brien 

2nd row (1 to r): Elizabeth Kinney, Elizabeth Burger, Erin Nowak, 

Katie Andreozzi, Kelly Shaughnessy, Rachael MacKenzie, 

Rachael Marcotte,Rosanne Boyle, Nicole Magnuson 

1st row (1 to r): Stephanie Morris, Heather Blair, Grace Becker, 

Kristen Hooker, Kristen Hurley, Erin Flynn, Allison Milld, 

Tina Gagas 

Front (1 to r): Kim Smith, Kara Neviackas 

Kim Smith, Erin Nowak, and 
Kara Neviackas were this year's 
captains. They will always be 
remembered for their strong 
leadership and dedication. 

LOOK OUT BELOW! (above) 
Grace Becker successfully flies over 
the high jump. Escaping the bonds of 
earth comes only with constant and 
hard practice. 

I 1 

THIS IS SERIOUS! (left and right 

Playing with much intensity 
Andy Koziol hits the ball to his 
opponent and then quickly runs to 
the corner tor the return. His agility 
allows him to be one of the quickest 
players in the Hock. 

The King Philip Boys' 

Tennis Team made the 

most of a hard season, 

pulling through with an 

overall record of 3-13. 

Under the leadership of 

newly arrived 

Coach McEachern, the 

team successfully defeated 

rivals Stoughton and 

Foxboro. The team was led 

by juniors Aaron Bourke 

and Scott Tooker. 

Captain Bourke 

commented on the 

future of the team. 

The team has a lot of young 
talent and looks forward to 

improving next year 
and hopefully contending for 

Hockomock Championship. 

Tim Mele, 

Aaron Bourke, and 

Scott Tooker will now 

move on to become the 

first King Philip Boys' 

Tennis Team captains of 

the new millenium. 


I'VE GOT IT! (right) 

r. A / 

With a lunge, Scott Tooker keeps 

the ball in the court. His powerful 
backhand shot is a killer in 


NICE HIT! (above) 

Mike Kraby takes aim and fires a ball over the net. 

Hard practice makes Mike the all-star player that he is. 

HERE I AM! (above) 

With his wristbands and racket in hand, sophomore 
Greg Santabarbara looks ready for anything. Let's jus 
hope that he plays as well as he looks. 

"Boys' T3enni$ 

i »,« 

1 .LD UP (below) 

! i Ghosh takes a break from the action to get a drink. He has worked 
: d all year, and knows the importance of being well rested and well 

— | 3oy$' Tennis [■ 

KP Them 

Attleboro 5 

Attleboro 5 

Franklin 1 4 

Mansfield 2 3 

Canton 5 

Oliver Ames 2 3 

Foxboro 1 4 

North Attleboro 2 3 

Sharon 1 4 

Stoughton 4 1 

Franklin 2 3 

Canton 1 4 

Oliver Ames 2 3 

Mansfield 2 3 

Foxboro 3 2 

Sharon 1 4 

North Attleboro 2 3 

Stoughton 3 2 

I'M WAITING! (above) 
Ben Ghosh awaits the serve for 
play to begin. Ben has surprised 
many this year and will continue to 
excite King Philip for years to come. 


Back row (1 to r): Mike Kraby, Jeff Litvin, Matt Sielof f, Scott Tooker, 

Ben Ghosh, Coach McEachern. 

Front row: Steve Rieger, Gregg Santabarbara, Andy Koziol, 

Aaron Bourke. 

POWWWWWW! (left) 
With a powerful swing, Scott Tooker 
strikes the ball across the court. Next 
year when Scott is a senior he will 
show leadership by trying to lead the 
young team to victory. 

HOW ABOUT THAT! (above left and 

Greg Santabarbara moves to the ball 
and then feels pretty good about his 
return shot. This was Greg's first year 
on the team and he made a great im- 
pact on the team. 



j 6irl$' tennis | — 

LIKE A PRO! (above) 
Wendy Rukstalis holds her foot posi- 
tion, as Coach Goldberg has taught 
her, and leans in for the kill. Wendy, 
along with the entire team, knows the 
importance of concentration and 
proper form. 














Oliver Ames 






N. Attleboro 















Oliver Ames 













Back row (1 to r): Desiree Bliss, Kerry McDermott, Christine Holmes, 

Patti Quick, Kelly Fagan, Katie Cove, Meghan McHale, Coach Goldberg 

Middle row (1 to r): Melissa Bell, Emily Ghosh, Jen Moore, 

Erin Strauss, Jen Ryan, Heidi Murphy 

Front row (1 to r): Capt. Beth Curley, Capt. Caitlin Ehrlinger, 

Courtney Murphy, Beth Gaetani, Wendy Rukstalis. 

NO PROBLEM (above left and right) 

Courtney Murphy underestimates the curve of the ball, makes an amazing 
dive, and recovers for an add in. As team captain, Courtney will continue to 
guide the team next season. 

YA DONT SAY? (below) 

Heidi Murphy and Patti Quick pay close attention to the coach's last 
minute instructions. The players' skills and level of playing have improvec 
greatly with the help of Coach Goldberg. 



, i 

Jen Moore takes advantage of an 
easy situation with a powerful 
return. Jen's known for her quick 
feet and powerful forehand. 

LONG BALL (above) 
Christine Holmes waits for her bal 
to be returned after she hit a perfec 
serve. Christine works hard to be 
the excellent tennis player that she 

and far left) 

Caitlin Ehrlinger takes a few 
practice swings before a big match. 
As a team captain, Caitlin has 
always been there in good times 
and in bad. 

OH WELL (below) 
Emily Ghosh makes an on-the-run 
dive to the net. Emily always gives 
110% to every game and practice. 

We have awesome team spirit 
and I love them all. 

That's how 2000 Captain 
Courtney Murphy de- 
scribed the 1999 Girls' 
Tennis Team that finished 
its season with an overall 
record of 9 wins and 1 1 
losses. The girls owe their 
successes to the support 
and guidance of their 
coach, Bob Goldberg. 
Team veteran, 
Beth Gaetani, put it this 
way. I just couldn't do it 
without the 'Gold Star.' And 
what about next season? 
Take it from 
Christine Holmes who 

The Hock had better 
watch out next yearl 

ME AND YOU! (below) 
Meghan McHale and 
Wendy Rukstalis huddle together 
at practice on a beautiful spring 
afternoon. These girls know that 
teams not only form close friend- 
ships, but also life-long bonds. 

*<%~««w '' > - , * 

VING ABOVE (above) 

King Philip Girls' Tennis Captains were Beth Curley and 
(in Ehrlinger. These girls are both experienced, as well as highly skilled 
hat they do, and proved it both on and off the courts. 

tairiU' tennis 



Some people may think our 
season ended too soon, but we 
tried hard and did a good job. 

The 1999 Baseball Team had 
an excellent season this year. 
Second year head coach 
Ed Moran led the senior- 
laden team to a record of 
12-4 under the excellent 
leadership of his captains 
Dave Elliott Paul Hasenfus 
and Mike Griffith. The 
team had a somewhat 
successful regular season 
going 14-6. However, in the 
playoffs the baseball team 
caused some real excitement 
by going through two 
rounds of the playoffs. They 
finally lost to Bishop Feehan 
in a hard-fought defeat. 
MVP Paul Hasenfus, 
Unsung Hero 
Mike Griffith, and seniors 
Wayne Stokes, 
Jason Cunnane, 
Troy Howard, 
Jim Lorusso, Shaun Foster 
and Dave Purpura helped 
lead the team to the 
Next year's captain, 
Matt Pieroway, had this to 
say about next year's team: 

Our team next year is young, 
but we have a lot of talent. 

During warm-ups, Matt Pieroway 
makes an accurate throw to third 
base. His leadership potential is rare 
in such a young player. Already a 
valued member, Matt is optimistic 
about his future achievements. 

HERE IT COMES! (far right) 
The pitch comes straight down the 
plate and Dave Elliott makes sure it 
goes into his glove. With a determined 
work ethic, Dave became an excep- 
tional catcher. 

WAY TO CO! (right) 

The baseball team members congratulate each other 

after a winning game. This ritual happened many times 

during the season and continued throughout the 


GOTCHA! (below right) 

Matt Pieroway fields the ball and throws it to second 
base to get an out. Matt's success on the varsity team is 
amazing for a rookie. 

I GOT IT! (below) 

After fielding the ball from the ground, Paul Hasenfus 
readies himself to throw the ball to first base. The ball 
beat the runner for an out! 


STRIKE! (far left) 

All-star pitcher Mike Griffith fires 
the baseball to the plate. His 
excellent pitching helped KP in the 
playoffs this year. 

Raising his glove into the air, 
Dave Purpura celebrates King 
Philip's victory in the game. His 
enthusiasm for the game has helped 
the team in the past years. 

WATERBREAK! (far below left) 
Chris Darling takes a break after 
working hard on the field. Being 
only a sophomore, Chris will surely 
bring success to the team in the 
years ahead. 

Varsity Team 

Back row (1 to r): Head Coach Ed Moran, Dave Elliott, Mark Kenney, 

Jason Cunnane, Wayne Stokes, Troy Howard, Jim Lorusso, 

Chris Darling. 

Front row (1 to r): Scott Amidon, Shaun Foster, Matt Pieroway, 

Dave Purpura, Paul Hasenfus, Mike Griffith. 


















Oliver Ames 









North Attleboro 














Oliver Ames 









North Attleboro 






Bishop Feehan 



Bishop Feehan 


H Baseball 

WARM UP! (above) 
During a practice session before a 
game, Matt Pieroway fields a 
ground ball. He continued to use 
this skill and others in the game 
that followed. 


This year's going to be so 
much fun! — Andrea Lyons 

The Girls' Varsity Softball 

Team pulled out yet 

another tremendous 

season for King Philip. 

With a League record of 

14-2, and an overall season 

record of 18-2, the girls 

have again earned two 

new school records. 

Coach Hartley could not 

have been prouder with 

the team's overall success 

this season. Captains 

Rebecca Lamothe, 

Patty Cronin, and 

Becki Tower gave the 

team the leadership and 

support they needed to 

bring home the 1999 

Hockomock League 

Champions' banner. 

And how does the 2000 

season stack up? 

The underclassmen are very 

strong. I'm looking to have 

an awesome season this 

year. — Kelly Wardner 

LEADER OF THE PACK (above left 
and right) 

Patty Cronin warms up and 
releases a powerful pitch. As both 
pitcher and team captain, Patty 
deserves a lot of the credit for the 
team's exceptional season. 

A fast and exciting four years on the 
Softball Team come to a sad end. It's 
time for these seniors to turn in 
their softball gloves for diplomas. 
They are sad to be leaving their 
team, but give their best to future 
teams as they move on to college. 

GO FOR TWO! (below) 
With a quick tag and turn, 
Kelly Wardner whips the ball to first 
for a successful double play. 

The team gets a few last minute tips 
from Coach Hartley before going 
up to the plate. This team knows the 
importance of coaches, and makes 
sure to take advantage of all their 





8BBh> RhkB 


v> • 


VARD DASH! (below) 
i oecca Lamothe takes a sprint as a base hit sends her home. Rebecca was 
l mportant to the team that she was voted one of the Unsung Heroes. 

J dirts' Softball 











Bishop Feehan 





Oliver Ames 








N. Attleboro 
















Oliver Ames 








N. Attleboro 







NOT THIS TIME! (above) 
After a tremendous catch, 
Christina Policastro gets the ball 
back to the pitcher. Christina has 
proved to be a worthy Warrior in 
her three years on the team. 


Back row (1 to r): Christina Policastro, Andrea Annese, Melissa Putt, 

Kara Murphy, Erinne Nelson, Beth Conroy, Jamie Bombardier, 

Coach Hartley. 

Front row (1 to r): Melissa Coleman, Capt. Rebecca Lamothe, 

Capt. Becki Tower, Capt. Patty Cronin, Sarah Pavidis, Kelly Wardner. 

CLOSE CALL! (left) 
Andrea Annese slides into home as 
the ump takes a closer look. After 
the dust cleared she was safe, just as 
we thought she was. 

MAKIN' IT HAPPEN! (above left 
and right) 

Melissa Putt throws out an easy 
grounder to second, gets some 
praise from her teammate, and 
readies herself for the next play. 



This season, the Boys' Cross Country team placed 
second in the state. Will Raymond, Aaron Afarian, and 
Jeff Perry helped lead the team to victory. Success is not 
the only thing these seniors will be leaving their team 
with. They also created many memories and bonds 
throughout the season. 


Junior captain Melissa McLacklan helps hold the tea I 
together with Allison Milld and Grace Becker. On tl 
course these three run in the same direction — down tf 
road to a championship. 

Diana Hadfield and Erin Flynn 

added a sunny disposition to the 
Field Hockey Team this year. These 
best buddies created a fun atmo- 
sphere, yet still demonstrated 

BOYS' SOCCER (right) 
The boys charged right through the 
Hock and all the way to states with 
the help of captains Scott Dowling 
and Stephen Macropoulos. These 
two senior captains were truly an 
asset to the team this year. 

fall Captains 

FOOTBALL (left) 

Chris Wagner, Lewis Calzaretta, Jesse Keene 
and Chris Darling work together to bring their 
team to unity. These four represent each part of 
football strategy. Their veteran skills have been 
especially beneficial for the younger players. 


Becky Stanley and Rachael Marcotte are the 

junior captains of cheerleading. These girls 
motivate and lead their teammates to be the 
most excited fans at the games. 


Kristen Hurley and Kelly Wardner 

carried the Girls' Soccer Team all 

the way to the state tournament. 

Their dedication and motivation 

drove their teammates to the top! 




Warrior football is the most 

exciting and most attended 

event in our school, aside from 

regular classes, of course. 

After last year's successful 

season, many people were 

concerned about how the 

football team would fare in 

the league this year. 

Captain Jesse Keene had this 

to say about his team's season. 

It was a rough start, but we 

finished strong. 

Losing our first 3 games was 

tough, but our last 4 games 

turned into a winning streak. 

As both a captain and a senior 

Jesse felt there was a lot of 

progress both on and off the 

field. Fellow captain and 

senior Chris Wagner also felt 

that the varsity team overall 

had a good season. They 

played hard despite serious 

problems, including the loss of 

a coach. But you would have 

never known from the way 

they played the whole season: 


BREAKING OUT! (right) 
At Homecoming the Warriors break 
out of their team huddle with a fury 
that their opponents cannot hope to 
match. Let the game begin! 

Captain Jesse Keene cannot be held 
back by the Stoughton defense. 
Breaking through their line with 
typical KP power, Jesse runs the ball 
down the field, bringing his team 
closer to a touchdown. Jesse's skills 
as a leader and as a player have 
been a great part of the season. 

King Philip's football coaching staff, 
led by Coach Tatupu, is always on 
its toes during a game. Hard at 
work looking for the slightest 

advantage, these men keep 
*- 7 their team in peak condition. 

GREEN SPEED! (right) 
Andy Croteau, number 30, dodges 
the defense and runs towards the 
endzone with all possible speed. 
Andy's speed and agility make him 
one of the biggest challenges on the 
field. No one can catch him. 

-ECT FORM (below) 

er Scott Amidon shows perfect form as he sends the ball soaring 
rds the goalpost. His power as a kicker has earned Scott quite the 
tation among his peers. 


-| Warrior football 

Us Them 

Bellingham 12 33 

Sharon 6 12 

Foxboro 11 7 

Canton 10 

N. Attleboro 3 33 

Stoughton 6 7 

Mansfield 20 19 

Oliver Ames 14 

Somerville 27 12 

Franklin 27 

WATER! (above) 
Captain Chris Wagner stands on 
the sideline and grabs some much 
needed water. Working hard on the 
field always works up a thirst, a 
thirst for victory. 


Back row (1 to r): Coach Tatupu, Coach Simarrian, Matt Tierney, Jed Perry, 

Andy Croteau, Andy Howard, Joe McCormack, Scott Amidon, Chris Mahoney, 

Brian Gulino, Cliff Bassett, Bill Robertson, Mike McCullough, Coach Finase, Mike Davis 

3rd row (1 to r): Josh Brock, Craig Domko, Chuck Stone, Mike Toledo, Pete Lown, 

Ed Poles, Paul Croteau, Chris Wagner, Lewis Calzaretta, Jesse Keene, Paul Lapierre, 

Josh Cooney, Scott Herlin, Mike Costello, Brian Hamlin 

2nd row (1 to r): Jay Mahoney, Jeremiah Kunze, George Yousif, Chris Darling, Kyle Fiske, 

Lofa Tatupu, Joe Pender, Derek Rose, Steve Shaw, Brian McLellan, James Brady, 

Mike Walsh, Andrew McCoy 

Front row (1 to r): Brian Dugdale, Mike Moses, Brian Cameron, Mike Prentice, Ben Lown, 

Mike Poles, Eric Cunnane, Mark Stoddard, Evan McGill, Sam Samrout, Shane Jackson 

Flanked by teammate Jesse Keene, 
Lofa Tatupu clutches the ball and 
heads downfield. These two players 
were an integral part of the 
achievements of the Warriors both 
on the field, but even more 
importantly, off. 

KP's Warriors take the offensive 
and prepare to strike. The defensive 
line is ready to give their teammates 
all the time they need to get the ball 
down the field. Some of the best 
performances were among this \ -* 
group. 115— 


Under the leadership of 

long-time coach, 

Pam Buchanio, the King 

Philip Cheerleading Squad 

proved its worth to KP once 

again. No matter if it's a pep 

rally or a championship 

game, from Homecoming to 

the Thanksgiving Day 

Game, the King Philip's fall 

cheerleaders pull through. 

Being a varsity cheerleader for 

three years, I have enjoyed 

some memorable times. This 

year has been especially 

enjoyable with the addition of 

many new team members. 

-Julie Poirier 

Traveling hours on buses, 

standing for long periods of 

time in the freezing cold, 

cheering the team through 

thick and thin, just to excite 

the crowd — these girls do it 

all, and this successful 

season certainly proves that 

they never lose their spirit. 

Ever wonder how the crowd keeps 
its enthusiasm high during half 
time? It's the cheerleaders' talents 
and dedication that keep us 
cheering for more. 

#1! (below) 

During the Homecoming game, 
Becky Stanley and Kim Cox cheer 
KP on from the sideline. The weather 
was on our side, the scores were 
high, and thanks to the cheerlead- 
ers, the crowd was jumpin'. 

The King Philip Fall Cheerleading 
Squad shakes it to the left and 
shakes it to the right, but always 
remains in perfect formation. 
Teamwork and communication are 
keys to unlocking the secrets of this 
squad's success. 



. ( 

Cheerleading newcomers 
Christina Powers, Nicole Puddester, 
Jill Malcolm, Stephanie Howard, 
and Cate Smith await their parts in 
the fall pep rally. The pep rally is a 
great opportunity for the entire 
school to meet the new squad and 
get psyched up for Homecoming. 

fall Cheerleading 


:k row (1 to r): Nicole Thomas, Nicole Fleck, Leanne Carey, Tina Rogers, 

ach McCann 

>nt row (1 to r): Laura Gaudioso, Lauren Girouard, Megan Demers, 

ison Martino 

PUMP IT UP! (left) 

Nicole Puddester gets a boost from 

her teammates. Keeping the 

excitement going in between plays 

and during slow points is one of the 

many challenges cheerleaders must 


THREE CHEERS! (below) 
No matter the time, no matter the 
weather, these girls pull through for 
their school. They stick together to 
make KP's football games full of 
spirit and excitement. 


Back row (1 to r): Jen Mackun, Julie Poirier, Caitlyn Hawkins, 

Kim Cox, Meagan Capone, Kristy McKinney, Jen Moore, 

Kerry McKinney, Cate Smith, Christina El-Far, Shana McElroy 

Middle row (1 to r): Kate Martin, Nichole McElroy, Megan Kirby, 

Nicole Puddester, Kara Feinberg, Anna Iannetti, Alicia Giovannelli 

Bottom row (1 to r): Stephanie Howard, Belle Cruz, 

Rachael Marcotte, Becky Stanley, Jill Malcolm, Christina Powers 

Junior captains 
Rachael Marcotte and 
Becky Stanley are responsible 
for this year's many successes. 
Cheerleading captains must 
have an equal balance of 
communication, athleticism, 
and dance skills. 

A fall Cheerleading 


QUICKNESS! (below) 
With quick feet, Chris Sims races 
past his Stoughton opponent. 
Fellow teammate Keith Monahan 
gave Chris support while he tried to 
move the ball up the field. These 
two players worked well together. 

CROSS IT! (left) 

Running at full speed, 

Stephen Macropoulos crosses the 

ball to his waiting teammates. 

Stephen scored the winning goal 

against Mansfield. He also became a 

Hockomock All-Star for the season. 

The King Philip Boys' Soccer 

team had a very successful 

season. The soccer team 

became the Hockomock 

Champions for only the second 

time in school history. Senior 

Chris Sims believes that the 

reason the team won the 

Hockomock was that they 

never gave up. The boys had an 

extremely successful season 

with an overall record of 10-3-3 

in the League. No one expected 

us to compete with Oliver Ames, 

emphasized Matt Griffith 

about the team's season, but we 

played as a team and won as a 

team. The team was led by first 

year Coach Holt and captains 

Scott Dowling, 

Stephen Macropoulos 

and Ryan Miles. The team 

played tough until the end and 

never gave up, as Kevin Healey 

put it and that is exactly what 

the team expects next year, 

when they hope to win another 


-11 sn 
. ( 

MR. NUMBER #1 SCORER! (above) 
While relaxing for a moment, Scott Dowling still pays 
close attention to the play, in order to get his chance to 
score a goal. Throughout his four years on the team he 
has contributed incredibly to the team and this year 
became the number one scorer. 

Throughout this season, Jamie Marks has been 
hampered with illness or injuries. However, he has s 
tried his best to help the team and will continue to he 
the team next year in their quest for the Hockomock 
League championship next year. 

"3oy$* $occer 

i 30TH MOVES! (above) 
V h a quick move, Ryan Shaughnessy j; 
U he field still in possession of the ball. 
a ing a tremendous defensive output. 

ets past his defender and moves 
Ryan played sweeper for the team, 

CELEBRATE!!!!! (left) 
The King Philip Warrior Soccer 
Team gets together to celebrate the 
win. The boys upset first-place 
Oliver Ames in the second game of 
the season against them. The 
Warriors fought a tough battle and 
then celebrated after the game. 

With a dive, Matt Lupfer makes a 
brillant save in the game. Matt is the 
varsity goalie and he is only a junior. 
Next year he will be the only 
returning varsity goalie in the league. 
He will be of tremendous importance 
next year on the road to a champion- 


Back row (1 to r): Coach O'Brien, Dave Ryan, Chris Sims, Ben Davis, 

Stephen Macropoulos, Keith Monahan, Scott Tooker, Tim Davis, 

Kevin Healey, Coach Holt 

Front row: Ryan Shaughnessy, Andrew Neviackas, Scott Dowling, 

Jamie Marks, Ryan Miles, Matt Lupfer, Tim Mele, Matt Griffith, Eric Monty 







North Attleboro 3 











Oliver Ames 








Oliver Ames 



North Attleboro 4 





BC High 





Without colliding with fellow player 
Keith Monahan, Scott Tooker takes the 
ball and moves it up field. With Scott 
moving on to college, Keith will be the 
leader in the backfield. 

— I 3oy$' Soccer V 




GO!!!!! (above) 

With a burst of speed, 

Kristin Hurley sprints down the 

field with the ball. This senior 

defender has proven to be an 

essential part of the team for her 

entire high school career. 

1> ^CLLI 









Oliver Ames 



N. Attleboro 















Oliver Ames 


N. Attleboro 














Oliver Ames 



Back row (1 to r) Coach Godbout, Kristy Lamothe, Siobhan Howard, 

Emily Ghosh, Rachael Mackenzie, Katie Prevost, Judy Cronin, 

Rebecca Macdonald 

Middle row (1 to r): Katelyn Mackenzie, Andrea Lyons, Lydia Helliwell, 

Elizabeth Kinney, Kathryn Astley, Katelyn Small , Kate Blair 

Front row: Heather Blair, Kelly Wardner, Meghan McHale, 

Kristen Hurley, Kathryn Farren, Hilary Hayes 

KP's solid defense meets right before 
the game begins. They always meet 
to plan the best strategy for stopping 
the other teams's offense. 

drills Soccer 

STEP! (below) 

As Kate Blair focuses on the play, she is formulating a strategy and movi 
toward the ball. This year has been a successful one for this sophomore. ' 
has become a very important part of the team and will continue to be 
important in future years. 


. i 

CONTROL! (above) 
Heather Blair sprints past her 
defender with incredible control. 
She has been of great importance 
this year making countless passes to 
sprinting forwards and controlling 
the midfield. 

DRIVE! (above) 
With a powerful drive, 
Lydia Helliwell puts the ball 
upfield and away from her goal. 
Lydia has been of tremendous 
importance to the defensive side 
the girls' team. 

Quickly diving to the ground, 
Rebecca MacDonald makes a 
superb save against her opponent. 
Rebecca is the only underclassman 
goalie, so her talent will be needed 
in the years to come. 

WHAT A KICK (below) 
With a powerful swing of her leg, 
Judy Cronin blasts the ball up the 
field. Being only a sophomore, 
Judy's passion and skills will make 
her a strong KP soccer player. 

The Girls' Soccer Team had a 
very successful year. They 
finished the year in third place 
in the very competitive 
Hockomock League. With the 
return of Head Coach 
Steve Godbout, the girls had an 
outstanding year exceeding even 
their own expectations. The 
Warriors were led by senior 
captains Kelly Wardner and 
Kristen Hurley along with 
fellow seniors Meghan McHale, 
Heather Blair, and 
Hilary Hayes. The team cruised 
into the playoffs with the help of 
the many underclassmen on the 
team. Elizabeth Kinney, 
Judy Cronin, Kate Blair, and 
Siobhan Howard controlled the 
offensive side of the ball, ahile 
Andrea Lyons, Kristy Lamothe, 
and Lydia Helliwell controlled 
the backfield. 

We had an extremely successful 

season this year. And I'm looking 

forward to winning the Hockomock 

Championship next year. 

-Andrea Lyons 

The girls surprised many in the 
playoffs by defeating Fairhaven 
in the first round and by 
destroying #1 ranked Holliston, 
before finally losing a hard 
fought battle to their rival Oliver 
Ames in the Southern Sectionals. 


I ig their athleticism, Kelly Wardner and Lydia Helliwell work together 
tj love the ball up field. These two were extremely important in helping 
I team reach the South Sectional Finals. 

JV TEAM (below) 

Back row (1 to r): Coach Heagney, Zoe Lodola, Jackie Olson, Sheila Barry, 

Elizabeth Burger, Megan Barry, Molly Bloomer, Alison Philbrick, Coach Shawn 

Middle row (1 to r): Janine Molino, Heather Cassidy, Kristin Hogarth, Kerri Carlson, 

Elizabeth Andreozzi, Elizabeth Streeter, Colleen Foley, Lauren Flocco 

Front row (1 to r): Amy Kenney, Krystynka Stygar, Melissa Hootstein, Becky Colcord, 

Amanda Spinney, Sarah Fisher, Erica Shapiro. 




The hard work at the 

beginning of the season all 

paid off in the end. 

-Matt Pieroway 

The King Philip Boys' 
Cross-Country Team had a 
remarkable season. They 
placed 2nd in the 
Hockomock with their 
only loss coming at the 
hands of Oliver Ames. 
That loss did not stop their 
hopes as they went on to 
win the Division 3 State 
Championship. The cross- 
country team then placed 
second at the All-State 
Meet. This was the closest 
they have ever come to 
winning the entire state. 

WE'RE COMING (right) 
Aaron Afarian and Shawn Sluss 
are far ahead of the opposing teams 
The other teams have no chance 
with the Warriors in the meet. 

ON THE PURSUIT (below left) 
Mathew Pieroway chases the tail of 
an Oliver Ames tiger. 

RUNNING AHEAD (below right) 
Jeff Perry has been part of the team 
for the past four years and has 
earned a spot among the top runners. 

RECAPPING (above) 

Coach Boucher recaps the events of the day as the rest of the team anxiously 
awaits the final outcome of the race. But no need to worry. The Warriors had 
won again. 


HANGIN' TOUGH (above) 

Will Raymond, Gregg Santabarbara, and Ryan Pinsoneault show no me r 

against the rival team. These guys never lost their game faces. 


v] STEP AHEAD (below) 

nior Aaron Afarian gets a head start over the other runners in the race. 

s efforts helped to bring home many of the team's wins. 

-| 3oy$' Cro$$ Country 

Us Them 

N. Attleboro 15 



Oliver Ames 29 








SMALL TALK (above) 
Coach Boucher gives some tips 
to Aaron Bouke about the 
opposing teams in the race. 
With all his great advice, the 
team has had a wonderful 





Back row (1 to r): Coach Boucher, Brian Allaire, Andy Kellogg, 

Brendan Halpin, James Walsh, Pete Getty, Brad Kellogg, Rick Topham 

Middle row (1 to r): Greg Santabarbara, Matt Pieroway, 

Ryan Pinsoneault, Justin Bourke 

Front row (1 to r): Kevin Breitenbach, Jeff Perry, Aaron Afarian, 

Aaron Bourke 

Both the boys' and girls' teams 
gather after the race to con- 
gratulate one another on their 
efforts. These athletes have 
persevered through long 
practices and hard work and 
their efforts have surely paid 

IN THE LEAD (above) 

Aaron Bourke and Kevin Breitenbach 

leap ahead at the start of the race. 
These seniors have been on the cross- 
country team for the past four years 
and their talents and enthusiasm for 
running will be greatly missed next 


My Most Memorable Race 

I dig deep within my soul, to a 
place I've never been; I've got to 
push the pain away, its the only 

way to win. -Allison Milld 

Running is a mental game. 
Not only does one have to 
have the ability to run, but 
she has to believe that she 
can run. As with any sport, 
sometimes runners want to 
give up, but it is one's 
teammates and one's desire 
to win that keeps one going. 
The feelings of unity and 
pride that are shared by the 
girls of this team are unique. 
Because the x-c team is 
smaller than most, the girls 
have an opportunity to really 
get to know each other. They 
know each other's high 
points as well as their 
weaknesses, and have the 
ability to use this knowledge 
in a race. Led by senior 
captains Grace Becker and 
Allison Milld, as well as 
junior co-captain 
Melissa Mclacklan, the girls 
form a brick wall in order to 
defeat their opponents. This 
method of putting as many 
people up front as possible 
and sticking together proved 
to be successful in races 
against rivals Oliver Ames 
and Sharon. But to be 
champions, a team must also 
want to win. Losing the 
Hock title to Oliver Ames last 
year after a four year 
winning streak, the '99 team 
was motivated for a come- 
back. This season the girls 
went undefeated, taking 
back the Hock title and then 
moving on to place first at 
the League Meet. 

Pride is visible on the faces of these girls 
as they accept their ribbons at 
Borderland Park. The girls placed first 
at this league meet. 

S'MORE CAMP FUN? (below) 
Over the summer the x-c teams spent a 
week on the Cape training for the 
upcoming season. Not only does this 
opportunity provide for a jump-start on 
fitness, but also a time for the girls to 
really become a team. 

MILE MARK (above) 
Senior Kate Allen knows how 
important it is to have knowledge of 
a course before you run it. This way 
she is able to pick up the pace and 
beat her opponents. 

H20 PLUS (above) 

Often times, waiting for one's race , 

is the hardest part. Maggie Casey 

and Rosanne Boyle share in 

lighthearted conversation and extra 

fluid to help ease the feeling of 


In a home meet Erin Johnson and 
Melissa Mclacklan work together 
on their last lap. It can be very 
helpful to have a teammate pacing 
you, urging you to keep up. 

TOES (below) 

Katie Andreozzi prepares for a race 
by properly stretching her ham- 
strings. Because a normal race is a 
distance of two and a half to three 
miles, it is important to warm up 
and prepare your body properly. 




- Ja^^HH 


j TH THE FRONT PACK (above) 

li' n Milld gets right out front in a jamboree race at Franklin's course. It 
: ortant to move quickly at the beginning of a race in order to set the 
■ : the race for your opponents. Allison was one of the seniors who led 
I girls to their Hockomock League title. 


Back row (1 to r): Coach Boucher, Manager Brian Allaire, Megan Fogg, 

Christy Cummings, Blair Rainsford, Jessica Rodio, Rosanne Boyle, 

Maggie Casey, Manager Kristen Hooker, Coach Topham 

Middle row (1 to r): Kate Sullivan, Kirsten Larrabee, Stefanie Hayes, 

Melissa Gray, Erin Johnson 

Bottom row (1 to r): Kate Allen, Allison Milld, Grace Becker, 

Melissa Mclacklan, Katie Andreozzi 



North Attleboro 






Oliver Ames 


















Peter Boucher often says that if 
there is one thing he knows, it is 
running. His team's success is 
evidence of the truth of that 

-J drirl'$ Cro$$~Coun.try 


Back row (1 to r): Laura Czyzewski, 
Jessica Allen, Mikaela Noble, 
Vanessa Sotir 

Middle row (1 to r): Jenna Kraby, 
Courtney Woods, Emily Greaves, 
Jill Petruchik, Elizabeth Cove 
Front row (1 to r): Kristina Cochrane, 
Lindsay Wyman, Elizabeth Martello, 
Amanda Gray 

Senior Becky Cochrane is in a 
showdown with a North player for 
the ball. Her great defensive skills 
helped to keep the ball far away 
from the KP goal. 

King Philip's Field Hockey 

Team had a great season 

with a final record of 8-7-2. 

The captains 

Diana Hadfield and 

Erin Flynn led the team 

through the season with 

wonderful leadership 

qualities which helped the 

team to prosper. This year 

the girls worked extremely 

hard and made it to the 

State Tournament. All of 

the girls came together for 

a remarkable season. 

Allison Lodge was the 

1999 MVP and 

Stephanie Morris was this 

year's Unsung Hero. Both 

of these girls also were 

Hockomock All-Stars and 

Sun Chronicle All-Stars. 

They both had tremendous 

seasons and helped the 

team to come out on top. 

The fifteen seniors will be 

missed next year, but the 

girls are expected to have 

another successful season. 



The field hockey team huddles together for a picture before one of their night games. They had such a great seasof 

because of the closeness of the girls on the team. 

field Hockey 

/ PAIN COOL (far above) 

a un Erin Flynn stays cool, calm, and collected while she awaits the 
> >aching player on the field. She truly was a team player and proved to 
J ;reat captain. 

/ ZLING DRIVE (above) 

1 an Lodge prepares to drive the ball down the field during a game. Her 
I iible skills made her the team's MVP. In addition she was named both 
c omock and Sun Chronicle All-Stars. 

— I field Hockey 













Oliver Ames 


North Attleboro 
















Oliver Ames 


North Attleboro 






These girls show their team support 
by cheering loudly from the bench. 
The team had an awesome season 
creating wonderful memories and 
solid friendships. 


Back row (1 to r): Joanna Balzer, Amy Carr, Courtney Howard, 

Stefanie Flynn, Darby-Lee Rose, Laura Kraby, Stephanie Morris, 

Kristin Kehrmeyer 

Middle row (1 to r): Courtney Murphy, Beth Gaetani, Allison Lodge, 

Tina Gagas, Becky Cochrane, Kelly Shaughnessy, Kelly Walsh, Kylee Day 

Front row (1 to r): Lauren Hall, Kelly Fagan, Diana Hadfield, 

Erin Flynn, Kellie Cronin, Kerry McDermott, Rhianne Crowley 


Back row (1 to r): Kristen Stewart, Heidi Murphy, Harleigh Billian, 

Megan Conley, Shayna Harper, Colleen McGuire, Christine Holmes 

Middle row (1 to r): Nicole Magnuson, Katy Robbins, Becky Mure, 

Shelby Trahan, Maggie Church, Elin Wilcox, Jen Ryan 

Front row (1 to r): Katie McDonald, Amanda Strojny, Darcy Gilmore, 

Ellie Straw, Stephanie Morris, Marissa Suchy [ \ 





Nathan Cole is not out of the brush 

yet. Nathan remains confident that 

even though a poor shot landed him 

in the woods, a successful shot can 

get him back on the green. 

Us Them 

Oliver Ames .5 4.5 

Canton 1 5 

Franklin 1 5 

Mansfield 5 1 

Stoughton 5 1 

Foxboro 3.5 2.5 

Oliver Ames 3 3 

Canton 1.5 4.5 

Mansfield 3 3 

Stoughton 5 1 

Sharon 5 1 

North Attleborol.5 4.5 

Sharon 4 2 

GOLF TEAM (above) 

Back row (1 to r): Sean Cahalane, Chris Smith, Andrew Lovley, 

Steven Rieger, Ryan Straw, Jon Genovese, Mike Kraby, 

Coach Cosentino 

Front row (1 to r): Scott Wardner, John Nyborn, Nathan Cole, 

Dave Deblasio, Ben Ghosh, Jacob Cacciapaglia 

EYE ON THE GREEN! (below) 

Sean Cahalane tees off at the 5th hole to remain at two over par. The mos 

important factors in a successful drive are good technique and proper for 

MR. CLEAN (above) 
Senior Ryan Straw polishs a rough 
spot on one of his clubs. He knows 
that even the smallest problem can 
affect your perfect game. 



TAP IT IN (right) 

Scott Wardner places his ball on the 

green, and removes the coin. Even 

the shortest and simplest putt 

deserves his full concentration and 



Steven Rieger makes a difficult shot 
from the fairway look like a piece of 
cake. Known as Riegs to his 
teammates, Steven brings humor 
and excitement to the team. 

John Nyborn prepares for a long 
day on the green. He knows that 
practices provide the perfect 
opportunity to prepare for challeng- 
ing matches. 

The 1999 season for the 
King Philip Golf Team 
was full of close bonds 
and special memories. The 
boys agree that it was a 
season of changes and 
victories. Team veterans 
Ryan Straw, 
Scott Wardner, and 
Chris Smith shared that 
their favorite memories of 
the season were when 
they were just hanging out 
on the green with the 
other guys. This season 
certainly proved that the 
bonds formed during a 
close season are those that 
last a lifetime. 

Captain Sean Cahalane 

sums up the team's 
overall feelings in saying, 

7 had a great season, and 

being captain was extremely 

fun. AH of our hard work 

paid off this season. 

The team looks forward to 
many more successes in 
the future. 


Checking his angles, John Nyborn 
plans out his putt. With each putt one 
must take into consideration such fac- 
tors as wind direction, friction, and 
elevation to ensure a success. 

NEXT! (left) 

Team veterans Sean Cahalane and 

Scott Wardner anxiously await their 

tee-off. These guys take advantage 

of their time between shots to 





HOCKEY (below left) 

Hockey team captains Jim Demone, Jarrod Hagen, and Brian Muse are 
serious on and off of the ice. With competitiveness like theirs the team w 
surely have a successful year. 


Captains Grace Becker, Allison Milld, Tina Gagas, and Kristen Hooker 

have a big influence on how the girls' team does each season. These girls 
have given their all in every meet in order to bring success to the team. 

BOYS' TRACK (above) 
Senior captains Chris Wagner, 
Brian Hamlin, Aaron Afarian, and 
Will Raymond form an important 
part of the track team. It looks like 
another Hockomock title in the near 


Kelly Wardner and Hilary Hayes 

lead the girls onto the court with 
skill and leadership. Here Kelly 
shows off an added talent by 
spinning the basketball on her 

Winter Captains 


Captains Kim Cox, Becky Stanley, Kerry McKinney 
and Kristy McKinney lead the cheerleading squad into 
action every time they perform. These girls help the 
team perform as well as they do. 

WRESTLING (below) 

It's obvious that these guys have a great time being 
captains together. Matt Poletto and Bob Carey, in their 
second year being captains, will continue to lead the 
team to victory. 


Captains Mike McCabe and 
Mark Kenney have a serious advantage 
over the competition . . . height. These 
guys show no mercy on the court and 
will lead their young team to victory. 







The Boys' Basketball Team met 

with success this year. The 

Boys' Basketball Varsity Team 

this year had to replace a large 

a number of graduating 

seniors. Under the leadership of 

Coach Reddington, the boys 

worked non-stop on their game 

skills and also improved their 

mental game. And so they took 

what seemed like a handicap 

and improved so much that 

they are now a respected and 

feared team. When facing 

tough rivals, these players 

simply play the game and the 

better team comes out on top. 

In addition to an impressive 

varsity team, the basketball 

program also hosts junior 

varsity and freshman teams 

with great potential. Coached 

by Mr. Skenyon, a former 

basketball player himself, and 

Mr. Thomas, these teams are 

also showing improvement. 

This year had a different 

atmosphere to it. A new head coach 

and assistant took over at KP this 

year, but the team found it easy to 

adapt to the new style. We really 

went into this season not knowing 

much of what was going to 

happen, but we made strides and 

surprised a lot of people. As a team 

we get it done, especially with the 

help of our coaches. This lias been 

one of my best years; all the hard 

work paid off. 

-senior Mark Kenney 

Mark Kenney and Kyle Fiske get right 
down on the floor to wrestle for control 
of the ball. Effort like this shows true 
commitment to the team. 

GET IN THE OPEN! ( below) 
Mark Kenney keeps his hands 
tightly on the basketball and holds 
the ball high above his head. Upper 
body strength is needed in the game 
of basketball to shield opponents 
from stealing the ball. 

DOWN TIME (above) 
Coaches and players look at the 
game with equal intensity. By 
watching their teammates they can 
( yell encouragement and 
/ 1 „„— learn from any mistakes. 

One of the team's traditions is that 
the starting players are announced 
as they run through a line of their 
teammates to the adulation of their 
fans. Number 33. ..Mike McCabe!! 

3oy$' Basket 


Vlike Costello reaches high above his Stoughton opponent in order to claim 
:he ball. Mike's height, as well as his natural talent, make him a player you 
.vant on your side. 

-| Boys' Basketball 









Bshp Connolly 
Oliver Ames 












N. Attleboro 












Oliver Ames 









N. Attleboro 










Plymouth N. 





JUMPSHOT (above) 
Chris Darling reaches high to make 
a shot. This warrior is well known 
for his scoring ability and has 
helped the team in many ways. 

First row: Brian Dugdale, Ryan Shaughnessy, Kyle Fiske, 
Shane Jackson, Chris Smith, Coach Reddington. 
Second row: Chris Darling, Lofa Tatupu, Mike McCabe, 
Mark Kenney, Mike Costello, Mike Rieger. 


FIRE IT UP! (left) 
The boys' team huddles up for a 
little pre-game motivation. In 
huddles like this, coaches recap 
some strategies and players offer 
inspirational words. 

Senior Mark Kenney and junior 
Mike McCabe were chosen as 
captains for the 2000 season. Under 
the influence of Coach Reddington, \ 
they have grown into excellent — 1 ,,) 



The Girls' Basketball 

Team has been working 

hard this year. Having lost 

five seniors last season, 

the team is very young. 

The three senior captains, 

Kelly Wardner, 

Kara Murphy, and 

Hilary Hayes are the 

veterans of the team. 

It was really cool that the 

whole team was able to come 

together even though there 

weren't a lot of players that 

came back. 

-Heidi Krajewski 

There is an overwhelming 
positive attitude surround- 
ing our program. The return 

of the senior leadership, 

combined with young talent 

should provide the club with 

a favorable competitive edge. 

-Coach Schmidt 

The girls all agree that 

the team is like one big 


CHARGE (far right) 
Laura Shockro drives to the basket 
against North. New to King Philip 
this year, she has proven to be a 
valued player. 

QUICK MOVES (right) 
Lydia Helliwell looks for an open 
pass upcourt. It is her premiere year 
on varsity and she wants to show 
everyone what she is made of. 

THROW IN (right) 

Kelly Wardner looks for an open 

teammate to pass the ball to. Her 

use of teammates, as well as her 

speed and agility make her shine in 


Back row (1 to r): Coach Jacques, 
Courtney Woods, Joanne Caffrey, 
Mikaela Noble, Lauren Briere, 
Jessica Allen, Molly Bloomer 
Front row (1 to r): Kayla Thomas, 
Jenna Kraby, Erica Shapiro, 
Kristina Cochrane, 
■ * Alison Philbrick 


HEADS UP! (right) 
Judy Cronin, Kelly Wardner, and 
Heidi Krajewski box out after a shot 
taken by North. Heidi and Judy 
have a strong presence under the 
boards and opposing teams fear 
having to be under the hoop against 
these two. 


The varsity team sings the National 
Anthem before beginning a game. 
This tradition is observed before 
every game. It helps to remind 
players of their pride in our 
country, as well as pride in their 

Back row (1 to r): 
Coach Pam Mulcahy, 
Whitney Griffin, Stephanie Griffin, 
Jackie Olson, Marissa Tuohy, 
Front row (1 to r): Katelyn Coleman, 
Nicole LaPointe, Kathryn Astley, 
Sandra Unterhollenberg 
(missing) Amanda Strojny, 
Harleigh Billian 

f 41MI 

A/ER SHOT (above) 

di Krajewski prepares to take a shot. Heidi is a powerhouse under the 

rds and she is a high scorer in almost every game. 


Back row (1 to r): Coach Tom Schmidt, Hilary Hayes, Judy Cronin, 

Kara Murphy, Megan Barry, Heidi Krajewski 

Front row (1 to r): Kristy Lamothe, Laura Shockro, Lydia Helliwell, 

Siobhan Howard, Kelly Wardner 






Oliver Ames 









N. Attleboro 













Msgr. Ryan 
Oliver Ames 










N. Attleboro 






















Hilary Hayes, Kara Murphy, 
Coach Schmidt and Kelly Wardner 

take a break off court. These senior 
captains have control on the court 
using the strategies of their coach. 

-| dirl*' Basketball 





The team stretches on the infield of 
the Reggie Lewis Center Track 
during the Hockomock League 
Meet. The team worked together 
and were able to win the league 
meet and the Class C Meet. 

Using his jumping ability, 
Joe McCormack clears the high 
jump bar during a meet. Joe is a 
great high jumper; he is also an 
excellent 300 meter runner. He had 
a successful season jumping, as well 
as going undefeated for the regular 
season in the 300. 

The King Philip Boys' Track 

Team had a very successful 

season. The track team became 

the Hockomock Champions for 

the fourth consecutive time in 

school history. The team went 

undefeated this year capping off 

the regular season with an 

unbelieveable win over rival 

Oliver Ames. The next challenge 

the Warriors faced was the 

Hockomock Championship Meet. 

They fended off all opponents in 

the meet, scoring 107 points. This 

was the first time in League 

history that a team has scored 

over a hundred points in the 

Championship meet. The team, 

on February 11, competed in the 

Class C Championship Meet 

where they won the meet, 

defeating rivals Oliver Ames and 

Bishop Feehan. The boys hope to 

continue their marvelous 

winning streak of 36-0 next year. 

This is the first time that a class has 
graduated undefeated for four years. 

-Coach Boucher 

Using his speed, Mark Stoddard sprints past his 
Hockomock opponent. Mark will be an essential part of 
the team next year as they try to win the Hockomock for 
the fifth straight year. 


He may not be resting at the moment, but 

Matt Pieroway is as relaxed as he can be, while he ru 

the mile. Matt has been an important part of the team 

allowing the Warriors to go undefeated for the fourth 

straight season. 




3oy$' Indoor 

: LENGTH IS A VIRTUE! (above) 

I ng his strength and technique to his advantage, Chris Wagner launches 
I shotput. This senior captain has had a tremendous season by going 
i iefeated in the Hockomock League and by throwing as far as 49 feet. 

Becoming an excellent runner is 
exactly what Ryan Pinsoneault has 
done. Ryan leads the runners in the 
4x800 race just as King Philip has 
led all Hockomock opponents for 
the past four and a half years. 

UP AND OVER! (below) 
Jumping as high as he can, 
Brendan Halpin clears the high jump 
bar during Hockomock competition. 
Brendan has been an important part 
of the team this year helping the team 
defeat many difficult opponents. 

Top row (1 to r): Ben Chruney, Ryan Pinsoneault, Chris Catani, Ken Tellum, 

Jeff Gustafson, Derek Rose, Jed Perry 

4th row (I to r): Coach Sorrento, Coach Kramer, Tim Concannon, 

Jay Bellavance, Ryan Kelley, Shawn Stewart, Bryan Bocock, Brian Allaire, 

James Brady, Andy Neviackas 

3rd Row (1 to r): Jake Cacciapaglia, Pete Getty, Tom Flanagan, Frank Cook, 

Matt Pieroway, Brian Furbush, Keith Mattar, Andy Kellogg, Chris Suchy, 

Justin Bourke 

2nd Row (1 to r): Mike McCullough, Brendan Halpin, Joe McCormack, 

Jon Genovese, Chris Mahoney, Andy Croteau, Skip Erickson, Ted Copparini, 

Ryan Johnson, Eric Monty, Coach Boucher 

1st Row (1 to r): Mark Stoddard, Kevin Breitenbach, Aaron Bourke, Chris Wagner, 

Aaron Afarian, Brian Hamlin, Will Raymond, Jeff Perry, Sean Cahalane 


















North Attleboro 70 


EYE OF THE TIGER! (below) 
1" Ever since freshman year, 

Brendan Halpin has been determined 
18 to be an excellent hurdler. This year he 

proved how good he was by defeating 

some of the best in the Hockomock. 



Oliver Ames 59 27 

— I Boys' track 


6irl$' Indoor 'Track I— 

While waiting for a race to start, 
these girls discuss how the meet is 
going. It is very important for the 
girls to cheer on their teammates 
during each race. 

Us Them 

Franklin 48 38 

Sharon 50 36 

Foxboro 52 34 

Stoughton 54 32 

Mansfield 58 28 

N. Attleboro 44 42 

Canton 78 8 

Oliver Ames 58 28 


Back row: Lauren Leclerc, Elin Wilcox, Nicole Magnuson, Jessica Morse, Kristin McCann, 

Susanne Aulisio, Caitlyn Hawkins, Lisa Galano, Becky Colcord, Jessica Rodio 

4th Row: Miranda Converse, Kirsten Larrabee, Kendra Willette, Siobhan Barton, 

Kate Blair, Julie Lyon, April Barker, Maggie Church, Ashleigh Desimone, Blair Rainsford, 

Megan Conley, Marissa Suchy 

3rd Row: Lindsay Khouri, Amanda Spinney, Amanda Gray, Emily Greaves, 

Emily Andreozzi, Melissa Gray, Elizabeth Burger, Elizabeth Flannery, Erin Johnson, 

Stephanie Morris, Rosanne Boyle, Maggie Casey, Melissa McLacklan 

2nd Row: Laura Dugdale, Caitlin Smith, Christy Cummings, Heather Cassidy, 

Brandi Hamlin, Alicia Giovannelli, Jill Jackson, Christina Duczakowski, Kim McNamara, 

Carolyn Sweeney, Rachael MacKenzie, Coach Boucher 

Front row: Coach Kramer, Zoe Lodola, Heather Blair, Capt.Tina Gagas, Capt. Allison Milld 

Capt. Grace Becker, Capt. Kristen Hooker, Elizabeth Kinney, Katelyn MacKenzie, Coach Sorento 


Katelyn MacKenzie is cheered to the finish line by King Philip's devoted fans. Witl 

her determination Katelyn proved that she can run as well as anyone. 

As the gun goes off, captain 
Allison Milld jumps from the 
starting line. The beginning of a 
race is always the most stressful 
part and it's obvious that these girls 
are determined to win. 


. I 

UP, UP AND AWAY (right) 
Nicole Magnuson makes a perfect 
throw and scores a few more points. 
She has worked hard on form all 
season and it has definitely paid off. 

PUMP, PUMP, PUMP (far right) 
Heather Blair brings the baton 
home at the end of the 4x400. Her 
strong kick usually means a win. 

3rirl$ / Indoor 'track 

WE'RE NUMBER 1!! (left) 
Elizabeth Kinney sprints to the 
finish line during the 50 yard dash. 
For the past three years, her team 
spirit has set a great example that the 
underclassmen can all look up to. 

Melissa McLacklan sprints ahead 
of the other runners in her race. She 
has learned that in order to win, she 
has to have an unbeatable strategy. 

The Girls' Indoor Track 
Team had a spectacular 
1999-2000 season. 
Winning the Hockomock 
League with an 8-0 record 
was an accomplishment 
that required a lot of 
work. Each runner will 
agree that it was hard 
work and determination, 
along with the support of 
captains, Allison Milld, 
Grace Becker, 
Tina Gagas, and 
Kristen Hooker that 
brought the team to 

Senior, Heather Blair says 
of the season, 

Through every practice or 
meet, I thought each member 
of the team put forth her best 

effort which dictated our 

victories during the season. 

People's dedication pulled us 

to the top. 

The girls are all extremely 
proud of their perfor- 
mances and will work to 
impress everyone in the 

April Barker and Jess Morse wait 
for the bus to come after a long day 
at the Reggie Lewis Center. Both 
will agree that the bus rides to and 
from the meets are one of the best 
parts of track. 

RISE N' SHINE(above) 
These girls woke up extra early to 
go to one of their morning practices 
over Christmas vacation. Don't they 
look ready to run? 




This hockey season was 
definitely one to be remem- 
bered. After losing many 
starting players to graduation 
and then losing one of the 
goalies to injury, the varsity 
hockey team really had to pull 
together and prove that they 
could come out on top. Because 
ice time is at a premium, the 
team had to practice in the early 
morning hours before school. 
This dedication to the team 
helped to bring the guys to the 
point where they knew that they 
could win any game. As the 
record shows, the team did an 
extraordinary job. 

With years of experience behind 

him, head coach Bob Piotti knew 

his team and how to handle them. 

His years with KP had brought the 

team to many victories. Helping 

him coach were John Carde and 

Brad MacDonald. These three 

coaches worked very hard and 

contributed to the team's 


This year has been the best year of all! 
-Jim Demone 

We all came together and played the 
game the way we knew we could. 
-Jarrod Hagen 

It is going to be sad to leave behind 

the team, but we know that they will 

continue to show the Hock that the 

KP Hockey team is one to respect! 

-Brian Muse 

BREAK AWAY (right) 
Dave Higgins flies from the crowd 
and speeds to the net. With his 
speed and agility he shows the 
other team that K.P. is not one to 
mess with. 

HOT PURSUIT (below) 
Derek Darling is a three year 
veteran of the team. He handles the 
pursuit with complete confidence 
and quickly shakes off his pursuer. 

The K.P. boys are fired up as they 
stand up for their goalie when the 
other team gets in his face. There is 
no way the oppostion will have the 
j upper hand in the rink when 
^ these men come to play. 


Si 40' 

ON GUARD (right) 
Sophomore Dan Gero guards the 
net while his teammate Eric Boulter 
makes sure no one gets behind him. 
Their teamwork will ensure that the 
other team will have very few 
chances to score. 


I OFF (below) 

or Jamie Marks peers around the referee and stares down his con- 

ler. Jamie's confidence greatly intimidates the other team. 


KP Them 

Holliston 4 3 

Bellingham 3 4 

Savio Prep 2 2 

Medway 6 3 

Medfield 2 1 

Durfee 3 6 

St. Mary's-Lynn 4 5 

Stoughton 5 2 

Oliver Ames 7 3 

Canton 1 5 

Mansfield 5 

Franklin 2 8 

Stoughton 3 3 

Oliver Ames 5 2 

Canton 4 5 

Mansfield 4 2 

Franklin 4 3 

Randolph 12 2 

Bishop Feehan 1 3 

Natick 3 3 

THREE OF A KIND (above) 
Jim Demone, Jarrod Hagen, and 
Brian Muse are the formidable 
captains of the Boys' Varsity 
Hockey Team. Through the years 
they have become close friends and 
great teammates. 

Hockey Team (above) 

Top row (1 to r): Coach Piotti, Coach Carde, Nick Ray, Mike Kraby, 

Eric Boulter, Derek Darling, Dave Higgins, Dan Gero, Coach MacDonald 

Middle row (1 to r)l: Tyler Ring, Ryan Roode, Jim Demone, Matt Mackey, 

Jarrod Hagen, Brian Muse, Jeff Dolan 

Bottom row (1 to r): Jake Nyborn, Chris Delgrosso, Scott Wardner, 

Jamie Marks 

As the pressure is increased the 
hockey players struggle to keep 
balance and get the puck. It is the 
determination to win these battles 
that brings the team to victory. 

DOWN AND OUT (above) 
Freshman Jeff Dolan has proven 
that age doesn't matter. His agility 
on the ice makes him an asset to the 
team, in addition to the 110% he 
puts into every game. 




The King Philip Gymnastics Team 

had an unbelievable season. The 

girls finished off their season with 

a record of 9-2 which put them in 

second place in the Hockomock 

League. They were the only team 

in the League that beat the 

otherwise undefeated Canton. 

The girls also qualified for the 

MIAA South Sectional Meet for 

the second year in a row. At their 

League Meet, first place finishes 

were taken by Kate Martin on the 

bars and Katie Robbins on the 

vault. Lael Roye captured second 

place for her all-around score 

along with first place finishes on 

both beam and floor. This team is 

still very young with seven 

sophomores, four juniors, and 

only two seniors graduating. Next 

year can only be better. 

Some of the team members 

say it best about their team 

when they say... 

The team was so close and so intense 
this year that it was hard for us to 
not do well. 
-Lael Roye 

Julie Poirier does a perfect straddle 
jump in her floor routine. She has 
amazing jumps and her flexibility 
pays off when it comes to meet 

Amy Smith, Kippy (mascot), and 
Rhianne Crowley are the 99-00 
captains for the Gymnastics Team. 
These girls are full of spirit and 
make great leaders on the team. 

The upperclassmen on the team are 
very close which makes the whole 
team close. The whole team wears 
lucky leopard slippers. 



PSIDE-DOWN (below) 

lianne Crowley shows off her skill on the floor exercise by balancing in a 

indstand. She is a great contributor to the team and will be missed next 



KP Them 

Stoughton 129.6 65.4 

N. Attleborol23.85 120.85 

Canton 125.55 128.9 

Sharon 130.35 125.7 

Franklin 129.4 115.3 

Foxboro 125.05 115.95 

N. Attleboro 131.2 100 

Sharon 126.65 126.7 

Franklin 123.15 115.9 

Foxboro 126.3 117.2 

Canton 125.55 122.2 

Stoughton 123.3 85.1 

HANGIN' OUT (above) 
Kate Martin is a major scorer on the 
bars. She makes her difficult routine 
look easy. 


Front row (1 to r): Lael Roye, Kristin Kehrmeyer, Guin Deevy, 

Kate Martin, Julie Poirier, Ellie Straw 

2nd row (1 to r ): Felix Sola, Rhianne Crowley, Amy Smith, 

Dolores Rabuffo 

3rd row (1 to r) Kara Fienberg, Katy Robbins, Amy Carr, Jen Mackun 

The gymnastics team is cuddled up 
for their victory picture after they 
had an outstanding League meet. 
King Philip swept the other teams 
away with their amazing perfor- 

Amy Smith is shown doing a 
complete straddle on the balance 
beam. This is a difficult task because 
the beam is only 4 inches wide. She 
is also a great team motivator. 


Scott Maloney and Rich Chute lock 
arms in a victorious celebration. The 
King Philip Wrestling Team has 
always been one of the closest knit 
teams, and this legacy shows no 
signs of ending. 

Captain Bob Carey restrains a 
Mansfield wrestler in a tight arm 
lock. One quick flip and the pin is 
his! Bob's dedication and persever- 
ance have truly been an inspiration 
for all of KP. 

The King Philip Wrestling 
Team once again had a 
successful season of firsts. 
The 1999-2000 season was 
the first ever to include 
females on the team roster. 
Both girls, Kristin Hogarth 
and Shayna Harper show 
great promise and tremen- 
dous potential for the 
This powerful team has 
always been known for 
the unmistakable closeness 
between team members. 
The only drawback to this 
friendliness is the certainty 
that the season lasts only a 
few short months, at the 
end of which the younger 
athletes must say good-bye 
to their senior teammates. 

For the past four years this 

team has been my life 

throughout the winter. I'd 

just like to thank my team for 

some great memories, and 

Coach Lasky and 

Coach Wrench for their 

constant support 

-Matt Poletto 

. f 

HOLDING ON (above) 

Shawn Sluss attempts to flip his opponent after a 
difficult reversal. With time quickly running down on 
the clock, Shawn will surely need those two points for 
the final tally. 

GOOD LUCK! (above) 

Pete Katapodis shares a cordial handshake with his 
adversary. The handshake is a common tradition in all 
of wrestling. It shows courtesy and respect, something 
the King Philip wrestlers are known for. 



•jfiK .£■£ *K3 iu9l 


iwn Sluss literally goes head to head with his Mansfield opponent, 
er a long battle, Shawn is once again able to come out victorious. Five 
lutes and a couple of aspirins later, Shawn regains his strength and is 
dy to go out to win again. 

STARE DOWN! (below) 

Captain Matt Poletto paces himself before going in for the kill. As a 
prominent wrestler and a four year team veteran, Matt has held onto his 
status as one of the top competitors in the Hockomock League. 

■ JSTLING MANIA 4! (far above) 

Poletto, Travis Martin, Keith Sharron, and Mike Shruhan engage in a 
I warm up activity before a big match. The close bond between all King 
( p wrestlers is the key to the success of this team. 

i STLING TEAM (above) 

j Row (1 to r): Coach Wrench, Vito Giacalone, Scott Maloney, 

I i Shruhan, Bob Carey, Matt Poletto, Pete Katapodis, Rich Chute, 

I in Hogarth, Travis Martin, Coach Lasky 

r. t Row (1 to r): Shayna Harper, Marcus Spencer, Kandice Rench, 

1 vn Sluss, Brian Hill, Keith Sharron, Scott Gagne, Gregg McMorrow 










v rnv 

N. Attleboro 



ft w 




^r _^^^l 









ONE OF A KIND (above) 




When it comes to talent and 
experience, the King Philip 




Wrestling Team's coaching staff 
remains unmatched! Coach Lasky 
has led his team in the right 
direction for many years, and will 

continue to do so. 


f Uam 

m A 1 m 

-■• iH 

CAN'T GET ME (above) 

Brian Hill is ready and waiting to strike. Brian knows that the key to 

successful wrestling is 

staying low and being one step ahead of your 

opponent at all times. 



SKY HIGH! (below) 
Lifting Meghan Demers to the top, the 
cheerleading team forms a perfect mount. 
Mounts take a lot of practice, but the most 
important part is balance! 

GO TEAM! (right) 
Belle Cruz shows her 
spectacular school 
spirit by cheering on 
KP's Varsity Basketball 
Team. Cheers like this 
one are a great source 
of motivation for the 
boys on the team. 

EIGHT.. ..(below) 
JeniLee Pike takes 
action by starting a 
cheer during halftime. 
There are many 
components to a cheer, 
which is why her 
teammates are 
beginning to form a 

Back Row (1 to r): 

Coach Buchanio, Laura Gaudioso, 

Jessica Cullen, Christina El-Far, 

Leanne Carey, Courtney Stasis, 

Vicky White, Megan Demers, 

Becky Stanley 

Middle Row (1 to r): 

Shana McElroy, Lisa Santucci, 

Kerry McKinney, Kim Cox, 

Kristy McKinney, Belle Cruz, 

Kristina Powers 

Front Row (1 to r): 

Jen Friedman, JeniLee Pike, 

Jill Malcolm, Nicole Puddester, 

Ally Martino, Stephanie Howard 

XL SMILES! (above) 

tephanie Howard shows her excitement as the basketball team wins again. 

This year KP cheerleading has been the best ever. We attended 

a great camp and learned many new skills. The girls loved it. 

We are the biggest we have ever been and will continue to 

increase in size. Also the team is attending a competition, 

hoping to win and move on to bigger and better things. 

-Becky Stanley 

It was a lot of fun being able to watch the basketball team 

throughout the season. Everyone worked hard 

for a great season. 

-Kerry McKinney 

Coach Buchanio has really helped us to to come a long way. 
Her leadership has been the most important part of our squad. 

-Jen Friedman 

The competitions ivere the best part of our opportunities as a 

team. They gave us the chance to meet other cheerleaders 

from different places. 

-Leanne Carey 

This season was great. We had a wonderful team to cheer on, 

which made our job much easier. All of the girls on the squad 

ivere kind and cooperative to one another. Also, the coaching 

was excellent. Mrs. Buchanio kept all of us 'in line' and 

taught us many things from manners to cheers. I really enjoyed 

being a part of the spirit of King Philip. 

-JenniLee Pike 

We really had a great season and this was probably one of the 

largest squads in a while. The team overall was great — we had 

a lot of fun at the camp we attended and 

we are looking forward to competition. 

-Kim Cox 

This has been a very sucessful season for the girls and I hope 

that we continue to improve over the upcoming years. The team 

did a great job showing their KP spirit at all of the basketball 

games. The girls worked very well together which is the most 

important part of having a sucessful team. 

-Coach Buchanio 

PACK (left) 
The Winter 

Cheerleading Captains 
this year were (back 
row) Kerry McKinney, 
Becky Stanley and 
(front row) 

Kristy McKinney and 
Kim Cox. 

Captain Kerry McKinney gets 
ready to lead her team in a cheer. 


Four members of the cheerleading 

team lift Megan Demers into the air. 






I v., 




ji Piece 
e£ the 

Class Corn-petition 150 

Semi-formal.............. 152 

Prom.— 154 

Summertime.................. ..156 

September Events«.«.......l58 

Homecoming................. 160 

October £vent$ 162 

'Thanksgiving dame 164 

November Events 166 

Christmas Party 168 

Ski Trip* 170 

December "Events.... ......172 

January Events— ..............174 

father-Daughter Dance.....l76 

february "Events ........178 

Varices 180 

Parking Lot 182 



Cla$$ Competition 

Who Kule$ The School? 

These freshmen are eager to join in 
on the biggest competition of the 
year. Favored as underdogs, they 
hope to give it their best shot. 

These Juniors are all fired up and 
ready to destroy their competition. 
The bold red definitely stood out in 
the crowd. 

A SEA OF BLUE (above) 

The Sophomore Class looks on as 

their teammates compete. Although 

they did not win, the Sophomore 

Class came in a close second to the 


RED HOT (right) 
The junior girls are all about fun. 
They sure like to dress up in their 
finest class colors. 



'Sva 'AS* ' 

SUPER SOPHOMORES (left) HEAVE - HO! (below) 

Members of the Sophomore Class The junior class gives the tug o' war 

are ready to make the other classes competition their best pull. Despite 

blue with all their spirit. I hope that their effort and perserverance, the 

paint isn't permanent! senior class prevailed. 

HREE AMIGOS (above) 

reshmen Ellie Straw, Sarah Fisher, and Blair Rainsford are always full of 

iass spirit. What a ghostly trio! 

Seniors are 

by the $kin 
of Their 

Class Competition was held on April 15, 1999. This is an 
event that all classes look forward to every year. Each 
class wears its class colors. The seniors were decked out in 
army green, the juniors red hot, sophomores blue Smurf s, 
and the freshmen in bright white. The freshmen put forth 
a great effort but were still last in the competition. The 
juniors were knocked out of the running in the final event 
of volleyball by the sophomores. The seniors squeaked 
ahead and won by a mere one point. 

All classes look forward to next year's competition, the 
fun and festivities. Listen to their comments. 

We're going to win next year — it's in the bag.- 
Crystal Rogers 

The most fun tiling all year! - Laura Kraby 

One of the greatest experiences of the four years of high 
school. - Jed Perry 

It's a fun way to get involved with your class and have a 
great time. - Mike McCullough 



JL Wight jHway$ to 'Remember 

These freshmen and sophomores 
stand proudly for their court 
picture. They enjoyed being royalty 
for the night. 

FROSH FACES (below) 
These freshmen enjoy taking part in 
their first Semi. This is the one night 
for them to gather with friends all 
dressed up and enjoy a night filled 
with dancing. 



J I !■ 


Bf ^m 


v t j 

Rebecca MacDonald, 
Meredith Jones, Johanna Krouk, 
and Lydia Helliwell continue the 
fun and excitement at Lydia's house 
after the Semi. These girls know 
how to keep the fun going. 

TAKING A SEAT (right) 
After a long night of dancing, 
Maggie Casey and Courtney Howard 
take a short break from the dance to 
chat about the night. They had a 
blast with all their friends. 



hese sophomore girls start the night out right, by gathering at Kate Martin's 

ouse to begin the fun. They were all ready to dance the night away. 

On March 19, 1999 the place to be was the 

Holiday Inn in Mansfield. This date marked the 

memorable occasion of the King Philip Semi-formal. 

The Semi is a night for the underclassmen 

to get all glammed up, show their hot dancing moves, 

have fun with friends and 

most of all make memories. 

Over the years the Semi has continued 

to become more popular. 

Every year around January the excitement begins. 

Girls search for the right dress and the right hair style 

and everyone checks out the perfect date. 

This year over five hundred freshmen and 

sophomores danced the night away to the 

theme song The Way You Look Tonight. 

The lovely court consisted of freshmen 

Lael Roye, Patty Quick, and sophomores 

Kristin Kehrmeyer and Elizabeth Kinney. 

The Queen of the night was Jayme Fitzgibbon and 

the King of them all was Joe McCormack. 


Way You 
Look 'tonight 

Julie Poirier and Kim Cox arrive at 
the dance and show off their 
beautiful bouquets. They look 
stunning in their gorgeous gowns. 

HOT STUFF (above) 
These guys have been friends for 
years. They gather together with 
their dates to show off how great 
they look all dressed up. 


Junior Senior Vrom 

1 Could Have Danced fill Wight 

Last year's prom court looked 
fab-ul-ous. It's easy to see why they 
were chosen as royalty. 

TOO CUTE! (below) 

Joanna Balzer and Dave Purpura 

share a hug on the dance floor. What 
a cute couple! 

YUMMY! (above) 

Dinner was a big part of the evening. 
It gave everyone a chance to sit, chat, 
and most importantly- EAT! 


Matt Poletto picks up his buddy 
Bob Carey in the spirit of the mo- 
ment. These guys have no problems 
getting a few laughs — even in their 
penguin suits. 


PROM PALS (left) 

Kellie Cronin and Rhianne Crowley 

celebrate their big night together. 
They have been friends forever and 
never thought this day would come 
to be at their first prom. 

PIC OF GUYS (below) 

Brad Kellogg, Will Raymond, 

Aaron Bourke, Kevin Breitenbach, 

and Jeff Perry show off their suits to 

the ladies. They all had a fabulous 


)RGEOUS GALS (above) 

>w much more beautiful could these juniors possibly be? A casual look at 
; picture could make people think they were looking at Miss America 
"itestants in Atlantic City. 



The Junior Senior Prom was held on May 28, 1999 

at the Glen-Ellen Country Club in Millis, MA. 

The King was Dave Purpura and 

the Queen was Andrea Flynn. 

In the court, the seniors were 

Beth Conroy and Jeanine Webber. 

The juniors were Desiree Bliss and Kristen Hooker. 

Everyone looked delightful 

and the night was one to remember. 

The music was pumping and the 

enthusiasm was unbeatable. 

People showed up in their finest gowns ready to dance 

the night away. By the end of the night all shoes had 

come off and hair had come down. 

During the dinner Greg Harris gave a wonderful 

speech to his class, the Class of 1999. 

Every one can agree that the night was a huge success, 

brought many memories, and a great amount of laughs. 

It is safe to say that the Prom of '99 

was one to go down in the books. 


BAND BOYS (below) 
Stephen Foulis, Matt Sieloff, and 
Adam Ewer are enjoying them- 
selves on one of their few breaks at 
band camp. The members of the 
band attend camp in the summer 
and continue to work hard 
throughout the whole year. 

The King Philip Cheerleaders showed 
their spirit at the 1999 Shriners game. 
The girls got a personal invitation to 
cheer there after winning the spirit 
award at their summer camp. 

rn — I — If 

In the 
6ood Old 


Carefree days, endless nights, the only two months straight 
of nothing, but pure fun in the sun. Beaches to go to, 
camping galore, and of course, non-stop hanging out with 
friends. Long days of sunshine that seem to last forever. 
Ice cream, blueberries from along the road; even our food 
tastes better. These are just some of the things that make 
summer some of the best days of our teenage lives. 

As we take a glance back at the summer of '99 we see some 
of the silly, yet great, memories we've gathered in the 
short period of freedom that we have once a year. Many a 
night we stayed up late at a summer party or at a movie 
with our summer love, only to get up early to have a beach 
day with our friends. Many a morning we spend in lazy 
luxury deciding when to get up to greet the day. And 
many a day we spent in a too hot sun, ignoring what 
memories of our health class tells us is a mistake. 

From summer camp to hot vacation spots — these were 
just mere building blocks for the year to follow. 
This summer will be unforgettable. 


Seniors Rhianne Crowley and Wendy Rukstalis show everyone that just 

because they're seniors and more mature, doesn't mean they can't have a 

little summer fun. These girls truly know what summer is all 

about. ..swimming, tanning, and spending quality time with friends. 


VICTORY (below) 
The King Philip girls' summer 
league softball team had a great 
summer together. They came in 
first in the state tournament and 
placed forth in Regionals. These 
girls are ready for a great season 

Marissa Tuohy, Emily Andreozzi, 
and Jessica Nelson got a little 
carried away with their lipstick at 
Jess's cottage in Plymouth. 

Not only are they great at soccer, 
but they have quite a creative way 
of posing also. Elizabeth Burger, 
Sheila Barry, Megan Barry, 
Katie Prevost, Emily Ghosh, 
Rebecca MacDonald, and 
Lydia Helliwell show their skills 
both on and off the field. 

What comes hefore $ch.ool? 

Summer fun in the Summer Sun/ 


September "£vent$ 

"Welcome Back to School! 


Craig La Valley, Stephanie Knowles 

Katie Johnson, and Jon Butler are 

excited to be class officers. They 
make a great team together. 

On Parents' Night, the parents not 
only get to meet their children's 
teachers, but they also get to 
reminisce about their high school 

The sophomore Student Council 
members gathered together for a 
quick picture while they were on a 
field trip. Every year they go to a 
workshop that stresses working as a 


Freshman Bret Tolivaisa stays cool, 
calm, and collected as he gets off the 
bus on his very first day of high 
school. The freshmen adapted 
quickly to KP and fit right in with 
the rest of the kids in our school 
before the week was out. 


Sean Crowley is full of emotion as 
he gets fitted for his graduation cap. 
He doesn't know whether to be 
happy, sad, upset or glad about his 
senior year. 

Rick Brooks, a talented artist, took 
time out of his busy schedule to 
create a cover for the King Philip 
Chieftain. We are privileged to have 
him help us design our yearbook. 

NIOR SPIRIT (above) 

e senior members of the Student Council show their togetherness while 

one of their conferences. Tim Mele, Meg Jordan, Josh Cooney, 

iristina Policastro, Kelly Wardner, Briana Short, Rhianne Crowley, and 

'lly Fagan have been popular choices because of their tireless work for 

>. school. 

What the 
fir$t Month 

Walking down the halls of King Philip during the first 
month of school is an exciting event in itself. There is a 
spirited aura throughout the entire school. The seniors 
take their first struts down the hall and everyone looks in 
envy. The juniors, now upperclassmen, see the school in 
a different light, as more mature members of the commu- 
nity. The sophomores are no longer the youngest in the 
school and can now join in on the innocent taunting of 
freshmen. Finally the freshmen come into a new school 
and enjoy heady experiences such as upperclassmen, 
cars, and even dating. Then of course, come the normal 
Friday night outings to cheer on our boys at the football 
games. The level of school spirit hits new heights. 

Although summer is probably the preferred season for 
most, still September brings some sweet feelings. It is nice 
to see friends, especially in familiar surroundings. And 
once again we remember the pride we have in being 
members of the K.P. community. 

We get down to work that has a purpose in our growth. 

^159 ~ 


TOUCHDOWN (below) 
These girls show their excitement at 
the football game with loud cheers 
after Andy Croteau scores a 
touchdown for KP. They are always 
there to cheer the boys on. They're 
KP's unofficial Pep Squad. 

GO BIG GREEN (right) 
The KP Cheerleaders verily bubble 
with excitement and spirit before 
the game. These girls worked very 
hard and did a great job cheering 
throughout the season. 

These are just a few members of the 
Sophomore Class who built the winning 
float. Their smoking cemetery made quite 
the imposing display during the parade. 

AT THEIR BEST (right) 
The Homecoming Court was a very 
special part of Homecoming Day. 
These six seniors all looked 
wonderful dressed in their best. 

T'h.e Homecoming dame 

■ft. Chance to Show fCP. Spirit 

>>mm>& m 


ese freshmen and sophomores are full of cheers for the football team. 

iving their pom-poms and shaking the stands, these girls and boys are a 

;at help to the morale of the varsity team, and a great threat to KP's 


Anticipation mounted during the week as all of King 
Philip prepared for the Homecoming Game against the 
Stoughton Knights. Spirit Week events consisted of Pa- 
jama Day, Hazvaiian Day, Decades Day, Class Color Day and 
Green and Gold Day. The seniors finished off with a first 
place finish for the most class participation. The juniors 
were found to have the most class spirit in their spirit 
chain, and the sophomores won the float competition. 

The naming of the Homecoming Court topped off the 
high-spirited pep rally on Friday. The court consisted of 
King, Josh Cooney; Queen, Kelly Fagan, and the court, 
Stephen Macropoulos, Wendy Rukstalis, Chris Wagner, 
and Kerry McDermott. Announced during the pep rally, 
these couples looked their best for the school. 

The football team played a great game right down to the 
end. The final score was King Philip 7, Stoughton 9. There 
was a very large turnout for this year's game and the fans 
showed great support for their boys! 

October 23, 1999 

Kelly Fagan and Josh Cooney 

patiently await the start of the 
parade. They were chosen by the 
students as King Philip's 1999 
Homecoming King and Queen. 

FIRED UP (above) 
The KP boys huddle together as 
they are waiting to be announced 
before the game. Planning hard and 
playing even harder, the energy 
these guys put out was incredible. 

I \ 

October "£vent$ 

The fro$t'$ on the Pumpkin. 

SENIOR SPIRIT (near right) 
Tiffany Murphy and John Pepin 

look stylish in their Hawaiian get up. 

Following tradition these juniors 
wear football jerseys before the big 

Jen Pulsone, Nicole Lapointe and 
Katelyn MacKenzie show off the 
spirit chains. The chain was a 
fundraiser for the junior class. 

FLOWERS FOR ME? (above) 
Peer Leadership sent flowers to 
students for the Homecoming Game. 
Sarah Fisher, Ania Hoagland, and 
Caitlyn Slovacek help by getting all 
the flowers ready. 


SAY SPIRIT (right) 
Ellie Straw and Meagan Capone 
show their class spirit by wearing 
their class color, blue. Their class 
placed first for color day. 



Kellie Cronin and Rhianne Crowley 

look like they're ready for a night out 
on the town. They set the scene for 
the rest of the kids who went to the 
RAVE Homecoming dance. 



Seniors Jon Pond, Tim Mele and 

Kristy Flaherty go back in time to 

celebrate Decade Day. This was an 

event that many of the students truly 

enjoyed taking part in. 

vCK TO THE FUTURE (above) 

?fanie Flynn, Becky Stanley, and Christine Flynn went all out on Decade 
iy. They were dressed from head to toe in clothes from the great 80's. 
ese girls would have fit in with their hot pink eye shadow, crimped hair 
d most of all the stylish clothing that they wore. 


The crisp autumn days of October were filled with 
school spirit. The week of October 18 was Spirit 
Week. On Monday morning everyone was ready to 
sleep on Pajama Day. Tuesday was Class Color Day. 
Freshmen came dressed in white, sophomores were 
covered in blue, juniors came fired up in red, and 
the seniors came proudly in green. On Wednesday 
temperatures rose with Hawaiian Day. Thursday 
was a day to go back in time. King Philip was filled 
with fashion statements from the 50's, 60's, 70's and 
the great 80's. Friday ended the week with Green 
and Gold Day. 

October was an eventful month for many reasons, 
filled with football games, homecoming floats, and 
pep rallies. Students got into the spirit by buying 
links for spirit chains and homecoming flowers. 
Student pariticipation was high with everyone eager 
to show their school spirit. The seniors captured the 
Spirit Cup while the sophomores came in first for 
their float. 


When the KP Football Team woke up on Thanksgiving 
morning none of them intended on giving up their hard 
earned trophy to Franklin. These boys were out for a big 
victory from the start, and a big victory it was. King Philip 
crushed Franklin with a score of KP 27, Franklin 0! 

We all wanted to win so bad, 

especially since for most of us, 

it's our last game ever! 

We worked so hard 
and just put it all together. 

-Josh Cooney 

-Andy Croteau 

Many King Philip students and alumni showed up to 
watch the boys play. School pride beamed from the crowd. 
It certainly was a great way to start off Thanksgiving with 
a major victory against none other than our rivals! We had 
a lot to be thankful for that day considering the beautiful 
weather, a big turkey waiting at home, old friends coming 
home to visit, and of course yet another King Philip 
victory under our belts. 

Great job, boys! 

1 , hank$giving 



BODY HEAT! (above) 
Katy Robbins, Amy Carr, 
Colleen McGuire, Lauren Ober, 
Stefanie Flynn, and Andrea Lyons 

cuddle together to keep warm 

during the game. They all are 
^- 7 faithful fans of the team! 


MVP MAN (right) 
Beth Gaetani presents the MVP 
trophy to Jesse Keene after the 
Thanksgiving Game. Jesse was a 
true standout in the game making 
many great plays both on offense 
and defense. 


Chuck Stone, Chris Wagner, Chris Darling, and Jesse Keene hold their 

football trophy and feel a deep sense of accomplishment. These four boys 

were the captains of the team and really helped to pull it together this 


GIVE ME A W-I-Nl (left) 
Rachael Marcotte, Kim Cox, and 
Becky Stanley are full of cheers 
after the boys scored their third 
touchdown. These girls knew that 
getting the boys pumped would 
really pay off. 


Mike Kraby, Jay Baron, and 
Matt Lupfer share a group hug to 
wish each other a Happy Thanks- 
giving. Spending time with people 
you care about is what Thanksgiv- 
ing is really about. 

Amy Fennessy and Becky Cochrane 

are heading home to dig into their 
turkey after the game. There's no 
stopping them when they're 

Beth Gaetani, Ryan Roode, and 
Tara Nyborn were chosen as this 
year's Thanksgiving court. They 
were the royalty of the day. 

ft bicj win followed by a big meal! 

Thanksgiving dame 



November "fivent^ 

The Turkey i$ on the liable 

RUFF RYDERS (right) 

Laura Kraby, Wendy Rukstalis, 

Ryan Straw, Rhianne Crowley, 

Darby Rose, Jason Barron, 

Meg Jordan, Kellie Cronin, and 

Matt Lupf er all celebrate at the bonfire 

ME NEXT! (below) 
Beth Gaetani steps up to the front 
of the line to claim her piece of 
pizza at the Senior Supper. It was a 
wonderful time for all the seniors to 
spend together. 

RED HOT GIRLS (above) 
These junior girls went all out for 
powder puff game making their 
shirts and putting long hours into 
practices. Although they lost in the 
end, they sure had a fun time 

Greg Santabarbara and 
Steven Rieger eagerly attended the 
ping pong tournament held by the 
Sophomore Class. They both stand 
proud as finalists in the game. 

. i 

After giving blood, all the students 
were very proud to have been 
helping out such a worthy cause. 
They also enjoyed the snacks and 
stickers received for taking part in the 
blood drive. 

Kerry McDermott lights the candle 
of leadership at the Honor Society 
Induction. Leadership is one of the 
major characteristics of members of 
this special group. 

:A DAYS (above) 

se students are part of the DECA class taught here at King Philip. This 
ith they headed down to Baltimore for a weekend workshop. They 
aed important and useful tips to help them throughout the year and 
' had a GREAT time. 

is in 
the 3&ir 

The month of November may have marked the end of 
the fall sports season and Marching Band, but the 
students of K. P. still managed to keep themselves 
busy. If they weren't attending a SADD meeting or a 
DECA workshop, the students were preparing for 
their Powder Puff and Thanksgiving Day football 
games. Once again K. P. was fortunate enough to have 
an incredible bonfire with tons of people attending to 
get everyone pumped for the Thanksgiving game. 

The seniors had their Senior Supper on November 15 
of this month. There they received awards for win- 
ning their superlatives. The other classes were busy as 
well this month with the Ping Pong Tournament held 
by the sophomores and a Papa Gino's fundraiser held 
by the juniors. 

The whole school continues to have incredible spirit 
and anxiously awaits the months to come. Winter 
sports are starting up, along with Jazz Band and 
Winter Percussion, all promising to continue the ex- 
citement obvious during the month of November. 




I'h.e Holiday Party 

The Pre$ent$ of driving/ 

I'LL BE THERE (right) 
These seniors are awaiting the arrival 
of the children at the Holiday Party. 
They were very anxious to hand out 
their presents. 

These children are very excited with 
their new gifts. The best part of 
their holiday was knowing that 
someone cared about them. 

TOY TIME (above) 


Becky Cochrane is having a great 

time helping one of the children put 

together a toy that he received. This 

has become a wonderful tradition at 


holiday time for our seniors. 



John King made a friend for life at 
the Holiday Party. This little boy 
became John's instant shadow for 
the day. Diego liked having a big- 
brother-figure around. 


;llie Cronin shows a little Christmas spirit by giving these boys a hug. 

ie learned that a little hug could make a world of a difference in their 


The Senior Class once again was very successful with its 
Holiday Party for children. Traveling to the Chelsea Boys' 
and Girls' Club carrying bags of presents and goodies, 
they brought more than a casual smile to the underprivi- 
leged kids who spend their time there. 

They were all so cute. 

I just wanted to take them 

home with me. 

-Amy Smith 

It was really great just to be there. 
The smiles on all the kids' 
faces were incredible to see. 
-John King 

Coming home with a little more holiday spirit than they 
had left with, the seniors were proud of the trip and happy 
that they were able to make a difference. 



Scott Herlin is having a blast 
playing with all the boys. No one 
can accuse him of not getting into 
the right spirit. 

Kristen Hurley, Kelly Wardner, 
and Kelly Shaughnessy are filling 
these girls in on all kinds of girl talk. 
The younger girls love to hear what 
these older women have to say. 


Rebecca MacDonald, Laura Kraby, 
Ryan Straw, Holly Manigan, 
Josh Cooney, and Kristin Kehrmeyer 
take a break after skiing for 3 hours 
straight. They were happy to come 
in from the zero degree weather to 
thaw out a bit. 

Rebecca MacDonald, Laura Kraby, 
and Kristin Kehrmeyer stop on the 
mountain to check out the beautiful 
scenery. There were perfect skiing 
conditions all weekend. 


Eric McDonald and Katie Grich are 

excited to finally get all their 
luggage in from the cold. Now all 
they have to worry about is keeping 
themselves warm. 

LET IT SNOW (right) 

Diana Hadfield and Erin Flynn 

couldn't be any happier with the 
snowfall. It made for a great day of 

$ki Trip 

"Welcome to {Junday River 


Kristin Kehrmeyer, Ryan Straw, 
and Katie Grich sit in front of the 
fire in the hotel to warm up. The 
slopes are great, but so is the lodge, 
especially when the fire is roaring. 


Kelly Fagan, Erin Flynn, 

Beth Gaetani, and Diana Hadfield 

are relaxing after skiing nonstop all 
day. These girls have gone skiing 
together since freshman year. 


e Prentice, Jenna Kraby, Shayna Harper, Shelby Trahan, Matt Lawless, 
Cove, and Jim Prentice realize what ski trips are all about. ..making new 
ids and keeping the old! Away from home and school, you learn to 
?nd on your friends and that's what cements the relationship. 

$ki Trip 

The bus filled up quickly as all the kids showed up early 
to get the perfect seat. They were all in for a weekend of 
fun and excitement at Sunday River. 

The first day, the ski conditions couldn't have been better 
with the brilliant sunshine and very fluffy snow. Later 
that night the kids got to bond by going out to dinner 
together and watching an amazing aerial show with 
professional skiers and snowboarders. 

The show was amazing to watch. 
I couldn't dream about doing 
the crazy flips those skiers did. 

-Dana Shaw 

Finally after a long day some kids retreated back to the 
hotel where they could sit by the fire and chat. Others 
ventured back into the cold to go sledding. 

The second day there was plenty more snow after a night 
of snowfalling. Up and down, over easy trails and rough 
terrain, around the moguls and over them we showed all 
the skills we had learned in a lifetime in New England. 
And in the end, we came home tired, but happy. 



Melissa Sharron and Amy McGuire lay out all the desserts that were 

brought for the holiday party for the children of Chelsea. Everything wa 


December days brought the spirit of giving to the entire 
school. Students found themselves engaged in various 
holiday activities throughout the month. 

The National Honor Society set up a fund to donate 
money to the less fortunate during the stressful holiday 
season. Keeping with the Christmas theme the actors and 
actresses of the Drama Club performed the well known 
play The Miracle on 34th Street. 

Also embracing the joy of Christmas, the Senior Class 
went on its annual trip to the Boys' and Girls' Club of 
Chelsea. They went with presents and treats for the 
young children. Those who went were filled with joy to 
have been a part of this exciting event. 

DEC A students organized the Battle of the Bands held here 
at King Philip. This event was a chance for young musi- 
cians to come and show off their amazing musical talents. 

These winter days were packed with enjoyment for every- 
one. The end of the month brought excitement and best 
wishes for the new year, the new century, and the new 

millennium to come. 



in a Winter 


Elizabeth Flannery sits alongside 
her mother Hilary Hayes, during a 
dress rehearsal for the play. These 
girls put in long hours to make it a 


Krista Anthony was all aglow, after 
receiving a present from a close 
friend. This is the beginning of the 
long wait to that special day. 

SAY IT LOUD (left) 

John Benninghof, the lead singer of 

Rug Scandal, shocked the crowd 

with his amazing voice. He led his 

band to the top as they took home a 


Chris Cocuzzo came with his band 
to show the competition how good 
his band was. He can really play a 

The NHS students set up a 
fundraiser for the less fortunate 
during the holidays. KP students 
are generous at this time of the year. 

Y2K? (left) 

Chrissy Flynn, Kim Cox, 

Kristin Kehrmeyer and 

Andrea Lyons proclaim the arrival 

of the millennium. 

Deck the Halls with 3ouqh$ of ttolly 

fill 1 "Witnt for £hri$tm.a$ 


Millennium of a Lifetime 

Celebrate the (aood fime$ 

STAR BRIGHT (right) 
Tricia Dunne, Scott Herlin, and 
Jillian Roache show off their stars. 
From the moment school starts 
excitement fills the hallways as 
everyone searches for his or her star. 

Mr. Ferreira takes every precaution 
in checking students' bags the day of 
the bomb scare. Students were very 
cooperative during this difficult time 

These alumni of the Class of 'S 
came back to tell tales of college life. 
Their stories very much interested 
this year's upperclassmen. 

Catherine Foley and Nicole Evans 

brought the new year in with style. 
They celebrated with friends at a 
New Year's Eve party. 

Katelyn MacKenzie, Kate Blair, 
Judy Cronin, and Julie Lyon 

display their History Day project in the 
Media Center. This was one of the many 
projects that moved onto regionals. 

WHO'S THE COW? (below) 
Stef anie Flynn, Darby-Lee Rose, and 
Chrissy Flynn are wonderful Span- 
ish actors. These videos are a way for 
Spanish students to let their 
imaginations be a learning tool. 

>T TIME (above) 

ni Ceven is recalling all the information that she's learned for her 

ory midterm. As always, the midterms were dreaded and unfortunately 

le very quickly. Yet the week flew by and students were relieved that it 

> over. 

of a tfe-w 

The days of January brought new excitement to King Philip. 
On January 5th, KP welcomed back alumni from the previ- 
ous graduating year to talk about their experiences in 

During the week of January 10th students in history classes 
took part in National History Day. This year's theme was 
Turning Points in History. 

On Friday, January 21, the annual Star Day took place. 
Every student and faculty member was recognized by a star 
made by the members of the Student Council. This simple 
activitiy got everyone in the right state of mind for mid- 
terms. Midterms, however, started with a delay. The 
unthinkable happened at KP. A bomb scare caused a 2 hour 
delay on the last day of classes before the exams. Fortu- 
nately it was handled well by everyone, from administra- 
tors down to students, and nothing bad happened. 

This month also marked the arrival of frigid weather and 
the first snow for the area in over 300 days. We came to 
school to take exams 1 and 2, but left early because of bad 
weather. Exam 3 was delayed the next day because of poor 
driving conditions. And the final day of exams, the period 
7 exam brought us cold temperatures inside the school 
when the heating system broke down. 

If Vance 

Daddy's dirl/ 

ALL GROWN UP (right) 
These senior girls have gone to all 
the dances together since freshman 
year. Their dads enjoyed quality time 
with their little girls for the evening. 

ALL DOLLED UP (below) 
Rosanne Boyle, Melissa Gray, and 
Kristin McCann are dressed in their 
finest at this dance and they let 
everyone know, You're never fully 
dressed without a smile'. 

The sophomore girls were full of 
spunk as they danced the night 
away. These girls have two more 
wonderful Father-Daughter Dances 
to look forward to. 


Jen Chillemi and Jillian DiNunzio 

show off their new dresses on this 
special night.These fathers and 
daughters had a great time dancing 










ETTY WOMEN (below) 

phanie Howard, Jen Friedman, Christina Powers, Nicole Puddester, 
[ Cait Smith are looking beautiful at the dance. Their boyfriends must 
'e been jealous of their dates for the night. 

The song Butterfly Kisses by Bob Carlisle says it best when 
he describes his little girl's growing up. 
He says, 

One part woman, the other part girl. 
To perfume and make-up, from ribbons and curls. 

This held true for all the young ladies at the Father- 
Daughter Dance on February 5, 2000. This year the dance 
was held at Luciano's at Lake Pearl and many girls and 
their fathers attended. It was a night full of both laughter 
and tears as it was the senior girls' last formal dance with 
their fathers... for most, until their wedding days. 

The girls danced the night away and the dads tried their 
best to keep up with them. This was another wonderful 
night for the girls to put in their scrapbooks and another 
wonderful memory that both the girls and their dads will 
forever keep in their hearts. 




Meghan McHale, Kellie Cronin, 
and Kristy Flaherty show everyone 
who the big, bad seniors really are. 
They all are sporting their dads' ties 
as bandanas to get the full tough- 
guy effect. 

WE ARE FAMILY (above) 
Meghan McHale and Beth Gaetani 

show all the other girls where they 
get their cool dance moves 
from. ..their dads. None of them 
stopped dancing all night. 


HAPPY TO BE S.A.D.D. (below) 
Courtney Howard, Maggie Casey, 
and Melissa Bell are proud 
members of Students Against 
Drunk Drivers. They made many 
posters to advertise S.A.D.D. Week. 

MARRY ME! (right) 
Once every four years a girl can ask a 
guy to marry her, and Becky Cochrane 
wasn't going to waste any time with 
her honey Jesse Keene. This leap 
year was special for these two 
because it was their first February 
29 anniversary together. 

VACATION (above) 
These kids were anxiously 
awaiting the bell the Friday before 
February vacation. They couldn't 
wait to get home so they could go 
out with their friends. 



Pete Getty was thrilled to receive 

a flower on Valentine's Day. The 

rest of the boys were envious. 

lebruary £vent$ 

Be My Valentine 



Vanessa Sotir and Christina El-Far 

did a great job of whiting out 
people on White-out Day. Not being 
able to talk to a ghost was a hard 
reality check for many people in our 

S.A.D.D. ALERT (below) 
Julie Poirier, Lydia Heliwell, 
Marissa Tuohy, Shelby Trahan, 
Christina El-Far, and Frank Cook 

decorated the S.A.D.D. bulletin 
board. As a result, everyone knew 
what to do each day of S.A.D.D. Week. 

/E POTION (above) 

istina Powers and Barry Costello were ready to tango at the Valentine's 

ce. They were in the loving spirit and had a great evening together. 

0jt Pbf 



i$ in the 


February began with the groundhog seeing his 
shadow... promising six more weeks of winter. The 
students showed no concern about winter, especially 
since they had a vacation right around the corner. 

On February 14, love was definitely on the minds of the 
students of King Philip. The halls were filled with the 
colors of red and pink to represent this lovely holiday. 
Happy couples were seen throughout school carrying 
presents of chocolates, flowers and stuffed bears re- 
ceived from their loved ones. 

Also the week of the 14th marked the start of S.A.D.D. 
week. The events included a chain of life, Pledge Day, 
White-out Day, and Ribbon Day. It was a great idea to 
have the whole school become aware of the conse- 
quences of drinking and driving and pledge not to 
become part of it. 

The month of February ended with the rare occasion of 
Leap Day. This day, known as Sadie Hawkins Day, is 
the one day when a lady can ask her loved one to marry 




An aura of excitement sets in over the school. People can 
not wait until the end of the day. The school dance is 
coming. These dances are a time for all the students to get 
together and jam to their favorite tunes. Whether it be a 
D.J. or a local band, the music is always good and people 
are sure to let loose. 

The excitement of getting ready with their friends and 
showing up in the flashiest trends was definitely the 
theme of the RAVE dance which took place in October. 
This dance was held in honor of Homecoming and every- 
one said it was one of the best of the year. 

Dances can also be romantic, as the Sweetheart dance 
proved. In February, KP students dressed in red and pink 
and came to the dance in pursuit of a Valentine. The 
romantic atmosphere provided just the right mood for 
such a sweet day. 

I love going to school dances! 
I wouldn't miss one for the world! 

-Kristin Kehrmeyer 


TZock £ 
the Clock W 


It looks like everyone at the Valentine's Day dance is having fun movin' arl 

groovin' on the dance floor. With good tunes playing, how can anyone res [ 


Judy Cronin, Andrea Lyons, 
Siobhan Howard, and 
Katelyn MacKenzie all look stylish 
in their funky RAVE outfits. They 
j went to the limits in creating 
, I their wild ensembles. 


POST DANCE (right) 

After the RAVE dance, 

Kerry McKinney, Katie Grich, 

Jen Moore, and Christina Knowles 

went to Applebees to finish the 
perfect night and satisfy their 

DECA members Jen McKay and 
Lisa Sabadini are dressed to dance 
at the Battle of the Bands. Both Jen 
and Lisa are big fans of the main 
feature, Rug Scandal. 

Christina Powers, Nicole Puddester, 
Richard Bremilst, Stephanie Howard, 
and Leah Stewart went to the 
Sweetheart Dance to have a good 
time. This guy was lucky enough to 
have these four girls by his side for 
the night. 

LEAN ON ME(above) 
Eddy Gately, Mike Clinton, and 
Lauren Keeler share a touching 
moment. These friends went to the 
Valentine's Day Dance and danced 
the night away. 

Kristin Kehrmeyer, Kim Cox, 
Elizabeth Kinney, and 
Christina Knowles dress to kill for 
the RAVE dance. The first dance of the 
year was outrageously crazy and fun. 

Let's Vance the La$t Vance 

Vancinq the Wight fcway 


Parking tiot 

# 1 Hangout of th.e School/ 

SCHOOL'S OUT! (right) 
Eric Boulter, Johanna Krouk, 
Katie Cove, and Derek Darling 

hang around the parking lot to 
make plans for their weekend. 

CUTE 'N CUDDLY (below) 
Melissa Gray and Elizabeth Flannery 

hug each other in celebration of 
such a nice November day. The 
mild weather this year contributed 
to many gatherings in the lot. 

CARPOOL (above) 

Carol Pham-Do, Mike Rieger, 

Andy Koziol, and Mike Kraby get 

ready to depart. Carol faithfully 
drives these boys to and from 
school each day. 


Colleen McGuire and 
Katy Robbins stand in the parking 
lot in hopes that someone will offer 
them a ride home. These girls will 
have their licenses soon enough. 



Andy Croteau and Diana Hadfield 

are talking about finding something 
to do later for fun. They both are 
very busy but can always find time 
for a quick chat. 

GIDDY GIRLS (below) 

Lauren Hall, Nicole Hall, 

Ellie Straw, and Kristen Hall are 

excited that school is finally out. 
They can't wait to get home to enjoy 
the rest of the day. 

CRAZE (above) 

3n Lodge stands by her new car and is very excited to show it off. By 
nile on her face you can tell how much her new car means to her. 
• senior relishes the day when she achieves the independance given by 
l\ g her own mode of transportation, and if it's a new car — WOW! 

Hangin'\m.d the 
Parking Lot! 

Driving into the parking lot, one might think that it 
shows the personality of King Philip. It's the place 
where friends hang out both before and after school, 
where the juniors and seniors can show off their new 
cars with pride, and where students can stake out a 
familiar parking space. The parking lot is a place 
where people gather after a winning game and /or 
competition to celebrate the victory. It is a place 
where the freshmen and sophomores long to be and 
where the upperclassmen truly feel older than the 
rest of the school. The whole school takes pride in it 
because sooner or later everyone will have their turn 

As you enter school grounds, the parking lot is the 
first thing you notice. Before school and after it is alive 
with excitement, happiness, and friendship. It is the 
students' number one hangout spot, yet it is only the 
beginning of what makes King Philip a great school. 


4 1 







dlub$ and ^.ctivitie^ 


I HI hwiwbx 



£rt Club 186 

Band 188 

Chieftain 196 

VtCjL 198 

Diversity Club 2CC 

Photography Club 201 

Drama 202 

Boy $' and drirls' £tate„.204 

Key Club 205 

drym Leaders 2C6 

Leo Club 208 

National Honor $ociety.„210 

Peer Mediation 212 

WKP1T$ 213 

Peer Leadership.— 214 

$achem.......... 216 

$jLVV 218 

Ski Club 220 

Student Council. ....... ..222 

6£V$ 224 

Metacomet 225 

The advisor of the Art Club, Ms. Parrott, prepares some of 
the ceramics for the holiday art sale. She fills the beautiful 
pieces with water and colored stones for artistic effect, 
making them lovely holiday gifts. 

GREAT TUNES (below) 

Joe Creedon listens to music for inspiration as he cuts c 
interesting pictures for a collage. Joe has created a lot ol 
creative art work during his years at K.P. 

Creative l23cpres$i<m 

Emily Angeloni attends an Art Club meeting after 
school and works on a mosaic. Emily is one of the most 
dedicated club members; she takes part in a variety of 
art projects which she loves doing. 

A SEA OF FACES (right) 

In the past year the Art Club has brightened up the halls 
of King Philip by adding artwork to the walls of the 
school. This is one example of the work the club has 
selected to decorate the school. 

. ( 

lKING THE SALE (below) 

n Wilensky and Kaela Goldstein sell ceramics at the holiday art sale. 
■ Art Club produced some of the pottery by reusing old art work of other 
dents and redecorating them to create beautiful masterpieces. 

WALL OF ART (below) 

The Art Club, in addition to fostering individual creativity, has also started 
a large project to decorate the school. This art work, which is accompanied 
by inspirational quotes, brings out the artistry of the students. 

A WORK OF ART (left) 

Marguerite Keyes drew this still-life picture of bottles 
and shells. She definitely displays great artistic talent, 
and has had many of her masterpieces displayed in the 
K.P. Art Gallery. 

A PIECE AT A TIME (below) 
A major Art Club project this year was to create a 
mosaic by gluing individual tiles to a large board. This 
beautiful display, when finished, will be displayed for 
everyone to admire. 

The Art Club is an activity at King Philip consisting of weekly meetings mostly run by students. Activities are 

designed to make art more visible in the school and the club has definitely accomplished this goal. Inspirational 

quotes and professionally framed student art work now decorate the halls of King Philip. In addition to the 

permanent gallery in the hallways, the club also runs family art activities. Projects have included haunted houses at 

Halloween, paper mache turkeys for Thanksgiving centerpieces, and paper mache snowmen and angels for the 

winter holiday season. The Club also has sold beautiful greeting cards and ceramic pieces. 


JLrt C\xA> 



I 1 he Band of the Pecade..., 

BACK ROW: Sebastian Zervos, Jessica Wieners, Dan Kolodziej, Matthew Jillson, Adam Ewer, Christian Keyes, Brian O'Connell 

Nicole Hoyceanyls, Mike Butler, Lauren Woessner, Lindsay King, Jeff Jacobson, Abby Dalton, Teresa Hunt, David Hannon ! 

Matt Sieloff, Adam Gawthrope, Magan Swanson, Jessica Church, Christina Policastro, TJ Morris. 

THIRD ROW: Andy Kellogg, Ryan Beans, Derek Warchal, Chris Barb, Kyle Sebring, Vito Giacalone, Jon Baker, Josh Clark 

Jill Dubendris, Mike O'Connell, Rob Proctor, Jim Foulis, Ross Labrie, Bill Bauser, Steve Dacko, Joe Cook, Mike (Stan) Moore 

Nick Perelli, Jillian DiNunzio, Meghan McKenna, Keith Foster. 

SECOND ROW: Brian McHugh, Chris Retschulte, Mr. Wolloff, Joe Fussell, Kristen Verdeaux, Jen Chillemi, Cheryl Tripp 

Sarah Cronin, Crystal Nelson, Rebecca Brennan, Katie Baker, AJ Simard, Ross Piette, Bill Cobb, Janice Bishop, Marguerite Keyes 

Michael Lombo, Lou Allard. 

FRONT ROW: Mr. Tileston, Rachel Cardillo, Renee Robinson, Emily Jaronski, Laura Daley, Lauren Mulcahy, Colleen Murphy 

Jodi Lazarus, Kara Murphy, Sarah Gentry, Katie Atkinson, Shalyn Simmer, Marika Visser, Katie O'Neil, Nami Travetti 

Eleni Ceven, Neil Larrivee. 

Brah.m$: $ym.phoriy Hfo* 1 

, f 

osh Geller, Jen St. Amand, 

ohn Majewski, Stephen Foulis, 
/Vendy Rukstalis, John King, 

me Barb, Penny Welch, Cathy Doane, 
ess Terrio, Jeremy Gill, Robin O'Neil, 

ulie Nolan, Christine Albert, 
Christine Giacalone, Kristen Gilcrest, 

■fixe Pride and the Va$$ion 

The fall of 1999 saw the end of a season, a decade, and an era. As the season closed 
the marching band once again held its trophy high. In the United States Scholastic Band 
Association Competition, in Giant's Stadium, KP captured the Division 3 Open title for 
the second year in a row, winning the best music, best marching, best percussion, best 
effect, and best auxiliary captions. This was another laurel to add to the crown, along 
with one earned earlier in the season. At the Bands of America Northeast Regional 
Competition, a national competitive organization, KP tested the waters going up 
against bands twice its size. It walked away with top honors in Division AA and second 
overall. The KP Marching Band is truly the Band of the Decade. It has won a circuit 
championship every year of the 90's. Next year this ambitious group plans to travel to 
Indianapolis to compete in Grand National Championships. 

Everyday at school two other groups meet to practice. The Symphony Band and the 
KP Chorus work everyday to achieve excellence. The Symphony Band was selected to 
play in Symphony Hall this past April after earning its eighth gold medal at the 
Massachusetts Instrumental Choral and Conductors' Association State Concert Festi- 
val. The band can also be heard playing concerts on the common, pops nights, and other 
events around the three towns. The chorus is no less important. Ever since its inception 
four years ago the group has grown each year. It, too, has performed at MICCA and can 
also be heard at the pops concerts and other local happenings. 

The King Philip Regional Jazz Ensemble is another talented group of students. The 
KP Jazz has won numerous awards and honors for its excellence. Each year the Jazz 
wins top honors at the UNH Jazz Festival along with individual awards for its talented 
musicians. It has also received eight gold medals at the State IAJE Finals in the past 

Continuing the prestigious KP tradition is the nationally known Winter Percus- 
sion Ensemble. Composed of just the percussive students , this small group of students 
is known across the country for its commmitment to excellence. Its past awards include 
gold medals at the New England Scholastic Band Association and two silver medals in 
Winter Guard International's Scholastic World Class. 

The KP Winter Guard is another great program of the music department. This year 
the Guard was divided by experience into two groups. The A Guard will travel to 
Dayton, Ohio to participate in World Championships. Because of its superior artistry 
in dance, flagwork, and weaponry, the KP Winter Guard has won impressive awards 
in the New England Scholastic Band Association and has represented the school well 
many times at world championships. 

The King Philip music program is a myriad of programs co-ordinated and 
managed through the efforts of Mr. Tileston, the music director. Winning does not 
come easily to the musicians involved. Each and every member puts all of his or her 
heart into each performance. The dedication and sacrifice made by every student is 
repaid by the growth and personal accomplishment achieved at the end of this long 
road. Laughter is heard and tears are wept. Whether victory or defeat is the outcome of 
the scores, there is only room for success in the hearts and minds of the musicians. 
Thanks to the efforts of its teachers, students, and other supporters, the KP music 
program is known for its past and present excellence in everything it 


SUM Nol Seltl 




"Symphony No I , Tlic Titim" (M 
Arranged by Larnvee * Tilesu 


1 "ZiorTs W.dls" (Copland) 
Arranged by- Kojioiiicii 

i "ir <Gai«> 

Arranged by Lojeski 



A -Never No Lament" (Ellmgi 
5 "Oelupacu" (Dlingloii) 
(L "Roekabye River" (OlmgU 


7 "Riverd«iiee" (Wli 
Arranged by tu 

Still Nol Settling — A Tradition of Excellence 

-John King '00 


7 -Prvwurv Cooker" (NcflicQ) 3« 

GueHArtfX Pcivr Uvi-vjut AH.>Sj» 
H "Alw.iy* ,iiui Fortvir" (M.lliiiiyt 5:46 

Arrutijitrd by: Cumow 

GuoriArlial Fcit-f Levcmut.- MtoSM 
9 "Cabcm de Cornc" Olwru) 6 55 

C.ik'iI Anisl Nwrman IVnivivi. CkWigAi 


APRIL, It-rn 

10 "U"» Mm mMa" c* tonhttx) 7 ^ 7 

Arnmxi'd by: LamVW 

klNt. rilllll'KlA.IONAI LI tOW N n 1*199 

Aiimm^i. by Hj..ik 

Winter Vercu$$ion 



The King Philip Winter Percussion Ensemble consists of many hard working and 

dedicated students. They practice long, hard hours and are always ready and willing to 

play some more! The group is full of friendliness and support; after all, they are more 

than just members. These kids are almost family. Percussion spends weeks and months 

practicing for their performances. Because of their dedication and determination 

anyone who goes to their performance is guaranteed an impressive show. Their work 

is also reflected in their incredible competitive achievements. 

GO KP! (above) 

The K.P. Winter Percussion Ensemble was a finalist in 
the World Percussion Championships in Dayton, Ohio 
in April. Here they show off the plaque that they 
worked so hard for. 

A NIGHT OF POPS (right) 

The Percussion Ensemble put on an outstanding 
performance at the Winter Pops Concert. Showing 
their skills to a school audience brings out their most 
meaningful performances. 

Marching to the Beat of a different Drummer 

1 *J 

W * m 

' 1 


»• * 

^V '* 

GROUP HUG! (above) 

Jillian DiNunzio, John King, Meg McKenna, and Marguerite Keyes all 

pose in a group hug during practice. This group works very well together. 
They consider themselves to be one of KP's many families. 


Stephanie Gilbert and Bill Cobb try to concentrate during their practii 
The precision these musicians play with is a result of their long, hard hi 
of practice. 



Winter duard 

Winter Guard is full of fun memories and hard work. The girls enjoy a variety of activities, 

including dancing. They practice spinning flags, tossing sabres and rifles, and getting their 

timing absolutely perfect. They are taught by professionals from Boston who choreograph 

every step, every movement, and every position each girl takes. The members of the team 

are all good friends and are truly supportive of one another. Sophomore Lauren Mulcahy 

says, This year the team was made up of many new girls, but we all pulled together to make this 

year one of our best! The group has been to many different competitions and won many 

awards. Each year these amazing girls impress their audience even more. 

GETTIN' READY (above) 

Amelia Warchal, Emily Jaronski, Laura Daley, 
Christine Albert, Katie Atkinson, Jodi Lazarus, and 
Shalyn Simmer pose in their dressing room before a big 
performance in '99. Everyone was filled with excitement 
and nerves. 

SHOWIN' OFF... (left) 

This year's A Guard takes time out of practice to pose 
for a picture. They thought they'd get creative for the 
camera and show off their newest flags. 

With tlaq* flying High 

j XJSTUME... (above) 

I culmination of the Winter Guard's work is their competition in the New 
E and Scholastic Band Association's World Class and Winter Guard 
national's Scholastic A Class. Before going to these competitions, 
| ever, they perform in costume at their practices. 


The K.P. Winter Guard performs for the student body during a school day 
to show off their hard work. This was the last performance of the 1999 
school year and one of their best. Everyone watching was impressed. The 
guard finished the season in second place in the New England Scholastic 
Band Association's World Class. 






TAKING A REST (below) 

Kristen Verdeaux and Jen Chillemi stop for a breather during a grueling 
day under the hot sun at band camp. Their determination and endurance 
even under uncomfortable conditions are a great manifestation of their love 
for music. 

The marching band, color guard, and percussion members stand proud 
before the judges as they get ready to perform at Hofstra University on 
Long Island. This first impression plays an important role in the judgin 
process, and they definitely handled it well. 


I i 


Band members give 110 percent at a recent performance 
at the football field. The Marching Band can always be 
counted on for a great show. 

GROUP HUG (below) 

Christina Policastro, Kara Murphy, Sarah Gentry, and 

Penny Welch enjoy the view of the stadium. Being 

seniors, none of these girls will ever forget this 


The Marching Band has had a very successful season, taking 

home many notable regional and national awards. Each year, the 

band improves more and more in their competitions. 

Inarching Band 


IE (below) 

: Moore, John King, and Keith Foster anxiously await the results of 
performance at a big competition. Because of the talent, perseverance, 
mination, and pride that these musicians show, the King Philip Band 
st always comes out on top. 


Color Guard members Kristen Gilcrest and Eleni Ceven get into position to 
practice their routine for an upcoming performance. With the promise that 
these two show, the Color Guard is sure to be successful in upcoming years. 

Marching Band 


BANG ASSac<A77a« 


PRESENTING.. .(above) 
The color guard precedes the band as 
they march onto the field. When the 
band and color guard perform 
together, they are wonderful to 
watch and listen to. 

AND THE WINNER IS.. .(left) 
Band members smile with 
satisfaction after winning the 
USSBA National Champion- 
ship. They are shown here displaying the banner 
and trophies they won. I \ 



Concert Band 



■ * 


The King Philip Concert Band meets every day to practice and to have fun. Under the 
direction of Mr. Tileston, this group of musicians has accomplished a lot for the school 
and the community. Last year, after winning their eighth straight gold medal at 
MICC A, the KP Concert Band was given the honor of performing in Boston's Sym- 
phony Hall. The exhilaration of the event was incredible, and the name, King Philip, 

was known once again for its excellence. 


Josh Geller, Adam Ewer, and Brian O 'Connell give 
band practice their all. They all have been members of 
the brass section since elementary school. 


Lindsay King, Lauren Woessner, Jeff Jacobson, 

Abby Dalton, and Teresa Hunt each gave a great 

performance during this year's Winter Pops Concert. 

They performed with both marching band and concert 


Von't Settle for Your Present Level of Achievement 


Ryan Beans, Jill Dubendris, and Kyle Sebring always play their best when 
they are having fun. These three saxaphone players have been musicians for 
years, and their instruments have been an integral part of their lives and 
their high school careers. 


Kayla Burt, Sue Barb, and Jen Capachin are some of the concert band l'« 
players. The sound of the flute puts these players at the high end of the 
band. While they take a short break these girls enjoy a small laugh at th 
camera's expense. 




4 tJ 

Chorus and Ja%% Band 



The KP Chorus is another group of students who meet every day to pursue 
excellence. Only having been in existence for four years, the chorus has already 
made a name for itself. This group can be found singing at all the local concerts, 
both a capella and with piano accompaniment. They are sure to please any r 

The KP Jazz Band is another prestigious program of the Music Department. 
Renowned throughout the state and New England, the Jazz has won honors at 
the UNH Jazz Festival and gold medals at IAJE competition. 



Sandra Unterhollenberg, KP's favorite exchange 

student, proves that music truly is the universal 

language. Sandra's musical talents are a sight to see and 



Brandi Hamlin, Rosie Betts, and Caitlyn Hawkins are 

all smiles as they gather around the piano to share a 
song. This is the girls' first year in chorus and they have 
not been disappointed. 

M.u$ic M.ake$ Winner$ 

j iY'S BLUES (above) 

> r einers and fellow saxaphone player Steve Foulis share a laugh in 
H ?n rehearsal sets. The jazz band always plays upbeat and swinging 
H and is known for this genre. You can tell that the blues never cross 
A layers' minds. 


The Jazz has quite the accomplished rhythm section. Along with the brass 
and woodwind sections, the piano, bass, and drums add texture to the 
music. Shown here are Mike Moore, Steve Dacko, Chris Fantazi, and 
Nick Perelli. 



Liz Flannery, Stephanie Morris, and Liz Burger work 
diligently at the computer as they produce the special 
section that starts out the Chieftain. It seems as though 
nothing can distract them! 

LEADERS (below) 

Advisor Miss Coutu poses with Editors-in-Chief 

John King and Erin Johnson. They not only edited each 

page but also made sure production went smoothly. 

Modern Publishing: T!h.e Yearbook 

Nicole Armitage escorts the 
photographers around the building 
I j to snap faculty pictures. 


Julie Poirier crops pictures in the Media Center. 
Because of Julie's efforts, the Student Life section of the 
yearbook turned out to be a great success! 

Members of the Chieftain staff offer suggestions as 
Rick Brooks, our guest artist, designs the yearbook 
cover. Their suggestions and ideas made this morni, 
spent in the media center, a worthwhile one! 

Ring Philip Chieftain 

The 1999-2000 Modern Publishing class has made many accomplishments this year. This class is an elective. The 
job of the students in this class is to produce the yearbook. Each student is in charge of one section, but everyone 
helps his/her classmates when a deadline has to be met. The yearbook staff includes advisor Miss Coutu and staff 
members Marissa Tuohy, Jill Coates, Kristine Delano, Frank Cook, Melissa Steverman, Amy Fennessey, 
Rosanne Boyle, Kristin Kehrmeyer, Liz Flannery, Julie Poirier, Erin Johnson, Nicole Armitage, John King, 
Stephanie Morris, Meagan Capone, Heather Lanagan, Holly Manigan, Liz Burger, and Andrea Lyons. 

Artist Andrea Lyons sketches artwork for the yearbook. 
Andrea's work can be found on most pages of the book. 
They help to add a little whimsy to each page. 


The staff of the yearbook poses for a quick snapshot. 
Seeing this group all together is rare; they are always off 
doing jobs in different places around school. 


: ennessey takes a quick break from sorting photos 
1' e her own picture taken. Amy's job as photogra- 
■3 /as one of the most important in the production of 
5 ar's yearbook. 

Rosanne Boyle is hard at work selling ads. Although a 
newcomer, Rosanne has one of the most important jobs 
on the staff since since the sale of ads helps to keep the 
price of the book down. 

Stephanie Morris is hard at work 
getting the senior profiles orga- 
nized. Stephanie was the I ^ 
staff's computer operator. L«! Z-" 


A NK. I rr ON THE TOWN (below) 

These DECA students are out and about checking out the- night life in 

Baltimore, where their first conference of the year was held. A great bonus 

for all of the hard work DECA students put in is getting to travel to new 


Jenna Menfi, Kellie Cronin, Kristy Flaherty, Jen Allen, and 
Rhianne Crowley enjoy the DECA initiation breakfast. This tradition, 
which starts off a major study in distributive education, is something tr 
DECA students look forward to each year. 

Developing future headers in Marketing and Managemen 

That's what Christina Policastro was probably saying 
when she learned that she had won the raffle sponsored 
by DECA. She received a delectable three foot, forty 
pound chocolate Santa. 

Definitely not! Although Tony Garlett and Andy Lake 
look exhausted after a long day's work, they are still 
ready to have a great time during the rest of their trip. 

. ( 



RE IN THE MONEY (below) 

of the many responsibilities of the DECA students is to run the bank 
ng lunch period. These senior students certainly seem to be enjoying 
r time on the job. 

GRUB (below) 

These juniors are thankful for a short 
meal break. Working all day at con- 
ferences works up a huge appetite!!! 

LADIES' MAN (left) 

Emily Holt, Josh Gould, and Kaitlyn O'Connell take a 
break from meetings during their trip to Baltimore. 
This trip prepared them for the many competitions that 
they will participate in throughout the year. 


Judy Mullaney, Tony Garlett, and Kaitlyn O'Connell 

relax after a long day of conferences, and decide to have 
a few laughs. An important part of building a 
successful team is to build great relationships. 

The DECA program at King Philip is one of the best in the area. It provides preparation for the business world by the use of 

role playing and real life responsibilities. The juniors and seniors who participate in this class run the school store and bank 

during lunch. Competition is another component of the DECA class. Because of the hard work of the members and advisor, 

Mr. Guillemette, KP DECA rarely goes home with fewer than 36 awards and almost always half of the members gain the 

right to compete nationally. This year the students have already traveled to Baltimore to attend an educational conference. 

They also competed in Kentucky for national awards. 






Mr. Cormier explains the difference 
between shutter and aperature 
priority to Katie Andreozzi. The 
club is not just about learning to 
take pictures but also learning all 
the lingo that goes with it. 

SHOW AND TELL (below) 

Josh Clark, Cathy Doane, and Lauren Murphy watch another member 
show off her latest shots. Everyone loves to share their creative new pic 
each week. 

jL Picture i$ "Worth, a r fh.ou$and \ford$ 



The Photography Club takes a break after a discussion 

of their favorite things to take pictures of. Everyone has 

different ideas so their collection is wonderful. 

Mr. Cormier, one of the club's advisors, starts every 
meeting with a new lesson. Today's lesson is developing: 
how to develop and where to develop. 





The Photography Club was started this year by Mr. Cormier with help from Mr. Hosford. Immediately, students from 

all grades showed interest and the club began. The purpose of the organization was to help kids develop their inter- 
ests in photography. Mr. Cormier teaches how to use the right angles to get the perfect shot, how to purchase the right 
film, and when to use the zoom. He also teaches students to develop their own film. Throughout the week, members 
snap pictures and then bring them to their meetings on Mondays to share with everyone. The club already has a 
diverse selection of exciting pictures. Next year they hope to interest even more students in this great hobby. 

Vh.otograph>y dlub 

iUALTIY IN SCHOOL... (below) 

sica Murphy, Chris Watkins, and Mr. Sumner get ready to listen to the 
it speaker at their conference. The speaker had many ideas on how to 
at everyone as equals at school. 

Miss Bremer smiles proudly with 
the Diversity Club. She is the 
advisor of the group and is more 
and more impressed wih their 
thoughts and opinions each year. 

Celebrating Diversity 

LISTEN UP! (left) 

The Diversity Club involves a lot of talking, listening, 
and patience. Everyone here has so much to say and 
can't wait to express his or her opinions to the group. 

Melyssa Fuller tries to get her point across to her 
friends about segregation in America today. She is unable 
to talk, though, due to her random bursts of giggles!!! 

The Diversity Club, formerly known as the Rainbow Coalition, is comprised of several students who are determined to 
promote diversity throughout the school. Members gather after school every Tuesday and discuss issues dealing with this 
topic, such as racial and ethnic issues. They also attend conferences where they learn ways to encourage equality, both in 
school and the outside world. Miss Bremer is the club's advisor. Her leadership has helped strengthen the club's cause. In 
the future, the Diversity Club will continue to stand by their beliefs and help everyone at King Philip feel like they fit in. 

Diversity Chsb 







Drama dlub 

This year the Drama Club put on three plays. The first of these was Miracle on 34th Street, performed right before 

Christmas to put everyone in the holiday spirit. Elizabeth Flannery, Tim Mele, Hilary Hayes, and Matt Murphy 

starred. All the profits of Miracle on 34th Street went to charity. The Drama Club also performed Arsenic and Old 

Lace, which was the senior-directed play, and Inherit the Wind. Mr. Ferreira is the producer of all of the plays, and 

he makes them creative and fun to watch and participate in. 


Elizabeth Burger and Melissa Gray wave as the Macy's 
Day parade goes by them during the first dress 
rehearsal. No one in this scene was allowed to make a 
sound while the other actors recited their lines upstage. 

HO! HO! HO! (right) 

Mr. Ferreira fills in for a missing actor and recites her 
lines on Matt Murphy's lap as Kate Reidel and 
Melanie Bernier laugh. Mr. Ferreira likes to make 
everything during rehearsals as real as if there were an 
audience in the seats. 

DADDY! (above) 

Lindsay Dumont sits on Santa's lap during the actual play as her daddy 
takes a picture. Even when an actor doesn't have lines he or she makes sure 
to stay in character and continue providing background action to make the 
story more life like. 



Bethany Lavalley and Chris Lawn blast their music over the sound systn 
to show off their dance skills to the entire cast. These two provided 
entertainment throughout the season even in the most stressful situation 

BELIEVE! (left) 
Fred Galey, a.k.a. Tim Mele, 
explains to Santa, Matt Murphy, 
why he should fight for people to 
believe that he is Santa. Both of 
these guys did a terrific job. 

Hilary Hayes and Liz Flannery both starred in Miracle 
on 34th Street. The mother-daughter pair are shown here 
rehearsing a scene where Susan asks her mom for 
Santa's address. 

It'$ Okay to Be a t fh.e$pian 

t iRE'D YOU GET YOUR DEGREE?! (above) 

1 C Calnan was excited to get to fire Jillian Roache as she ran off stage 

r g! The two had a great time acting out this scene over and over again. 

GIMME A BREAK! (above) 

The cast and crew of Miracle on 34th Street take a break from their long and 

late rehearsal. Everyone worked really hard to make this show a success! 





m I 

■ v 


Selected by the American Legion, John King and Chris Sims represented the 

town ol Plainville. The week-long conference was held at Stonehill College. 

NORFOLK (below) 

Jaron Goldstein was the rep. from Norfolk this year. Along with another Plain 

representative, Scott Herlin, Jaron learned a lot about state government. 

3oy$' and 6irl$ / State: Learning fibont State 6osrerntnent 

Boys' and Girls' State 

Every year, high school juniors from every town in Mas- 
sachusetts are invited to participate in a week-long state 
government conference sponsored by the American Le- 
gion. Each local Legion has the option to select and 
interview possible delegates to be sent to the conference. 
This year Boys' State was held at Stonehill College while 
Girls' State was held at Mt. Holyoke College. Those 
chosen to be delegates traveled to their respective col- 
leges and met with other high school students from across 
the state. Forming individual towns from groups of stu- 
dents, the representatives were presented with legisla- 
tive scenarios to be resolved through electing officials 
and debating possible solutions. 

/ learned a lot about how my town works, and now know 
it's not so easy, even for a small community like Plainville. 

-John King 


Girls' State was held this year at Mt. Holyoke College. Hilary Hayes, 

Wendy Rukstalis, and Kelly Wardner were the delegates from Norfolk 




Boys' and Girls' State have the following objectives: to develop leadership and pride in American 
citizenship, to arouse a keen interest in the detailed study of government, to develop in the young 
citizens of Boys' and Girls' State a full understanding of our American traditions and belief in the 
United States of America, to arouse in the young citizens a determination to maintain our form of 
government, to inculcate a sense of individual obligation to the community, state, and nation, and 
to safeguard and transmit to posterity the principles of justice, freedom, and democracy. 

3oy$' and &\xW State 






ARTY PANTS (below) 

iors Hilary Hayes, Kelly Wardner, Jackie Murphy, and Lauren Murphy 

e all been members of the King Philip Key Club since sophomore year, 
success these girls have met with in high school makes it certain that 
f will succeed in college as well. 


Nicole Souza and Allison Milld are two other senior members of the K.P. 
Key Club. Both are more than just academically gifted; Nicole is an award 
winning artist and Allison is a talented runner. 

■fhey hold the "key" to $ucce$$ 


Scott Tooker is the only male senior to have the 

honor of being in the Key Club. 


Jennifer Brown and Linda Boulden both are 

serious about their schoolwork and their 


JUNIOR ACHIEVERS (above left) 
Matt Griffith and Lydia Helliwell are excited 
that they have earned their keys. Now the two 
can begin to enjoy the perks of being 
recognized for their intelligence. 

The King Philip Key Club is an academic club set up as a goal for students. To gain membership 
into the Key Club one must earn straight A's for six terms. Once the student has achieved this 
honorable position he or she is then given a key. The key enables the student to gain free admission 
to school functions such as sporting events, school dances, drama performances, and art gallery 
openings. Very few students achieve this honor and those who do should be given recognition. 

<Y* fc 

"*£* To So, 




Key dlub 




Andrea Chruney, Jackie Rose, and Kirsten Larrabee take a minute out of 

gym class to show off Jackie's spirit flower. All gym classes have this 

relaxed environment which really helps students to be comfortable in their 



Kara Murphy and Matt Griffith demonstrate for a freshman class the 
correct way to play racquetball. When students are first introduced to 1 
popular games such as racquetball, gym leaders are a big help in explailn 
the game. 

MACHO MEN (right) 

Tim Davis and Eric Cunnane show off their muscles as 
gym leader John Pepin stands by to roll his eyes. Most 
students are good friends with their leaders and love to 
kid around with them. 

Ryan Pinsoneault helps Mr. Boucher show the class 
how to hit a volleyball. These guys can't wait for the 
real action to get going! 





Many juniors and seniors choose to participate in being a gym leader. The students take this course as an elective 

and get credits like a regular class. The leaders help out Mrs. Pfeffer, Mrs. Smith, Mr. Boucher, and Mr Carneiro 

in running their gym classes. They lead warm-up exercises, observe the classes to watch for safe playing, 

teach students the value of team work, fill in for absent students, take over when there is a substitute, 

and make the classes a lot of fun! 


. ( 

drym Leaders 

i STUD (below) 

;o Hamos, Danielle Andrews, Greg McMorrow, (on the left) and 

<e Moore and Becky Morse (on the right) huddle around their gym 

ler Frank Cook. The kids are waiting for Frank to throw out some sort of 

rts advice to help improve their basketball skills. 

FIRE AWAY! (below) 

Jaron Goldstein and Thorn Partridge finish up 
a game of dodgeball. These two have more fun 
in their classes than the underclassmen! 

Student* Vroviding jJtudents with. Leadership and Guidance 

Michelle Henderson passes out the dreaded tests as the 
students in her class hesitatingly accept. This is the only 
part of gym class that everyone dislikes! 


No one helped Jaron Goldstein to jump up high on the 
basketball hoop! This kind of athleticism is shared by 
most gym leaders. 






Leo Club 

The Leo Club is dedicated to serving the community in as many ways as 

it can. Members have organized food and clothing drives, gathered vases 

of flowers for the Celeste Home, held Christmas parties for the elderly, 

assisted clients at Wrentham State School, cleaned Trout Pond, and held 

dances for elementary students and senior citizens. 


The Leo Club serves a Christmas dinner to the elderly. 
It's important to the members of the club that our senior 
citizens feel that they are loved and respected. 

LET'S GET GOING! (right) 

Kerri Carlson, Allison Savidge, Nafeesa Rahman, 

Andrea Demone, Maggie Church, Sarah Fisher, and 

Liz Magner are all active members in Leo Club. For 

most of these girls it was their first year as a member. 

All of them couldn't wait to get started helping the 



Being a member of Leo Club means giving a helping hand to the commu- 
nity. In a goofy moment, this group decided to show our photographer just 
how strong that hand can be. 


Kristin Kehrmeyer explains this year's goals to two eighth- grade newiB 
ers. This is the first year that the club has allowed eighth graders to joii 
and the new policy is working out great. 

. ( 


Holly Manigan, Laura Kraby, 

Melissa McLacklan, 

Shannon Ober, 

Chrissie Flynn, Jen Pulsone, 

Jen Moore, and 

Christina Knowles show how 

glad they are to make a commitment to serving their 

community. They are excited to plan projects to 

participate in throughout the year, and they look 

forward to helping others. 

COUNCIL (below) 

This year's council members Emily Andreozzi, 
Sheila Barry, Megan Barry, Terita Heath-Wlaz, 
Elizabeth Kinney, Joanna Balzer, Crystal Rogers, 
Melissa Gray, and Jaron Goldstein gather together at 
the Leo Club induction. The good feelings they get from 
helping others has formed a bond between all of them. 

Helping to Service th.e Community 

\ sIG NEW FRIENDS (above) 

lanigan and Jen Pulsone keep these gentlemen company at the 
I hool . It only takes a short period of time to brighten a person's day. 
I t join and bring your own joy to deserving people? 

NEWCOMERS (above) 

Many freshmen signed up for Leo Club this year, among them 

Emily Graves, Katie Johnson, Erica Shapiro, Stephanie Knowles, 

Colleen Foley, Joanne Caffrey, Biz Cove, Elizabeth Martello, 

Kate Sullivan, and Lizzie Andreozzie. These girls have just learned about 

all of this year's Christmas activities including singing for the elderly and 

making Christmas baskets for the Celeste Home. \ -* 




IN CHARGE (below) 

Miss Bremer, Mr. Levine, Mrs. Hansen, and advisor Mrs. Hamilton get 

ready to make their speeches at the induction. They were all proud of the inductees. 


Wendy Rukstalis hugs a scary little witch at Norfolk Elementary Sch'|l 
All the children were excited to have big kids helping out at their Hal v 
een party and teaching them holiday safety! 


Academic "Excellence, Service, Character, Leadership 


Grace Becker heads out to help pick up trash on the 
highway. Grace's optimistic smile shows that she and 
her fellow National Honor Society members are always 

glad to help out with any task. 

NHS president Tina Gagas looks 
as though she is enjoying speaking 
at the National Honor Society 
induction. Her speech was quite »<■ 
impressive, as has been her 

~^ ~7 tenure as president. 

-21 en 




iPEAT AFTER ME... (below) 

ew NHS members hold their membership certificates in hand and make the 

edge required of all inductees. They all earned well-deserved recognition. 


Wendy Rukstalis, Briana Short, and Tina Gagas huddle up with a second- 
grade class in Norfolk. The teacher must have been glad to have their help! 

jjft 1 BB 

■* j£ 'j 

pv ■ 

\^j Wf. 

i ^^r* 


mmh M 

fatfSie* JNkHttx^''' 


New NHS members listen intently as Miss Bremer gives 
a speech at the induction. The night of the induction was 
memorable for all students who attended, and everyone 
left feeling good about being recognized. 

NHS president Tina Gagas watches the ceremony 
alongside fellow leaders Becky Cochrane, 
Kelly Wardner, Kerry McDermott, and 
Wendy Rukstalis. They all helped inductees to feel 
proud of their accomplishments. 

Each year, a group of juniors and seniors are selected by a board of teachers to become members of the National Honor Society. Being selected 
is not easy, as acceptance is based on a number of factors including academic excellence, leadership, community service, and character. Once 
accepted, students commit themselves to hours of volunteer work. Throughout the past year, they have participated in many activities such 

as Christmas caroling at nursing homes, helping out at elementary schools, and picking up litter on the highways. It is important to each 

member to impact the community in a positive way. It isn't always easy to spend hours volunteering, but it is rewarding to know that I am making a 

difference, says junior member Heather Lanagan. / worked hard to he accepted, and I will continue to give my all and help out. 

National Honor Society 

SIGNATURE (right) 

Dennis Garofalo and Emily Angeloni sign poems to 
hand out to their fellow mediators. Each year, a 
different inspirational poem is signed by each club 
member and handed out. This is a great way for peer 
mediators to form bonds with each other. 

Stephanie Gilbert takes a minute to relax during a 
meeting. Stephanie is very talented at giving advice and 
is an ideal peer mediator because she is always ready to 
listen with an open ear. 

Helping Veers to $ohre Conflicts 


Back row (1 to r): Matt Lawless, John Butler, Tom Daniel, Dennis Garofalo, 

Jaron Goldstein, Jon Bluhm, Emily Ghosh, Courtney Howard, 

Adam Gawthrope, Melissa Gray, Maggie Casey, Kevin Healey, 

Meg Jordan, Eric Cunnane, Tim Mele, Wendy Rukstalis, Drew Martucci, 

Matt Griffith, Chrissy Flynn, Meg McKenna, Stephanie Gilbert, 

Miss Joseph, Mrs. Viles-Antonellis, Mrs. Pfeffer. 

Third row (1 to r): Safia Agane, Jess Weiners, Maggie Church, Emily Holt, 

Desiree Bliss, Melissa Sharron, Craig Domko. 

Second row (1 to r): Zoe Lodola, Kristen McCann, Becky Pelrine, 

Briana Short, Danielle Charbonneau, Jackie Rose. 

Front row: Emily Angeloni, Nicole Armitage. 

. i 

STAY STEADY (above) 

Peer Mediators sit back to back, waiting for instructions to one of the miy 
trust exercises they participated in. Learning to trust and respect each o& 
is the most important part of training. 

Veer Mediation 

Each year, students from each class are nominated to be peer mediators. 

These students are trained to help their peers solve conflicts. 

They have helped many and will continue to do so as long as there is a need for their talents. 

TIME TO TALK (above) 

Jackie Rose and Danielle Charbonneau stop to chat at 
a Peer Mediation meeting. Both girls offered great 
advice to stuOdents who needed it throughout the year 
and enjoyed the rewarding feeling of helping others. 


Craig Domko offers a suggestion to Courtney Howard 
and Tim Mele during one of their many training 
activities. These three put 110 percent into each activity 
they participated in during these three days of training. 

\RNING TO TRUST (above) 

ickwise from top center) Tim Mele, Emily Angeloni, Wendy Rukstalis, 
rin Healey, Maggie Church, and Matt Griffith try to stand up by 
rking together. This is a fun way to learn to help others. 

Maggie Casey and Matt Griffith 

are working hard on a training 
project. They listened carefully to 
each other's ideas, demonstrating a 
quality that is very important for 
peer mediators to possess. 

SQUISH! (below) 

Megan Conley and Meagan Capone are having fun during a training 
conference. The group went to an all day seminar and learned many useful 
skills by listening to a variety of speakers. Each speaker, a recovering 
alcoholic or drug addict, shared with the group how to help friends and 
peers in trouble. 


Eric Monty and Tom Flanagan are taking a lunch break at the Peer 
Leadership Conference. It was a long day of sharing ideas with students 
from other schools and absorbing lots of information, but in the end it wa 
definitely worth it. 

These girls are tagging flowers that are sold during 
Homecoming Week. In order to carry out its program, 
members of Peer Leadership hold an annual fundraiser, 
selling yellow flowers. 


Jeff Litvin, Mike Moses, Jon Butler and Greg Mirliss 

are bonding during a Peer Leadership meeting. 
Meetings are not only a good opportunity to get a lot of 
work done, but also a time to interact with your friends. 





t ^1 

// 1 

r .4L- 

d <y ^ 


Peer Leadership is a club that promotes drug-free living. Members participate in a variety of activities such as 

sponsoring a 6th grade fun night and exchanging pen pal letters with 6th graders. They also go to the Wrentham, 

Norfolk, and Plainville elementary schools to answer questions from the 5th and 6th graders participating in the 

DARE program. The goal of Peer Leadership is to show elementary and junior high students that it's easy to have 

fun without using drugs or alcohol. KP's Peer Leaders do just that; they lead the community to healthier living. 

Veer "Leadership 




y Mure, Joanna Silvi, Kate Blair and Heidi Murphy chat during a lull at 

eeting. If s at meetings like this that all the group's activities are planned. 

Lauren Hall got the chance to meet her sixth grade pen pal, Alison Cobb, 
in person. Peer Leaders keep up a correspondence with sixth graders 
throughout the year. 

duiding th.e Community to Healthier Living 

Jen Ryan and Erin Strauss share 
their ideas at a Peer Leadership 
meeting. They have been members 
since their sophomore year. 

GIVE ME A SIGN (left) 

Kristen Hooker and Johanna Krouk 

diligently work on a sign for their candy cane sales. If 
you buy a Candy-Gram you can write a message on a 
card, which is attached to a candy cane and delivered to 
a friend's homeroom. 










Sachem is King Philip's art and literary magazine. It is published twice a year and consists of 
works of art and poetry submitted by students and faculty. Members of Sachem edit and 
produce the entire magazine and also spend meetings writing and sketching work to submit. 
They raise money for publication by holding a flower sale each February. Each spring, Sachem 
members attend Quabbin, an annual writing conference where they take poetry workshops 
and share their work with writers from other schools. Sachem's advisor is Mrs. Villiard, who 
has been in charge of the club for years. Her love of the creative arts, along with her helpful 
input, make the publication of Sachem possible. 

BEST BUDS (right) 

Kate Reidel, Lauren Flynn, Amie Speroni, and 
Emily Angeloni huddle together at the beginning of a 
meeting. These girls, now friends through Sachem, have 
helped to develop each other's creativity. 


Amie Speroni is busy drawing a poster to advertise 
Sachem's annual flower sale. Because of her hard work 
and that of her fellow club members, this February's 
sale went very well. 






WHAT IF.. .(above) 

Mrs. Villiard offers Terita Heath-Wlaz some constructive criticism on one 
of her many poems. Although Terita writes exceptionally well, there is 
always room for improvement. Mrs. Villiard's knowledge and suggestions 
always help a great poem become even better. 

HARD AT WORK (above) 

Becky Pelrine carefully reads over poetry submissions. As a member c 
Sachem's board, it is her responsibility to help select which poems will 
featured in each issue and to help edit them as well. She and her fellow 
board members always do a great job. 




Each and every member was pleased with this beauti- 
fully drawn cover for the winter issue. It is important to 
have a captivating design on the cover, and this was one 
of the best ever. 


Terita Heath-Wlaz takes a break from typing up the 
poems featured in the winter issue to pose for a picture 
with Chris Cerrato, Kate Reidel, and Erin Wilensky. 

Erin looks a little distracted! 


King Philips ^rt and "Literary Magazine 

1NG AROUND (above) 

' Reidel and Keith Foster look as though they are having a blast as Kate 
s Keith some suggestions on his poem. Both of these sophomores have 
cated a lot of their time to Sachem, and their creative talents have added 
h to each issue. 


Trevanna Grenfell works diligently on a piece of artwork to be submitted 
to the winter issue of Sachem. Trevanna has wonderful artistic and writing 
talents, and she has proved to be a great asset to this club. 


The members of SADD break up into mini-committees in order to work 

more productively- Here the white-out committee plans white-out day, a 

day of remembrance for those who have lost their lives as a result of drunk 



Megan Conley and Kelly Dinand get more work done when working 
together rather than when they are working alone. The girls love putting 
their time and effort into a valuable club like SADD. 

Matt Lawless and Siobhan Howard take notes during a 
meeting. Members of SADD distribute jobs and plan 
upcoming events at meetings. 

THE THINKER (below) 

Jill Jackson fishes for ideas during a meeting. SADD 

members collaborate and come up with many creative 


•■ _ 

S.A.D.D., which stands for Students Against Drunk Driving, is having an incredibly productive year. Mrs. Lambert was 
chosen as the new advisor and had officers elected at the very first meeting. Co-presidents are Courtney Howard and 

Melissa Bell. Shannon Ober was elected as vice-president and Kerry Feeney as treasurer. Maggie Casey serves as 
secretary. The group has attended a SADD conference where they learned new techniques to reach students with their 
message. SADD has also tied red ribbons on students' cars to promote safe decisions. The group is doing a great job of 

spreading the awareness of the consequences of drunk driving. 


'Y FACES (below) 

;roup of SADD members doesn't look too sad. 
enjoy coming up with new ideas and events as 
is spending time together. 


■ SAl>t>- 


Courtney Howard, Melissa Bell, Maggie Casey and Shannon Ober attend 
an annual SADD conference. During the day the attendees listened to 
various speakers and shared ideas with other schools on how to improve 
their schools' SADD chapters. 

$tudent$ jLgain$t Drunk Driving 

Shannon Ober takes down notes for future events of 
SADD. As vice-president, Shannon does a lot of 
planning and a lot of writing. 


The decorating committee takes a quick picture before 
they begin to decorate the display case in the bus lobby. 
Every year SADD decorates the display case during the 
holiday season to promote safe behavior. 





LOUNGIN' (right) 

Members of the Ski Club huddle together for a quick 
picture before ordering dinner at the base of the 
mountain. They couldn't wait to get started skiing and 
snowboard ing first thing the next morning. 

ONE OF THE GANG (below) 

Mrs. Tower takes the opportunity to spend some time 
with several ski club members during the trip. She is 
very popular as a chaperone because she has the kind of 
personality that students can relate to. 

$h.oo$hin.g Down a White River 

WHAT A DAY! (above) 

Mike Prentice and Mike Stuart were exhausted, but content, after a long, 
cold day of snowboarding. These experienced snowboarders impressed 
everyone on the mountain, and they had a great time doing so! 


. ( 


Kelly Fagan, Beth Gaetani, Meghan McHale, Erin Flynn, and 

Diana Hadfield squeeze together as they show off a page of stickers of * 

of their favorite celebrities. For them, ski trips are a great opportunity t( 

hang out, relax, and have some quality girl-time. 

Ski Club 

The Ski Club is comprised of a large group of students who share an interest in skiing. Each 
winter, the club goes on two weekend ski trips. This year they traveled to Sunday River in 
January, and Sugarloaf in March. Ski trips are very popular events, and the sign-up lists are 
I always filled up to the maximum within two days. The students who attend always have a blast 
skiing and snowboarding. One of the best parts of going on the trip is hanging out with friends. 
', No matter which mountain they are at, there is always something to do at night: dine out, sit by 
I the fire, sit in the hot tub, play ping pong, or trashbag sled on the mountain. The advisors are 
Mrs. N. Tower and Mrs. Sullivan. Thanks to them, everyone who attends each trip is ensured a 
filled, well-organized weekend. 


i\ -i 


Andy Koziol looks a little lost on his way out for a day 
of fun in the snow. He and his fellow Ski Club members 
had the time of their lives on this trip to Sunday 
River. ..once they found their way to the top! 


Ryan Straw, Erin Flynn, and Jaron Goldstein take in 
the snow covered landscape. As true New Englanders, 
these three appreciate the snowy winters and the great 
sport that comes along with it. 

j SHADES (above) 

i n Hurley, Erin Flynn, and Meghan McHale prepare for a trip down 
■ the most challenging slopes. Although the sun's warmth is Wei- 
ll , the girls cut down on the glare with their ski goggles. 


Beth Gaetani, Andrea Lyons, and Kristin Kehrmeyer are all smiles as they 
model their matching ski sweaters. These fashionable girls looked great and 
stayed warm even when they were skiing on the freezing slopes. 


The Student Council members representing the senior 
class are (clockwise from top) Josh Cooney, 
Briana Short, Meg Jordan, Christina Policastro, Rhianne Crowley, 
Tim Mele, Kelly Wardner, and Kelly Fagan. Each of these students has put 
all of his/her effort into making sure that the senior class is one that will be 
remembered for years. Their example will be hard to follow in upcoming 
years, and they will be greatly missed! 


Ben Ghosh, Kerry McKinney, Jennifer Moore, Greg Santabarbara, and 
Pete Getty (front) are having a blast making posters for Spirit Week. Thes 
posters are seen all around the school, informing and exciting students 
about the events taking place during the week. The Student Council is in 
charge of organizing Spirit Week and other Homecoming events each 
October. Every year they think of creative new ways for KP students to 
show their school spirit. 

Student Council 

Tim Blinten, Dana Shaw, Elizabeth Andreozzi, 
Siobhan Howard, and Lauren Briere are new faces in 
the King Philip Student Council. They have brought a 
new way of thinking to the group. 

Representing the Class of 2002 are Katelyn McKenzie, 
Gregg Santabarbara, Pete Getty, Kerry McKinney, 
Ben Ghosh, and Judy Cronin. With a year of experience 
behind them these kids are ready to get down to 

. i 

WASH (below) 
i / McKinney, Jen Pulsone, Katelyn McKenzie, Kelly Wardner, and 
> Cronin show their enthusiasm as they wash cars at the annual Student 
( icil Car Wash. They spent the afternoon on the last day of school 
ing cars as a fundraiser for Student Council activities. Throughout the 
;hey continue to organize fundraisers such as Singled Out and school 
, fs. It is important to raise money for the activities they participate in. 

LIP SYNC (below) 

Tim Mele, Craig Blinten, Jamie Marks, and Jon Bluhm are taking part in a 
lip sync contest sponsored by the Student Council. These four performed to 
a song by Boyz 2 Men and handed out pink roses to the lucky girls in the 
audience.This night was not only a great opportunity to raise money, but it 
also gave these guys a chance to show everyone how sweet and sensitive 
they can be. Their performance was memorable. 




Jen Moore, Jamie Marks, Andrea Lyons, (back) 
Elizabeth Kinney, Jen Pulsone, Jonathan Bluhm, and 
Rosanne Boyle (front) get ready for a pose that is just 
screaming school spirit. They are definitely a lively 
bunch of Student Council members. 

WELCOME BACK! (below) 

Jamie Marks hangs a poster welcoming the juniors back 
to school on the first day. The Student Council has 
pledged to work on school spirit! 

Each year, several students from each class are elected to 

represent the school as members of the Student Council. The elected 

representatives are in charge of organizing many school events. 

KV Student Council 


G.A.P.S. stands for the Grady Auditorium Production Staff, or as they call it in the group Gee, A...'s pretty sexy. The 

organization is composed of students under the guidance of Mr. Ferreira. Their main purpose is to provide correct 

lighting and sound effects for the plays put on by the Drama Club. G.A.P.S. builds, paints, and maintains the sets 

of each and every production. During performances they help to get the actors on and off the stage at the correct times 

and help to make the productions go smoothly. They also provide town meetings, assemblies, inductions, and speakers 

with light and sound. These guys really know their technology and without them we would be in the dark — literally. 



Dennis Garofalo, a newcomer to G.A.P.S, had to learn 
how to work the lighting system and dealt with a lot of 
wise cracks at first. The end result was superb. 

TAKIN' A BREAK (right) 

Adam Gawthrope and Lindsay Dumont show off their 

tools of the trade. They were quite busy building 

and painting to create a realistic set for Miracle on 34th 


Jesse McKenzie was quite upset to be interrupted while 
trying to concentrate on the sound system during a 
dress rehearsal of Miracle on 34th Street. Jesse was the 
stage manager of all the shows this year and put in a lot 
of extra hours to make them run smoothly. 

Actors and members of G.A.P.S. spent many long 
Saturdays painting and constructing sets and sceneij 
They are shown here painting the background to fit| 
scene taking place in an apartment. Everyone came it 
covered in white paint. 


Metacomet is King Philip's very own newspaper that allows students to express their opinions and read about 

what's been going on around the school. The small group consists of Matthew Murphy, Kate Reidel, 

Michelle Matz, Michelle Wood and is run by Mrs. Melendy. Metacomet meets every Tuesday to discuss and type 

their articles. The club reports on many of the happenings at school such as the Battle of the Bands, a play, or a big 

win for an athletic team. The newspaper includes a section where students can buy a space and send their friends 

messages. They also honor teachers and students who deserve recognition. 

Kate Reidel and Melissa Wood revise Kate's most 
recent article. She wrote about the Battle of the Bands 
and how caring teens can be today since all of the 
proceeds went to charity. 

READY TO WORK! (left) 

The Metacomet staff begins a meeting with a quick talk 
on their upcoming articles. The group has a great 
working environment despite problems getting started. 

i ?lle Matz and Mrs. Melendy discuss what kinds 
■ cles will catch people's attention. Mrs. Melendy 
I er to give the kids something to talk about. 



Mrs. Melendy, Michelle Wood, and Kate Reidel look 
through a magazine to look for some creative writing 
techniques. These ladies are always on the lookout for 
ways to make the newspaper more imaginative. 








>•£ • 



ji Viece 

oi *f Keir 

Administration...— .228 



Support $taf£ 






Mr. William Mc^lduf f , Jr. (right) 

Mr. Brian $irianni (below) 
School Business Administrator 

Mr$. VicLcllae (right) 
Financial Secretary 

Kr$. tfioresi (far right) 

Executive Assistant to the 




Mr. Michael Levine (left) 

Putting the Pieces together 

Coming to King Philip this year has been an experi- 
ence not unlike the theme of the yearbook. The first 
two months have been a time of identifying all the 
pieces that make up the essence of this high school 
and then trying to put the pieces together. The first 
challenge, of course, has been learning about all of 
the people. Getting to know almost a thousand staff 
and students is indeed a daunting task! I feel that 
over the course of the year I have been able to become 
aquainted with the faculty and most students. Along 
with the people, an early piece of this experience has 
been finding my way around the building. Although 
I set out with a map on one of my first days at the end 
of August, small passageways are still revealed to 
me. In addition to these two major pieces have been 
the components of curriculum, MCAS, and sports. 
Putting all the pieces of King Philip together will not 
be completed for a very long time. 

-Elaine Hanson 

Mi$$ Le$$ard (above) 
Principal's Secretary 

Mr$. "Elaine Han.$ori 

Assistan Principal 

Kr$. Berry (above) 
Main Office Secretary 

Mr$. ^.ntonellis (above) 
Main Office Secretary 




Mrs. Barnes (below right) 

Language Arts 

Total Years Teaching: 13 

Favorite Disney Character: 


Mr. Bergquist (below) 
School Psychologist 
Total Years at KP: 24 

Fav. Disney Character: Mickey 

Mrs. Bertram (right) 

Special Education 

Total Years Teaching: 


Fav. Disney Character: Bambi 

Mr. Boucher (above) 


Physical Education 

Total Years Teaching: 7 

Fav. Disney Character: Pooh 

Mrs. Barrett (right) 


Total Years Teaching: 24 

Fav. Disney Character: 

Eeyore _J3ta^^ 

( ^ *• 



»' rf ^H 


] / Ciavattone and Shane Jackson consult Mrs. Tower about their art 
, ;ts. She is always willing to give advice, and encourages her students 

Have ovlt teachers ever 
traveled out of the country? 

England, Canada, Scandinavia, 

Spain, Mexico, Bermuda, 

and Western Europe 

and the Bahamas 

Mrs. Erickson 

Mrs. Pfeffer 

Ireland, Belgium, France, 

Norway, Sweden, Denmark, 

Wales, Mexico, Puerto Rico, 

Holland, Germany, Ireland, 

Aruba, and Canada 

and England 

Miss Parrott 

Mr. Riley 

All the continents except 

Austria, England, Switzerland, 

Australia and Antarctica 

Sweden, Germany, France, 

Miss Ryan 

Spain, and Portugal 

Mrs. Carneiro 

Ghana, Nigeria, Ethiopia, 

Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, 

Taiwan, Hong Kong, 

Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, 

Singapore, Bangkok, 

Spain, France, Germain/, 

and Tokyo 

Austria, Switzerland, Italy, 

Mrs. Barnes 

Belgium, Netherlands, japan, 

Hong Kong, Thailand, Mexico, 

No, there are so many 

and Canada 

beautiful places 

Ms. Bremer 

to see in the 

United States. 

Sweden and Canada 

Mrs. Carr 

Miss Levesque 

J backpacked through much of 

Bermuda and Canada 

Western Europe. 

Mr. Young 

Mr. Breen 

Mr. 3e$aw (left) 

Mr. jL.h.em (above) 

Language Arts 

Language Arts 

Total Years Teaching: 33 

Total Years Teaching: 31 

avorite Disney Character: 

Favorite Disney Character: 




Mr. Breen (below) 

Social Studies 

Total Years Teaching: 7 

Favorite Disney Character: 


Mrs. (right) 

Special Education 

Total Years Teaching: 10 

Favorite Disney Character: 




< t 



All you need is love. Let go of 

Get involved. 

what you think is just reward. 

Don't imagine that you aren't 

Let go. Trust. Create. 

good enough to do something. 

Be who you are. 

Be nice and have confidence, 

Ms. Parrot 

even when you are unsure of 

what's happening. 

Rise above the difficult moments 

Mr. Ferreira 

and stay positive. 

Make life fun and keep smiling. 

Stop whining and 

Mrs. Landry 

do your work. 

Mr. Kummer 

Follow your heart. 

Figure out what 

Be organized. 

you love most in life. 

It is the key to learning. 

Then get paid for it. 

Mrs. Knight 

Mrs. N. Tower 

You may not get out 

Write down the date and 

as much as you put in, 

figure out what 

but put in nothing and 

the question is asking. 

that's what you'll get. 

Do your homework. 

Mrs. Carr 

Mrs. Lambert 

Don't be afraid 

J call them the 

to volunteer for extra work. 

five P's of success: 

Also, for class \ 

Pozver of Purpose, Planning, 

be prepared to answer any 

Passion, Positive Attitude, and 

questions the teacher might ask. 


In other words, read and reread. 

Mr. Guillemette 

Miss Coutu 

How can $tudent$ 
become $Mcce$$fxil? 

Mr. CaXxareWa. (above) 
Athletic Director 

Ms. Bremer (right 
Social Studies 
Total Years Teaching: 35 
Favorite Disney Charac 


Mrs. Cress and Justin Wolfrum 

look like they are working hard to 
find new ideas for a project. 
Ceramics is always a good 
opportunity to try new things. 

M.r$. Brennein (left) 

Special Education 

Total Years Teaching: Forever 

Favorite Disney Character: 


M$. Burke (below) 

Language Arts 
Total Years Teaching: 2 

Hiss 3owe (above) 

Special Education 

Total Years Teaching: 4 

Favorite Disney Character: 

Minnie Mouse 

I \ 



"What i$ the worst excuse you 

have ever "heard from, a student 

for not having an assignment? 

Mi/ Mow mwsi /;<n>(' />»f if 

/ was busy doing a 


rehearsal for the play! 

Miss Levesque 

(However, the student 

wasn't there.) 

/ forgo* if d/ home. 

Mr. Ferreira 

Mr. Tatupu 

/ read this story 

/ rcrts driving to school with a 

two years ago and 

friend while working on my 

I didn't think I needed 

homework, and it blew out the 

to read it again. 


Mrs. Huckle 

Mrs. Viles-Antonellis 

Following several days off 

/ didn't know what you wanted 

from school due to 

us to do. 

Hurricane Gloria, 

Miss Parrott 

one boy told me he couldn't do 

his homeicork because 

Mi/ printer died. 

he didn't have electricity. 

Mr. Ahern 

Mrs. Knight 

My dog ate it. 

We lost power, 

Mr. Guillemette 

and I tried to do it 

by candle light, but 

/ went to the Superbowl 

the paper caught on fire. 

in Neio Orleans. 


Mrs. Neubauer 

Mrs. Barnes 

Mr. Cameiro (below) 

Physical Education 

Total Years Teaching: 13 

Favorite Disney Character: Loves them all 

TRESBIEN!!! (above) 

Miss Figueiredo and Andrea King 

look over Andrea's French 
worksheet. Luckily for Andrea, 
Miss Figueiredo knows the 
language inside and out. 

Mr$. Campos (right) 


Total Years Teaching: 19 

Favorite Disney Character: 



Mks. £hilsmt (left) 

World Languages 

Total Years Teaching: 15 

Favorite Disney Character: 


Mrs. Carr (left) 

Media Center 

Total Years Teaching: 19 

Favorite Disney Character: 


Mrs. Chamherland 

Special Needs Secretary 

Mr. Cormier (above) 

Total Years Teaching: 39 

Mrs. Cameiro (left) 


Total Years Teaching: 13 

Favorite Disney Character: 

Cricket (from Mulan) 




Miss Coutu (right) 

Social Studies, 


Total Years Teaching: 29 

Favorite Disney Character: 

Snow White 

Mr$. Pombkowski 



Total Years Teaching: 32 

Favorite Disney Character: 


Mr. ?*ayle (above) 

History student teacher 

Total Years Teaching: 

Learning the trade. 

Mrs. dress (above right) 
Total Years Teaching: 6 
Favorite Disney 

T "7 Character: Pooh 


Mr. PoHerty (right) 


Total Years at KP: 32 

Favorite Disney Character: 

Donald Duck 

Mr. "ierrexra (left) 

Social Studies 

Total Years Teaching: 10 

Favorite Disney Character: Maleficent 

Mrs. lirickson (below) 

Social Studies 
Total Years Teaching: 33 

Mrs. Crehan (above) 

Guidance Secretary 

Total Years at KP: 12 

A medical technician. 

I was sure I didn't want 

to be a teacher! 

Mrs. Villiard 

A hairstylist! 

Thank heaven I changed 

my mind! 

Mrs. Carr 

A journalist or 

a computer programmer 

Mr. Kramer 

To be a pharmacist 

would have been nice. 

Miss Strekoras 

I wanted to be a diplomat. 
Miss Bremer 

A dental technician 
Mr. Riley 

A pediatrician 
Miss Levesque 

An engineer 
Mr. Sumner 

A nurse 
Mrs. Mullaney 

A lawyer 
Mr. Besaw 

An artist 
Mrs. Melendy 

Always a teacher 
Miss Coutu 

A great writer 
Mr. Skenyon 

A R.I. state trooper 
Mr. Lavallee 

"What did owr teachers think tKey 
wanted to he after High, school?? 


Mrs. < 

(below right) 

Health Education 

Total Years Teaching: 4 

Mr. finase (below) 

Social Studies 

Total Years Teaching: 24 

Favorite Disney Character: 


Mr. 6uernon (above) 

Social Studies 

Total Years Teaching: 25 

Favorite Disney Character: 


Mr$. Harrington (right) 

Social Studies 

Total Years Teaching: 6 

Favorite Disney Character: 


Mi$$ figueiredo (right) 

World Languages 

Total Years Teaching: 11 



Mr. duillemette (below) 


Total Years Teaching: 31 

Favorite Disney Character: Mickey 

What kind of car was 
your first car? 

Banana Yellow 

Wliite Cainaro 

Volkswagen Bug 

Mrs. N. Tower 

Mrs. Buchanio 

1955 Mercury Coupe 

Blue Honda Accord 

Mr. Young 

Hatchback (held together 

by assorted wire and tape) 

Mercury Comet 

Mrs. Cress 

Mrs. Mullaney 

1957 Chevrolet Impala 

Toyota Corolla 

Mr. Doherty 

Mrs. Barnes 

1976 Dodge Omni 

Renault Alliance 

Mrs. Heagney 

Mrs. Lambert 

Old Mail Jeep 

Nissan 2005x 

Mrs. Kajencki 

Mrs. Bertram 

Mustang Convertible 

Chevrolet Pick-up Truck 

Miss Ryan 

Mrs. Neubauer 


II It 


Mr*. Hamilton (left) 

World Languages 

Total Years Teaching: 9 

Favorite Disney Character: 

Donald Duck 

WHAT A DAY (above) 
John King poses with everyone's 
favorite substitute, Miss Manteca. 
Miss Manteca was a King Philip 
teacher for many years and can't 
seem to get enough of the King 
Philip atmosphere. 


Mr. Uo$ford (below) 

Media Center 
Total Years Teaching: 15 

Mr$. Ueagney (right) 

Guidance Counselor 

Total Years Teaching: 4 

Favorite Disney Character: 


All you need is love. Let go of 

Get involved. 

what you think is just reward. 

Don't imagine that you aren't good 

Let go. Trust. Create. 

enough to do something. 

Be who you are. 

Be nice and have confidence, even 

Miss Parrott 

when you are unsure of what's 


Rise above the difficult moments 

Mr. Ferreira 

and stay positive. 

Make life fun and keep smiling. 

Stop whining and 

Mrs. Landry 

do your work. 

Mr. Kummer 

Follow your heart. 

Figure out what 

Be organized. 

you love most in life. 

It is the key to learning. 

Then get paid for it. 

Mrs. Knight 

Mrs. N. Tower 

You may not get out 

Write down the date and 

as much as you put in, 

figure out what 

but put in nothing and 

the question is asking. 

that's what you'll get. 

Do your homework. 

Mrs. Carr 

Mrs. Lambert 

Don't be afraid 

/ call them the 

to volunteer for extra work. 

five P's of success: 

Also, for class 

Power of Purpose, Planning, 

be prepared to answer any 

Passion, Positive Attitude, and 

questions the teacher might ask. In 


other words read and reread. 

Mr. Guillemette 

Miss Coutu 

How can $tudent$ 

"become $Mcce$$ful? 

Mr$. ffuckle: (above) 

Language Arts 

Total Years Teaching: 24 

Fav. Disney Character: 

The Little Mermaid 

Mr$. If oxide', (right 

Special Education 
Total Years Teaching: 2 

Favorite Disney 
Character: Cinderella 

fir$. Kct jencki (above) 


Total Years Teaching: 4 

Favorite Disney Character: 


DECA instructor, Mr. Guillemette 
shows students Jesse McKenzie 
and Justin Setter how to use the 
cash register during lunch. One of 
DECA's main sources of profit 
comes from candy sales during lunch. 

M.r. Jacques (below) 

Mr. H oxide (above) 
Language Arts 



Cast of "The Wizard of Ox" 

Mrs. Harrington 

Glinda the Good Witch 
Ms. Levesque 

Tin Man 
Mr. Sumner 

Flying Monkeys 
Mrs. Cress 

Cowardly Lion 
Mr. Guernon 

Miss Gulch 
Mrs. Mannering 

Mrs. Kajencki 

r/ze Wizard 
Mr. Ahern 

Horse of a Different Color 
Mrs. Landry 

Mr. Boucher 

Wicked Witch of the West 
Mrs. Buchanio 

Miss Ryan 

Mrs. Chilson 

77/z Mfl/i 
Mr. Breen 

Ms. Parrott 

Coivardly Lion 
Mr. Lavallee 

Mrs. Kni<jHt (above) 


Total Years Teaching: 20 

Favorite Disney Character: 


Mr. Kramer (right) 


Total Years Teaching: 4 

Favorite Disney Character: 


Mr. Keleher (below) 

Guidance Counselor 

Total Years Teaching: 34 

Favorite Disney Character: Mickey 


Mr. Lcinciaux (left) 

World Languages 

Total Years Teaching: 10+ 

Favorite Disney Character: 


£lr. Kummer (below left) 


Total Years Teaching:15 

Favorite Disney Character: 


Krs. Landry (below) 

Special Education 

Total Years Teaching: 4 

Fav. Disney Character: Woody 

Mr$. Lambert (above) 


Total Years Teaching: 3 

Favorite Disney Characters: 


DUTY CALLS (left) 

Miss Strekouras guards the 

bathroom entrance during her duty 

period. Andrea Lyons and 

Kate Martin stop by for a chat 

about last night's math homework. 



During the passing period, 
Mrs. Carneiro and Jenilee Pike 
have an interesting conversation. 
They are talking about what is going 
to happen in the next art class. 

Hr$. M.cCourt (below) 

World Languages 
Total Years Teaching: 24 
Favorite Disney Character: 

ti.S- Levesque (above) 

Special Education 

Total Years Teaching: 1 

Favorite Disney Teacher: 


Mr. l\a$$otti (above 


Special Education 

Mr. Ligor (right) 


Total Years Teaching: 30 

. i 

Mr. Lazzara (left) 

Environmental Science 

Total Years Teaching: 32 

fir. tiasraXlee (below) 


Total Years Teaching: 31 

Favorite Disney Character: 

Captain Hook 

Mr$. Kannerin^ (above) 

World Languages, Spanish 

Total Years Teaching: All my life 

Favorite Disney Character: 

Flower or Iago 

A medical technician. 

To be a pharmacist would 

I was sure I didn't want 

have been nice 

to be a teacher! 

Miss Strekouras 

Mrs. Villiard 

A dental technician 

J wanted to be a diplomat. 

Mr. Riley 

Ms. Bremer 

A Rhode Island 

A pediatrician 

State Trooper 

Miss Levesque 

Mr. Lavallee 

A nurse 

A journalist or 

Mrs. Mullaney 

a computer programmer 

Mr. Kramer 

An artist 

Mrs. Melendy 

A lawyer 

Mr. Besaw 

A great writer 

Mr. Skenyon 

A hairstylist! 

Thank heaven I changed 

An engineer 

my mind! 

Mr. Sumner 

Mrs. Carr 

What did our teachers think they 
wanted to be after High School?? 

fir$. Melendy (below) 

Language Arts 

Total Years Teaching: 1 

Favorite Disney Character: 
Jiminy Cricket 

Mr. Vadel (right) 

Social Studies 

Student Teacher 

Total Years Teaching: 1 

"Where i$ your favorite 
place to -vacation? 

Florida, Paris 
Mrs. Zuercher 

Miss Strekouras 

Alaska, Hawaii 
Mrs. Shirley 

New Hampshire 
Miss Levesque 

Bermuda, Canada 
Mr. Young 

Drake's Island, Maine 
Mr. Riley 

Disney World 
Mrs. Harrington 

Rhode Island 
Mrs. Heagney 

St. Martin 
Mrs. Brennan 

Caribbean Islands 
Mrs. Knight 

Mrs. McCourt 

Maine, California 
Mrs. Stankiewicz 

Race Point Beach, 

in town 

Mrs. Tower 

Winters in Florida 

Summers in Cape Cod 

Miss Southworth 

J!r$. Mullaney (right) 

Special Education 

Total Years Teaching: 23 

Favorite Disney Character: 

Donald Duck 

t f : -. i^^m^^ 

■ ' ; ' 1 "■ • 1 _A 48 



y ^^j^m 








Mrs. ITeubauer (left) 


Total Years Teaching: 20 

Fav. Disney Character: Pooh 

Miss Parrott 

(below left) 


Total Years Teaching: 6 

Favorite Disney Character: 


Mrs. Vclvclo (below) 
Special Needs 


Mrs. Vieiier (above) 

Physical Education 

Total Years Teaching: 29 

Favorite Disney Character: 

Jiminy Cricket 

TWO ON ONE (left) 

Mrs. Carr guides Andy Howard 

and Mike Kraby in their research. 

The King Philip Media Center is a 

wonderful place to study and gather 




vm m ID 

LEAN ON ME (below) 

Mr. Hosford lends a helping hand 

to Lindsay Dumont and 

Adam Gawthrope. No matter what 

Mr Hosford is always there to help 

a student in need. 

Mr. Schmidt 



Total Years Teaching: 31 

Favorite Disney Character: 




Mrs. D. Tower 

Mr. Ferreira 

English and History 


Mr. Keleher 

Miss Szczepaniak 


Physical Education 

Mr. Bergquist 

Mr. Boucher 

French and English 


Mr. Ahern 

Mrs. Huckle 

Contemporary Issues 


Mrs. Viles-Antonellis 

Mrs. Raymond 


Advanced Biology 

Ms. Parrott 

Mrs. Knight 



Miss Coutu 

Mrs. Carr 



Mr. Guillemette 

Mrs. Mannering 

W/zaf zms your favorite subject 
in high school? 

Mr. "Riley (above) 

Design Technology 

Total Years Teaching: 21 

Favorite Disney Character: Goofy 

Vii$$ 'Rycin (left) 

Language Arts 

Total Years Teaching: 27 

Favorite Disney Character: 



tir$. "Raymond 

(below left) 


Total Years Teaching: 27 

Kr. Runeman (below) 

District Technology 


Mr$. Shirley (above) 


Total Years Teaching: 27 

Favorite Disney Character: 

Jiminy Cricket 

Kr$. Bumsey (left) 

Special Education 

Total Years Teaching: 20 

Favorite Disney Character: 







.-.-» ■> - 



Mrs. Sullivan and 
Nicole Armitage know each other 
well. The nurse's office is usually 
packed full with students, both sick 
and sick of school. 

M$. Smestad (below) 


Total Years Teaching: 1 

Favorite Disney Character: 




Mr$. Smith, (above) 

Physical Education 

Total Years Teaching: 32 

Favorite Disney Character: 

Daisy Duck 

Mr. Skenyon 
(above right) 
Language Arts 
-j_ -^Total Years Teaching: 3 



fir. Simarrian (right) 

Social Studies 

Total Years Teaching: 31 

Favorite Disney Character: 

Donald Duck 

fti$$ South-worth (left) 

Language Arts 

Total Years Teaching: 30 

Favorite Disney Character: 

Daisy Duck 

Acx Bb Cc 

Dd Ee FF 


What kind of activities did you do 
when you were in high school? 

Class President, 
Student Council 
-Mr. Lanciaux 

Debate Club, 

Student Council 

-Mr. Besaw 

Basketball, volleyball 
-Mrs. Brennan 

-Miss Southworth 

-Mr. Hosford 

Spanish Club 
- Mrs. McCourt 

Baseball, football 
-Mr. Ligor 

French NHS, Yearbook 
-Mrs. Neubauer 

Cheerleader, drama 
-Mrs. Buchanio 

Baseball, hockey 
- Mr. Lavallee 

-Mr. Breen 

Cheerleader, tennis 
-Mrs. Bertram 

Band, field hockey 
-Mrs. Cress 

Drama, student council 
- Mrs. Kajencki 

- Mrs. Chilson 

Field Hockey, volleyball 
-Ms. Rumsey 

Track, NHS 
- Ms. Smestad 

Equestrian sports 
- Mrs. Gallagher 



Mrs. Solomon (left) 

Media Center Secretary 

Total Years Teaching: 4 

Favorite Disney Character: 

Minnie Mouse 

Mr$. Stankiewic* 


Total Years Teaching: 24 <■ y- 
Fav. Disney Characterr25l- 

Mickey « 



Kr$. V. *fower (right) 

Special Education 
Total Years Teaching: 20 

Vis. $trekourtt$ (below) 


Total Years Teaching: 17 

Favorite Disney Character: 

Donald Duck 

tir$. Sullivan(above) 

School Nurse 

Total Years Teaching: 20 

Favorite Disney Character: 

Mickey Mouse 

Mr. Sumner (above right) 
Technology Education 
Total Years Teaching: 38 
Favorite Disney Character: 

-25?i Goof y 

Mr. fatupu (right) 
Special Education 

Miss $%c%epaniak (left) 


Total Years Teaching: 

Can't count that high 

Favorite Disney Character: 





If you to describe King "Philip to 
a stranger, vrhat would you say? 

It's a great place for students I would say that it is a school 
to learn and faculty to teach. that has a lot to offer. 

Mrs. Neubauer Mrs. Zuercher 

A great school filled with di- 
verse students. 

Mrs. N. Tower 

Friendly and spirited. 

Mr. Ahern 

It's a small community. Many 
of the teachers went to this 
school, so there is a lot of pride 
in the school. 

Miss Levesque 

A high school where strangers 
become friends that play and 
learn together. 

Mr. Guillemette 

King Philip offers a well- 
rounded education for stu- 
dents who are willing to work. 
Mrs. Shirley 

Great school! Good kids! 

Miss Szczepaniak 

KP is the best school I've 
taught at out of three 

Mrs. Viles-Antonellis 

A friendly atmosphere. 

Mrs. Huckle 

KP is an underappreciated 
gem. We offer a fantastic edu- 
cation to all who apply them- 

Mr. Kummer 

A diverse academic school with 

fust under 1 ,000 students with 

great teachers and leadership. 

Coach Tatupu 

An excellent public high 
school, blessed with dedicated 
teachers and wonderful stu- 
dents. The students here are 
top notch- great attitudes! 

Mr. Keleher 

Mr. tfileston (left) 


Total Years Teaching: 22 

Favorite Disney 

Character: Goofy 

Mrs. Smith helps a student prepare 
for a climb up the wall. Students 
look forward to the climbing unit 
because it gives them the chance to 
try some challenging activities. C -> 



Mrs. %\ (below) 

World Languages 

Total Years Teaching: 21 

Favorite Disney Character: 

Belle or The Little Mermaid 

Mrs. Villiard (below) 


Total Years Teaching: 32 

Favorite Disney Character: 

Uncle Scrooge McDuck 

Mrs. tf. Tower (below) 


Total Years Teaching: 23 

Favorite Disney Character: Tigger 

Mr. Webb (above) 

Mr. Young (right) 

Guidance Counselor 

Total Years Teaching: 30 

Favorite Disney Character: 



Mrs. Viles-^ixtonellis 


Social Studies 

Total Years Teaching: 29 

Fav. Dis. Char.: Cinderella 

Custodial Staff 

Mr. Courtney (farthest left) 

Mr. Gardner (far left) 

Mr. Willi* (middle left) 

Mr. Raymond (left) 

TAKE ME HOME (left) 
The King Philip bus drivers provide 
exceptional service to students each 
day. They are always on call and 
ready to go whenever and wher- 
ever they're needed, no matter what 
the circumstances. 

Other King 
Philip Staff 

WHAT'S FOR LUNCH? (far left) 
Carol Troiano cafeteria director, 
Karol Santos, Beth Impey, 
Patty Belcher, Donna Swan, 
Cheryl Dearden, Mary-Ellen Dervan, 
Gay Zervas, Deb Langevin, and 
Liz Treen prepare lunch for everyone. 

. ..(, !]U 

STOP! (above left) 
John Zervas, the school's crossing 
guard, advises drivers to stop. He 
works in the rain or shine, each day, 
to ensure our safety. 










$.&$, Baby £d$ 235 






■ ■ 

jA.lli$<m Lodge 

Wow! * Super!* We knew you could do 
it! * You're on your way. * Nothing can 
stop you now! * You've discovered the 
secret. * You figured it out. * You're 
growing up. 


You deserve all 101 — but we've run out of space 
Keep pushing us to play those late night games. 

~ Uncle Brian, Uncle John and Aunt Tricia 

Edward X Vemone, Jr, 


I'm going to miss you next year! 
Congrats on all you've accom- 
plished. I have always looked up 
to you. Good luck in college and 
have fun! 




• Hockey 

• Public Skating 

• Ice Rentals 
• Camps 8 Clinics 

• Figure Skating 


One Dean Street 508-520-9200 

Norfolk, Massachusetts 02056 (Fax) 508-520-9888 

3ttelis$ct j4nn $fa.arron 



and good luck! 


Mom, Dad, 

Keith & Katie 

Christina Gxaqas 


You're a smooth talker. 
You are! 

We're so proud of the beautiful, confident, 

caring young woman you've become. 


Mom & Dad 


$ean Cdhalane 

Congratulations, Sean! 
Dreams do come true. 

You have overcome and accomplished 

much so far. 

Continue the same success. 


Mom & Dad 



Be$t "Wishes, Cla$$ of 2CCC 


eas cross ctunn ■ »" now Tmci 

Mrs. Paula Hamilton Mrs. Jill Harrington 

^Imy fenne$$y 


You have emerged from childhood as a caring, compassionate 
young lady. Although the years have flown by, the childhood 
memories will last a lifetime. Now, take hold of your dreams, 
your ambitions, and your destiny... and know that the Lord and 
your family will be with you along the way! 

Mom and Dad 



drrace Becker 

Dear Grace, 

You're amazing! 



Mom & Dad 

William f$on 

Partridge III 

We love you, 

Thorn — 
Mom & Dad 

— ^Llli$oti Lodge 


You're the best big sister 
in the whole wide world. 
We'll remember all of the 
fun times together and 
look forward to more to 
come in the future. 

Love always, 
Lauren Doodles, Kellie Belle & Melissa Maloo 

mmmm m m mam 

John B. tioma$ney Jr. 

We are so 

proud of you, 


filli$on JfcHerrick 

We love you, 

Dad & Mom 

->-.->. a, 

lirin Lee flynn 


No parents could ever feel as close 
to a child as we do to you. You are 
sensitive and caring, loving and 
giving. You are a person whom 
people respect and so do we. 
We are so proud of you — 

Mom and Dad 


Good Luck and Success 

to the 

Class of 2000, 

the Class of the Millennium! 

The King Philip Teachers' 





Brian Paul Hamlin Jr. I 

^^" v >* . Congratulations on all 

your achievements, Bri. 

We're so proud of you! 

All our love, 

Mom, Dad, 

Brandi & Timbo 


Jillian Coates 

Shine On Your Crazy 



Mom & Dad 

Lind$ey Marie Conroy 


We can't believe that our 
baby is all grown up! We 
wish you all that life has to 
offer. We will always be 
here for you. 

Mom & Dad 

^Lmy fenne$jsy 

To my big sister and hero, Amy: 
'You are my sunshine, my only sunshine!" 

Love, your little sister, 
Erin Fennessy 

Kyan Daniel Mile$ H 

Congratulations, Ryan! 

We are so proud of you! 


Mom, Dad, 

Dave, Brett, Marianne, 

Melissa & Cara 


Call: 528-0731 


- A Full Service Oil Company - 
Heating & Plumbing 

• Complete Heating Installations 
• 24 Hour Burner Services 

• Automatic Fuel Delivery 

George Cronin 


5 George St. 
Norfolk, MA 02056 




■ ■ - 

RatHerine findreo%%i 


And I think to 

myself.. .what a 

wonderful world. 



Sarah. M.arie (sentry 

Hey Kid, 

Good job so far 

but 4 more to go! 

Hope to see you around 

these parts next year. 

Love, Jeff 

Tiara Jeanne Karin 

Congratulations, Tara. 

You are an amazing young woman. 

May God Bless You Always, 

Much Love, 

Mom, Dad, and Jake 




Scott looker 




Love, Mom and Papa 



300 East Central Street 

(Route 140) 
Franklin, MA 02038 


•Leagues for all Ages 
•Bumper Bowling 
•Birthday Parties 



New> Glow Bowling 



24hr Emergency Sarvic* 

On Site DcIIvwIm 

Horn* HMting OS. Karoaana. Off Road Diaaal Fual, Highway Diaaal 

24hr Pump Accms 
Off Road Diaaal Fual. Karoaana. Highway Diaaal 

Johnny's Oil Service, Inc. 

€ South Street 
lainville, MA 02762 

(508) 384-2270 

(508) 695-2270 

Fax (508) 695-4492 


Wendy Bukstalis 


Congratulations to the 
best sister in the World. 

Good luck in College, 
Love Tara 

filli$on Lodge 

We were with you at first launch; 
We will be with you as you blast 
^ off into the new millennium. 

Gram and Grandpa Lodge 

Peter Matthew tiovrn 

IK gjjf 




Thank you for being a 

wonderful son 


Thank you for being the 

young man 

we knew you could 


Always be true to yourself, Pete. 

We're proud of you. We love you. 
Mom & Dad 


Rt. 1A Norfolk, MA 02056 



Class oi 2CCC 




Michael R. Darcy 


We are very proud of you and all that you have accomplished. 

We love you very much. 

Mom, Dad, Grammy, Gramma, 'Retta, Deb, Ron, Darcy, Ryan, Cliffy, Frick and Frack 


^.tny $. fenne$$y 1 1 


/ love you, a bushel and a peck, 

and a hug around the neck! 

Watching over his favorite niece, Amy. 

In loving memory, 

Uncle Pete 

'Ryan $tra w 

You have made 
us proud. 


Mom, Dad 





Jonathan D. Vond 

Congratulations, Jon! 

Celebrate all you have learned and 
accomplished. Be happy with what 
you choose. Remember the truly 
important things in life. Do good, 
be kind, and be true to yourself. 
With love- 
Mom, Dad, 
Jeff. Steve and Nate 




Jenna Menfi 

You had me from hello. 





Je$$ica Ht. Va$h 


You have brought us joy and 
happiness and we are very proud 
of you and always will be. 
Congratulations for all that you 
have accomplished. 

Dad & Mom 

Jesse McKenfcie 


Reach for the stars and all your 
dreams will come true. You are 
the bestest little brother in the 
world! I am proud of you. Keep 
up the good work! Have fun in 
college. I love you. 

fl-tny ienne$$y and Becky Cochrane 

A best friend is one who walks in, 
when the rest of the world walks out. 






fhe Kins Philip 
School Committee 
9 wishes each, member 

of th.e 

Class of 2CCC 
"Health., Happiness, and Success, 

Standing (left to right): Ken Patton, Brian Sirianni, Sam Williams, George Cronin, William McAlduff, Clare Sullivan, Briana Short 
Seated (left to right): Jane Morris, Karin Cobb, Linda Maloney, Maureen Howard, Jeanette Mattar 

King Philip Regional School District 


Kate dr. j&llen 



To a Special Daughter 

who brought many years of Jo 
May the Great Spirit guide you 
on your Journey 

Love Always, 

Dad, Mom, & Jess 

J r~ 

r — ~ 


VieLi$$a Clark. 




2 1 

1 ~ r° 


Hope you find what you're looking for. 

Good luck in whatever you do. 


Mom and Dad 

L ' unii ihi Trrn 



Courtney jfceiler Murphy 

- i 1 r -s r~ H ~) r 

Kffi^?17fc\« ? .^Bk' .< .^ M Dear Courtney, 


Dear Courtney, 

Everyday with you has been a source of joy and pride. 
You have given your entire mind and heart to all challenges and we look 
forward to watching you continue your journey. 

Please know that as we look ahead, we see happiness for you at every turn; 
Soar on eagle's wings, Sweetheart; you are always in the palm of His hand. 

We love you! 
Mom and Daddy 


You have no idea how much you have 
helped me or how much you mean to me. 
All the pictures of us could never express 
the great times we have had. I love you 








CoH^^um^ £toi0ttf 

Cout/Kuuenti of 

Professional Photography 

1062 Taunton Avenue Rt. 44 

Seekonk, Massachusetts 02771 

(508) 336-4777 

Yowv Yeatbook 


■j«i^ i 




"Robert Martin <ii 


How quickly the past arrives. 
Yesterday's laughter brings us 
Sweet smiles of memory. 
Bright and Shining you were named, 
And Bright and Shining you remain. 
Your Joy is our Joy. 

All our Love, 
Mom and Dad 

Ufancy ^ntonelli^ 


Through the years your sparkling 
eyes and animated smile have lit 
up our home, bringing us much 
happiness. We wish you a lifetime 
of joy and dreams-come-true as 
you meet the future. 
Mom and Dad 

Kelly Jinn 


Congratulations! We are so proud of the beautiful 
and caring young lady you have become. Reach for 
the stars and follow your dreams in whatever you do. 
We know you will succeed. And Keep Smiling! 
We love you so much! 
Mom, Dad and Ryan 



1 092 South Street 
P.O. Box 2007 
Wrentham, MA 02093 

Tel: 508-384-8303 

Fax: 508-384-2508 






Kri$ten M.arie Hooker 


Jv ind 

ix espected 

I ntelligent 
S trong 
1 alented 
hj nthusiastic 
N one Better 

We love you and are so proud! ! 


Mom, Dad & Joe 

Rate Kavanah 

Dear Kate, 

Congratulations and Best Wishes — With all our 
Love as you follow your heart and dreams, 
making the world a better place. 

Dad, Mom & Matt 

Michelle "Wood 


Congratulations on this special occasion 

of graduating at the Millennium. 

We've shared a lot of fond memories and experiences together 

and we look forward to sharing many more together. 

As you move on, always remember to enjoy life 

and don't sweat the small things. 

College is right around the corner 

and before you know it we'll be celebrating another graduation. 

Best of luck and best of wishes always. 

Mom and Dad 





170 South Street 
P.O. Box 2340 


508«699»0688 FAX 



I up 


We're really 
proud of you. 

Mom and Dad 


Dear Carol, 

As always, you have made us proud to have you for a daughter. 

Congratulations on your fine academic achievements. 
Over the years you have grown into a beautiful young lady 

both inside and out who has made us so happy. 

Best of luck in college and we hope that you reach all your 

dreams in the future. 

Always remember, "Work hard...." 

Love Always, 
Dad and Mom 


102 SOUTH ST. • WRENTHAM, MA 02093 • (508) 384-6101 • FAX (508) 384-8547 





Kristin fay Beck 

Kissy — my girl 

jlmy fenne$$y, 

t's hard to believe you're actually graduating from high 

chool. Where has all the time gone? I remember you 

•eing born! 

know you will be successful in whatever you do in your 

ife. I wish you all the best! 

Your godmother, Ginny 

Scott Jt. tterlin 

Here's looking at you, 


Congratulations, Scott. 


Mom, Dad 

Kev & Ryan 

"Wendy Rra$naxi$ka$ 

Love Always, 

3&my "filifcabeth. $mith 

We are proud of the 

special young lady you have become. 

Work hard and 

your dreams will come true! 

We love you. 
Mom, Dad, Pete & Gram 





W. T. Holmes Transportation Co. 

22 Myrtle Street 

Norfolk, MA 02056 

(508) 528-4550 

Safely transporting our school children since 1932. 


■ ■ '■ ■? "■ \ : 



'Edward Dem.or%e, Jr. 



We used to laugh about graduating in 2000. Now it's actually here! 
We love you and are very proud of all you've done. 

Mom & Dad 

Kri$ty Jl, flaKerty 

Always keep a smile on your face. 


Mom and Dad 

Cari$$a Hassell 


Congratulations! We are very proud of you. 
May your future be all that you want it to be. 

Mom, Dad, and Michael 






4. fWIt 

Donald E. Fisher, D.D.S. 

14 Common Street 
Wrentham, MA 02093 



^Robert 12. Voane 

You've grown into 

quite a man. 


We love you! 

Mom & Dad 

m Colleen 

To My Eggie, 

You are truly the 
best and I love 
you ! What would 
I do without you 
in my life! You 
have the most 
amazing person- 
ality and spunk 
for life that make 
you a one-of-a- 
kind person. You 

can accomplish anything you want. There are no bound- 
aries ahead of you. Just remember, 

You can do it, Stewart! 
When it comes to us, it just shows that sisters can be the 
best of friends and will always be there for each other. I 
love you and good luck! 





Melissa lidnteigne 


We love you and we're very proud. 


Mom, Dad, 

Nan, Michelle, Dave & DJ 

Lecmne findrade 

To Leanne, 

We are very proud of you. I can't believe how fast the 
years have gone by. You turned out perfect. Your heart 
is gold. 

Love You, 

Mom, Dad, 

Joe & Tresa 



Je$$e Keene 

Congratulations, Jesse! 

We are so proud of your accomplishments. We 

wish you a future filled with happiness and success. 


UMom, Dad, & Matt 

Jo$h&a Tlohert Brock 

Joshua — The world got a little brighter the day 
you were born. Your family loves you very much 
and we watch with pride as you become a man. 
Love, Mom, Dad 
Stephanie, John, and Shannon 

1 i n nun 

'Elisabeth. J. draetazxi 


From the second 
you entered into 
this world you 
have been a joy — 
full of laughter and 
light, depth and 
wisdom, love and 
grace — You are 
one of a kind! 

You have never been afraid to simply be yourself and this 
makes us so very proud of you! 

We wish for you all the good things that life holds and most 
especially we wish for you a life full of Love. God Bless 
you! "Grammy's Little Angel" and "AZ Buddy"! 

With Great Joy, Immense Pride and Eternal Love, 
Mom and Dad 


You are the Best! 

Love, Ben 

Congratulations on this important accomplishment! I am so 
very proud of you! You are such a wonderful sister, friend 
and young woman. Remember to always work hard, play 
hard and live life to its fullest! I love you so much, Sis! 



The Norfolk Barber Shop 

Route 1 15 • 84 Rockwood Rd. 
Norfolk, MA 02056 

Phone (508) 520-41 86 

Kellie Cronity. 


Good luck at school next year. 

We hope for only the best 

things in life for you. 

You'll always be our 

"little sunshine." 

Mom and Dad 



Bright Eyes 

Bright Smile 

Bright Boy! 

We love you, Tim. 

Mom and Dad 




William 'Raymond 


A bottle in your hand, your finger in the air 

on a magic carpet, without a care 

Time may age you, and hairs may gray 

But kids like you, forever young do stay. 

Thumbs up, William 


Mom and Dad, 

Christy, Dave, 

Grammie and Papa 

"EJIiicibeth M.cujner 

Congratulations. We are very proud of you. 

Mom and Dad 

Wendy Bukstalis 


Congratulations to a most wonderful Daughter — 

We are so very proud of you 

and all your accomplishments. 

With all our love always, 

Mom and Dad 

fllli$on tieigh Milld 

We are so proud of all your accomplishments. 

You have become a remarkable young woman and 

have brought us so much joy. 

We wish you success and happiness 

as you reach for the dreams of your heart. 

Love always, 

Mom and Dad 

Kelly "Wctrdner 

Congratulations, Kelly! 

From your first day of school to your graduation, 

you've worked so hard. 

We are so proud of you ! 

May God bless you in all you do. 

Mom, Dad, Scott, & Lori 

^flmy ieixne$$y 


Your birth made us grandparents... 
Your childhood brought sunshine into our lives... 
Now as a young lady you have made us so proud. 

Yiayia and Poppee 

Katherine 1J. fcndreozxi 

In nursery school you once wrote, "Love is a Heart that is 
born in you." Through the years, you have always put your 
heart into academics, athletics, your family and friends, 
giving us moments of pride and joy. Follow that same heart 
into the future, and may you find peace, happiness, and love. 

Love From All Our Hearts, 
Mom, Dad, Kristen, Emily, and Lizzie 


filli$on. Lodge 


All the precious time like the wind, 

the years go by 

Precious butterfly spread your wings and 


We've watched you grow into a beautiful 
young woman, always amazed by your 
accomplishments as your future unfolds. 

We'll always be here to love and support 

j C 

remember — 

Call if you're going to be late, 

Never kiss on a first date, 

Leave gas in the tank, 

Remember to say thanks, 

Study for big tests, 

Always do your best, 

No matter where you roam, 

We'll always have a place you can call home. 

Love, Dad and Terri 

\ / 








WED TO SAT 1 1 :00 TO 5:00 
SUN 12:00 TO 5:00 



John. Pepin 




Mom & Dad 





jLndrea Rate "Ra$icot 

Unc\e Brian 

Dear and Pops 

Congratulations, Andrea! 
We are so proud of you! 



Cla$$ of 2CCC 


You have a family that loves you very much. 
Your love for family and friends is unsurpassed. 
Live each day of your life to its fullest and as an 
adventure. Set your goals high because you 
possess no limitations^ 

Mom, Dad, Family 



^illi$on Lodge C 

Tres Chere Allison, 

La premiere phase de ta vie se termine, la 
prochaine ne tarde pas. Bientot tu partiras 
pour l'universite, oil eneore une fois tu feras 
le bonheur de ta famille. Nous sommes tous 
tres fiers de toi et te souhaitons bien de 
bonheur pour ton futur. 

Fais attention a toi, je t'aime tres fort 


Laurence & Famille Langenbrink 

Sarah. Viarie drentry 


You have brought us so much 

happiness and laughter over the 

years. We are so proud of you. 


Mom and Dad 

Kylee Day 

Off you go little one, we don't know where or how far. 

On the way just remember to be yourself and follow your heart. 

You have the ability to reach that dream — and grab it. 

You have been a joy, Ky. (Dad's Reebo) Never lose your sensitive 
Nature or that ray of sunshine you shed. 
We love you and are always here for you. 

Mom and Dad 
P.S. Gotu and Lisa want to go with you! 

Jarrod Hagen 

Great Job, 


Kerry IficDermott 


Congratulations ! ! ! 

With all our love, 

Mom, Dad & Shawn 

i - - 

Keshan Colleen. M c Hale 



We are so proud of you. You have a heart of gold 
and a personality to match. You have a great 
spirit for life.The sky's the limit as to what you 
can accomplish. Go for your dreams! 
Love and God Bless, 
Dad, Caitlin, Liam and Brenna 


3&my M. c <3ruire 

No one could ask for a better 

daughter or sister. 

We are so proud of you. 


Mom, Dad, Dan, and Tom 

Cataldo's Paint & Hardware, Inc 

: 84 South Street 

| Wrentham, MA 02093 

[ Tel: 508-384-2431 

Fax: 508-384-1301 

Timothy Hillman Mele 

Well, Boy, 

You've been just about my best friend for 1 8 years. I can't 
tell you how sad it makes me to know that I can't be there 
on your big day. I am incredibly proud of you. Couldn't 
have asked for a better brother, or a better friend. 


Your loving infidel, Jess 


Kara Murphy 


You are still 

the little sister. 

Good luck in college 

and everything you do 

in life. 


Sean and Brian 

Utopher T. "Wagner 


I cannot believe that my little brother is growing 
up. You have accomplished so much during your 
time at King Philip and have made so many people 
so very proud! I can only imagine what the future 
holds for you! I wish you the best of luck in 
everything that comes your way. I always want 
you to remember one thing — you may be bigger 
than me, but I am still older!! Congratulations on 
your graduation! 

Love always, 




Rebecca Lytme Cochrane 

Dearest Becky, 

Congratulations on all your wonderful ac- 
complishments!! We are so proud! That ex- 
citement and enthusiasm on your first day of 
kindergarten has surrounded you all your 
life. Thanks for allowing us to experience 
(vicariously) four fantastic years of high 
school with you. Thanks for bringing so 
many of your friends into our lives, but most 
of all thanks for your friendship!! Always 
hold tight to your wonderful sense of humor 
and your strong convictions — they will suit 
you well as you charge into your future 

We only wish that fortune 

send a little more than you shall spend 

i c — i 

Love, / 

Mom, Dad, Kathy, Sean & Rocky 

Diana ^nn Hadfield 

It's finally over! You have accomplished so much. 
You always seem to amaze me whether it's your 
words of wisdom or just your ability to listen. I 
truly believe I could not have asked for a better 
sister. Shoot for the stars because everything is 
within your reach. 

Best of Luck 

I love you, 





Jaroty. <aold$teiti 


It seems as 
though it was 
just yesterday 
that you 
entered our 
lives. As you 
open the 
doors to your 
future know 
that we will 
always be 
right there 
behind you. 


We love you, 
Mom and Dad 


Kath-erine J. Holt 

Congratulations, Katie! 
Love Mom, Dad, and Doug 


jLrny $u%anne ienne$$y 

Dear Amy,; 

You will always be our star. 
Remember to follow YOUR dreams. 
Love, Uncle Jerry, Aunt Val, and Krissie 


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218 Dedham St. • Rte. 1 A & 1 15 

Norfolk, Mass. 

Brictnct Th.ere$e $Kort 

...not in the earth- 
quake or the fire, 
but in the gentle 

Jreeze was Life 


We have been 
blessed by the sense 

of harmony you 

bring to our family; 

challenged by your 

conviction and 


made more whole by 

your gentle presence 

with us. 


May these words of love from all of us be always with you 

as an invisible cloak to give you hope and strength 

through all your days. 

Con mucho carino, 
Mom, Popi, Alyssa, Zachary 



PHONE 384-7788 

? <3Uli$an Lodge 


No you can 't have a snack 
But you can have all the water you want. 


Now that you have your diploma, you can decide 

what you need — just reach out and grab it. 

Love. Jim and Sue 


j c Cindi Brawley 


Mom, Dad, & Marybeth 

Hark £. Kenney 

Yesterday all my 

troubles seemec 

so far away. 

Now I know 

they're here to stay 

Oh, I believe 

in yesterday.. 

Congratulations Mark! All our Love, now and forever 

\ ? 

Mom & Dad, Amy, Caitlin and Brian xxx 


Kara Marie Murphy 


We are so proud of you and all 
you have accomplished so far. 
You can do anything if you 
work hard enough for it. 
Reach for the stars little girl 
Mom and Dad 

Chri$tina d, Volica$tro 

Congratulations Graduate! 

We wish you love and happiness 

always. We were blessed the day you 

were born and have been proud of you 

ever since. Never be afraid to reach 

for your dreams. 

We love you and support you. 

We will always be there for you. 


Mom, Dad, and Thomas 

John iZHiott Kinq, Jr. 

To The Boy 

We congratulate you 

on the many 
accomplishments of 

your young life, 
the walls you have 


the chapters you 

have written 

Our thoughts, our 

prayers and our 

hearts go with you 

as you begin your 

adventure anew 

We can't wait to read the chapters 

You have yet to write 
We know you will write them well! 

We love you Johnny King! 






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Ts 1 

Christopher *£. Wcujner 

We made snow angels and played many a 
game. Now you're a young man and see 
things that we've never seen and chances 
to go where we've never been. Hope we 
gave you morals, values and mostly love. 
The future is yours — go for the touch- 

How very proud we are. 


Mom, Dad, Nicole, Bill, and Brutus. 

"Peter Lawn 

I wub you 


Total Image 

Unisex Hair Salon 

3 Man mar Drive 

Plainville, MA 

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Tues, Thurs, Fri 9-8 

Wed 12-8 

Sat 8-4 

M.ark Keimey 


Thank you for watching out for me over the years! 

I'm so lucky to have grown up with such a wonderful person. 

Best of luck to you in the future — 

you'll always have my love and support! 

We'll forever be the Masters of the Universe! 

I love you, Markus! 

Hugs and Kisses, 


Jaron dftfld$tein 


Thank you for being my 

big brother. I know 

you'll go places. And 

believe it or not, I' 11 miss 

you. Good luck and stay 




3&lli$0n Lodge 


These are days to remember 

Never before and never since {promise 

You know that you are touched by something special 

You know it 's true that you are blessed and lucky 

Hey, if you're in need of some loving and attention, 
there's no need to feign a broken wrist and a trip to the 
emergency room. — just call us. We'll take you out for 
chicken nuggets — oops, we mean — a chicken finger 

Love always, 
Mary and Greg 



Penny "Elizabeth. "Welch. 


You are our shining star! 


We are so proud of you 


all that you have accomplished 

Wherever life takes you, 

always remember how much your family loves you. 

Be happy and follow your dreams. 


Mom, Dad 

Gramp & Auntie 

You'll find an experienced helping hand 
To walk with you through 

Those planned events or 

Carry you through those unexpected ones 

John S. Tuohy 

Attorney 8t Law 

P Box 163 

425 Chestnut St 

Wrentham. Massachusetts 02093 

Phone (508) 384-0788 Fax: (508) 384-3190 

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Formerly associated with the Boston law firm of Choate, Hall & Stewart 

Providing legal counsel in all areas of probate court practice, including probate of 

estates, will contests, domestic relations and family law. divorce mediation and guardianships 

of the mentally ill and incompetent, and as part of the general practice of law, estate planning 

elder care, and criminal and civil litigation 

Rristina 'Rohhins 

Congrats, Krissy! 

Thank you for giving 

me rides then and now. 

Good luck next year 

We are always here for 

each other. 



drrace Becker 

Dear Grace, 

You are the best sister ever. 

Best wishes 







Chri$topher $im$ 

Jp* j 2 

To my little brother, 


You finally made it. 

Remember to live life to the fullest. 

Go for it! 



Kelly iagan 

Congratulations Kelly! 

You have been the best! 

We are so proud of all that you have accomplished. 

Continue to pursue all your dreams in life 

with the most success and happiness. 

Love you, Buttercup, 

Mom, Dad, Julie 
Maxx, Bernie, & Pete 



KatKryn 3S.tkin.s0n 

Alice Ann — 

Thanks for always being the best big little sister ever. I 
am SO proud of you and everything you have accom- 
plished and everything I know you will accomplish in 
college. You will always be my heart's best friend. 
Love and kisses, 

158 Main Street, Norfolk, MA 

prow tne *> 


For Faster 
Service Call: 




Peter town C 



the years 

we've had 

our tough 

times, but 

we always 

seem to get 

through it. 

I want to 

wish you 

luck in all 

your future 


with all 

you do. 


Kri^ten firm Hurley 

Congratulations Kristen! 

We're so proud of you 

and love you! 

Good Luck! 

Mom, Dad, 

Andrea & Lauren 

Michael Joseph. Toledo 

We are so proud of you, 

Keep smiling. 
Mom, Dad, 
Matt and Dory 

? { 

"filiiabeth. Hiaqner 

Bee Gee 

Good Luck. I'll miss you. 




Khianne 12. CrovAey 






We are so proud of you. You are such a loving and caring person. 
You have always set your standards very high, and expected nothing 
less that the best you could give. Your schedules have been painful to 
watch, but filled us with admiration. 

Follow your heart and you will always be happy. You are a 
wonderful person with many gifts. 


Love and Success to our shining star. 

Mom, Dad, Paul & Jen 

29 VJ 




Kylee Day__J C_ 

So having a little sister was not so bad after all. It was actually a whole 
lot of fun. Without you who would I have played with, laughed with, 
fought with, and cried with? So we had our bad times, but of course we 
always remembered to have our good times (riding roller racers, 
making up dances, and, of course, making fun of the folks and causing 
trouble — it was definitely fun having a partner in crime!) I hope I gave 
you somewhat of a good example before I left, for your last three years 
in high school. Sorry I was not there to share them with you and help you 
along the way — but it looks like you managed yourself anyway! You 
have potential Kyky . Just be smart and determined and clean your room 
and you will become another foxy in no time!!!! haha! 
Love you Kype, 

Scott M. VovAing 


We are so proud of you and all of 
your accomplishments. We wish you 
a lifetime of happiness and success. 
May all your dreams come true 
Mom & Dad 

c $ean dahalcme 


Congratulations! You have overcome many hurdles to 
get here. Make sure you never lose your determination 
in life. Sean, you are an amazing person and a great 
brother. Just remember I am only a phone call away. Oh 
yeah, never lose your swing or I just might beat you. 

Love Always, 


3&my ietii\e$$Y 

To My Bugaboo Amy 



I'll always be proud of you. 

Your Godfather, Uncle Kevin 

Je$$e Vic&en%ie 

Jesse — You have always brought so"' 
much love and laughter into our lives. 
Believe in yourself — you have a lot to 
offer — never underestimate yourself! 
The future awaits — smile and be 

Love Mom — Dad — Jaime 



Decree tficole Bli$$ 


We have been Blessed that 
you have found the true 
meaning of Life. Enjoy. 

We Love You 

Mom & Dad 






Kathryn "Elizabeth. 


Your smile lights up our lives. We are very proud of you 
and all that you have and will accomplish. May you find 
love and happiness and experience all life has to offer. 

Mom & Dad 

Kathryn drarnett 
(a.k.a. Alice) n 


(a.k.a. Alice) 

Thanks for the 


memories — 

you have made us 

very proud. 

With your 

dedication and 

hard work, 
you are sure to 
excel in college 
and beyond. 

We sure will miss you when you're gone 
Love, Mom & Dad 


Kristine "Delano 

We are all very proud 


send you our love. 

May your life be filled 

with happiness and success always. 




Rri$tina ~Rohhin.$ ^nl 

Congratulations, Kristina 

fou are a true joy. We are so proud 

of the person you've become. 

Always follow your dreams. 


lorn and Dad 

Katy and John 


Jennifer ^411en 



— Jenny — 


We ' re so proud of you ! ! 

— Love — 

Mom & Dad 






j L T&eq Jordan 

Our future voice in government. 


Mom, Dad, Dan & Kim 

Christopher Sims 

Chris, ■■■■■ 

Reaching high keeps a person on his toes. Always strive to 

do your best and remember to be true to yourself. 

Congratulations for all your accomplishments. 

All our love, 

Mom & Dad 

L findrea Tla$icot 


Thanks for all the good time* 




Proudly Provided By: 


" A Tradition of Community 
Support Since 1954' 



I ■ 


Sandra TTnterholIeiiberg 

Congratulations on 

completing the first 

big step of your life, 

and so far from home. 

We are proud of you. 

Use your many talents, 

but remember that 

your happiness should 

always be 

your top priority. 

We love you. 

Good luck 


in the future. 
Mom and Dad 

from Switzerland 




(508) 695-5091 



Residence: (508) 222-7642 

122 South Street 
Plainville, MA 02762 

Joyce, Tom, Kenny, Tommy, Matthew 

Becky Cochrane 

What can I say? We have 
been there for each other 
through everything, and I 
know we always will be 
because I know our lives 
are destined to be inter- 
twined. I feel so lucky to 
have such a loving, 
thoughtful, beautiful best 
friend in my life. You 
have been the constant in 
my life despite all the 

changes we have both gone through. I will cherish the 

memories we have made together and hold them close to 

my heart. 

You have, and always will be, my best friend forever. 
I love you with all my heart 

and wish you the best of luck in whatever you pursue! 

Love always, 







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Becker, Grace 7, 14, 55, 

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124, 125, 130, 138, 
139, 210, 260, 289 

Belcher, Patty 255 

Belek, Julie 82 

Bell, Melissa 59, 106, 218, 219 

Bellavance, Jason 59, 137 

Beloff, Erik 131 

Beloff, Gregory 59 

Benninghof, John 173 

Bent, Morgan 7 1 

Bentley, Jeremy 59 

Bergquist, Mr. 230, 248 

Berlo, Michael 71 

Bernier, Melanie 83, 202 

Berry, Mrs. 229 

Bertram, Mrs. 230, 239, 251 

Besaw, Mr. 231. 237, 245, 251 

Bethoney, Matthew 71 

Bettencourt, Lauren 59 

Betts, Rosanne 83, 195 

Billian, Harleigh 71. 76, 127, 

Bishop, David 59 

Bishop, Janice 59, 188 

Blair, Heather 14, 55, 103, 
120, 121, 138, 139 

Blair, Kate 71, 102, 

103, 120, 121, 138, 
175, 215 

Blinten, Craig 223 

Blinten, Timothy 8, 83, 222 

Bliss, Desiree 14, 37, 41, 46, 

106, 155, 212, 292 
Blomquist, Lisa 93 
Bloomer, Molly 83, 121, 134 
Bluhm, Jonathan 59, 212,223 

Bocock, Bryan 59, 1 37 
Bombardier, Jamie 1 1 1 
Bona, Alyssa 93 
Boucher, Mr. 100, 122, 123, 

125, 136, 137, 138, 

206, 230, 242, 248 
Boulden, Linda 59, 205 
Boulter, Eric 59, 140, 141, 182 
Bourke, Aaron 14,40,98, 104, 

105, 123, 137, 155 
Bourke, Justin 83, 123, 137 
Bousquet, Brock 71 
Bousquet, Joseph 14 
Bouvrette, Philip 14, 38 
Bowe, Miss 233 
Boyle, Rosanne 59, 103, 

124, 125, 138, 176, 

197, 223 
Boys' Basketball 132, 133 
Boys' Cross Country 122, 123 
Boys' Indoor Track 136, 137 
Boys' Soccer 118, 119 
Boys' State 204 
Boys' Spring Track 100, 101 
Boys' Tennis 104, 105 
Brady, James 59, 101, 115, 137 
Brawley, Cindi 14, 42, 52, 286 
Breen, Mr. 231, 232, 242, 251 
Breitenbach, Kevin 15, 98, 100, 

101, 123, 137, 155 
Bremer, Miss 102, 103, 201, 

210, 211, 231, 232, 

237, 245 
Bremilst, Richard 83, 181 
Brennan. Mrs. 233, 246, 251 
Brennan, Rebecca 71, 188 
Briere, Lauren 83, 134, 222 
Bright, Christopher 82, 83 
Brock, Evan 71 

Brock, Joshua 15, 51, 115, 277 
Bronsdon, Heather 59 
Brooks, Rick 159, 196, 308 
Brown, Jennifer 4, 59, 66, 

Brown, Lee 71 
Bryant, George 71 
Bryant, Jennifer 59 
Buchanio, Mrs. 116,146, 147, 

232, 239, 242, 251 

Buckley, Krystal 15 
Burger, Andrew 100, 101 
Burger, Elizabeth 59, 103, 

121, 138, 157, 196, 

197, 202 
Burgess, Stephanie 71 
Burke, Ms. 233 
Burke, Sarah 59 
Burt. Kayla 59, 194 
Burt, Timothy 83 
Butler, Jonathan 83, 158, 212, 

Butler, Mike 188 
Byrne, Allison 83 


Cacciapaglia, Jacob 71, 128, 137 
Caffrey, Joanne 83, 134, 209 
Cahalane, Sean 15, 113, 128, 

129, 137, 258,292 
Caldwell, Samantha 69 
Callahan, Shaun 15, 101 
Calnan, Andrew 4, 59, 203 
Calzaretta, Lewis 35, 113 
Calzaretta, Mr. 232 
Cameron, Brian 71, 115 
Campos, Mrs. 234 
Capachin, Jennifer 59, 194 
Capone, Meagan 71, 75, 79 

117, 162, 197, 214 
Cardarella, Chris 15 
Carde, Coach 140, 141 
Cardillo, Rachel 83, 188 
Cardinale, Chris 7 1 
Carey, Leanne 83, 87, 117, 

15, 131, 144, 

Carey, Robert 

Carlson, Kerri 

121, 208 
Carlson, Kristopher 15 
Carneiro, Mr. 206, 234 
Carneiro, Mrs. 70, 231, 

235, 244 
Carney, Shannon 71 


Tim Mele's animated personality is what makes him such a 
good actor. He has been acting since he was twelve when he 
starred in Anything Goes, his first major production. With a 

resume already 
listing six musi- 
cals, eight plays, 
and a performance 
in Disney World, 
we are sure to see 
Tim's name in 




In a recent edition of the Boston Globe 
Dave Pavidis and Lauren Briere were 
recognized as artists of achievement. 
Dave won the title of Honorable Men- 
tion in the Boston Scholastic Art Awards 
contest. Dave's piece will be exhibited 
in Boston in coming months. Lauren's 
work of faces using pencil and paint 
also earned an Honorable Mention. Both 
are aspiring artists. 

or. Amy 71, 127, 143, 164 
irr, Mrs. 231, 232, 235, 

237, 240, 245, 247, 

isey, Margaret 59, 124, 

125, 138, 152, 212, 

213, 218, 219 
issidy, Heather 83, 121, 138 
italdo's Paint & Hardware, Inc 

itani, Chris 83, 137 
rrrato, Christopher 71, 217 
:ven, Eleni 71, 175, 188. 

lamberland, Mrs. 235 
larbonneau, Danielle 71, 212, 

i laves, Raymond 7 1 
lestnut Hill Studios 269 
rieftain 196, 197 
tillemi, Jennifer 59, 176. 

188, 192 
| lilson, Mrs. 235, 242, 25 1 
tin, Matthew 83 
irisidis, Maria 16 
iristmas Party 168, 169 
lruney, Andrea 59, 206 
lruney, Benjamin 83, 137 
lurch, Jessica 16. 39, 43, 188 
lurch, Margaret 70, 71, 127, 

138, 208, 212, 213 
tiute, Richard 8, 71, 101, 

144, 145 
iaccio, Michael 83 
iavattone, Holly 60, 231 
lancy, Kathleen 83 
lark, Joshua 60. 188, 200 
lark, Matthew 83 
lark, Melissa 16, 268 
lass Competition 150, 151 
linton, Michael 60, 181 
lontz, Elizabeth 93 
lubs and Activities 1 84-225 
oates, Jillian 16, 41, 48, 50, 

54, 197, 261 
'obb, Alison 215 
obb, Bill 188, 190 
•ochrane, Kristina 83, 126, 134 
'ochrane, Rebecca 16, 44, 47, 

54, 126, 127, 165, 

168, 211, 266, 284, 295 


71, 121, 



83, 137 




Cocuzzo, Chris 
Colcord, Rebeccah 

Cole, Nathan 7 1 , 
Coleman, Katelyn 
Coleman, Melissa 
Concannon, Timothy 
Condlin, John 83 
Conley, Megan 70, 71. 

138, 214. 218 
Connell, Susan 93 
Connolly, Sarah 60 
Connor, Lizeth 60 
Conrad, Kristin 60 
Conroy,Beth 111, 155 
Conroy, Erin 60 
Conroy, Lindsey 16,45, 48. 261 
Constantineau, Beth 83 
Constantineau, Cole 16 
Converse, Miranda 83, 
Cook, Frank 60, 100, 

101, 137, 197, 
Cook, Joseph 60, 188 
Cook, Kristin 71 
Coombs, Jeremy 72, 100, 101 
Cooney, Joshua 5, 16, 40, 44, 

55, 68, 115, 159, 

161, 164, 170, 222 
Cooper, Ian 83 
Cooper, Joshua 1 7 
Copparini, Theodore 72, 137 
Corkum, Jason 69 
Cormier, Mr. 200, 235 
Corrigan, Lindsay 72 
Cosentino, Coach 128 
Costello, Barry 83 
Costello, Michael 17, 115, 133 
Cotter, Kevin 60 
Coulsey, Kalena 72 
Coulsey, Shawn 83 
Courtney, Mr. 255 
Coutu, Miss 196, 197, 232, 

236, 237, 240, 248 
Cove, Elizabeth 83, 126, 171, 

Cove, Katherine 60, 106. 182 
Cox,Kimberly 60, 116, 

117, 131, 146, 147, 

153, 165, 173, 181 
Creedon, Joseph 17, 48. 186 
Crehan, Mrs. 237 

Cress, Mrs. 7, 70, 233, 

236, 239, 242, 251 

Crisafi, Kristin 84. 90 

Cronin, Judith 72, 120, 121, 
134, 135, 175, 180, 
222, 223 

Cronin, Kellie 7, 9, 17, 43, 
50, 51, 52, 99, 127, 
155, 163, 166, 169, 
177, 198, 278 

Cronin, Megan 84 

Cronin, Patty 110, 111 

Cronin, Sarah 72, 188 

Crosby, Jacqueline 84 

Croteau, Andrew 61, 101, 114, 
115, 137, 160, 164, 

Croteau, Paul 17, 115 

Crowley, Rhianne 9, 17, 39, 40, 
49, 51, 52, 53, 54, 
127, 131, 142. 143, 
155, 156, 159, 163, 
166, 198, 222, 291 

Crowley, Sean 17, 159 

Cruz, Belle 61, 117, 146 

Cullen, Jessica 93, 146 

Cummings, Christina 84, 
125, 138 

Cunnane,Eric 72, 115, 206. 

Cunnane, Jason 108, 109 

Curley, Beth 106, 107 

Curley, Meaghan 61 

Czyzewski, Laura 84, 126 

Dacko, Stephen 84, 188, 195 
Daigle, Brian 7, 17 
Daley, Laura 72, 188, 191 
Dalton, Abigail 84, 188, 194 
Dances 180, 181 
Daniel, Thomas 72, 212 
Darcy, Michael 18, 41, 265 
Darling, Christoher 61, 109, 

113, 115, 133, 164 
Darling, Derek 61, 140, 

141, 182 




52. 53. 


Davis, Ben 18. 119 

Davis, Mike 1 1 5 

Davis, Timothy 72, 119. 206 

Day, Kylee 5. 6. 7. 18. 49. 51. 

55, 127, 282. 292 
Dearden, Cheryl 255 
Deblasio, David 72, 
D.E.C.A. 198. 199 
Decelle, James 72 
December Events 172 
Deevy. Guinevere 73. 
Delano. Kristine li 

197, 293 
Delano, Robert 81 
Delgrosso, Chris 6 
Delorie, John 73 
Demers, Megan 84. 1 1 7, 

146, 147 
Demone, Andrea 73, 208 
Demone, Jim 18, 130, 140, 

141, 258. 275 
Denton, Joshua 93 
Dervan, Mary-Ellen 255 
Desimone, Ashleigh 73, 138 
Devine, Maryanne 73 
Dickson, Travis 84 
Dinand, Kelly 73. 218 
Dinunzio, Jillian 61, 176, 

188, 190 
Diversity Club 200 
Doane, Cathleen 73, 188, 200 
Doane, Robert 18, 39, 276 
Doherty, Christopher 35. 61 
Doherty,Mr. 236, 239 
Dolan, Jeffrey 84, 141 
Dombkowski, Mrs. 236 
Domenica, Lisa 61 
Domko, Craig 18, 115. 212. 213 
Donahue. Bryan 84 
Donald E. Fisher, D.D.S. 276 
Donovan, Kevin 61 
Donovan, Lisa 84 
Dowling, Scott 18. 49. 112. 

118, 119, 292 
Downing, Brian 61 
Downing, Kevin 85 
Drama Club 202. 203 
Dubendris, Jill 85. 188. 194 
Dubose, Jenna 73 
Duczakowski. Christina 85, 

Duffey, Christine 61 
Dugdale, Brian 73. 101. 

115. 133 
Dugdale, Laura 85. 138 
Dullea, Christopher 73 
Dumont, Lindsay 61. 66. 

202, 224. 248 
Dunn, Justin 73 
Dunne, Tricia 19. 55. 174 
Durette. Lauren 61 

Eagle Brook Saloon 264 
EF Tax Consultants 287 
Ehrlinger. Caitlin 106. 107 


El-Far, Christina 73, 76. 117, 

El-Far, Sameer 61 
Ellerbe, Krister) 308 
Elliott, Dave 108, 109 
Erickson, Mrs. 231, 237 
Ericson, Stephen 85, 137 
Evans, Nicole 19, 174 
Ewer, Adam 73, 76, 156, 

188, 194 

Faculty 226-255 
Fagan, Kelly 7, 19, 43, 

52, 53, 54, 106, 127, 

159, 161, 171, 220, 

222, 290 
Fall Captains 112, 113 
Fall Cheerleading 116, 117 
Farren, Kathryn 7, 19, 120, 293 
Father-Daughter Dance 1 76, 1 77 
Fayle, Mr. 236 
February Events 178, 179 
Feeney, Anthony 6 1 
Feeney, Kerry 61, 65, 218 
Feeney, Sean 35 
Fennessy, Amy 4, 7, 19, 40, 41, 

45, 46, 47, 54, 55, 165, 

197, 259, 261,265,266, 

273, 280, 285, 292 
Fenton, Mr. 255 
Ferencik, Matthew 85 
Ferrara Insurance Agency 287 
Ferrara, Michael 61 
Ferreira, Mr. 174, 202, 224, 

232, 234, 237, 240, 

Ficco's 262 

Fienberg, Kara 73, 117, 143 
Fienberg, Keith 73 
Field Hockey 126, 127 
Figueiredo, Miss 234, 238 
Figure Skating Club 201 
Finase,Mr. 115, 238 
Fink-Mc Alice, Coach 103 
Fiori, Kristin 85 
Fisher, Donald E., D.D.S. 276 
Fisher, Nicole 61 
Fisher, Rebekah 61 
Fisher, Sarah 73, 75, 121, 

151, 162, 208 
Fiske, Kyle 60, 61, 115, 

132, 133 
Fitzgerald, Christopher 73 
Fitzgibbon, Jayme 61, 153 
Flaherty, Kevin 73 
Flaherty, Kristy 7, 19, 51, 52, 

163, 177, 198, 275 
Flanagan, Thomas 73, 101, 

137, 214 
Flannery, Elizabeth 61, 65, 

103, 138, 172, 182, 

196, 197, 202, 203 

^298 ~ 









», Lauren 







Christine 6 

, 16: 







Erin 7 


19, 102, 





















, Jason 







Catherine 6 








Fontan, Michelle 73 

Football 114, 


Ford, 1 





73, 1 

88, 193, 







, James 




, Stephen 


, 156 




Fox, Matthew 



lan, Esther 85 

Friedman, Jennifer 






nen 84-93 




, 201 


>h, Brian 




Max 73 

Fussell, Joe 188 

G. Cronin & Sons 261 
Gaetani, Elisabeth 20, 51, 

52, 53, 55, 106, 

107, 127, 164, 165, 

166, 171, 177, 220, 

221, 277 
Gagas, Christina 4, 7, 20, 

37, 52, 103, 127, 

130, 138, 139, 210, 

211, 258 
Gagne, Scott 85. 145 
Galano, Lisa 73, 138 
Gallagher, Mrs. 238, 251 
Galluzzo, Deirdre 85 
G.A.P.S. 224 
Gardner, Mr. 255 
Garlett, Anthony 7, 20, 38, 

198, 199, 272 
Garofalo, Dennis 85, 212, 

Garofalo, Frank 20 
Gately, Edward 73, 181 
Gaudioso, Jennifer 73 
Gaudioso, Laura 85, 117, 146 
Gawthrope, Adam 73, 79, 

188, 212, 224, 248 
Gay, Leanne 20, 49, 52 
Geller, Joshua 73, 188, 194 
Gemelli, Thomas 73 

Genovese, Jonathan 62, 101, 

128, 137 
Gentry, Sarah 8, 20, 53, 

188, 192, 262, 282 
Geoffroy, Gary 308 
Geoffroy, Joe 308 
Gero, Daniel 81, 140, 141 
Getty, Peter 74, 123, 137, 222 
Ghosh, Benjamin 74, 105, 

128, 222 
Ghosh, Emily 62, 106, 107, 

120, 157, 212 
Giacalone, Christine 188 
Giacalone, Vito 74, 145, 188 
Giampa, Laurie 62 
Giampa, Robin 62 
Gibeault, Bob 20, 47, 270 
Gibson, Christopher 6, 74, 85 
Giguere, Angela 74 
Gilbert, Christina 85 
Gilbert, Stephanie 62, 66, 

127, 190, 212 
Gilcrest, Kristen 188, 193 
Gill, Jeremy 188 
Gilmore, Darcy 74, 127 
Giovannelli, Alicia 84, 85, 

92, 117, 138 
Girls' Basketball 134, 135 
Girls' Cross Country 124, 125 
Girl's Indoor Track 138, 139 
Girls' Soccer 120, 121 
Girls' Spring Track 102, 103 
Girls' State 204 
Girls' Tennis 106, 107 
Girouard, Lauren 85, 117 
Gleason, Michael 74 
Godbout, Coach 120, 121 
Goldberg, Coach 106, 107 
Goldstein, Jaron 20, 46, 

204, 207, 209, 212. 

221, 284, 288 
Goldstein, Kaela 62, 187 
Golf 128, 129 
Goodman, Lauren 74 
Goodman, Scott 74 
Gould, Joshua 8, 62, 199 

Grant, Larry 100, 101 
Graves, Christopher 85 
Graves, Emily 209 
Gray, Amanda 85, 126, 138 
Gray, Melissa 6, 62, 65, 

125, 138, 176, 182, 

202, 209, 212 
Greaves, Alicia 85 
Greaves, Emily 85, 126, 138 
Grenfell, Trevanna 74, 217 
Grich, Katherine 62, 170, 

171, 180 
Griffin, Stephanie 62, 135 
Griffin, Whitney 62, 135 
Griffith, Matthew 62, 118, 

119, 205, 206, 212, 

Griffith, Mike 108, 109 
Guernon, Mr. 238, 242 
Guillemette, Mr. 199, 232, 

234, 239, 240, 241, 

248, 253 
Gulino, Brian 62, 115 
Gunnison, Michael 74 
Gustafson, Jeffrey 85, 137 
Gym Leaders 206, 207 
Gymnastics 142, 143 

Habib, Kian 35 

Hadfield, Diana 21, 50, 112, 

126, 127, 171, 183, 

220, 281, 284 
Hagen, Jarrod 21, 50, 51, 

55, 130, 140, 141, 

Hagen, Mark 2 1 
Hall, Kevin 85 
Hall, Kristen 7, 21, 52, 183 
Hall, Lauren 21, 127, 183, 215 
Hall, Nicole 74, 183 
Hall, Sondria 85 

Second to One 

Jayme Fitzgibbons has been 
roller skating for most of her 
life. Her determination and natu- 
ral skills paid off earlier this 
year when she traveled to Aus- 
tralia to compete for the world 
championship title. After months 
and years of training, countless 
costumes, and a trip halfway 
around the world, Jayme and 
her pairs partner, Philip Gilpin, 
captured second place in the 
world. This is a lifetime accom- 
plishment achieved by Jayme at 
the young age of seventeen. 

V*^ >&&«&. 

Katie Prevost has grown up in 
many different countries. She be- 
gan traveling at only a few months 
old and now spends many of her 
vacations in foreign countries such 
as Swaziland, India, Norway, and 
Portugal. Her travels have taken 
her to each continent of the world. 
Here she is pictured in South Af- 
rica with a young native boy. 
Katie's favorite place so far was 

[all, Thomas 62 

Herlin, Scott 22, 40,44, 115, 

lalpin, Brendan 9, 62, 101, 

169, 174, 204,273 

123, 137 

Hester, Todd 22, 47 

lamilton, Mrs. 210, 239, 259 

Higgins, Dave 140, 141 

lamlin, Brandi 86. 90. 138, 195 

Hill, Brian 86, 145 

lamlin, Brian 21, 41, 49, 51, 

Ho, Deanna 62 

52, 55, 115. 130, 

Hoagland, Agnieszka 86, 

137, 261 

Hoagland, Ania 74. 85, 162 

lamm, Mr. 255 

Hoagland, Izabela 62 

lamos, Despina 6, 21, 46 

Hockey 140, 141 

lamos, Theodora 74, 207 

Hogarth, Kristin 74, 121, 

lanlon, Melissa 21, 45 

144, 145 

lannon, David 188 

Holmes, Christine 58, 62, 

lanson, Mrs. 210, 229 

65, 106, 107, 127 

larcovitz, Adam 86 

Holmes, Harley 86 

larper, Shayna 74, 127, 

Holt, Coach 118, 119 

144, 145, 171 

Holt, Emily 62, 74, 199, 212 

larrington, Mrs. 238, 242, 246, 

Holt, Jonathan 86 


Holt, Katherine 22, 285, 295 

larris, Greg 155 

Homecoming 160, 161 

larrop, John 93 

Hooban, Scott 74 

lartley, Coach 11, 111 

Hooker, Kristen 22, 54, 99, 

larwood, Jason 35 

103, 125, 130, 138, 

lasenfus, Paul 108, 109 

139, 155, 215, 271 

lassell, Carissa 22, 54, 275 

Hooley, Brianna 62 

lassell, Michael 86 

Hootstein, Melissa 86, 121 

lassell, Mr. 255 

Horan, Jennifer 74 

Jatch, Lorna 74 

Hosford, Mr. 200, 240, 248, 251 

Jaun, Alana 62, 81 

Houde, Mr. 241 

Liwkins, Caitlyn 86, 87. 

Houde, Mrs. 241 

117, 138, 195 

Houlihan, John 22 

layes, Hilary 4, 22, 40, 47, 

Hovey, Lauren 74 

120, 121, 130, 134, 

Howard, Andrew 58, 60, 

135, 172, 202, 203, 

62, 115, 247 

204, 205 

Howard, Courtney 62, 127, 

Hayes, Stefanie 6, 62, 125 

152, 212, 213, 218, 

Hayes, Thomas 86 


Heagney, Mrs. 121, 239, 

Howard, Siobhan 86, 120, 

240, 246 

121, 135, 180, 218, 

Healey, Kevin 62, 101, 118, 


119, 212, 213 

Howard, Stephanie 86, 116, 

Heath-Wlaz, Terita 62, 209, 

117, 146, 147, 177, 

216, 217 


Hebert, Jarrod 86 

Howard, Troy 108, 109 

Helliwell, Lydia 62, 120, 

Hoyceanyls, Nicole 86, 188 

121, 134, 135, 152, 

Huber, Doug 86 

157, 205 

Huckle, Mrs. 234, 240, 248, 253 

Hemphill, Mark 86 

Hunchard, Mr. 255 

Henderson, Michelle 62, 207 

Hunt, Teresa 62, 188, 194 

Hurley, Kristen 7, 22, 53, 55, 
102, 103, 113, 120, 
121, 169, 221, 291 

Iannetti, Annamaria 
Impey, Beth 255 

74, 117 

Jackson, Jeremy 86 

Jackson, Jill 86, 138, 218 

Jackson, Micah 62 

Jackson, Shane 74, 115, 133, 231 

Jackson, Terral 63 

Jacobson, Jeffrey 86, 188, 194 

Jacques, Mr. 134, 241 

James, John McGinn 88 

Jancauskas, Lauren 35 

January Events 174, 175 

Jaronski, Emily 86, 188, 191 

Jillson, Matthew 74,188 

JohnS.Tuohy 289 

Johnny's Oil 263 

Johnson, Bryant 23 

Johnson, Cheyne 86 

Johnson, Erin 63, 65, 102, 103, 

125, 138, 196, 197 
Johnson, Kathryn 86, 158, 209 
Johnson, Ryan 86, 137 
Johnston, Sarah 63 
Jones, Meredith 6. 63, 66, 152 
Jordan, Margaret 23, 50, 159, 

166, 212, 222, 294 
Joseph, Miss 212 
Juniors 58-69 
Jurgens, Brad 74 

Kade, Christopher 74 

Kade, Michelle 23 

Kajencki, Mrs. 239, 241, 242, 

Kalinowski, Alexander 63 
Kalliavas, Steven 63 
Katapodis, Peter 74, 144, 145 
Kavanah, Kathryn 23, 271 
Keeler, Lauren 86, 181 
Keen, Sarah 23 
Keene, Jesse 23, 36, 37, 44, 

52, 53, 54, 113, 114, 

115, 164, 277 
Kehrmeyer, Kristin 4, 58, 

63, 127, 142, 143. 

153, 157, 170, 171. 

173, 180, 181, 197, 

208, 221 

Keleher, Mr. 242. 248, 253 
Kelley, Ryan 86, 137 
Kelley, Sean 74 
Kellogg, Andrew 86, 123, 

137, 188 
Kellogg, Bradford 23, 123, 155 
Kelly, Rob 6 
Kennedy, Erik 63 
Kenney, Amy 52, 74, 121 
Kenney, Mark 23, 52. 109. 131. 

132, 133, 286, 288 
Kenney, Michael 63 
Kern, Sean 86 
Key Club 205 
Keyes, Christian 63, 188 
Keyes, Marguerite 74, 187, 

188, 190 
Khouri, Lindsay 86, 138 
Kim, Erica 69 
King, Andrea 75, 234 
King. John 24, 39, 43, 46, 

168, 169, 188. 189. 

190, 193, 196, 197. 

204, 239, 287 
King, Lindsay 86, 188, 194 
King Philip School Committee 267 
King Philip Teachers' Association 

Kinney, Elizabeth 60, 63, 

68, 102, 103, 120, 

121, 138. 139, 153. 

181, 209, 223 
Kirby, Megan 75, 117 
Kiser, Mike 24 
Kleczka, George 63 
Knell, Matthew 75 
Knight, Mrs. 58, 232, 234, 240, 

242, 246, 248 
Knowles, Christina 64, 180, 

181, 209 
Knowles, Stephanie 86, 158, 

Kolodziej, Daniel 64. 188 
Korkmaz, Filiz 87 
Koukiotis, Joanne 75 
Koziol, Andrew 75, 104. 

105, 182, 221 
Kraby.Jenna 84, 87, 126, 

134. 171 
Kraby, Laura 64, 127, 157, 

166, 170. 209 
Kraby, Michael 64, 104, 

105, 128. 141. 165. 

182, 247 
Krajewski, Heidi 75. 134. 

Kramer, Mr. 100, 101. 137. 

138, 237. 242. 245 
Krasnauskas, Wendy 7. 8, 24. 

44, 48. 273 
Krewko, Jennifer 64 
Krouk, Johanna 6. 64. 152. 

182. 215 
Kummer, Mr. 232, 240, 243, 

Kunze, Jeremiah 72. 75. 115 


i 2 99- 

Breast Do*" 

Members of the King Philip fam- 
ily traveled overseas this past 
summer as student ambassadors. 
Shawn Sluss, a sophomore, Tina 
Gagas,and Katie Farren, se- 
niors, and Johanna Krouk, a 
junior spent several weeks tour- 
ing countries such as France, Italy 
and Australia. They became good 
friends while they learned about 
the cultures of the countries they 

Labagh, Coach 101 
Lablue, Bryan 87 
LaBonte, Brian 87 
LaBrie, Ross 87,188 
LaCourse, Nicole 93 
Ladola, Zoe 138 
Lafond, Corienne 75 
Lake, Andrew 7. 24, 198 
Lally, Thomas 64 
Lalos, Nick 87 
Lambert, Mrs. 218, 232, 

239, 240, 243 
Lamothe, Kristy 75, 120, 121, 

Lamothe, Rebecca 110, 111 
Lanagan, Heather 64, 197, 211 
Lanciaux, Mr. 243, 251 
Landry, Mrs. 232, 240, 242, 243 
Langevin, Deb 255 
Langille, Jon 87 
Lanteigne, Melissa 24, 276 
Lapierre, Paul 5, 24, 115 
Lapointe, Nicole 58, 64, 135, 

Larrivee, Neil 188 
Larrabee. Kirsten 64, 102, 

103, 125, 138, 206 
Larson, Rebecca 75 
Larue, Jeffrey 87 
Lasky, Coach 144. 145 
Lavalla, Brett 87 
Lavallee, Mr. 237, 242, 245, 

LaValley, Bethany 64, 202 
LaValley, Craig 87, 158 
Laverty, Patrick 24, 45. 55 
Lawless, Matt 87, 171, 212, 218 
Lawn, Christopher 64, 202 
Lazarus, Jodi 24, 188, 191 
Lazzara, Mr. 245 
Leary, Brian 64 
Leavitt, Derek 6, 75, 101 

I \ 

Lecke, Andrea 84, 87 
Leclerc, Lauren 88, 138 
Leo Club 208, 209 
Leon, David 88 
Lessard, Miss 229 
Leventhal, Joshua 88 
Levesque, Miss 231, 234, 

237, 242, 244, 245, 

246, 253 
Levine, Mr. 210, 229 
Ligor, Mr. 244, 251 
Litvin, Jeffrey 75, 105, 214 
Lockhart, Richard 76 
Lodge, Allison 7, 25, 49, 52, 

126. 127, 183, 258, 260, 

263, 280, 282, 286, 288 
Lodge, David 69 
Lodge, Jonathan 76 
Lodge, Mary 76 
Lodola,Zoe 88, 121, 212 
Lohman, Arnie 308 
Lomasney, Alisha 88 
Lomasney, John 25, 35, 260 
Lombo, Michael 188 
Lorditch, Vincent 25 
Lorusso, Jim 108, 109 
Lovley, Andrew 76, 128 
Lown, Benjamin 76, 115 
Lown, Peter 25, 54, 115, 263. 

Lupfer, Matthew 64, 119, 165, 

Lyon, Julie 76,138.175 
Lyons, Andrea 49, 64, 68, 

110, 120, 121, 164, 

173, 180, 197, 221, 

223, 243 


Macak, Allan 88 
MacDonald, Brad 140 
MacDonald, Coach 141 
MacDonald, Rebecca 64, 

121, 152, 157, 
MacKenzie, Holly 88 

MacKenzie, Jennifer 
MacKenzie, Katelyn 

120, 138, 

MacKenzie, Rachael 

103, 120, 

25, 35 
76, 103, 

62, 175, 

25, 42, 45, 

Mackey, Matthew 

Mackun, Jennifer 76, 117, 143 
MacNeil, Sean 76 
MacPherson, Lisa 76 
Macrae, Mrs. 228 
Macropoulos, Stephen 25, 

42,43,48, 112, 118, 

119, 161 
Magner, Elizabeth 25, 38, 

51, 208, 279, 291 
Magnuson, Nicole 76, 102, 

103, 127, 138 
Maguire, Sean 88 
Mahoney, Adam 76 
Mahoney, Christopher 8, 64, 

101, 115, 137 
Mahoney, Jay 77, 81, 115 
Mahoney, Mr. 188 
Majewski, John 64, 188 
Malcolm, Jill 88 
Maloney, Emma 77 
Maloney, Scott 
Maloof, Robert 
Manigan, Holly 

116, 117, 146 


64, 101. 144, 145 


64, 68, 170, 

197, 209 
Mannering, Mrs. 242, 245, 248 
Manoloulis, Stephanie 26 
Manteca, Miss 239 
Marcotte, Rachael 64, 102, 

103, 113, 117, 165 
Markopoulos, Amy 50 
Marks, Jamie 64, 118, 

119, 141, 223 
Marshak, Lindsay 88 
Martel, Michele 88 
Martello, Elizabeth 88, 126, 209 
Martin, Daniel 77 
Martin, Kate 64, 117, 142. 

143, 153, 243 
Martin, Travis 88, 145 
Martino, Allison 88, 117, 146 
Martucci, Drew 64, 212 
Martucci, Nicholas 88 
Massotti, Mr. 244 
Mattar, Keith 88, 137 
Matte, Christopher 88 
Matte, Shaunelle 77 
Mattson, Jenna 77 
Mattson, Patrick 26, 43 
Matz, Michelle 77, 225 
Mayer, Mrs. 52 
McAlduff, Mr. 228 
McCabe, Michael 60, 63, 

64, 131, 132, 133 
McCann, Coach 117 
McCann, Kristin 76, 77, 

138, 176, 212 
McCormack, Joseph 64, 

101, 115, 136, 137, 

McCourt, Mrs. 244, 246, 251 
McCoy, Andrew 77, 115 


104, 105 
77, 117 
8, 117, 146 

McCullough, Michael 64, 

101, 115, 137 
McDermott, Kerry 4. 5, 26, 

36, 43, 44, 47, 

52, 53, 55, 98, 

106, 127, 161, 167. 

211, 282 
McDonald, Eric 64, 170 
McDonald, Katherine 77, 
McDonald, Kristopher 77 
McDonough, Ryan 93 
McEachern, Coach 
McElroy, Nichole 
McElroy, Shana i 
McGill, Evan 77, 
McGrath, Evan 9, 64 
McGrath, Jason 88 
McGrath, Melinda 65 
McGuire,Amy 45, 50, 172, 283 
McGuire, Colleen 77, 127, 

164, 182 
McHale, Meghan 5, 7, 9, 26, 

44, 46, 106, 107, 120, 

121, 177, 220, 221, 276, 

McHugh, Ryan 26 
McKay, Jennifer 4, 65, 66, 181 
McKenna, Meghan 65, 188, 

190, 212 
McKenzie, Jesse 26, 224, 

241, 266, 292 
McKenzie, Katelyn 222, 223 
McKinney, Kerry 75, 77, 

117, 131, 146, 147, 

180, 222, 223 
McKinney, Kristy 75, 77, 

117, 131, 146, 147 
McLacklan, Melissa 65,112,124, 

125, 138, 139, 209 
McLellan, Brian 65, 115 
McMahon, Kathleen 65 
McMorrow, Gregory 77, 145, 

McNamara, Christopher 65 
McNamara, Kim 88, 138 
Mead, Dan 26 
Mead, Dustin 88 
Medico, Kelly 88 
Meixner, Eric 27, 101 
Mele, Timothy 27, 40,43, 

44, 47, 48, 98, 

104, 119, 159, 163, 

202, 203, 212, 213, 

222, 223, 278, 283 
Melendy, Mrs. 225, 237, 

245, 246 
Menfi, Jenna 7, 27, 51, 198, i 
Merchant, Katie 27 
Metacomet 225 
Miles, Ryan 27, 55, 118, 119, 

Milld, Allison 4, 7, 27, 51, 

52, 55, 99, 102, 103, 

112, 124, 125, 130, 

138, 139, 205, 279 
Mirliss, Gregory 88, 214 
Molino, Janine 88, 121 
Monahan, Keith 65, 118, 119 

Monty, Eric 77, 101, 119, 

137, 214 

Moore, Jennifer 65, 106. 117, 
180, 209, 222, 223 

Moore, Kathleen 88 

Moore, Michael 77, 188, 
193, 195, 207 

Moore, Sean 27 

Moore, Shannon 77 

Moran, Ed 108, 109 

Moresi, Mrs. 228 

Morganelli, Loni 65 

Morris, Stephanie 65, 102, 103, 
126, 127, 138, 196, 197 

Morris, Timothy 88, 188 

Morriss, Peter 88 

Morse, Jessica 65, 102,103, 

138, 139 
Vlorse, Rebecca 77, 207 
Vloses, Michael 77, 115, 214 
Vlulcahey, Coach 135 
Vlulcahy, Julie 88 

vlulcahy, Lauren 77, 188, 191 
vlullaney, Judith 63, 66, 199 
vlullaney, Mrs. 237, 239, 

245, 246 
Vlurawski, Jacqueline 81 
Vlurawski, Robert 66 
Vlurdock, Kimberly 77 
vlure, Rebecca 77, 127, 215 
Vlurphy, Colleen 66, 188 
Vlurphy, Courtney 7, 27, 49, 

50, 51, 53, 54, 

98, 106, 107, 127, 



77, 106, 127, 

vlurphy, Denis 
vlurphy, Heidi 

vlurphy, Jaclyn 28, 39. 53, 
vlurphy, Jessica 89, 201 
vlurphy, Kara 8, 28, 50, 

111, 134, 135, 188 

192, 206, 283, 287 
vlurphy, Lauren 28, 39, 53, 

200, 205 
vlurphy, Matthew 89. 202, 

203, 225 
Vlurphy, Michael 89 
Vlurphy, Tiffany 28, 162 
Vlurray, Ross 35, 51, 66 


Murray, Todd 89 

Muse, Brian 28, 130, 140, 141 

Muse, Christine 77 

Muse', Brian Patrick 28 

Nadel, Mr. 246 

Nash, Jessica 28, 266 

National Honor Society 210, 211 

Nelson, Crystal 188 

Nelson, Erinne 1 1 1 

Nelson, Jessica 66, 157 

Neubauer, Mrs. 234, 239, 

247, 251, 253 
Neviackas, Andrew 77, 81, 

101, 119, 137 
Neviackas, Kara 102, 103 
Nichols, Ian 28 
Nickerson, Jayme 66 
Nickerson, Jeremy 28 
Noble, Brandon 77 
Noble, Mikaela 89, 126, 134 
Nodes, Jamie 77 
Nolan, Julie 188 
Nolan, Mark 78 
Norfolk Arena 258 
Norfolk Barber Shop 278 
Norfolk Town Pizza and Subs 
November Events 166, 167 
Nowak, Erin 103 
Nyborn,John 78, 128, 129, 
Nyborn, Tara 6, 29. 49, 53, 

165, 262 
Nyman, Daniel 66 



Ober, Lauren 78, 164 
Ober. Shannon 66, 209, 

218, 219 
O'Brien, Coach 103, 119 


Rem efl\ber 



ecky Pelrine poses with her 
prom date last year. Her dress 
was the creation of a person 
with great artistic talent — her- 
self. Becky designed exactly 
what she wanted and made it 
out of a piece of deep red satin 
and a delicate lace. She looked 
gorgeous and saved money 

O'Connell, Brian 66, 188, 194 
O'Connell, Kaitlyn 6. 66, 199 
O'Connell, Michael 89, 188 
O'Connor, Sean 78 
October Events 162, 163 
Oles, Brian 89 
Olivieri, John 78 
O'Loughlin, Kevin 66 
Olson, Jaclyn 82, 89, 121, 135 
O'Malley, Meaghan 78 
O'Neil, Kathleen 89, 188 
O'Neil, Robin 188 
O'Neil, Sean 78 
Osborn, Jennifer 78 

29, 41, 


Pacitto, Michael 89 
Padua, Daylene 78 
Pagliarini, Carlo 35 
Palmer, Jenny 93 
Palmer, Robert 78 
Pantazi, Christopher 

47, 195 
Parking Lot 182, 183 
Parrott, Miss 186, 231, 232, 

234, 240, 242, 247. 

Partridge, Nathan 89 
Partridge, Thorn 29, 207, 260 
Pasionek, Matthew 78 
Patel, Vivek 89 
Patriot Pharmacy, Inc. 
Patton, Andrea 90 
Paul, Carl 93 
Pavao, Mrs. 247 
Pavidis, David 29 
Pavidis, Sarah 1 1 1 
Pedro, Kerri 90 
Pedro, Kristen 29 
Peer Leadership 214. 
Peer Mediation 212, 213 
Pelrine, Rebecca 66, 212 
Pender, Joseph 78, 115 
Pepin, John 29, 46, 162, 

206, 280 
Perella, Joseph 78 
Perrelli, Dominic 29, 36, 

188, 195 

101, 115, 

29, 101, 

123, 137 

90, 126 

206, 212, 



Perry, Jed 67, 
Perry, Jeffrey 

Petruchik, Jill 
Pfeffer, Mrs. 

, 155 


Pham-Do, Carol 30,42, 53, 

182, 272 
Philbrick, Alison 90, 121, 134 
Pieroway, Mathew 67, 99, 

108, 109, 122, 123, 

136, 137 
Piette, Ross 78, 188 
Pike, Jenilee 78, 146, 147, 244 
Pinsoneault, Ryan 67, 101, 

122, 123, 137, 206 

Piotti, Coach 140, 141 
Pittsley, Lisa 90 
Plainville Prescription Center 295 
Plummer, Christopher 30. 36 
Poirier, Julie 67, 116. 117. 

142, 143, 153. 1%. 

Poirier, Justin 90 
Poles, Edward 30, 43. 115 
Poles, Michael 78, 115 
Poletto. Matthew 30, 42, 54. 

131, 144, 145, 154 
Policastro, Christina 30. 42, 

99, 111, 159. 188. 

192, 198, 222, 287 
Polillio, John 30, 42 
Pond, Jonathan 7, 9. 30. 41. 

42. 49, 55. 163. 266 
Pouliot, Kyle 78 
Powers, Christina 90, 116. 

117. 177. 181 
Powers, Kristina 78, 146 
Powers, Nick 67 
Prentice, James 67, 171 
Prentice, Michael 78, 115. 

171. 220 
Preston, Jennifer 81 
Prevost, Brett 90 
Prevost, Katharine 67, 120, 157 
Proctor, Robert 90, 188 
Prom 154, 155 
Puddester, Nicole 90, 116, 

117, 146. 177. 181 
Pulsone, Jennifer 67, 162, 

209, 223 
Pungitore, Laurier 30 
Purkis, Benjamin 90 
Purpura, Dave 108, 109. 

154, 155 
Putnam, Pauline 31 
Putt, Melissa 1 1 1 

Quick, Patti-Grace 78, 106, 153 

Rabuffo, Dolores 
Rahman, Minhaj 
Rahman, Nafeesa 
Rainsford. Blair 

Rankin. Geoffrey 
Rasicot. Andrea 
Rasicot, Bridget 
Ravinski, James 
Ray, Nicholas 
Raymond, Mr. 
Raymond, Mrs. 248. 249 
Raymond. Samuel 91 


78. 79, 208 
78. 125. 138. 


31. 47, 281. 


67, 141 




Raymond, William 31, 101, 

112, 122, 130, 137, 

155, 278 
Ray's of Wrentham 281 
Reddington, Coach 132, 133 
Redfearn, Andrew 78, 101 
Reidel, Katharine 78, 202, 

216, 217, 225 
Remember When? 50-55 
Rench, Kandice 78, 145 
Reno, Josh 67 
Retschulte, Chris 188 
Riccard, Robert 93 
Rice, Christopher 8, 67 
Rice, Geoffrey 78 
Richner, Sean 78 
Rieger, Michael 6, 67, 101, 

133, 182 
Rieger, Steven 78, 105, 

128, 129, 166 
Riley, Mr. 231, 237, 

245, 246, 248 
Ring, Tyler 79, 141 
Roache, Jillian 4, 31, 48, 

174, 203 
Robbins, Anne 31 
Robbins, Katy 79, 127, 142, 

143, 164, 182 
Robbins, Kristina 31,289,293 
Roberts, Wesley 91 
Robertson, William 67, 101, 115 
Robinson, Renee 91, 188 
Rodio, Jessica 79, 125, 138 
Rogers, Christopher 93 
Rogers, Crystal 67, 209 
Rogers, Tina 91, 117 
Ro-Jack's 294 
Roode, Ryan 31, 141, 165 
Rose, Darby-Lee 67, 127, 

166, 175 
Rose, Derek 67, 101, 115, 137 
Rose, Jacqueline 79, 206, 

212, 213 
Rose, Keith 79 
Ross, Labrie 188 
Roye, Lael 79, 142, 143, 153 
Rukstalis, Wendy 6, 31, 42, 

44, 49, 50, 54, 106, 

107, 156, 161, 166, 

188, 204, 210, 211, 

212, 213, 263, 279 
Rumsey, Mrs. 249, 251 
Runeman, Mr. 249 
Ryan, David 32, 48, 119 
Ryan, Jennifer 67, 106, 127, 

Ryan, Miss 231, 239, 242, 249 


Sabadini, Lisa 32, 42, 52, 181 
Sachem 216, 217 
S.A.D.D. 218, 219 
Samrout, Houssam 79, 115 
Samrout, Jaber 69 
Sanchez, Matthew 67, 101 
Santabarbara, Gregory 9, 79, 

104, 105, 122, 123, 

166, 222 
Santopietro, Jason 32, 45, 55 
Santos, Karol 255 
Santucci, Lisa 67, 146 
Savidge, Allison 79, 208 
Schmidt, Mr. 134, 135, 248 
Schneider, Nathan 91 
Scott, Steven 79 
Sebago, Jennifer 67 
Sebring, Kyle 79. 188, 194 
Secky Insurance Agency 272 
Second Look Books 280 
Semco Machine Corporation 270 
Semi-formal 152, 153 
Seniors 10-35 
September Events 158, 159 
Serena, Amy 79 
Setter, Justin 67, 241 
Sevy, Katherine 91 
Sevy, Rebecca 63, 67, 103 
Shapiro, Erica 91, 121, 134, 209 
Sharron. Keith 80, 145 
Sharron, Melissa 6, 32, 172, 

212, 258 
Shaughnessy, Kelly 32, 41, 

53, 103, 127, 169, 270 
Shaughnessy, Ryan 80, 119, 133 
Shaw, Ariana 67 
Shaw, Dana 91, 171, 222 
Shaw, Ian 32, 45 
Shaw, James 32 
Shaw, Steven 67. 115 
Shawn, Coach 121 
Shea, Ryan 32 
Sherrick, Allison 33, 260 
Shirley, Mrs. 246, 249, 253 
Shockro, Laura 67, 134, 135 
Short, Briana 8, 33, 43, 47, 

159, 211, 212, 222, 

Shruhan, Michael 80, 145 
Shulsk, Jenna 80 
Siakotos, Jennifer 91 
Sias, Benjamin 4, 67 
Sieloff, Matthew 80, 105, 

156, 188 
Silva, Joshua 80 
Silvi, Joanna 80, 215 
Simard,AJ 188 
Simarrian, Mr. 115, 250 
Simmer, Shalyn 91, 188, 191 

Simmons, Troy 69 

Sims, Christopher 33, 118, 

119, 204, 290, 294 
Sirianni, Mr. 225 
Sitkauskas, Vincent 91 
Skenyon, Mr. 132, 237, 

245, 250 
Ski Club 220, 221 
Ski Trips 170, 171 
Slovacek, Caitlyn 79, 80, 162 
Sluss, Shawn 80, 122, 144, 145 
Small, Caitlyn 103 
Small, Katelyn 80, 120 
Smestad, Ms. 250, 251 
Smiley, Daniel 80 
Smith, Amy 6, 33, 131, 

142, 143, 169, 273 
Smith, Caitlin 91, 116, 117, 

138, 177 
Smith, Christopher 67, 101, 

128, 129, 133 
Smith, Eric 69 
Smith, Kelli Ann 91 
Smith, Kim 102, 103 
Smith, Mrs. 206, 250, 253 
Softball 110, 111 
Sola, Felix 143 
Solomon, Mrs. 251 
Sophomores 70-83 
Sorrento, Coach 101, 137, 138 
Sotir, Vanessa 84, 91, 126 
Southworth, Miss 246, 251 
Souza, Danielle 80 
Souza, Nicole 33, 37, 205 
Spencer, Marcus 91, 15 
Speroni,Amie 80, 216 
Spinney, Amanda 82, 91, 

121, 138 
Sports 96-147 
Spring Captains 98-99 
Sprout, Kelly 67 
Sprout, Michael 80 
Squire, Matthew 89, 91 
St. Amand, Jennifer 91, 188 
Stankiewicz, Mrs. 246,251 

Stanley, Rebecca 67, 113, 

116, 117, 131, 146, 

147, 163, 165 
Stasis, Courtney 80, 146 
Steele, Shannon 82, 91 
Steverman, Melissa 67, 197 
Stewart, Kristen 80, 127 
Stewart, Leah 91, 181 
Stewart, Shawn 91, 137 
Stoddard, Mark 80, 100, 

101, 115, 136, 137 
Stoddard, Michael 33, 45, 49 
Stokes, Wayne 108, 109 
Stone, Charles 33, 49, 50, 

51, 52, 115, 164 
Stone, Ian 91 
Strauss, Andy 100, 101 
Strauss, Erin 68, 106, 215 
Straw, Elaina 79, 80, 127, 

143, 151, 162, 183 
Straw, Ryan 33, 128, 129, 

166, 170, 171, 221, 2fr 
Streeter, Elizabeth 91, 121 
Strekouras, Miss 237, 243, 

245, 246, 252 
Strojny, Amanda 80, 127, 135 
Stuart, Michael 91, 220 
Student Council 222, 223 
Student Life 148-183 
Stygar, Krystynka 91, 121 
Suchy, Christopher 91, 137 
Suchy, James 68 
Suchy, Marissa 80, 127, 138 
Sullivan, Kathryn 91, 125, 209 
Sullivan, Mrs. 63, 221, 250, 25: 
Sullivan, Paul 91 
Sullivan, Ryan 91 
Summer 156, 157 
Sumner, Mr. 201, 237, 242. 

245, 252 
Sundquist, Paul 68 
Superlatives 40-48 
Susinetti, Dante 68 
Swan, Donna 255 
Swanson, Magan 68, 188 

Our Future 

D.E.C.A. is an association of 
marketing students who cre- 
ate projects for competition. 
Two juniors who have ex- 
celled both academically and 
creatively are Scott Maloney 
and Jennifer McKay. Both 
have earned first and second 
places in district competitions 
and have been nominated to 
run for state offices . Next year 
should find them achieving 
even more. 




weeney, Carolyn 91, 138 
zczepaniak, Miss 248, 253 

addeo, Melissa 75, 80 
angstrom, Lauren 93 
angstrom, Robert 92 
atupu, Mosiula 68, 115, 133 
atupu.Mr. 114, 115, 234, 

252, 253 
aylor, Kristen 92 
eague, Sarah 68 
'einer, John 80 
'einer, Kevin 93 
ellum, Kenneth 87, 92, 137 
errio, Jessica 80, 188 
etrault, Gregory 92 
hanksgiving Game 164, 165 
hibault, Beau 80 
'nomas, Jennifer 80 
'nomas, Kayla 92, 1 34 
'nomas, Kimberly 87, 92 
'nomas, Mr. 132 
'nomas, Nicole 92, 117 
'humm, Lydia 34 
"ierney, Matthew 68, 115 
ileston, Mr. 188, 189, 194, 253 
bledo, Michael 34, 46, 115, 

blivaisa, Bret 92, 158 
boker, Scott 34, 98, 104, 

105, 119, 205, 262 
bpham, Coach 123, 125 
bsches, Adin 92 
otal Image 288 
ower,Becki 110, 111 
ower, Mrs. D. 248, 252 
lower, Mrs. N. 220,221, 231, 

232, 239, 240, 246, 

253, 254 
Yahan, Shelby 81, 127, 171 
'ravers, Derek 68 
"ravetti, Nami 188 
Preen, Jill 93 
(Veen, Liz 255 
Tripp, Cheryl 68, 188 
Troiano, Carol 255 
True, Corey 80 
Tufts, Brian 92 
Tuohy, Marissa 6, 66, 

68, 135, 157, 197 
Turgeon, Cassandra 35 
Tuveson, Robert 80 
Tyler's Restaurant 285 

Ulrich, Robert 68 

Underclassmen 56-95 
Unterhollenberg, Sandra 34, 

135, 195, 295 
Urquhart, Steven 80 

Varey, Karyn 34 
Velloso, Eugene 92 
Verdeaux, Kristen 69, 188, 192 
Verna, Andee 34 
Viles-Antonellis, Mrs. 212, 

234, 248, 253, 254 
Villiard, Mrs. 216, 237, 245, 

Viola, Jeffrey 34 
Visser, Marika 1 88 
Vlachos, Victoria 81 
Vogan, Amanda 80 

W. T. Holmes Transportation 274 

Wagner, Christopher 5, 34, 37, 
46, 53, 98, 100, 101, 
113, 114, 115, 130, 
137, 161, 164, 283, 

Wald, James 80 

Walker, Matt 69 

Walsh, James 92, 123 

Walsh, Kelly 35, 127 

Walsh, Michael 69, 115 

Warchal, Amelia 191 

Warchal, Derek 188 

Wardner, Kelly 5, 35, 46, 
99, 110, 111, 113, 
120, 121, 130, 134, 
135, 159, 169, 204, 
205, 211, 222, 223, 

Wardner, Scott 69, 128, 129, 

Wason, Steven 69 

Watkins, Christopher 93, 201 

Watson, Susan 93 

Weaver, Seth 93 

Webb, Mr. 58, 254 

Webber, Jason 93 

Webber, Jeanine 155 

Webber, Matthew 35 

Webber, Nicole 81 

Weiners, Jessica 188, 195, 212 

Welch, Penny 35, 52, 188, 
192, 289 

Wells, Russell 81 

Werboff, Dominique 8 1 

White, Danielle 69 

White, Vicky 146 

Kris Carlson is setting his sights 
on Athens in 2004. That' s when 
he plans on representing the 
United States in the Olympic 
Games as a member of the U . S . 
archery team. Just a dteam? 
Not really. Kris recently topped 
the field at the 2000 Indoor 
Nationals held at Andover High 
School. In fact, he is ranked 
in the U.S. at this time. L 
for him in 2004. He's a s: 

Wieners, Jessica 35 
Wieners, Marcella 93 
Wilcox, Elin 81, 127, 138 
Wilensky, Erin 69, 187, 217 
Wilfert, Victoria 69 
Willette, Kendra 93, 138 
Williams, Daniel 93 
Williams, Keith 93 
Williams, Kelly 81 
Willis, Mr. 255 
Winget, Alison 81 
Winter Captains 130, 131 
Winter Cheerleading 146, 147 
Wirtes, Jenna 93 
W.K.RH.S. 213 

Woessner, Lauren 69, 188, 194 
Wolfrum, Justin 69, 233 
Wolloff, Mr. 188 
Wood, Jeffrey 93 
Wood, Michelle 35, 225, 271 
Woodruff, Nathaniel 8 1 
Woods, Courtney 82, 93, 

126, 134 
Wrench, Coach 144, 145 
Wrentham Co-operative Bank 272 
Wrestling 144, 145 
Wright, Nicole 81 
Wyman, Lindsay 93, 126 

Yousif, Nada 81 

Zervas, Gay 255 
Zervas. John 255 
Zervos, Sebastian 93, 1 88 
Zuercher, Mrs. 246, 253, 254 

Yearbook 196, 197 

Young, Mr. 231, 239, 246,254 

Yousif, George 81, 118 


The Chief tain. Staff 



■ I jii» j 1 










' f.fw 

■The Last Piece? 

And so the Class of 2000 now enters the history of King Philip. We waited so long for you, just to see 
how different you would be from the other forty classes that have been graduated since the beginning 
of our school. And you are different! You are the most hyped class of the century. Every night a news 
program would describe this incredible class — what you did for fun, how you learned, but most 
important, what your future looked like. We all agree that you are going into a future that will be 
infinitely different from the one that most of your parents, neighbors, and teachers have experienced. 
You have technology at your fingertips that was sci fi when we were young. You have many more doors 
open to you than we ever had. But in another sense, you're not that much different from those of us who 
left school in the 60s, 70s, and 80s. Some of you are ecstatic, some are nervous, and some are just plain 
curious about what the future holds for you. All we can do is to wish you the same luck and offer the 
same advice that our parents wished us. Be good, be happy, don't close any doors on yourselves, ancj 
be the people we know you are. 


Our Thanks 

All type and graphics were produced on Apple Macintosh computers located in the Media Center, room 217, and at the advisor's home. Artwork 
was scanned into the computers using two Hewlett Packard ScanJets. Page layout was done using Pagemaker 6.5 and Yeartech, a Josten's 

We used the font Improv for our titles and as an accent type. The rest of the book was printed in Palatino, 8 point for most captions and 10 to 12 
point for stories. The baby ads were printed in Times — just to be different. We used a special paper for the senior section, #90 Lustre, and did the 
rest of the book in an equally elegant #80 Gloss. 

Some of our photos (senior portraits, sports, and special events) came from Chestnut Hill Studios, located in Seekonk, Massachusetts. Other 
photos covering smaller events, the superlatives, and clubs and activities were taken by members of the Chieftain staff, generous KP students and 
even parents (especially Mrs. Policastro and other band parents). We want to thank everyone who lent us their special memories. We really 
appreciate the trust you showed in us. 

^308 ~ 

The last piece is always a thank you. To our new administrators, Mr. Levine and Mrs. Hanson, whd 
tested our mettle in the fall, but always had our best interests at heart. To our company representa- 
tive, Arnie Lohman, who didn't flinch when we thanked him for the extra deadline we thought th j 
company had given us. To our North Carolina representative, Kristen Ellerbe, who has the most 
charming accent and an eye that misses nothing. To Rick Brooks, our artist who flies in from West 
Virginia to design the cover and amazes us with his talents. To Joe and Gary Geoffroy who make 
us look so good in our photos. To the businesses who support us with their ads. To the parents 
who send us such darling pictures of their beautiful children, with messages that stir the heart. To 
the faculty and student body of King Philip for being so flexible, so often. 

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!! 

But to the class that produced this book, thanks is not enough. You worked through afternoons to 
get every name spelled right and every picture measured correctly. You suffered through my stress 
and bad humor in class without complaint. You went to evening and weekend events you really 
weren't a part of and took pictures, even though some people were less than nice to you. You were 
persistent when adults failed you or complained that they were too busy to help. You smiled and 
laughed and ate candy non-stop. This was the class that makes teaching so rewarding. 
You were fun. You cared. You looked out for each other. You were the best 

And I'll miss you. 
Miss Coutu 

•The Details 

The 2000 Chieftain, King Philip's Yearbook, contains 306 pages. We will also be producing a Spring Supplement. Printed by Jostens in Winston- 
Salem, North Carolina, the book has a gloss lithograph cover with gold dust foil. The inside back cover contains a picture of the Class of 2000 
taken in the football stands in October, 1999. 



I ^H 

y ** H 




W e 


N ;i ^tX 

"? . ■ 





> I 



EgyptAir Flight 990 crashes into the Atlantic 
Ocean on October 31, killing all 217 people 
on board. Although suspicious actions of a 
pilot are under scrutiny by American and 
Egyptian officials, the cause of the crash 
remains a mystery. 

On October 12, the world's official population 
hits 6 billion. The designated 6 billionth human 
is a baby boy born in Sarajevo. 

As part of Rome's continuing restoration, the 
city unveils a plan to create an 18,000-square-yard 
rambling space connecting the Imperial Forums 
with the Roman Forum. 

In September, 
more than 
300,000 Japanese 
are checked 
for radiation 
exposure after 
an inadvertent 
nuclear reaction 
at a uranium 
processing plant. 

In an October coup, the Pakistani army dismisses 
elected Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and 
his government after Sharif announces the 
removal of his powerful military chief, General 
Pervaiz Musharraf. 

Nearly a million ethnic Albanians flee Yugoslavia 
and thousands are killed after Serbs begin a 
violent ethnic cleansing campaign in 1998. 
Seventy-eight days of NATO bombing bring the 
war to an end in June. An international tribunal 
later charges Yugoslav President Slobodan 
Milosevic with crimes against humanity. 


Britain's Prince Edward marries 
longtime girlfriend Sophie Rhys- Jones 
on June 19. 

Cuban Elian Gonzalez, 6, becomes 
the center of a bitter citizenship 
debate after surviving a November 
boat wreck off the Florida coast in 
which his mother dies. 

In a violent October coup, gunmen storm 
the Armenian Parliament and assassinate 
Prime Minister Vazgen Sarkisian and six 
other top officials. 

A In India, two trains collide head-on in August, 
"4P - killing 285 people and injuring more than 300. 
It is one of the worst train disasters in the 
country's history. 


Leonardo da Vinci's "The Last Supper" is 
unveiled in June after 21 years of restoration. 
The centimeter-by-centimeter rehabilitation 
cost $7.7 million and involved 
electronic microscopes. 

In September, Russia begins a military campaign 
against Chechen nationalists to regain control of 
the breakaway republic. More than 200,000 people 
flee the region, but a fierce rebel resistance 
stays to fight for control of the capital, Grozny. 

In June, Thabo Mbeki succeeds President Nelson 
Mandela, South Africa's first democratically 
elected president. 

After almost nine years in power, Russian President 
Boris Yeltsin announces his resignation in January 
2000. Yeltsin names Prime Minister Vladimir Putin 
acting president pending elections in March. 

n September and October, powerful earthquakes 
strike around the globe, killing 15,000 people in 
Turkey, 1,450 in Taiwan and at least 122 in Greece. 



excavate 105 
mummies in a 
Egyptian tomb 
believed to contain 
a total of 10,000 
mummies. The 
necropolis will shed 
new light on the 
Greco-Roman era 
and will allow 
scholars to chart 
demographic data 
and the incidence 
of disease. 

Kenneth Garretl/NGS Imag 

A tropical depression producing heavy 
rain hits Mexico in November. The 
resulting floods kill more than 350 
people and cause 100,000 to evacuate. 

In August, the U.S. pays $4.5 million to 
victims of NATO's accidental bombing 
of the Chinese embassy in Belgrade. 
Three Chinese are killed and 27 are 
wounded in the May 1999 bombing. 

On December 31, the U.S. returns control of 
the Panama Canal to Panama. Opened to the 
world in 1914, the canal is considered one of 
the greatest construction achievements in 
American history. 

In December, torrential rains cause Venezuela's 
worst natural disaster of the century. Mudslides 
and flash floods kill up to 30,000 people, while 
damage estimates run into the billions of dollars. 


_^_ Cartoonist Charles M. Schulz retires in January 
J 2000, bringing an end to PEANUTS, America's 
most popular comic strip for almost 50 years. 
Schulz dies in February, the night before his last 
strip runs in the national newspapers. 

_^k_ As a way to boost tourism, Chicago displays 
^f 301 life-size, fiberglass cows decorated by local 
artists. The public art exhibit lasts all summer 
until the cows are auctioned for charity. 

In July, John F. Kennedy Jr., 38, his wife, Carolyn 
Bessette Kennedy, 33, and her sister, Lauren 
Bessette, 34, die in an airplane crash in the 
Atlantic Ocean near Martha's Vineyard. Kennedy, 
a relatively inexperienced pilot, is believed to 
have become disoriented in heavy fog. 

Hurricane Floyd 
strikes the East 
Coast in September, 
killing 51 people and 
destroying over 
4,000 homes. North 
Carolina is hardest 
hit with total damages 
estimated at a record 
$6 billion. 


President Clinton announces the removal of 
the American bald eagle from the endangered 
species list. In 1999, there are over 5,800 
breeding pairs, an increase from 417 in 1963. 

The drought of 1999 causes severe damage to 
Northeastern and mid-Atlantic farms. Several 
states impose mandatory water use restrictions 
and emergency federal loans are made available 
in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Ohio, Virginia 
and West Virginia. 

- re 
" - -Z> - 

I *i ... 

Lewis and Clark's Native 
American guide Sacagawea 
is featured on a new 
gold-colored dollar coin 
released into circulation 
in early \ 

Beginning in 1999, the U.S. Mint 
releases specially designed 
state quarters, the first 
five representing 
Georgia, Delaware, 
Pennsylvania and 
New Jersey. By \ 
each state will have 
its own quarter. 


In August, a rare tornado strikes 
downtown Salt Lake City. Winds up 
to 112 miles per hour make it Utah's 
second-worst tornado in history. 

In July, Air Force Colonel Eileen 
Collins, 42, becomes the first 
woman to command a U.S. space 
shuttle mission. 



In November, a 60-foot log tower collapses at 
Texas A&M University, killing 12 students and 
injuring 27. The tower was to be burned at a 
traditional bonfire pep rally. 



On April 20, 1999, the nation mourns after two 
students go on a shooting rampage at Columbine 
High School in Colorado, wounding 23 and killing 
15, including themselves. Schools across the 
country take extensive security measures to 
ensure the safety of students and staff. 

_^_ In an effort to ease the burden on the traditional 
y^ courts, most states now offer teen court for 
juvenile offenders. After determining guilt, a jury of 
teens along with a judge decides the sentence, 
typically community service and financial restitution. 

A In November, protesters at the World Trade 
-^P~ Organization (WTO) summit in Seattle provoke a 
show of force by local, state and federal officers. 
Protesters blame the WTO for eroding human 
rights and labor and environmental standards. 

In August, a female panda is born at the San 
Diego Zoo. Hua Mei, which can mean "China USA" 
or "Splendid Beauty," is the first panda born in 
the Western Hemisphere in nearly a decade. 

drivinai- "^ 


A A bumper sticker invites drivers to call a 
~^P" toll-free number to report reckless driving. 
Officials hope the system will help parents stay 
informed about their teenagers' driving habits. 

of official denial, 
in December a 
jury finds the 
assassination of 
Reverend Martin 
Luther King Jr. 
was the result 
of a conspiracy, 
not the act of a 
lone gunman. 

_^L_ An epidemic of rampage 

^ shootings intensifies America's growing concern 
over gun control. Many state legislatures pass new 
gun-control measures despite nationwide controversy 
over restrictions vs. Second Amendment rights. 


Flip Schulke/Corbis 

In the first such admission by a cigarette 
manufacturer, Philip Morris publicly 
concedes tobacco is addictive and can 
cause serious diseases. 

Hillary Clinton announces her candidacy 
for a U.S. Senate seat from New York. 
As law requires, Clinton establishes New 
York residency in suburban Chappaqua. 


In September, Microsoft Corp. Chairman Bill Gates 
and his wife Melinda announce the creation of the 
Gates Millennium Scholars Program. The Gateses 
will donate $1 billion over the next 20 years to 
finance scholarships for minority college students. 


_^^_ FEELit technology allows users to experience 
y computer technology through their mouse. Users 
can "feel" buttons, text, the weight of a stuffed 
desktop folder and the groove of a scroll bar. 

_^k_ Fifteen-year-old Amber Ramirez undergoes surgery 
^p in which half of her brain is removed to stop the 
spread of a rare neurological disease. Doctors 
hope the remaining portion of Ramirez's brain will 
compensate for the removed tissue. 

In August, NASA releases photos from the Chandra 
X-ray orbiting telescope of a hot cloud of gas from a 
star that exploded more than three centuries ago. 
The telescope took 23 years and $1 billion to develop. 

A The Java Ring contains a computer chip providing 
"^^" electronic access into buildings for students. 

Eventually the ring could be used as a library card, 
digital wallet, electronic ID and authentication for 
students' online homework. 

In August, U.S. surgeons begin using computer- 
enhanced robotic technology for heart bypass 
surgery. Because the chest cavity is never 
opened, this technique reduces pain and 
shortens recovery time. 

A The body of a 23,000-year-old woolly mammoth is 
~^^~ discovered in October frozen in the Russian tundra. 
Study of the preserved fur, organs and soft tissue 
could unlock the mystery of why the species died out 


Researchers announce in July the 
creation of a cancerous human cell by 
genetically altering a normal one. This 
significant breakthrough is an important 
step toward developing drugs that could 
potentially wipe out cancer. 

In December, IBM announces a $100 
million research initiative to build a 
supercomputer 500 times more 
powerful than current models. 


Cyberonics, Int. 

On August 11, the last total solar eclipse of 
the millennium crosses the globe. Thousands 
of people from Canada to India experience 
daytime darkness during which the moon 
completely covers the sun. 

r ^F 


The jawbones of two kangaroo-sized dinosaurs 
are discovered in Madagascar in October. Dated 
to the early Triassic period, 230 million years 
ago, the bones could be the oldest dinosaur 
fossils ever found. 

Parents, with help from their doctor, select 
the gender of their baby using a technique 
called MicroSort, which separates X-bearing 
(female-determining) and Y-bearing 
(male-determining) sperm. The success 
rate is about 92 percent for females and 
69 percent for males. 

Researchers report they have successfully 
altered the learning and memory behavior of 
mice by inserting a gene into their brains. 
This genetic-engineering breakthrough may be 
helpful in treating human learning disorders 
and Alzheimer's disease. 

A new board game, 

Infection, hits stores in July. 

Fun and educational, players race around the board 

catching diseases, described in detail, and trying to 

be cured. 

In October, Sea Launch Company, a multi-national 
consortium, launches the first commercial satellite 
into space from a floating platform in the Pacific 
Ocean. Boeing is a major partner in the venture, 
along with companies in Russia, Ukraine and Norway. 

In October, 
biologists isolate 
one of the 
enzymes that 
sets Alzheimer's 
disease in motion. 
This scientific 
discovery will 
lead to new 
treatments and, 
possibly, a cure. 
Over 4 million 
including former 
President Ronald 
Reagan, are living 
with the disease. 


In June, scientists announce the 
creation of two new elements. The 
nucleus of new, super-heavy element 
118 decays into element 116 within 
a millisecond. 

Scientists studying Albert Einstein's 
preserved brain report it has unique 
characteristics. The region governing 
mathematical ability and spatial 
reasoning is significantly larger 
than normal. 


To mark the 30th anniversary of the first moon 
landing, astronaut Neil Armstrong's lunar 
footprint is featured on a 1999 postage stamp. 





■ maybe lljni 

■ MA!<EUB 
^ 3lnV 


r »Tiok 
1 3 SW 




The fashion accessory of 1999 goes by many 
names -power beads, mood beads and prayer 
beads. Many sellers claim the beads boost 
tranquility, energy, creativity and intelligence. 

Airlines begin installing elaborate in-flight 
entertainment systems that allow passengers 
to watch movies, play computer games, listen to 
music, read headlines or browse the Internet. 


I N El 

Cosmetic companies increasingly use 
entertainment celebrities instead of models for 
their advertisements. Sarah Michelle Gellar, 
Jennifer Love Hewitt, Jennifer Lopez and Shania 
Twain are among the celebs who appear in ads. 

With the huge 
increase in cell 
phones, many 
cities enact laws 
restricting their 
use while driving. 
Restaurants and 
theaters are also 
requiring patrons 
to turn phones 
off as a courtesy 
to others. 



A continuation of the 
cargo pants trend, 
messenger bags with 
pockets galore hang 
at the hips of teens 

In August, a Levi Strauss & Co. megastore opens 
in San Francisco. The store features a hot tub 
where shoppers can soak in their jeans for the 
perfect fit and a computer-scanning system to 
help customers get the right size. 


In December, Honda introduces Insight, 
a car that combines a conventional 
gasoline engine with a small electric 
motor, decreases ozone and carbon 
dioxide emissions and gets 80 mpg. 

Several companies offer "digital wallets" 
for teens who want to shop online 
but don't have credit cards. Parents 
deposit money into an online account; 
then teens can spend the money at 
designated Web sites. 

A Apple Computer introduces its new iBook laptop 
"^P" in September. The super-slim, neon-colored 
units follow the highly successful launch of the 
translucent iMac desktop. 

a A new line of scented candles called Aromapharmacy 
-w^- comes in amber glass containers and looks like 
prescription drug bottles with creative names such 
as Ritalert, Cramprin and Valiumello. 


Inline skaters can now power themselves alon 
with the new Roller Cycle Personal Power 
Accelerator featuring a l.S-hp-driven wheel. An 
optional spiked rubber tire for traction makes it 
also possible to use while cross-country skiing. 

Wireless Web access becomes a reality in 
September when Sprint PCS announces the 
first nationwide wireless data service. Shortly 
thereafter, several other providers debut similar 
service for hand-held Web phones. 

Magellan, a satellite navigation system for 
motorists, offers complete U.S. mapping data, 
voice and visual instructions in seven languages, 
turn-by-turn directions and a library of points 
of interest. 

A Gap TV 


for vests starts a trend across 

America that has teenagers wearing 

the fashionable sleeveless jackets. 

Several rappers start their own clothing lines 
making hip-hop wear big business. Popular 
artist labels include FUBU, Roc-A-Wear, Phat 
Farm, Wu Wear, Sean John and X-Large. 

Teenagers need an average of nine 
hours and 15 minutes of sleep a night, 
according to research at Brown 
University's Bradley Hospital. The study 
also shows a direct correlation between 
school grades and duration of sleep. 

An influx of dot-com companies 
advertise on television. Ads during the 
Super Bowl sell for an average of $2.2 
million per 30-second commercial. 

A growing number of U.S. school cafeterias offer 
pruneburgers, a healthy low-fat combination 
of hamburger and prune puree. Other prune 
items in the works include hot dogs, pizza sauce, 
barbecue sauce and gingerbread cookies. 



Video game fans snap up a record 15,000 copies 
of Sega's highly anticipated Dreamcast system in 
the first 24 hours after its launch in September. 

ABC's summer fill-in quiz show "Who Wants 
to Be a Millionaire," with host Regis Philbin, 
returns in November and is a huge hit with 
viewers. By January 2000, several major networks 
launch quiz shows of their own. 

The Sixth Sense with Bruce Willis and Haley 
Joel Osment is the No. 1 box office hit for five 
consecutive weekends in the summer. 

After 19 
Susan Lucci finally 
wins an Emmy 
Award for best 
actress in a 
daytime drama 
series for her role 
as Erica Kane on 
the ABC soap opera 
"All My Children." 


Launched in January 1999, MTVs "The Tom Green 
Show" becomes one of the season's most popular 
shows. The Canadian host's bizarre man-on-the- 
street pranks are the show's main attraction. 

The Blair Witch Project, the year's surprise movie 
hit, is the documentary-style footage of three 
students lost in the Maryland woods and 
threatened by the presumed Blair Witch. The film 
costs $100,000 to make and grosses $140 million. 


Tom Hanks and Tim Allen return as the 
voices of Woody and Buzz Lightyear 
in the animated feature Toy Story 2. 
The sequel breaks box-office records 
during its Thanksgiving release and 
wins a Golden Globe award. 

In a botched stunt, WWF wrestler Owen 
Hart falls from the rafters at Kemper 
Arena and dies in front of 16,300 fans. 

A Jennifer Love Hewitt leaves "Party of Five" to star in 
~^P" her own Fox television drama, "Time of Your Life." 
The show focuses on Hewitt's character trying 
to make it in New York while searching for her 
biological father. 

A In June, Mike Myers' sequel Austin Powers: The 
-^kV Spy Who Shagged Me proves to be a bigger hit 
than the 1997 original. Dr. Evil's alter ego Mini-Me 
is extremely popular even though he has no lines. 

u .:\ 

In December, 
actor Jim Carrey 
portrays zany 
comedian Andy 
Kaufman in Man 
on the Moon. 
Carrey wins a 
Golden Globe 
award for his 


The new arcade game Guitar Freaks features 
two guitar controllers and a screen to help 
players follow along to popular songs. 


Set in 1980, the critically acclaimed NBC 
show "Freaks and Geeks" follows two groups 
of teens trying to make their way through 
high school. 

The long-awaited prequel Star Wars; Episode I The 
' Phantom Menace hits theaters in May 1999, taking 
in a record-breaking $28.5 million on its opening 
day and going on to gross more than $420 million. 


Michael J. Fox announces in January 
2000 he will leave the popular ABC 
sitcom "Spin City" at the end of the 
season to promote awareness of 
Parkinson's disease in hopes of 
finding a cure. 

After 10 seasons, Fox cancels the 
hit show "Beverly Hills, 90210." The 
show followed characters through 
high school, college and careers. 

A In September, the New Roc City entertainment 
"^^" center opens in New York. The complex includes 
an amusement park ride on the roof, two skating 
rinks, 19 movie screens, restaurants, an arcade, a 
health club, a supermarket and a hotel. 

_^_ American Beauty, starring Kevin Spacey, Annette 
f^ Bening and Thora Birch, captures the Golden 
Globe Best Drama Award. The dark satire of 
suburbia and family dysfunction receives a total 
of six Golden Globe nominations. 

Medusa, the 
world's first 
floorless roller 
coaster, opens 
in August at Six 
Flags Great 
Adventure in 
New Jersey. 
The 4,000-foot, 
ride has enough 
drops, loops, 
rolls and 
to thrill 
every rider. 

Six Flags Great Adventurt 

The Talented Mr. Ripley, starring Matt Damon, 
Gwyneth Paltrow, Jude Law and Cate Blanchett, 
opens in December and earns popular and 
critical praise. 





U.S. sales of music by Latin artists shoot up 
48 percent in the first quarter of 1999 thanks 
to artists such as Ricky Martin, Jennifer Lopez, 
Enrique Iglesias and Marc Anthony. 

Superstar Mariah Carey releases Rainbow in 
November and begins a world tour in February 
2000. Carey is named Billboard Music Awards Artist 
of the Decade and is awarded the distinguished 
American Music Award of Achievement. 

Released in June, Santana's Supernatural shoots 
up the Billboard album chart, sells over 6 million 
copies, and earns 10 Grammy nominations. 

Britney Spears' 
album ...Baby 
One More Time is 
the second-best- 
selling album 
of 1999, earning 
Spears the 
Billboard Music 
Awards Female 
and New Artist of 
the Year Awards. 

Saturday Night Live: The 
Musical Performances 
Volumes I and 2 are 
released in September. 
The CDs feature 30 of the 
musical acts that have 
appeared on SNL over the 
past 25 years. 

Limp Bizkit leads the way in the resurgence of 
rock music, along with Kid Rock and Korn. In 
September, MTV showcases the trend by airing 
"1999: Return of the Rock," which examines the 
history and future of rock music. 


A Computer games feature big music stars on 
~^^" their soundtracks. Sheryl Crow contributes her 
talent to the Tomorrow Never Dies soundtrack, 
Metallica to Hot Wheels Turbo Racing and 
Naughty by Nature to NBA Live 2000. 

Sheryl Crow, Eric Clapton and the 
Dixie Chicks are a few musicians 
who rock Central Park in a first-ever 
trimulcast concert seen and heard 
on the radio, television and Internet. 

More than 1 million viewers tune 
in each weekday to vote on their 
favorite videos on MTV's "Total 
Request Live" with host Carson Daly 
and popular musical guests. 


Backstreet Boys' Millennium wins the Billboard 
Music Awards Album of the Year and becomes 
the best-selling album of the year with over 10 
million copies sold. 


Lou Bega's 


rhythmic "Mambo 

No. 5" hits the 

Top 40 in August 

after selling 2 

million copies 

overseas and 

topping the chart 

in 15 countries. 


"NetAid,"a concert dedicated to relieve hunger 
and poverty, airs live in October on MTV, VH1, 
the BBC, as well as radio stations in 120 
nations, making it the widest-heard musical 
performance in history. 

In a strange twist, Garth Brooks releases the album 
The Life of Chris Gaines in which he pretends to 
be a fictional rock star. Gaines will be the main 
character in a movie called The Lamb, currently 
in development. 


Shania Twain becomes 
the first woman since 
1986 to win the Country 
Music Association's 
Entertainer of the Year 
Award at the 33rd annual 
awards show. 

MP3, technology 

that compresses sound into a very small 
file, becomes a popular alternative to 
the CD. MP3 files are downloaded from 
the Internet onto computers or portable 
player units, making it possible to take 
a personal music selection anywhere. 

AP/Wide World Photos 

VHl's "Concert of the Century" spotlights the 
importance of music education in schools. The 
all-star show includes Lenny Kravitz, Sheryl Crow, Eric 
Clapton and B.B. King, as well as high-profile actors. 


Fiona Apple releases her long-awaited second 
album to rave reviews in November and begins 
a tour in February 2000. The album features a 
90-word title, which is commonly shortened to 
When the Pawn. 

After a successful New Year's Eve 
reunion performance, the Judds 
begin their first tour in almost 10 
years in February 2000. Since 
they disbanded in 1991, Naomi has 
recovered from Hepatitis C. 

Best New Artist Grammy nominee 
Christina Aguilera gives an exciting 
performance during the Super Bowl 
XXXIV halftime show. 



Ricky Martin takes the music industry by storm 
after his show-stopping performance at the 1999 
Grammy Awards show. Martin's first chart-topping 
single, "Livin' la Vida Loca," helps him win the 
Billboard Music Award for Male Artist of the Year. 

I w 

The Houston Comets earn their third straight 
WNBA championship in September, beating 
the New York Liberty 59-47 to win in three 
straight games. 

Dale Jarrett wins the 1999 NASCAR Winston Cup 
championship after a four-victory season. 

V «* 


In the January 
2000 Sugar Bowl, 
No. 1 Florida 
State beats No. 2 
Virginia Tech 
46-29 to capture 
the National 

_^^_ Andre Agassi wins the French Open in June 
^f ar| d becomes the fifth man ever to complete a 

career Grand Slam. Agassi goes on to win the 

U.S. Open in September. 

A In July, the U.S. women's soccer team wins the 

-^^- 1999 World Cup by beating China 5-4 in penalty 

kicks following a 0-0 tie. More than 90,000 fans 

attend at the Rose Bowl and another 40 million 

watch on television. 

A The U.S. team beats the European team to win 
-^- golf's Ryder Cup at Brookline, Massachusetts, in 
September. The American's stirring comeback 
is marred by unruly galleries and a premature 
victory celebration. 

Travis Pastrana, 15, wins the gold medal in the X 
Games' inaugural Moto X freestyle motocross event. 
The fifth year of this ESPN-sponsored competition 
is held in San Francisco in June and July. 

± In June, 

**^~ the San 
Antonio Spurs win 
their first NBA 
championship by 
defeating the New 
York Knicks four 
games to one. 

The New York Yankees win the 1999 World 
' Series in a four-game sweep against the 
Atlanta Braves. 


AP/Wide World Photos 

In July, many major league baseball 
umpires announce their resignation as 
a labor protest. The strategy backfires 
when owners accept the resignations 
and in September, 22 umpires lose 
their jobs. 

In January 2000, Michael Jordan returns 
to pro basketball as part owner and 
President for Basketball Operations of 
the NBA's Washington Wizards. 

Twenty-year professional hockey veteran Wayne 
Gretzky announces his retirement in April 1999 
after setting or tying 61 records. Two months 
later, "The Great One" is inducted into the 
Hockey Hall of Fame. 

7 V V;. 


Fearing the collapse of the world's banks, utilities 
and transportation systems, thousands of people 
stock up on food, water, money, ammunition and 
generators. After midnight, it soon becomes 
apparent that the preparations were unnecessary. 

The public and private sectors spend 
hundreds of millions of dollars to ward 
off the Y2K bug. The world lets out a 
sigh of relief after midnight strikes and 
no major computer malfunctions occur. 

The FBI warns of possible terrorist acts 
on New Year's Eve and stays on national 
alert throughout the celebration. After 
the arrest of one man with bomb-making 
materials, Seattle decides to cancel its 
Space Needle celebration. 


A A surprising number of people, appalled by the 
-^P" exorbitant costs of travel and events, decide to stay 
home on New Year's Eve. Many companies and 
performers drastically slash prices as a last-minute lure. 


Printed in USA. © 2000 Joslens. Inc. 990381 (1742) 

The Stock Market 

C/B Production/Stock Market 



^rK Thinking he has 
^ajr pioneered a westward 
route to the spice-rich 
East Indies, Christopher 
Columbus lands in the 
Bahamas. At the time of 
first European contact, 
about 90 million Native 
Americans live in North 
and South America. 

Spanish explorer Hernando Cortes 
introduces horses from Spain into the New 
World, changing transportation and culture 
for Native Americans. Cortes carries out a 
harsh conquest of Montezuma and the Aztecs. 


Pilgrimages to religious sites are seen as 
.9- acts of faith. Roads and towns develop along 
the pilgrim routes, expanding trade and 
communication in Europe. Beginning in 
1096, Crusades to the distant Holy Land 
expose Europeans to Arab culture. 


stagecoaches offer public passenger service, 
and covering 15 miles a day is considered a 
good speed. The coaches travel in stages, 
changing horses at each stop. As a result, the 
stagecoach line is born. 

{E) Leil Ericson {JJ> Chinese invent (ffi) Marco Polo tf^ Mercaior creates &fy First Conestoga ^) Vulcanized rubber ^§) Transcontinental 

reaches North 

magnetic compass 

travels to China 

his world map 

wagons are I 

is invented. 

railroad spans ll.l 


Gondolas first 
appear in Venice. 


is built. 

explorers start 

|f ffk slave trade. 


Mayflower lands 
I Plymouth Rock. 

tf S 

Lewis and Clark 
explore American West. 

internal combustion 

ifljw engine appears. 


Public rides 
first escalator. 

Pirates terrorize 
the seas between 
I and 1730. One of the 
most notorious pirates is 
Edward Teach, known as 
"Blackbeard." The fictional 
Captain Hook first appears 
in the 1904 play "Peter 
Pan" which inspires 
books, musicals and films 
throughout the century. 

A Birchbark canoes provide transportation for 
-|L||u> many Native Americans. The canoes are made 
with a light wood frame covered with pieces 
of bark sewn together and made watertight 
with melted pitch. 

The first practical wheelchairs provide new 
*- mobility for those unable to walk. Early 
models of wheelchairs have three wheels 
and hand cranks to propel the chair forward. 

A During the Revolutionary War, a submarine is 
~Vjlit~ used in battle for the first time. Built by American 
David Bushnell, the one-person vessel is powered by a 
hand-cranked propeller. Twentieth-century submarines 
are complex, nuclear-powered craft used for defense and 
scientific purposes. 

^«**w France's 
*^r*" Montgolfier 
brothers launch the 
first hot-air balloon. 
Filled with smoke, 
the silk balloon rises 
to 6,000 feet. Later 
that year, the first 
passengers go 
aloft — a rooster, a 
duck and a sheep. 


jjfc Subways 
t*^ provide a new 
way to get around in 
cities. The world's 
first underground 
railway opens in 
London in 1863. By 
1904, New York City 
inaugurates its first 
rapid-transit subways. 

Fratelli/Stock Market 

jm± Travel by rail revolutionizes land transportation. 
^r British engineer Richard Trevithick invents the 

first steam locomotive in 1804, but it is 1825 

before railroads haul passengers. 

First drive-in gas 
station opens. 

solo, oonstop 
over Atlantic. 

Cleveland, Ohio, 
traffic lights. 

zeppelin crashes. 

powered flight. The 
first flight of Wilbur 
and Orville Wright's 
Flyer lasts 12 seconds 
and carries Orville 
to a height of 10 feet 
above the beach at 
Kitty Hawk, N.C. 

Humans first 
orbit Earth. 


Henry Ford's moving 
assembly line makes cars 
affordable to the masses. 
Ford produces the first 
Model Tin 1908. In 1964, 
the sporty Ford Mustang 
rolls out at $2,368 and 
sets an all-time record 
for first-year sales of a 
new model. 

American Stock/Archive Photos 

meters appear. 

flight begins. 

Jet airline 
i service begins. 

starts drive 
, through service. 

spacecraft leaves 
solar system. 

NASA develnps 

and Sojourner 
explore Mars. 

"Chunnel" links 
U.K. to France. 

circles globe nonstop. 

On her maiden 
voyage, the great 
steam passenger ship 
Titanic, thought to be 
unsinkable, goes down 
after hitting an iceberg in 
the North Atlantic. Of the 
more than 2,200 persons 
aboard the ship, about 
1,500 perish. 

■ T tfMU«: 

Man walks on 
the moon. 
Apollo 11 astronauts 
Neil Armstrong and 
Buzz Aldrin plant the 
American flag 238,0 
miles from Earth as an 
estimated 600 million 
people on Earth watch 
on television. 

k^ First built in 1903, the Harley-Davidson 
-^pp- becomes America's best-known motorcycle in 
the 1950s. Raw power and a distinctive rumble 
appeal to rebels of the 1950s and 1960s and 
to business executives of the 1990s. 

Freeways change the nature and pace of 
travel in America. In 1956, President 
Eisenhower authorizes construction of the 
Interstate Highway System. By the 1990s, 
this nationwide network includes more than 
42,500 miles of highways. 


A^ Orbital construction of the International 
4jp^ Space Station (ISS) begins in 1998 when 
space shuttle Endeavor crew members 
connect the station's first two sections. 
ISS is to become the largest cooperative 
space mission in history. 


Chocolate from the 
New World takes 
Europe by storm. 
Brought to Spain from 
Mexico, chocolate is 
so costly that 
Europeans water it 
down for use as a drink 
Natives of Mexico have 
prized chocolate since 
ancient times. 


John Montagu, 4 11 ' Earl of Sandwich, instructs 
his servants to bring him his meat between 
two pieces of bread. This way he can eat with 
one hand while continuing to play cards with 
the other. The term "sandwich" is born. 


As the millennium begins, European peasant 
food is plain and often scarce. Feasting on 
meat is reserved for the wealthy. Table 
utensils include only a knife; most people 
just eat with their hands. Slabs of dense 
bread, called trenchers, serve as plates. 

j«frw Europe's first 
opens in England. By 
1700, there are 2,' 
coffeehouses in London 
alone. Early coffeehouses 
are important places to 
transact business. Lloyd's 
Coffeehouse evolves into 
Lloyd's of London, the 
giant insurance brokerage 

{J^ Spices are 
costly luxuries. 

tf^ Spice trade ($fr Native Americans 


World's lirst 
restaurant opens 
qfy in China. 

introduce popcorn 
to colonists. 

{J2^ Potato famine 
swells Irish 

Forks lirst 
appear on tables. 

{jfo Jell is a #^ Tupperware {E|> Packaged salads ^J) 

Boston Tea Party 

new treat. 

Canned foods 
appear in stores. 

is introduced 


First commercial 
pizzeria opens. 


Pop-top cans 
are created. 


Organic food 
sales soar. 

Brown Brothers 


Domestic ice chests provide early refrigeration. 
Blocks of ice are cut, delivered to homes and 
sold for use in kitchen ice chests. It is the 
early 1930s before reliable electric home 
refrigerators are in common use. 

^jg». Swanson creates 
'^•r' the TV dinner, 
sold in boxes designed to 
look like television sets. 
Frozen dinners are 
possible because of 
Clarence Birdseye's 1929 
invention of early methods 
for freezing food. 

Brooklyn, is the 
first to deliver milk 
in glass bottles. 
For many years the 
milkman is the 
most common way 
to obtain fresh milk, 
before the age 
of supermarkets. 

America's first large self-service supermarket 
opens, followed by the invention of the grocery 
shopping cart in 1937. During the Depression, 
supermarkets become a significant part of the 
food distribution network. 


Choices expand in school lunch programs. 
A growing number of public schools begin 
featuring national fast-food outlets and soft 
drink brands in the school lunchroom. 

Archery competition is a common pastime in 
f- the Middle Ages. Archery skill is so important 
that English kings ban football because it 
takes men away from archery practice. 

{£) Europeans {£) German bowlers ^2) Worway introduces iffi Ice hockey ^% James Naismith tjfjjft LEGO company 

' " opens in Denmark. 

invent checkers 
and darts. 

use wooden pins, 
stone ball. 

French enjoy 
early form 

(£) ol tennis. 

as sport. 


Native Americans 
play lacrosse. 

in Canada. 


Scottish blacksmith 
invents pedal bicycle. 

invents basketball. 

Coney Is and 
installs first 
roller coaster. 


Yoyo is 
in U.S. 


enjoy first 
Super Bowl. 

Barbie is born. 


Game consnles 
^j) PC technology. 

— I — ► 

*{b\ > Baseball is first 

t^^ played as an 
organized sport at Hoboken, 
N.J., when the New York Club 
defeats the Knickerbocker 
Baseball Club on June 19. 
More than 100 years later, 
Jackie Robinson breaks the 
color barrier in major league 
baseball in 1947. 


Parker Brothers introduces Monopoly, which 
becomes one of the world's most successful 
board games. By the late 1990s, the popular 
game is available on interactive CD. 


Athens, Greece, hosts the first modern 
Olympics. Winter Games are not held until 
1924. At the 1998 Winter Olympics, American 
figure skaters Tara Lipinski and Michelle Kwan 
win the gold and silver medals respectively, 
and China's Lu Chen wins the bronze. 

Tony Esparza/CBS/Entertainment Communications 

Game shows become widely popular TV fare in 
the 1950s. One of the top 10 shows of 1959, NBC's 
"The Price Is Right," still draws large audiences 
in 1999 on CBS, where it is the longest-running 
game show in television history. 

considered by 
many to be 
greatest player, 
retires from 
the NBA His 
talents lead the 
Chicago Bulls 
to six NBA 
in the 1990s. 





Literacy is reserved for the clergy and a few 
JW students. Monks and scribes laboriously 
copy books by hand using goose-quill pens. 
Books are such rare treasures that in some 
libraries they are chained to the shelf. 

) PhotoDisc, Inc. 

^sfet Johann 
~^r^ Gutenberg 
invents a way to mass- 
produce the written 
word. He devises the 
first Western movable- 
type system and a new 
kind of printing press. 
Gutenberg's inventions 
speed the spread of 
knowledge and literacy. 

5ign language is a means 
of communication for some 
early cultures. It bridges 
language differences 
between societies and 
eventually evolves into 
a formal alphabet for 
communication by the 
hearing impaired. 

t William Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet" 
is first performed. London's Globe Theater 
opens in 1599, where many of his plays are 
staged. By 1600, the great playwright pens 
at least 20 plays. 

;;■ Most Europeans 
are illiterate. 

invent first 
movable type. 

Europe expands use 
of Arabic numerals. 

music appears. 

Leonardo da Vinci 
paints Mom Lisa. 

Lead pencils make 
writing easier 

v Clockmaker 
designs first 
minute hand. 


of Independence 
creates U.S. 

Japanese woman 
writes the first novel. 

Some societies 
use smoke 
. signals. 

Chaucer pens 

British Navy 
originates signal 
, flag messages. 

Mozart composes 
symphony at 
age eight. 

Braille develnps 
reading system 
i tor the blind. 

***^ Th e first 

^r regularly 
printed newspaper is 
a four-page weekly 
publication, the Relation, 
printed in Germany. It is 
1702 before the first daily 
newspaper appears, The 
Daily Courant of London. 

Instant long-distance communication is possible. 
Samuel Morse invents the telegraph and a 
dot-dash code to carry messages over a wire. 
In 1851, Hiram Sibley founds Western Union 
Telegraph Company. 

k One if by land, two if by sea. Lanterns signal 
-jjjfah the advance of British troops, and Paul 
Revere rides to warn American colonists 
of the attack. His famous ride also signals 
the beginning of the American Revolution. 

Frenchman Nicephore Niepce creates the 
first permanent photograph. His partner, 
Louis Daguerre, carries Niepce's work 
further by inventing a process of capturing 
images on metal plates. 

erican Christopher 
Sholes invents the 
typewriter. To keep rapid 
typists from jamming the 
keys, Sholes designs the 
keyboard so that 
frequently combined 
letters are located far apart. 
This layout lasts into the 
computer age. 


Austria introduces the first postcards. For 
only pennies, postcards keep people in touch 
before telephones are common. Calling cards, 
commercial valentines and other printed 
personal greetings are popular customs. 

<&>► lnventor 
t^ Thomas Edison 

patents a practical electric 

light bulb. Electric lights 

have a profound effect 

on society, increasing 

opportunities for reading, 

writing, socializing 

and working. 

Pony Express 
carries mill. 

Viewers marvel 
at early 
silent movies. 

^H) Mickey Mouse 
appears on tilm 

ifffo Bell Lads invents 
first transistor. 

Graham Bell 
patents the telephone. 
By the end of the 
millennium, missing 
a phone call is almost 
impossible as answering 
machines take instant 
messages. Cell phones, 
beepers and voice 
mail expand 
'ommunication options. 


Guglielmo Marconi invents the radio, 
providing a way for sound to travel long 
distances without the use of wires. During 
the 1920s and 1930s, radio is the primary 
source of news and family entertainment 
for most Americans. 

itHl King delivers 
"I Have a Dream" 

Vietnam War 
sparks protests. 

A Berlin Wall tails. A 

Edison invents 



. women 
win right to vote. 

Drive-in theaters 
attract crowds. 





TV carries 
President Kennedy's 

, funeral. 

MTV goes on air. 


HDTV becomes 


-i^ Movie making 
"^tjisJ*" experiences a 
"golden age" in the late 
1930s and early 1940s. In 1939, 
Gone With the Wind mi 
The Wizard of Oz premiere. 
Citizen Kane follows in 1941, 
and Casablanca in 1942. Studio 
giants are MGM, Paramount, 
RKO and Warner Brothers. 

^ PerSOnal 

^r computers 

become available to 
the mass market, thus 
paving the way for 
desktop publishing. 
By 1990, laptop notebook 
computers allow people 
to compute from 
almost anywhere. 


^ Television is invented in 1926, and regular 
4^ network TV broadcasts begin after World War 
II. One of TVs most popular shows is CBS's 
"I Love Lucy," premiering in 1951. Television 
transforms almost every aspect of life in the 
twentieth century. 

Elvis Presley's unique blend of ' 
blues, country, rock and gospel draws adoring 
fans and makes him "the King" of rock and roll. 
In 1956, his debut album becomes the first in 
history to sell a million copies. 


Millions of people worldwide cruise the 
Information Highway via the Internet, and 
instantaneous e-mail communication 
becomes common. As the millennium 
ends, computer, TV, video and telephone 
technologies begin to converge. 

Queen Elizabeth is the fashion trendsetter, 
popularizing the wide skirt, jeweled wig, high 
bald forehead, and decorative ruff around the 
neck. She is rumored to have 3,000 dresses. 

Medieval knights wear a short wool tunic 
i ' •• and a coat of chain mail. Gauntlets (heavy 
leather gloves) and sword complete the 
attire, which is so costly only wealthy men 
can afford to be knights. 

Medieval men's shoes have long, 

pointed toes. Individuals of higher 

social status are allowed to have longer 

points on their shoes, some as long as 18 inches. 

Moss stuffed into the toe maintains its shape. 

(£) Europeans wear {E)< Spectacles 

simple tunics 
and leggings. 

originate in Italy. 

Buttons appear 

as decoration, 

(fi\ not fasteners. 

_|ftew Men and women 
^r wear elaborate 
powdered wigs made of 
human hair, horsehair and 
goat hair. Because the 
large wigs are heavy and 
hot, some people shave 
their heads and wear a 
cloth cap under the wig to 
absorb perspiration. 

Tnnthbrush is invented. 

^ High heels are 
popular tor men 
and women. 


Men and women 
wear earrings. 

<@>> "Flappers" 
wear bobbed hair, 
short dresses. 

and perfume 
ifl jjfc come into fashion. 

(P^ W.W. II prompts 
shoe rationing. 

Corsets and 
bustles are 
ff£v essential attire. 

©Afro hairdo A 
is popular. 


Nylon stockings 
first appear. 


Hair gets long, 
skirts get short. 

lashions mimic 

dt|j!fc earlier decades. 

Culver Pictures 

^f*»k With flowers in 
"^■pr" their hair and 
everywhere, hippies 
express their philosophy 
of world peace and love. 
Hippies favor bell-bottom 
jeans, granny dresses, 
bare feet, long hair, 
beads, headbands and 
bright colors. 

The Industrial Revolution brings mass-produced 
textiles, standard clothing sizes and the first 
ready-to-wear garments. In 1851, Isaac Singer 
invents the home-use sewing machine. 

Levi Strauss & Company Archives 

Young Levi Strauss comes to America in 
the 1850s and makes riveted canvas work 
pants for California gold miners. When he 
switches from canvas to blue denim, Strauss 
unknowingly creates one of America's 
greatest contributions to fashion. 



Indoor malls are popular with teens not only 
for shopping, but also for socializing. The 
first enclosed mall is built in 1956. In 1992, 
the Mall of America, the largest mall in the 
U.S., opens in Minnesota. 

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i * # I 



■* «•! 



A lw« 



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w r :- 





I ■»'■. — . m 1 - ' r* 





§■■■* a^ — — 

*■> :^ .. *S* ^ 

' ij 





i \ ^ 



I ■ 

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" 373.1 

1 M 

. - 






. . 





3 5899 00071 5528 

It fill flt$ 


High School 

The Chieftain Supplement 




P.O. BOX 340 


[>JE( I OF( AKE (below right) 

\ return hkt- this i.s no problem for a 

four-year King Philip tennis player 

ami captain Scott looker. Scott's 
leadership, talent, and attitude will 
he missed nexl year. 

LEI MEA1 EM' (below) 
ttm Mele stays low M\d keeps his 
eye on the ball as he prepares for the 
serve l S Open here he comes! 

Boy^' f £enttfL$ 

WATCH OUT! (right) 

learn leader Aaron Bourke 
watches the result ot his powerful 
return. With the shot he just 
made, Aaron doesn't anticipate a 



^* We had a great 
run this past season. 
The seniors were 
awesome and zee 
have a solid 
returning core for 
next year. We are 
going to make some 
noise in 2001. 

-Derek Darling 

This year we proved 
better than last. 1 had 
a blast participating 
in the games. We 
even made the 
to 1 1 rn ey. Hope full y 
next year we will do 
even better. 

-Jeff Lirvin 

2001 HERE WE COME! (below) 

The 2000 King Philip Boys' Tennis Team will be saying goodbye to seniors Scott Tooker* 
Mark Kenney, Ryan Miles, Aaron Bourke, and Tim Mele. Coach Conley and the entire 2001 
team look forward to a new season and new players. 

(sirl$' fenni$ ^i 


Although the tennis team is very busy they always find time to hang out together. 


This year's team kid 

unbelievable talent, anil due .'« 

tlmt talent we've luut a great 

season. WeonhjhadfitH seniors 

this year so the team should be in 

pod shape with seasoned 

veterans far next season. 

-Courtney Murphy 

We had a great season and I'm 

sad to see it go I think with 

the talent that the 

underclassmen have 

continually shown everyone 

this year the team will be 

wonderful next year, as well I 

want to thank the whole team 

for the support they have groen 

me and wish them the best i f 

luck in their future endeavors. 

-*Kerry McDermnlt 

TAKE THAT (left) 
Senior Meghan McHale taps the 
ball into her opponent's box on 
the court. 

Senior captains 
Kerry McDermott, 
Courtney Murphy, and 
Coach Goldberg smile 
proudly after a suc< essful 

I'M READY (left) 
Senior Courtney Murphy 
lines herself up in preparation 
tor a clean Int. Her dedication 
as a captain has helped to 
motivate the team lor the 
entire season. 


VND Mil PITCH! (below right) 
Varsit) pitcher Scott Amidon warms 
up before throwing the first pitch of 
the game Scott's amazing fast ball is 
exactly what KP needs to compete in 
the I eague 


A little pre-game warm-up helps 
Brian McClellan prepare for the big 
game against Franklin. With thus 
.i - improvement in Franklin's 
batting lineup, Brian could use all 
the practice he can get 



We are a very 
young team with a lot 
of unity and we'll use 
that to our advantage 
next year to win KP a 
Hock championship. 
-Scott Amidon 

Next season will be a 
breakthrough! We can 
use our first seasoii 
on varsity baseball as 
an early step to 
improve upon in '01. 
-Mike Walsh 


OU1 OF ITiE PARK (right) 
The count remains 2 and 1 as 
Matt Griffith steps back behind 
the plate. Do the opposing 
outfielders know what they're in 

TAG BACK (below) 

Catcher Mike Walsh seems surprised that the throw was successful. His big lead now forces 
him to burn- back to first. 


1 < S 


Li.: I SWARM UP (left) 

Kara Murphy balances herself .is 

she prepares for the next batter 

EYES OPEN! (below left) 
Kelly Wardner prepares ha 
lor a double play rhekej to 
sueces> in any fast paced play i s 
timing. Kelly knows that she 
needs to stay close to her bag to 
make every second count 

HAM PRIDE (below) 
("oath Chrisafi and 
Kellic Cronin enjo^ a little 
pre -game chuckle Ov 
helped everyone remain < ool, 
cairn, and collected before this 
big match. 


Seniors Kelly Wardner, Christina Policastro, Kara Murphy, and Kellie Cronin sport their 

gold visors on a sunny Saturday afternoon. Their camaraderie will always be remembered. 

Although we started 

off a little slow, we 

really came together 

and had a lot of fun. 

-Kristy Lamothe 

We lost a lot of 

seniors last year, but 

the underclassmen 

really came through 

for us. 
-Christina Policastro 

/ love these girls and 
I can't think of a more 


fun group of people to 
spend so much time 
-Kellie Cronin 





Boy$' "Track 

We had excellent 

dwelling, as always. 

They helped us and led 

us into being the 

united team that we 

were. I hope that next 

year's team is equally 

as successful. 

-Aaron Afarian 



Coach Kramer and Coach Sorrento stand behind seniors Jeff Perry f Chris Wagner, 

Aaron Afarian, and Kevin Breitenbach. These boys have given their aJl to brack throughout 

their four years and their coaches will miss them dearly. 

Sand flies as junior Matt Sanchez 
lands the long jump with good form 
This year Mart's long jump 
mi pn >v ed i mm! y. 

ALMOST ITHEKE (above right) 

Sophomore Eric Monty shows his 
determination as he pushes himself 
to the limit to finish his race. Eric's 
usual races were the mile and two 


l 1 


( >XE STEP AHEAD (right! 
Senior Jeff Perry proves his 
endurance as he leads a Franklin 
opponent in a big meet. Places 
can often come down to simply a 
few yards 



81 d£* 




<sirl$' iVack 

Katie Andreozzi stretches with 
her javelin to prepare tor a 
thn iw. Track features many 
events besides running. 

unior Stephanie Morris, is 
caught in midair ! he long jump 
continues to be one of her most 
successful events 

mm UF AND ovliK I bdow I 

"***. Sophomore Nicole Magnuson 
clears the high jump. The high 
jump requires a lot oi skill, 

tlexibilitv and .strength. 

: ■ ■ . ■ . 


Senior members of the Spring Track Team Katie Andreozzi, Grace Becker, Allison Milld, 
Kristen Hooker/Tina Gagas, Kate Allen, and Heather Blair have all been successful members 
of the track team over the years. The sport lias become a part of them and they are bound to 
miss this part of high school. 

Mm The team was so 

united this year, and 

our record was great, 

too. I'm going to miss 

the friendships I've 

made with everyone 

on the team. 
-Katie Andreozzi 

There was some 

wonderful talent this 
year. The new members 

amazed us seasoned 

veterans. The team has 

given me so much over 

the years and I will 

miss it next year. 

-Grace Becker 



Make New Friends 
But Keep the Old... 

New Comers to King Philip in 99-00 


MR. ABATO (right) 

Mr Abato has made an excellent addition to the King Philip 
Math Department this year. He works with students who want to 
improve their math stores on the MCAS exams. 

MR. FAYLE (below) 

Mr Favle started at King Philip as a student teacher, but he 
enjoyed the KP atmosphere so much that he decided to till in lor a 
leather who is on a leave. 



MRS. MANERJ (above) 

Mrs Manen was excited to join the English Department this year 
She has shared a class with Miss Burke and also has filled in for 
nt teachers 

-8 S 

MRS. MACDONAI..D (above) 

Mrs. Macdonald is a bright and cheerful addition to the special 

Education Department, at King Philip In her position as an aide 

she has been able to share her enthusiasm and knowiege with her 





Ashley (afford was ecstatic to become part of KPs junior class. She 
participated in all of King Philip's traditional events such as the Prom 
and Class Competition even helping to bring her class to their victory 
on the volleyball team 

Shelby ami Lauren, both sophomores, have already contributed 
their talents to the school and their class 

Surprise/ Surprise/ 


The rotation of the seven period schedule 
through a six period day. 

- Mr. Aba to 

The number of teachers who don't use e-mail. 

- Mr. Fayle 

It was a big change from my preizrious job where I 

worked with elderly people. Now I'm with kids all 

day. It's a big difference but / really enjoy both. 

-Mrs. MacDonatd 

KIAN HABIB (above) 

Kian Habib arrived at King Philip at the beginning ot this, his 
senior year In such a short time he has become a valued member 

ai the Class at 2000. 

SARHA SHAW (above) 

Sarha Shaw moved trom upstate New York to this tn- town area 
this year. Norfolk is a far cry trom the town where she used to 
live, but Sarha has adapted well to her new surroundings and we 
welcome her. 


l >- 



The month of March was 
full of events and people 
were eager to jump into 
them. There were 
conferences, blood drives, 
honor society nights, and 
car washes. The students 
were glad the warm 
weather had finally 
arrived . Spring is here 
and in full swing. 

French National Honor Society held its first induction this month These 
students, who hold a "B+" average or tetter, believe that the person 
who knows two languages is worth two people 

1 Six;)! A BLOOD DONOR.. .(right) 

rhese students are replenishing (heir nutrients atto giving blood, 
v. / rhanks to their help, many people in need of blood will receive 


1 1 \1 1. BOYLE-S DOWN it ..) MASC (below) 

These student council members worked together to help 

Kosie Boyle campaign for secretary of the Massachusetts Association of 

Student Councils. Their participation at this conference proved to be a 

great learning experience tor future campaigners 



■ I I ' ' I ' 

Mrs. Lambert talks to a parent at Chemistry Night, a .science 
fair she organized to display her students' projects. Students 
worked on their experiments all of third term to make this 
night a success. 

Hilary Hayes and Meg McKenna 
rehearse a scene tor Arsenic and Qui 
Lice. The Drama Club pulled 
together tor an excellent show. 

The Student Council 
again participated in 

the annual state-wide 

Rosanne Boyle, who 

ran for secretary, said: 

It was the best experience 

of my life. My campaign 

went really well Even 

though I lost, it was 


At this conference, 

student council 

members from all over 

the state share new 

and exciting ideas. 

Together, they bring 

leadership to their 

home tow n schools. 

1 WANT MY MOMMY' (above) 
Andy Howard grasps onto 
Wendy Rukstalis' hand for moral 
support as he gives blood. The 
blood drive was a success 
because of the manv people who 
generously donated their time and 
their blond 

Erin Johnson, Liz Burger, and 
Meg McKenna celebrate after then 
closing performance. At the 
traditional cast partv they ate, gave 
out awards and laughed about ^ . 
-.hps in the production f i 


■ Semi-formal: ■ 
Everything I Do m 
i 1 Do It for You ■ 

This year's Semi-Formal 
was held on March 24 at 
the King Philip Ballroom. 
With beautiful decorations, 
outstanding service, and a 
delicious meal, the entire 
evening was breathtaking. 
Everyone will agree that 
this was one of the most 
memorable events of the 

[USl rHE TWO OF US (above) 

s, iphoitw •!«■ Mike Moore and his date, freshman Shalyn Simmer 

• ■ dt Bring the judging of the King. Che court is chosen by a select 
group i i -.'< ail "-(.at and tea< hers. 

BABY BYE, BYE, BYE (below) 
Maggie Church, Mcagan Capone, and 
Kim Murdock danced the night away 
at this year's Semi-Formal. They had to 
wait all night to hear their favorite new 
song Bye, Bye Bye by N'Sync. 

KING AND QUEEN ffar below; 
Amy Can and Eric Cunnane 
were i rowned King and Queen. 
Here they dance to Everything I 
Do, I Do ft For You, which was the 
theme song of the underclassmen 



-12 S 




Hilary Hayes and Jillian Roache were grateful to be invited 
to the Semi-Formal by underclassmen. The girls took a trip 
down memory lane as they watched the freshmen attend the 
event for the first time. 

IN CHARGE (above) 

The .sophomore class officers, 

Kristy McKinney, Dave Deblasio, 

((listen McCartn, and 

Katie McDonald put in a lot of hard 

work planning the Semi. 


The dance floor at this \ ear 's Semi 
was huge and FT. 1 I of people all 
night long! Even the guv^ were 
jumping at the chance to show 'ft to 
all the ladies! 

Mark Stoddard and his date 
Caitlyn Hawkins, looked fabulous 
together. They had been awaiting 
the big event all year and couldn't 
believe it came around so quickl) 

Special Moments: 

This year's Semi was a 

blast. I had so much fun. 

It was an honor to be 

chosen as queen, 
-Amy Carr, Queen 

1 had a good time. 

Standing in front of all 

those people was a little 

unexpected, but it was 

definitely something I will 


-Eric Cunnane, King 

Planning the Semi this 
year was a big task. But 

with the help of the 

sophomore class advisors 

everything went great 1 

-Katie Johnson, 

Secretary-Class of 2003 


r iv 

A HOP, SKIP, AND A HJMP (below) 
Hilary- Hayes and Ian Nichols showed 
everyone that three is a winning 
number They used their ability to gam 
a speedy finish in the three-legged race. 


The freshmen, being new to the game, always have to try 
twice as hard to keep up with the upperclassmen In 
between their efforts, however, the class took time to goof 
around and pose for pictures 

Clciss Competition 

is a yearly tradition 
in which the tour 
grades compete 
against each other to 
prove which grade 
truly rules the school. 
Every year the 
freshmen come in 
white, the sophomores 
in blue, the juniors m 
red, and the seniors in 
green. Between the 
orange pass and the 
three-legged race, the 
night is full of laughs 
and memories. 

ALL FIRED UP (above) 
Covered in red, the big smiles at 
these Juniors are a sure sign that the 
Class of 2001 is doing a fantastic job. 
All night long the juniors made sure 
to have a good time. 

! he seniors certainly showed their 
experience during the different 
events With three years of practice 
behind them, they showed the rest 
of the school that the Senior Class is 
one to be reckoned with. 

^1 4 *1 


These junior men definitely have a lot at confidence, Their energy 

helped the class as a whole lo be the victors at the night and certainly 
added humor to the events- 

Cla$$ Competition 


This year each class was 
determined to win. But 
the juniors, with great 
expectations from their 
successes in earlier years, 
took the win with a fiery 
passion. The seniors and 
underclassmen proved to 
be worthy opponents hut, 
the Class of 2001 earned 
the right to be on top. 



These lour girls bathed themselves m blue ami showed up at the 
school ready to fight. The Sophomore Class did very well and with 
girls Like Ihese their overall appearance showed their incredible --pin! 


The seniors, dressed tn dazzling green, remained optimi: 

throughout the night They proved to be an amazing competitor 


Ski 'Trip 

■ ■ ■ 


This year, the Ski Club went 
to Sugarloaf Mountain in 
Maine for the annual March 
Ski Trip. The trip was 
chaperoned by Mrs. Tower 
and Mrs. Melendv. The 


weather was perfectly cold for 
skiing, but the warm spirits of 
all helped against the last ot 
the winter cold. Next on the 
horizon is summer! 


[essica Rodio, Colleen McCuire, and Becky Colcord stop tor a quick 
picture at the top o{ the mountain. Good thing they didn't get lost finding 
their way back to the trail! 

[TME OFF (above) 

Eddie Gately, Andy Koziol, Dave Arvidson, Aaron Buurke, and 
Chris Gibson return to their rooms alter a long d^x of skiing war, Dave thinking? 


Man Lodge. Emily Greaves. Elizabeth Cove, and Mike Clinton 
L 7 reach the bottom nt the mountain after trying out the expert 
-16 p trails 




^^H Si 


■m WES™ wBp 


['he Leo Club takes a break from serving food to senior citizen'- for a quick 
picture The Senior-Senior Prom is the most anticipated event on the Leo 
Club's busy schedule each vear 

Leo Chxh 

Senior Senior Pfdih 

On April 25, 2000 the King 
Philip Leo Club held their 
annual Senior-Senior Prom, 
inviting senior citizens from 
local retirement homes to an 
afternoon of dancing and 
great food. This year's prom 
had a celestial theme for the 
new Millennium. The 
atmosphere was one of true 
joy and youthful energy. 


Leo Club members Jennifer Chillemi and Kebekah Fisher take u >me 
tune out to get to know the seniors. Often, elderly people have many 
fascinating storks bom the days when they lived lives similar ta ours 


Prom co-chairs Joanna Baker and Emily Andreozzi help '<■ • i rown 

the sensors who were chosen as King and Queen This is a [< >ngume 

tradition that all the prom-goers look forward to 







f he Design Technology Class listens to a lecture from a guest speaker. 
He spoke about Global Information Systems (CIS). CIS is used to create 
customized maps with the help of satellites 

The month of April was full 
of rain and even a little snow, 
but the weather did not 
dampen student spirits. 
From cheers for the baseball 
team to great serves in tennis, 
it was clear that spring sports 
were beginning. Student 
Council sponsored Family 
Feud on April 13, 2000, 
keeping the KP spirit alive. 


! hese students dine at a crate on their school trip tf i Cans. They ate 

lunch before visiting the Musee d'Orsay .in art museum < *n the Seine 


WALK THIS WAY (right) 

Kem Feeny and Maggie Casey fold complementary tsshirts that 
the) gave b > participants m the SADD walk. The walk was fi >ur miles 
~^ "jaround Wrentham Common 




Melissa Gray, Kirsten Earrabee, Andrea Chruney, 

Harieigh Billian, and Kosanne Boyle dance the night away at the 

£ omputer Data Match Dante. This dance was sponsored by the 

Class of 2001. 

DEEP IN rHOUGHT (below) 
Jed Terry shares his ideas with his 
fellow Model Senate participants. 
The event was held at Mansneld 

The Junior Class held a 
dance en April 7. This 
event helped to raise 
money for the Senior 
Class Trip next year. 
Also taking place this 
month was Model 
Senate where students 
sponsored bills and 
debated issues. Other 
events that took place 
this month were 
volunteer work by NHS 
and the annual SADD 
walk in memory of 
Maura Howard and 
Amy Callaghan. 

The sophomores attended an 
assembly regarding the MCAS tests. 
These students listen as the 
administrators explain the 
importance at the exams. 

Will Raymond, Lindsey Rigei 
Lindsay Marshak, <\nd jess Rodio 
participated in an all <l<\v figure 
skating competition The team 
finished ninth out oi many area 
teams in team maneuvers - 

r r 

^L Night 
■ at the ■ ■ 

Pops Night is always an 
exciting event not only for 
the performers but for the 
audience as well. Crowds 
of people, students, 
relatives, and town 
residents, gather in the 
field house to hear 
performances from the 
chorus, concert band, and 
percussion. Food is served, 
raffles are drawn, and 
memories are made. 

LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA... (below) 
Even through the chorus decreased in size from last year, it 
sounded twice as great! Everyone was excited to hear them sing 
such a variety of songs. 

BEHIND fHE SHOW (above) 

Backgrounds always add to the excitement of the evening. The 
tights, trees, and paintings are set up by parents and students to 
add life to their performance, 

BREAK A SWEAT? (right) 

The King Philip Concert Band performs in front of hundreds of 
people But these kids don't break a sweat! This was nothing 
<L 7 compared to performing at Symphony Mall' 



Standing Outside of the Nutter Center where percussion 
world finals are held, Meg McKenna and Keith Foster can't 
wait for the word to go inside SO they can play, Both of these 
players were anxious to show then stuff to the world. 

Meg McKenna and John King proudly 
show off their new gold medals. Their 
performance was incredible, and the 
end result even better. 


When twenty nine KP 
students got off a bus in 
Dayton, Ohio they had a 
shot at winning 
something great. After 
having played tor the 
school two days before, 
they felt ready to 
compete against the rest 
of the world. The KP 
Percussion took the lead 
in Pre-Lims and then 
won top honors in the 
Scholastic World Class of 
WGI. Winning over 
groups from across the 
country with a final 
score of 98.3, the night 
was decidedly theirs. 



s\Oftt- D C 

Sine of the members of the KP "pit" 
gather together to share the joy 01 
their victory. These kids have been 
praised as being one of the best pits 
in all of the country. 

The entire King Philip Winter 
Percussion Ensemble poses with the 
championship banner on the floor 
ot the arena in Ohio. Fur the past r ^ 
years they have competed in World 
Class, Now they have their prize 


r 2 1- 


family ieud 

This raved -about TV 
show came to King 
Philip High on 
Thursday April 13. The 
hosts of the game were 
Andy Howard and 
Andrea Lvons. These 
two hosts brought a 
corned ic edge to this 
fun game. The four 
families competing 
were the Ruff Ryders, 
Backstreet Boys, Bay 
Watch, and W.VV.F. 

WE'RE RICH (above) 

Rob Tuveson and Peter Getty show 

thai they're proud to have all the 

money m their hands The game 

was a hit and paid off for the 


Rl FF RYDERS (right) 
Rachael Marcotte and Jon Bluhm 
conference with one another to 
come up with the number one 
response Fhey both contributed to 
their team as best they could. 


MICH FIVES (below) 
Kyle Fiske and Joe McCormack 
celebrate by giving high fives to 
their team members alter getting the 
number one response. 

1 hese freshmen girls had an enjoyable time at the game 
show. Although they weren't chosen as contestants they 
played along and shouted out the answers. 


STEP RIGHT UP (below) 

Andy Croieau and Amy Smith went against one another in the face off. 
The two competed to see who could correctly answer the largest number 
of questions in the shortest amount of time. 

family feud 


This event was hosted by 
the Student Council. It was 
a fun-filled evening for 
everyone who attended. 
The families competed 
against one another by 
answering wild and crazy 
questions. The champions 
of the game were the 
W.W.E They outsmarted 
the other families. 


This group of Backstreet Boys came to show off their street 
smarts Although they didn't reach the top, they got to show 
off their smooth moves. 


This hot team came to show what they were made of. With their 

slick shades and bright outfits this >ure was one hot team. 

r 2.v 


9 M,ay "fivent^ 

This fine collaboration ol students happily accepted their awards for 
outstanding achievement. Ihey ate pizza and drank soda as a celebration for 
their excellent mathematical achievements. 

This month students saw the 
political side of the school. 
There were school elections 
for all the classes, as well as 
for many of the dubs like 
NHS and Peer Leadership. 
As / was standing in front of my 
class, 1 was sad because I realized 
this uns the last year I could 
represent them. 

-Andrea Lyons 


The seniors gave a final display of their class spirit in the 

senior parade This event marked their departure from K.P. 


On their last day of school, the seniors participated in the 
annual Senior Breakfast. Kate Allen and Kristin Beck get 
some breakfast before they receive their yearbooks. 


-24 s 

FULL OF PRIDE (beiow) 

Katie Prevost and her father enjoyed the Nil LS breakfast She 

gave .i speech about the KP chapter. The breakfast honored new 


HEAR YE, HEAR YE (below) 
Matt Murphy sells books in the play 
Inherit tiw Wind. This controversial play 
lit up the stage with its fiery dialogue. 

This month also brought a 
continuous stream of 

strange weather patterns. 
April showers bring Ma\ 
flowers, but that was not 
so this year. There were e >0 
degree 1 , unbearable days 
and 50 degree, rainy days. 
The much anticipated 
physics field trip and Ni IS 
homeless reality were 
cancelled due to the 
weather. It was the last 
month for seniors, and 
they couldn't wait to 
receive their new 

Peer Leadership sponsored a fun 
night tor all of the sixth graders of 
the three surrounding towns. 
Maggie Church helps to point these 
kids m the right direction. 

SING ["HENIGH1 Al\,\\ (left) 
The King Philip Chorus sing their 
hearts out at the Sprtng Pops 
Concert. The evening was filled 
with a variety of music from the 
Jazz. Band, Concert Band, and the 
Percussion Ensemble 



The Prom, an annual 
high school tradition 
ahvavs means 
something extra to 
graduating seniors. It is 
the last time the class is 
able to get together as a 
whole, dressed to kill, 
and have fun with 
people they may not see 
that often again. Lyrics 
to sen t i m e n t a 1 s o n gs 
always ring true when 
you are with your 
closest friends. The Class 
of 2000 showed their 
unity with group hugs 
during the Graduation 
Son^ by Vitamin C. 

\HOY MATEY! (above) 

Joe Creedon's charming ways and 
smashing attire certainly won over 

Assistant Principal Mrs. Hanson at 
the prom! They shared a quick dam >■ 
bet. in- she returned to chaperoning 

RiE COURT (right) 

Allison Milldand Derek Darling, 

Katie Holt and her date, 

Queen Beth Gaetaiu, King Tim Mele, 

Maria Baptists and her date. 

Elizabeth Kinney and Brian Gulino 



Tun Mele was chosen as King of this 
year's Prom. 1 lis charm, his killer 
dance moves, not to mention his 
colorful and creative tuxedo, made 
him a shoo-in fortius title 

WELCOME! (below) 

Andrea Lyons and Andy Croteau arrive at the Prom and check 
( >i it the deo >rati< ins. The two friends were very excited and 
anxious to begin dancing the night away Throughout the event 
they were more often than n< >i seen slicing up the dance floor 
with their dates and with the rest ot their friends. 





Prom Queen Beth Gaetani smiles from ear to ear as she accepts her crown 
from Mrs. Hanson and Mr. Levine. She was ecstatic to receive this honor, 
and as everyone can see it was well-deserved. No doubt this was an 
unforgettable night for Beth and for the rest of the court. 


"When You $ay 
Nothing £t £11 

■ ■ ■ ■ 

Vrom. 2COC 

From the awesome music to the good 
food to seeing peers and teachers all 
decked out, this year's Prom was 
definitely an event to remember. The 
theme song was When you Say Nothing 
At All, and there was no need to say 
anything to know that the night 
would be unforgettable. 

The night flew by with a magical air. 


Becky Cochrane and Amy Fennessy had been awaiting the 
night of their Senior Prom for months. The event turned out to 
be everything they'd expected! 


Rebecca MacDonald and Josh Cooney share a dance together 

on this wonderful night. X 5~ 



Prom 2CCC 

■ ■ ■ ■ ■ 

What did Yovl Think? 

This prom was definitely the best one yet! 
I had so much fun. 

-Holly Manigan, junior 
Planning the prom was a lot of hard work, but 
it paid off. Everything went as planned, and 
the night was wonderful. 

Kristin Kehrmeyer, Vice President, 

Class of 2001. 
I thought that the music was really good. 
I think everyone had a really good time. 

-Aaron Bourke, senior. 


As is evident from their expressions, these guys are ready to get out on the 
dance floor and impress the ladies. All the girls must have been jealous of 
their dates! 

WATCH OUT! (above) 
Holly Manigan looks like she 
is having a blast as 
Matt Lupfer spins her around 
the dance floor. Hopefully they 
didn't bump into anyone! 


-28 r> 

Are those Miss America 
contestants? No, it's Lydia 
Helliwell, Becca Macdonald, 
Katie Prevost, 
Meredith Jones, and 
Marissa Tuohy! 

. . ,v;;;V:'-;--Y J, ": 1 ;^ : ::-;"!:^^v;;;^ >: y i :;;A > ..., 

fc;:.: . ■ "" 

-*j3BBB98t* jtm- . ISvSsP*' "--■ 

.'".'■' 31 

fei^ • SF 

^ : 

ROYALTY (above) 

Beth Gaetani and Tim Mele huddle up and share the 
traditional dance of the prom king and queen. Those crowns 
definitely completed the "royal" look! 

PEACE OUT! (above) 
John Lomasney definitely had one of 
the most creative looks at the prom 
with his tie dyed tux. He danced for 
hours with his date, whose dress 
matched his outfit perfectly! 

STYLIN' (left) 

John King, Katie Atkinson, 
Wendy Krasnauskas, and 
Briana Short show off their 
awesome promwear. They spent the 
night hanging out, listening to their 
favorite tunes, and of course 

Katie Macdonald is having the time 
of her life on the dance floor. She was 
one of the underclassmen lucky 
enough to go to the prom. 

I think that even though it 
was crowded, everyone had a 
fun time. 

-Kelly Fagan, senior 

The music was the best I've 
ever heard at a prom. It was 
pretty sad to know that we 
would never be in that 
atmosphere ever again, but we 
all had a good time together. 
-Stephen Macropoulos, 


It was a great way to end my 
senior year! 

-Allison Milld, senior 

The prom gave all of us 
memories that we will cherish 
for the rest of our lives. 

-Josh Cooney senior 


Students at King Philip 
not only get a great 
education in school, but 
out of school as well. 
This year many field 
trips were taken in a 
variety of classes and 
clubs. Each field trip 
was a way of 
expanding the 
students' minds 
outside of the typical 
classroom, whether it 
was by watching a play, 
doing a lab, visiting a 
mansion, or helping 
someone in need. 

LOVE STRUCK (above) 
Elizabeth Flannery took the time to 
do a little sightseeing after watching 
Meshuga with her English class at 
Trinity Rep. Should we tell her that 
that's just a statue? 

LEND A LEO HAND (below) 
The Leo Club visits the State School for 
Intergenerarion Day each year. John 
Pepin is full of smiles as he accompanies 
his new friend to the dance floor. 

JUST SAY NO! (below) 

The members of Peer Leadership joined the Plainville 
police to talk to the elementary school children about the 
dangerous consequences of using drugs. The purpose of 
the trip was to discourage the use of drugs and alcohol. 

OOH LA LA (above) 

These French students were fortunate enough to take a luxurious trip to Paris, France. Here they 

pose in front of the elegant gardens at the palace of Versailles. 


LAB TIME (below) 

The Economics students were in for a treat when they visited Crosby 
Valve Company in Wrentham Center. While they were there, they took a 
tour of the facility and also got to eat lunch with the company bosses. 

field Trips 

■ ■ 


Some students traveled as close 
as to a local elementary school, 
teaching the children how to 
say no to drugs, while others 
traveled over the Atlantic to 
places like France and Italy to 
learn about the culture first 
hand. Everything learned 
while on a field trip will be 
another memory well worth 

V. ,N i,< ' 


:. ""A % X x t »* * * 'sua^ ~*- . " 1 84 JwgSJ 

This group was happy to have a chance to view the play Les 
Miserables with their French classes. This musical was one of the best 
of the year. 


Lisa MacPherson, Ashleigh Desimone, Becky Sevy, Micah Jackson, 
and Katie Cove went to Italy with Mrs. Erickson over February 
Vacation. They had such a great time that they are already r _J~ 

planning another trip for 2002. f* 3^ 

There were tears in 
everyone's eyes on 
Saturday, June 10, 2000. 
KP had to say goodbye to 
a wonderful group of 
people. ..the Class of 2000. 
This class has left behind 
many smiles, tears, and 
fond memories. They have 
shown the rest of the 
school what the name 
Senior is really about. 
Their class has truly filled 
in the missing pieces to 
their own puzzle. They 
have grown over the past 
four years into mature 
adults and have led the 
school by example. 

3 OF A KIND (above) 
Jillian Coates, Tricia Dunne, and 
Desiree Bliss are the proud class 
officers of the Class of 2000. Where's 
Hilary.. .the other class officer? 

Let the parties begin! This group of 
happy graduates and their proud 
supporters are ready for a good time. 

Hilary Hayes and Matt Webber 
share a hug together after 
graduation. Next year they will be 
going their separate ways. 


Courtney Murphy and Kara Murphy are concentrating 
on the rhythm of the band. They couldn't believe how 
grown up their grade looked in their caps and gowns. 






-32 S 


Will Raymond, Heather Blair, Aaron Afarian, Aaron Bourke, and 

Kevin Breitenbach are overjoyed that they have finally graduated. 

&£$$ Of 2COO 
3Yt BY£ $tiM0TZ$! 

The ceremony ran smoothly throughout the 
afternoon. Briana Short, President of Student 
Council, started with the Pledge of Allegiance. Later 
on she accepted the King Philip Cup. 

The Valedictorian was Jaclyn Murphy. The 
Salutatorians were Heather Blair and Hilary Hayes. 
All three of these girls gave wonderful speeches 
weaving lessons of the future into stories of the past. 

People who helped this class along the way were also 
acknowledged. The President of the Class, 
Desiree Bliss, V. P., Tricia Dunne, Secretary, 
Jillian Coates, and Treasurer, Hilary Hayes worked 
hard to make their class united and their hard work 
was finally recognized. Also, Mrs. Hamilton and 
Mrs. Harrington were presented with presents as 
tokens of appreciation for dealing with all the 
troubles that class advisors have to deal with. 

All in all, the Class of 2000 will always be a special 
part of King Philip Regional High School and they 
will be missed greatly! 


These graduates sit and listen to a speech given on Saturday about their 
lives throughout school. This is the time to reminisce before going off to 
start new lives. 


Kelly Fagan, Rhianne Crowley, and Jillian Coates stand at the 
front of the march. These girls are either Student Councillors or 
officers of the Senior Class. 






Amy McGuire, Becky Cochrane and Amy Fennessy take a moment from their 
busy night to share in one more memory. They have been the best of friends 
since elemenrry school. 

Senior 3&II 
Hfight Party 

On Saturday, June 10, the 

senior class came back to 

King Philip for one more 

event. This year the theme of 

the party was The New 

Millennium. The highlights 

of the night were volleyball, 

gambling casino, karaoke, 

and a hynotist. 

Poker Hot Shot (above) 

These senior guys proved to be gambling machines. Although they 
are all under age to go to a real causino, they showed the could play 
like real gamblers. 

Focused In (right) 

Mike Stoddard stayed perfectly still while he had a drawing of 
himself. This was one of the keepsakes that the seniors could have at 
the party. 


HERE WE COME (below) 

And they're off! Mike Toledo and Chuck Stone race one 
another while being held back by a bungee cord. Hard to know 
if their determination or the cord won. 

UPSIDE DOWN (above) 
John Houlihan was just hanging 
around after he jumped onto the velcro 
wall. Hope he's not still there! 

f£i , ■.':- O;^.:;?;-: 

—«•«-"»*« «^, 

•^MjmA f t- 

, ■ ^^ 


iga nrt'i 'j*" 1 "!! 1 * 1 '! 1 !' ■■-»■■■ 


'-■ -ii,'' / 



> * 

T i 
(Re? f 

|%f •■£;' ' 1 


( ^^^H 

BhP^ 1 * £ ' ; *^**": 


The night began at 11 
and ran until the early 
morning. The seniors 
had their choice of 
exciting and fun events. 
Sixteen members of the 
class were hypnotised 
and did crazy stunts that 
hopefully they won't 
remember. If they 
weren't busy gambling 
or singing along to one 
of their favorite songs, 
they were getting stuck 
on the wall. They had 
their portraits done, they 
raced against each other, 
and they ate and ate. 
This was the last event 
for the Class of 2000 to 
share. And now it's just a 
memory forever. 

FREE STYLE (above) 
Scott Herlin amazed everyone with his 
hot and creative lyrics. This guy has a 
future in the business. 

This group of senior girls showed they 
could sing just as well as Madonna. 
They karaoked to Like a Virgin and 
didn't miss a word. 





$port$ ftward$ 


Coaches of the Year 

Cross Country. . . Peter Boucher 
Indoor Track. . . Peter Boucher 
Boys' Soccer. . . C.J. Holt 
Ice Hockey. . . Robert Piotti 
Boys' Spring Track. . . Scott Kramer 

The Joel Murray Award 
Jesse Keene 

Outstanding Senior Athletes 
Kelly Wardner 
Chris Wagner 


Boys' Cross Country. . . 

Aaron Afarian 
Girls' Cross Country. . . Allison Mild 
Boys' Soccer. . . Matt Lupfer 
Girls' Soccer. . . Meghan McHale 
Golf. . . Sean Cahalane 
Field Hockey. . . Allison Lodge 
Football. . . Chris Wagner 

Lofa Tatupu 

Chuck Stone 
Fall Cheerleading. . . 

Rachael Marcotte 
Ice Hockey. . . Jarrod Hagen 
Boys'Basketball. . . Mike Costello 
Girls' Basketball. . . Kelly Wardner 
Boys' Indoor Track. . . 

Joe MacCormack 
Girls' Indoor Track. . . Grace Becker 
Gymnastics. . . Lael Roye 
Wrestling. . . Bob Carey 
Winter Cheerleading. . . Kim Cox 
Baseball. . . Chris Darling 
Softball. . . Kate Coleman & 
Kelly Wardner 


Boys' Spring Track. . . 

Joe McCormack 
Girls' Spring Track. . . Grace Becker 
Boys' Tennis. . . Aaron Bourke 
Girls' Tennis. . . Courtney Murphy 

& Emily Ghosh 

Unsung Heroes 

Boys' Cross Country. . . Jeff Perry 
Girls' Cross Country. . . Melissa Gray 
Boys' Soccer. . . Dave Ryan 
Girls' Soccer . . . Heather Blair 
Golf. . . Nate Cole 
Field Hockey. . . Stephanie Morris 
Football. . . Josh Cooney 
Fall Cheerleading. . . Julie Poirier 
Ice Hockey. . . Ryan Roode 
Boys' Basketball. . . Mark Kenney 
Girls' Basketball. . . Judy Cronin 
Boys' Indoor Track. . . Chris Wagner 
Girls' Indoor Track. . . 

Elizabeth Burger 
Gymnastics. . . Gwen Deevy & 

Jen Mackun 
Winter Cheerleading. . 

Kristy McKinney 

& Kerry McKinney 
Baseball. . . Brian Gulino 
Boys' Spring Track. . . Chris Wagner 
Girl's Spring Track. . . Melissa Gray 

& Nicole Magnuson 
Boys' Tennis. . . Mark Kenney 
Girls' Tennis. . . Kerry McDermott 

Iron Man Award for Wrestling. . 

Rich Chute 
Shawn Sluss 


All Hockomcok League 

Boys' Cross Country. . . 

Aaron Afarian 
Jeff Perry 
Matt Pieroway 
Ryan Pinsoneault 
Girls' Cross Country. . . 

Grace Becker 
Rosanne Boyle 
Allison Milld 
Boys' Soccer. . . Scott Dowling 
Matt Lupfer 
Stephen Macropoulos 
Girls' Soccer. . . Lydia Helliwell 
Kristen Hurley 
Kelly Wardner 
Golf. . . Sean Cahalane 
Field Hockey. . . Allison Lodge 

Stephanie Morris 
Football. . . Chuck Stone 
Chris Wagner 
Lofa Tatupu 
Ice Hockey. . . Derek Darling 
Jim Demone 
Jarrod Hagen 
Girls' Basketball. . . Heidi Krajewski 
Boys' Basketball. . . Mike Costello 
Boys's Indoor Track. . . 

Aaron Afarian 

Aaron Bourke 

Kevin Breitenbach 

Andy Croteau 

Joe McCormack 

Ryan Pinsoneault 

Chris Wagner 

Girls' Indoor Track. . . Grace Becker 

Heather Blair 
Stephanie Morris 
Gymnastics. . . Kate Martin 
Jen Mackun 
Katy Robbins 
Lael Roye 
Wrestling. . . Matt Poletto 

Baseball. . . Chris Darling 
Softball. . . Kelly Wardner 
Boys' Spring Track. . 

Joe McCormack 

James Brady 

Kevin Breitenbach 

Mark Stoddard 

Chris Wagner 

Ryan Pinsoneault 

. Aaron Bourke 

. Courtney Murphy 

Boys' Tennis. . 
Girls' Tennis . 
Post Season Play 

Cross Country. 
Boys' Soccer. . 
Girls' Soccer. . 

. Couch Boucher 
Coach Holt 
Coach Godbout 
Golf. . . Coach Cosentino 

Field Hockey. . . Coach Tower 
Ice Hockey. . . Coach Piotti 
Boys' Basketball. . . Joe Reddington 
Girls' Basketball. . . Coach Schmidt 
Indoor Track. . . Coach Boucher 
Wrestling. . . Coach Laskey 
Gymnastics. . . Coach Rubuffo 
Baseball. . . Coach Moran 
Softball. . . Coach T\irco 
Boys' Spring Track. . . 

Coach Kramer 
Girls' Spring Track. . . Coach Bremer 
Boys' Tennis. . . Coach Conley 
Girls' Tennis. . . Coahc Goldberg 

A Special Goodbye to our Departing 

Girls' Soccer. . . Coach Godbout 

Golf. . . Coach Cosentino 

from the Yearbook $taff, 

ft very special goodbye to 
Coach Calxaretta. "We owe him a 
ton of thanks for all the 
information he gathered for us 
and for being $o gracious when 
we pestered him.. 







Excellence in Art 
Krystal Buckley 

Excellence in Ceramics 
David Pavidis 

Geoffrey Swan Award Excellence in Drawing 
Christina Policastro 

Excellence in Painting 
Allison Sherrick 

Art Book Awards 
Robin Giampa and Johanna Krouk 


Excellence in Accounting 
Jennifer Capachin and Kara Murphy 

Excellence in Retail Marketing 
Rhianne Crowley and Anthony Gartlett 

Excellence in Office Technology 
Lauren Hall 

Excellence in Word Processing 
Mark Nolan 

Language Arts 

Excellence in Creative Writing 
Jennifer Ryan 

Excellence in English 
Hilary Hayes 

Rodman Book Award 
Kristine Delano 

Rodman Essay Writing Scholarship 
Elizabeth Magner and Nicole Souza 

^38 S 


Excellence in Mathematics 
Hilary Hayes 

Massachusetts Association of Math Leagues 

1999 Olympiad Competition High Scorer 

Todd Hester 

1999 American High School Mathematics 

Examinations High Scorers 

Todd Hester and Benjamin Purkis 

Qualifying and Participating in the 
American Invitational Math Exam 

Brian Daigle, Hilary Hayes, 
Todd Hester, and Benjamin Purkis 


Excellence in Chorus 
Scott Tooker 

Excellence in Music 
Christopher Plummer 

John Philip Sousa Band Award 
Jessica Church 

Louis Armstrong Jazz Award 
Linda Boulden 

Physical Education 

Excellence in Physical Education Internship 

Desiree Bliss, Kathryn Farren, 

and William Partridge 


Bausch & Lomb Science Award 
Stephen Foulis 

Excellence in Biology 
Hilary Hayes 

Excellence in Chemistry 
Jaclyn Murphy 

Excellence in Environmental Science 
Nicole Souza 

Excellence in Physics 
Hilary Hayes and Todd Hester 

>' ■ 

Social Studies 

Alice Church Award 
Robert Carey 

Excellence in Economics 
Heather Blair 

Arnold Macktaz Award Excellence in Law 
Christopher Wagner 

Clara Manteca Award Excellence in History 
Hilary Hayes 

Stanley Glowinski Award Excellence 
in Social Studies 
Diana Hadfield 

Xerox Award in the Humanities 
Terita Heath-Wlaz 

Technology Education 

Excellence in AutoCAD 
William Raymond 

Excellence in Computer Aided Design 
Kristopher Carlson 

Excellence in Design Concepts 
Kathryn Atkinson 

Excellence in Design Technology 
Briana Short 

Excellence in Design Your World 
Emily Angeloni 

Excellence in 3-Dimensional Studio 
Eric Meixner 

Excellence in Photoshop 
Wendy Krasnauskas 

New England Institute of Technology 
Book Award 

Sean Crowley 

World Languages 

Excellence in French 
Wendy Rukstalis and Scott Tooker 

Excellence in Latin 
Hilary Hayes and Lauren Murphy 

Excellence in Spanish 
Lauren Murphy and Anne Robbins 

National French Contest 

Jennifer Osborn 

Blair Rainsford 

Jennifer Ryan 

Nicole Souza 

Dominique Werboff 

Krista Anthony 

Nicole Armitage 

Kathryn Astley 

April Barker 

Jennifer Beaton 

Lauren Bettencourt 

Eleni Ceven 

Erin Conwy 

Frank Cook 

Andrea Demone 

Trevanna Grenfell 

Terita Heath-Wlaz 

Erin Johnson 

Andrea King 

Johanna Krouk 

Julie Lyon 
John Majewski 
Kristy McKinney 
Lauren Mulcahy 
Jennifer Thomas 
Lauren Woessner 
Michelle Wood 

Senior Scholars 

Heather Blair 
Jessica Church 

Hilary Hayes 

Todd Hester 

Elizabeth Magner 

Allison Milld 
Jaclyn Murphy 
Lauren Murphy 

Nicole Souza 

Scott Tooker 

Class Speakers 

Heather Blair and Hilary Hayes 

Jaclyn Murphy 



Community fiward$ 

Daughters of the American Revolution Good Citizen Award 

Hilary Hayes 

National Merit $ch.olar$hip$ 

Letters of Commendation 

Heather Blair 
Jaron Goldstein 

Hilary Hayes 

Todd Hester 

Elizabeth Magner 

Jaclyn Murphy 
Christopher Wagner 

New England Institute of Technology Book Award 

Michael Darcy 

United States Figure Skating Association Award 

William Raymond 

Grade 11 

Jennifer Brown 
Erin Johnson 

King Philip Key 

Grade 10 

Kathryn Astley James Foulis 

Andrea Demone Nafeesa Rahman 

Adam Ewer 

tfonor 'Roll 

High Honors-Three Consecutive Terms 

Grade 11 

Erin Johnson 
Jennifer Ryan 


-40 S 

Grade 10 

Sarah Cronin 

Brian Dugdale 

Sarah Fisher 

Heidi Krajewski 

Kathryn Astley 

Andrea Demone 

Adam Ewer 

Grade 9 

Elizabeth Andreozzi 

Molly Bloomer 

Christina Duczakowski 

Lindsay King 

Benjamin Purkis 

Carolyn Sweeney 


Nancy Antonellis 

Jessica Church 

Rebecca Cochrane 

Hilary Hayes 

Jesse Keene 

Allison Lodge 

Melissa Bell 

Gregory Beloff 

Lauren Bettencourt 

Linda Boulden 

Jennifer Brown 

Rosanne Boyle 

Elizabeth Burger 

Jennifer Capachin 

Jennifer Chillemi 

Joshua Clark 

Erin Conwy 

Frank Cook 

Katherine Cove 

Derek Darling 

Jillian DiNunzio 

Rebekah Fisher 

Emily Angeloni 
Katherine Baker 
Harleigh Billian 

Kate Blair 

Rebecca Brennan 

Kerri Carlson 

Christopher Cerrato 

Eleni Ceven 

Margaret Church 

Kristin Cook 

Judith Cronin 

Eric Cunnane 

Ashleigh DeSimone 

Cathleen Doane 

Brett Amidon 
Megan Barry 

Rachel Cardillo 
Kristin Crisafi 

Laura Czyzewski 
Abigail Dalton 
Brian Furbush 

Christina Gilbert 

Melissa Hootstein 
Nicole Hoyceanyls 

Jeffrey Jacobson 

Honors- Three Consecutive Terms 

Grade 12 

Stephen Macropoulos 

Kerry McDermott 

Jaclyn Murphy 

Lauren Murphy 

Nicole Souza 

Grade 11 

Lindsay Fliger 

Stephen Foulis 

Jennifer Friedman 

Laurie Giampa 

Kaela Goldstein 

Melissa Gray 

Stephanie Griffin 

Matthew Griffith 

Stefanie Hayes 

Kevin Healey 

Terita Heath- Wlaz 

Lydia Helliwell 

Deanna Ho 

Emily M. Holt 

Laura Kraby 

Johanna Krouk 

Nicole LaPointe 

Grade 10 

Thomas Flanagan 

James Foulis 

Thomas Gemelli 

Andrea King 

Andrew Lovely 

Julie Lyon 

Nicole Magnuson 

Kristy McKinney 

Eric Monty 

Shannon Moore 

Lauren Mulcahy 

Jacqueline Murawski 

Denis Murphy 

Andrew Neviakas 

Mark Nolan 

Grade 9 

Kathryn Johnson 

Sean Kern 

Stephanie Knowles 

Filiz Korkmaz 

Jeffrey LaRue 

David Leon 

Joshua Leventhal 

Keith Mattar 

Janine Molino 

Brian Oles 
Jaclyn Olson 

Sandra Unterhollenberg 

Kelly Walsh 

Penny Welch 

Michelle Wood 

Jennifer Beaton 

Kirsten Larrabee 

Andrea Lyons 

Rebecca MacDonald 

Rachael MacKenzie 

Kate Martin 

Melissa McLacklan 

Loni Morganelli 

Stephanie Morris 

Jed Perry 

Katherine Prevost 

Derek Rose 

Rebecca Sevy 

Erin Strauss 

James Suchy 

Cheryl Tripp 

Lauren Woessner 

Jennifer Osborn 

Ross Piette 

Nafeesa Rahman 

Blair Rainsford 

Bridget Rasicot 

Kyle Se bring 
Matthew Sieloff 

Joanna Silvi 

Elaina Straw 

Amanda Strojny 

Marissa Suchy 

John Teiner 

Jennifer Thomas 

Dominique Werboff 

Jill Petruchik 

Alison Philbrick 

Erica Shapiro 

Caitlin Smith 

Kelli Ann Smith 

Amanda Spinney 

Jennifer St. Amand 

Shannon Steele 

Paul Sullivan 

Jason Webber 

Courtney Woods 


■ ■ I 

•:. -J- 'If i.l 


Senior Scholarship jLward$ 

Andrew Kary, Jr., Memorial Scholarship 

King Philip Master Thespian Scholarship 

Kara Murphy 

Sofia Agane, Hilary Hayes, 

Jesse McKenzie, Timothy Mele, 

Anne Policastro Memorial Scholarship 

Jillian Roache, and Anne Robbins 

Sarah Gentry 

King Philip Music Association Book Grant 

Carolyn Miller Memorial Scholarship 


Kelly Wardner 

Sofia Agane, Jessica Church, 

Sarah Gentry, and Penny Welch 

Class of '95 Roberta Negus 

Memorial Scholarship 

King Philip Sports Boosters Club Scholarship 

Wendy Rukstalis and Briana Short 

Grace Becker, Aaron Bourke, 

Allison Lodge, and William Raymond 

Excelsior Masonic Lodge of Franklin 

Sofia Agane and Tiffany Murphy 

King Philip Student Council Scholarship 

Briana Short 

Franklin Country Club Hall of Fame Award 

Christopher Wagner 

King Philip Teachers' Association Scholarship 

Allison Milld 

Franklin Rotary Club Scholarship 

Rhianne Crowley 

Lawrence & Dorothy Perkins Memorial 


Garden Club of Norfolk Scholarship 

Robert Doane 

Lauren Murphy 

Lillian Audrey Anderson Scholarship 

Geoffrey B. Swan Memorial Scholarship 

Jilian Coates 

Christina Policastro 

Motorola Foundation Scholarship 

Holly Club Scholarship 

Heather Blair and Jaclyn Murphy 

Kathryn Atkinson, Jim Demone, 

Hilary Hayes, and Kelly Wardner 

National Honor Society Book Scholarship 

Christina Gagas, Kerry McDermott, 

Ivan F. Apsit Memorial Scholarship 

and Jaclyn Murphy 

Kathryn Atkinson, Lindsey Conwy, 

Robert Doane 

Neela Nadkarni Memorial Scholarship 

Hilary Hayes 

KAPPA Sigma Scholarship 

Penny Welch 

Norfolk American Legion Scholarship 

Jaron Goldstein and Wendy Rukstalis 


-42 r> 


Norfolk Children's School Scholarship 

Christina Gagas 
Norfolk Community League Scholarship 
Elizabeth Magner and Kerry McDermott 

Norfolk Firefighters Scholarship 
Nicole Evans 

Norfolk Lions Club Scholarship 

Kristine Delano, Kelly Fagan, and 

Sarah Gentry 

Norfolk Teachers' Association Scholarship 
Kristen Hooker 

Norfolk Teacher-Parent Association Scholar- 
Nancy Antonellis and David Ryan 

Patel Scholarship 
Kelly Fagan 

Peter Lapierre Memorial Scholarship 
Diana Hadfield 

Pioneer Engine Company of the Wrentham Fire 

Department Scholarship 

Kathryn Kavanah 

Plainville American Legion Post 217 School 

Kara Murhpy 

Plainville Beagle Club Scholarship 
Erin Flynn 

Plainville Education Association 
Rebecca Cochrane 

Plainville Permanent Firefighters Association 


Tiffany Murphy 

Plainville Lions Club Scholarship 
Kara Murphy 

Plainville Police Association Scholarship 
John King 

Robert Topham Jr. Post 9658-V.F.W 
Christopher Plummer 

Sachem Literary Club Scholarship 
Anne Robbins 

SADD in Memory of 

Maura Howard and Amy Callaghan 

Kathryn Kavanah and Lauren Murphy 

4th Annual Scott Brown Book Grant 
Katherine Androzzi and Jeffrey Perry 

Sons of American Legion Scholarship 
Katherine Androzzi 

Stephanie Glazier Memorial Scholarship 
Kathryn Atkinson 

Walter Holmes Scholarship 
Jessica Church 

Wrentham American Legion Scholarship 
Kelly Shaughnessy 

Wrentham Elementary Teachers' Association 


Todd Hester and Nicole Souza 

Wrentham Lions Club Scholarship 
Kathryn Kavanah 

Wrentham Police Association Scholarship 
Matthew Poletto 

Wrentham Youth Baseball Softball Scholarship 
Scott Tooker and Kelly Wardner 

Principal's Recognition Award 

Heather Blair, Robert Carey, and 

Christina Policastro 



Next Year! 

Aaron Afarian Quinnipiac College 

Safia Agane Salve Regina University 

Jennifer Allen Bryant College 

Kate Allen University of Montana 

Leanne Andrade Johnson & Wales University 

Katherine Andreozzi Keene State 

Nancy Antonellis The College of Holy Cross 

Kathryn Atkinson Wentworth Institute of Tech. 

Nicole Beal Employment 

Kristin Beck Humbolt State University 

Grace Becker Colby College 

Heather Blair Johns Hopkins University 

DesireeBliss Liberty University 

Aaron Bourke The College of William & Mary 

Joseph Bousquet Mass. Coom. College 

Philip Bouvrette University of Montreal 

Cindi Brawley Valencia Community College 

Kevin Breitenbach Radford College 

Joshua Brock Curry College 

Krystal Buckley Undecided 

Sean Cahalane Mitchell College 

Shaun Callahan Mass Bay Community College 

Christopher Cardarella Lynn University 

Robert Carey University of Connecticut 

Kristopher Carlson Wentworth Institute 

Maria Chrisidis Undecided 

Jessica Church Worcester Polytechnic Inst. 

Jillian Coates UMass/Dartmouth 

Rebecca Cochrane The College of Holy Cross 

Lindsey Conroy Wentworth Inst, of Tech. 

Cole Constantineau Northeastern University 

Joshua Cooney Plymouth State College 

Joshua Cooper Employment 

Michael Costello Employment 

Joseph Creedon Undecided 

Kellie Cronin Bryant College 

Paul Croteau Westfield State College 

Rhianne Crowley Fairfield University 

Sean Crowley New England Inst, of Tech. 

Brian Daigle UMass/Boston 

Michael Darcy New England Tech. 

Benjamin Davis Undecided 

-44 p 

KyleeDay University of Rhode Island 

Kristine Delano University of Vermont 

Edward Demone UMass/Dartmouth 

Robert Doane Wentworth Inst, of Tech. 

Craig Domko Air Force 

Scott Dowling Nichols College 

Tricia Dunne Undecided 

Nicole Evans Framingham State College 

Kelly Fagan University of Colorado 

Katie Farren Plymouth State College 

SeanFeeney Employment 

Amy Fennessy Elms College 

Kristy Flaherty Bryant College 

Erin Flynn Westfield State College 

Elisabeth Gaetani University of Rhode Island 

Christina Gagas UMass/Amherst 

Anthony Garlett Northwood University 

Frank Garofalo Framingham State College 

Leanne Gay UMass/Darthmouth 

Sarah Gentry UMass/Amherst 

Jaron Goldstein Boston College 

Diana Hadfield Umass/Amherst 

Jarrod Hagen Saint Michael's College 

Mark Hagen Framingham State College 

KristenHall Roger Williams College 

Lauren Hall St. Anselm College 

Brian Hamlin Cushing Academy 

Despina Hamos Mass. Bay CC 

Melissa Hanlon MassasoitCC 

Carissa Hassell Cape Cod Comm. 

Hilary Hayes Worcester Polytechnic Inst. 

Scott Herlin Bryant College 

Todd Hester. Northeastern College 

Katherine Holt Undecided 

Kristen Hooker. Mary Washington College 

John Houlihan Employment 

Kristen Hurley Plymouth State College 

Margaret Jordan Villanova University 

Michelle Kade Northeastern University 

Kathryn Kavanah Boston College 

Sarah Keen Brandeis University 

Jesse Keene Bryant College 

Bradford Kellogg Undecided 

MarkKenney UMass/Darthmouth 

John King UMass/Amherst 

Michael Kiser Rhode Island College 

Wendy Krasnauskas Syracuse University 

Andrew Lake Northwood University 

Melissa Lanteigne Employment 

Paul LaPierre Coast Guard 

Patrick Laverty Employment 

Jodi Lazarus Undecided 

Allison Lodge University of New Hampshire 

John Lomasney CCRI 

Vincent Lorditch Boston Architectural College 

Peter Lown Curry College 

Jennifer MacKenzie Navy 

Matthew Mackey Johnson & Wales University 

Stephen Macropoulos Univ. of New Hampshire 

Elizabeth Magner. Colby College 

Stephanie Manoloulis Cape Cod CC 

James Mattson Newbury College 

Kerry McDermott Providence College 

Amy McGuire UMass/Amherst 

Meghan McHale Westfield State College 

Ryan McHugh Bryant College 

Jesse McKenzie Undecided 

Daniel Mead Undecided 

Eric Meixner University of Wisconsin 

Tim Mele Hobart & William Smith College 

Jenna Menfi University of Tampa 

Katie Merchant Undecided 

Ryan Miles Utah State University 

Allison Milld Bowdoin College 

Sean Moore Johnson & Wales University 

Kara Murphy Bryant College 

Lauren Murphy University of Vermont 

Courtney Murphy Saint Michael's College 

Tiffany Murphy UMass/Dartmouth 

Jaclyn Murphy UMass/Amherst 

Brian Muse Nichols College 

Jessica Nash Framingham State College 

Ian Nichols Johnson & Wales University 

Jeremy Nickerson Employment 

TaraNyborn University of Rhode Island 

Carlo Pagliarini Air Force 

Christopher Pantazi Employment 

Thomas Partridge Merrimack College 

Kristen Pedro Employment 

John Pepin Roanoke College 

Dominic Perrelli Mass. Comm. College 

Jeffrey Perry Quinnipiac College 

Carol Pham-Do Syracuse University 

Christopher Plummer Boston University 

Edward Poles Army 

Matthew Poletto SUNY 

Christina Policastro UMass/Darthmouth 

John Polillio Wentworth Inst, of Tech. 

Jonathan Pond Rivier College 

Laurie Pungitore CCRI 

Pauline Putnam Undecided 

Andrea Rasicot Rhode Island College 

William Raymond UMass/Amherst 

Jillian Roache Roger Williams University 

Kristina Robbins UMass/Amherst 

Anne Robbins Roanoke College 

RyanRoode UMass/Darthmouth 

Wendy Rukstalis University of New Hampshire 

David Ryan Western New England College 

Lisa Sabadini Montgomery College 

Jason Santopietro Lynn University 

Melissa Sharron Framingham State College 

Kelly Shaughnessy Univ. of New Hampshire 

Ian Shaw Undecided 

Ryan Shea Mass Bay CC 

Allison Sherrick Westfield State College 

Brianna Short Fordham University 

Christopher Sims Utica College 

Amy Smith Roger Williams College 

Nicole Souza University of Rhode Island 

Michael Stoddard Rocky Mt. College of Art 

Charles Stone Bridgewater State College 

Ryan Straw Bentley College 

Michael Toledo Curry College 

Scott Tooker. Allegheny College 

Karen Varey University of Connecticut 

AndeeVerna Undecided 

Jeffrey Viola Northeastern University 

Christopher Wagner. Bowdoin College 

Kelly Walsh Westfield State College 

Kelly Wardner. UMass/Amherst 

Matthew Webber Mass Bay CC 

Penny Welch University of Vermont 

Jessica Wieners Gordon College 

Michelle Wood Framingham State College 



fhe Cla$$ Will 

We, the cla$$ of 2(5(5(5, being of sound 
mind and body, do make, publish, and 
declare this to "be our last will and 


Aaron Afarian: HB- the rest of my life, a cookie, a good story, a win 
against Troll, my love, another trip to Haiti, push ups, a fight with me, 
a girl movie, a walk in the woods, stuffed animals, Feb. 9; AB- all my 
CD's, more Jewish Holidays, dinner at 4:00, that night you slept in my 
bathroom; KB- a back window, a moat to keep the Black Knight away, 
$166, our freshman year bet, Montreal; BH- wiffle ball games, an injury- 
free season, broken hurdles, a date with your cousin, a real-life lady 
friend; GS- XC camp, my Nintendo, your own Koko, a cure for your 
disease; MP- the #1 spot, XC girls, a chance to be a player; JP- that 
stupid look on your face; WR- straight figure skaters; JD- my pen 15; 
PG- I owe you nothing; RP- your rips, North girls, Reiger. 
Safia Agane: LC- pull his chin, sometimes I wake up like this!, a promise 
we'll always be friends; TD- Hi Ho's, toilet paper in the rain, Mission 
Impossible, and any soccer player you want (Go Revs!); JL- Hanson 
(heehee), hospitals, 13, Arrow; KW- Applebees, Pom Pom zombies, 
movies, a coconut bra; DH- leep condeeshnur, singing to DJ Buck, 
clubbing; AM- all the Chinese food in China, Kim Wah Shah! AS- 
conversation hearts- in my teeth!, butt game; PP- PRETZELS; DB- 
pandas!, Loon, ham; KF- Hampton Beach; TN- Despina lies!, Dunkin 
Donuts + Boston; JC- Food and lots of it!; CB- Frosty the snowman, 
flying notebooks; JR- Hi Ho's and Wizard of Oz at Tish's; JM- (the) 
darn altos!, man I feel like a woman, chorus song changes; NE- 
swimming caps, Anatomy; EC- being late... sorry neighborhood games!; 
RL- being late... oops! sorry!; BL- NSYNC at drama; BF- our song - sing 
Hallelujah!; MS- my senior pic. finally; KA- Nikki's ice cream, Buzz 
(RIP), bubble gum in Finase's; LT- Frutopia caps; HM- LRS, flying, 
bubbles, our game, the chair; IS- five years of my admiration. 
Jen Allen: AS- independent Amy, a trip to Salvation Army, those two 
months, SG4, aggressive car rides, DMB concerts, late nite Joe's rock, 
Boom Shanka, a mix tape, Phil's toothbrush, nasty nacho dip, oversized 
homemade clothing, two different sizes, Heather Hills, statue dog, weird 
movies, jungle gym, letter mission, pretend SG4, rock children, Capt. 
Howdy, aggressive hugs; RC- all school projects, DECA trips, rait, CHA 
rocks, monkey p., "it absorbs," sock puppets, diputs, disfunctional 
English story, bananas, Bart 1+2, assignment notebook list, Elm, Pepsi 
Points, Penol and Karen, essence of love dream, Pawsox game and crazy 
vanilla, "ok I'm ready," our tree with MM, BAH, Real McCoy, Easter 
plan, one eye, SG4, footwaves, 23, a Slush Puppy, surprise birthday at 
Nationals; MJ-a trip to the circus, sock puppets, mono and zman, my 
Easter egg, ice cream machine, my corruption, DMB concerts, our 
continuous stories, my cat, peeps in the microwave, stuff, the comet, 
itchy shaq, scratch attack; CP- Explosive Havoc, seeing both sides, 
throwing phone, last day of 9th grade, bad night at Applebee's; KF- 
DECA trips, BAH, bananas, maginasts; KC- the pitcher is fat, what I'm 
sleeping, throwing stuff out window at NARCON, pumpkin, camping 
8th grade, all our Softball seasons, surprise birthday at Nationals; MM- 
no arms, my leg, Antonio and Juan, our trampoline plan, teaching me 
to flip, milk, my cat, CHA rocks, our tree, when I fell down the stairs in 
your kitchen; BC- my peach blanket, MD's gym, haunted houses, 9th 
grade, dirt, notes from 7th grade, cheddar saltines, fried bagels, 9th 
grade Halloween; KD-Mikey and Jeffie; BG- balls, Grover; BG- snarfs, 
26 pennies, Joe's rock, Grosse Point Blank, DMB concerts, a time to 

-46 p 

play, leopard print, Syracuse, Wrentham forest lot, comfy pants, 
Vermont, a roll of paper towels, burrowing, shooting stars, nights on 
the trampoline, your bed, Harvard Square, the picnic, a frisbee on your 
birthday, Blue Man Group, a mix tape, sleepovers, monkies , 26 kisses, 
DECA trips, prairie dogs, a new comforter. 

Katie Atkinson: BTS & WKL- all my love and many thanks for your 
friendship; BTS- trips around the world; WJK- a bookstore; Sexy 
American Girlfriend, a.k.a., LC- the next 5 yrs. together, and a great, 
lasting friendship; JK- a great summer at Cadets, hopefully w/me...I 
told you you'd find a beautiful girl; KF- white trash, come visit me next 
year, I can't live w/o my boyfriend, Shmegalomania-dancing in your 
kitchen to Paul Simon; MK- a great last two years, and make sure your 
sister stays in colorguard; SG- a Semi date- not mine (hee hee); MO- 
many thanks for being a good friend; be yourself; RP- bus rides w/o 
certain people; SD- drum corps; Stan the Man- happiness and 
confidence; Cookie- falling on my face in the hall; autocad; JM & LM- a 
mirror, you guys are beautiful, eat some pizza; TH- the van with your 
girlfriend; HH- the waterfalls with our sisters, SMOTMS, Larry; HB- 
many laughs in physics and calc, I'm so glad we became friends this 
year; CC- Adv. Physics- making fun of SK; KC and KO- wonderful 
times with your girlfriends; WR- AutoCAD, and happy times in it; CP- 
a great relationship with George; KC- archery, modesty; Bobula- 
freedom; KH- a good boyfriend, modesty; LB- art class, 3 more 
years(haha); LM & KV- trips to the supermarket freshman year; Sir 
Nacalot- many years of homeroom; JL- so many drummers, so little 
bus rides; 2000 Marching Band- good luck in BOA!; SS- a DDNKM; 
CA- Doris, confidence, stop saying you're sorry; LM- Lucy, the floor! 
KO- my flag at the end of the show; RC-pooh; The B guard and jr. high 
girls- stick with it, you're doing great, I love you; WAR- a best friend, I 
know I lack one; RML- the sense not to fall for girls like me, a thousand 

Grace Becker: K.H- Queeche trips, the Super 8, "Ilueve" semi, Dolores, 
Rice-a Roni tee-shirt, a rope tow, NSYNC, Falmouth, Gags 87, Wrifam 
ME, Athens Pizza, Ethan Allen, St. Andrews guys, a Bertucci's in Darn; 
A.M- Anya soup, Friday fun nights, 111' mamas, bellybutton rings, the 
hottie run, drivebys, sports bra days, Douglas, New York, a matching 
outfit, crinkle, crinkle, Grallison, the Buick, Spanish videos, stalkers, 
OA trips, the groupies, push pops, trick or treat, St. Andrews guys, 
heardy heardy, handshakes, hand noises, nigh!, z's, lost in Fall River; 
K.M- Anya soup, Spanish videos, a spot next to me at the back of the 
line, almost hitting the dugout, driving support, call me Al; K.S- Hotel 
Victoria, a double date to forget, surveys; K.H- the freshman Semi and 
our party afterward, a clean handoff, some spike scars, toilet papering 
Pete's, a fender bender; K.W- a friend in economics, an "initiated" high 
five, Volvos, bonding car rides, breaking into Allison's house; K.M- mint 
chocolate chip with chocolate jimmies, a red light,10 Things I Hate About 
You, art, the NSYNC tape, a train ride, bounce bounce bounce, Big Red, 
the good times; M.C- Wedg & G, the baseball song, belly button rings, 
ceramics, being loud, swearing car rides, almost getting jumped in 
Franklin, big nasties, sports bra days, online talks, you know whatting, 
the groupies, OIB, come on Eileen, Vermont, Camp, Push pops, Trick- 

or-Treat; M.M- a memory of yellow trucks, dancing on the table, OIB, 
come on Eileen, New York trip, Vermont, Camp, Push Pops, Trick-or- 
Treat; H.B- Haiti, Eric and Chris, our movies; B.G- London, Phil and 
Lil, Rugrats, Hola Isabel, "Me gusta tus pantalones"; E.K- a running 
buddy, triple jump, a spot on the 4x100, teasing O'Brian, lucky spikes; 
R.B- stealing flags at Franklin Park; AA- Rob Valois, #9 on my list, 
English class; PL-gym class, a racketball partner, an ice cream truck 
Heather Blair AA- my love, Jan 29, 1999, misunderstandings, secrets, 
good times- don't forget 'em, notes/poems, tears, smiles, a book of 
unwritten rules, a dance w/MS, a ferris wheel ride, faith, 7th period 
study, a laugh, DMX, a future of you and me forever. KBr- ski trip, a 
midget, someone to stick up for ya, a new Suburban, trash. AB- my 
Spanish homework, a new UVA hat, a ping pong match w/my dad. 
WR- a smile, a wave, "turn left!", July 4, 1999. MP- an insult never to be 
forgotten, a girl to take care of you, best wishes for the future. TG- a 
Spanish video, Table Top team, a trip to VA, an exchange student, 
sayonara party, DARE camp, chunks. GB- an unforgettable Haitian 
adventure, Boys on Bikes series, Table Top team, Bubs, "deep" 
conversations, confirmation class, best of luck for the future. KW- best 
buddies, old time, b-ball & soccer camp, NH vacations, an "A" in AP 
Calculus, Bertuccis, more memories, success for the future. AM- chalk 
houses, Travels with Charlie, bike rides, Mrs. Pizzi's class. HH- 
organization, a passage to the throne, physirs parties. GS- two more 
years ....sweet comments, a bowling game, best of luck, kiddo. KM-#1 
spot, runs with Boucher, spandex, a changing room. KB1- stability, a 
quiet house, an angel, good luck- 1 am just a phone call away. 
Aaron Bourke: TM- manual clutch driving lessons, unlimited access 
to my homework; WR- guitar lessons; AA- all of my rap cd's, shalom 
the bear (thanks), a jet-propelled, monkey-navigated time machine; GS- 
girls at x-c camp (score!), a cure for GS disease, a ping-pong rematch; 
KB- a new Suburban, a trip to Montreal and Indian Lake, a Bela Fleck 
concert, your dignity; BH- a trip to see one of your many lady friends, 
a new NFS 3 record, a frog exagernator, a hearty laugh over KB's many 
embarrassing hijinks; MP- the pivotal role in the boy's 4x800, your 
toothpaste, my uncontested home run derby championship; JB- a new 
Mormon sticker, a fistfight; HB- all of my worldy possessions, common 
sense; PG- I owe you nothing. 

Cindi Brawley- Linsey: Purple Chunks, I mean truck; KM: bushes out 
front; SA: Christmas song lyrics, CM: candles, a box for a couple of 
days and Mac (oops!), KR: " Can I photocopy your lab"; Johnny: mask 
and a map of Boston; JP: dinner with Delores, give me a week; Lydia: 
wassup! my addiction; NB: boyfriend trade; Hilary: a sandbox and no 
page; Tricia: of course a wack on the bottom,WooWeeBaby! Oh, yeah, 
Goodbye,Ben; TN: Emily yey nah! 

Chris Cardarella: I leave my car to anyone who wants it; MM- a kiss; 
BT,SR,MB- the indoors; TD- the Taurus; Finally I leave myself to all the 
junior girls. 

Jillian Coates: AM- TB's karate chop, SAKI SAKI, Violent Femmes, a 
BAWB, Roger Waters, a piercing to take out, the Peanut's dance, the 
treasure song, a man, Immodium, KB memories, DA's awesome party, 
crackers, bread, my fall at Court's, your skateboard fall, calculator mes- 
sages, CraCkeRs, Riverside, Punanee 6, being saucy, ; AF- Plainville 
girl sleepovers, fried dough, Mr. Webb's class, the vault, JM, all my old 
and forgotten NKOTB memorablia, always falling asleep first; BC- 
Plainville girl sleepovers, JK, fried dough, homeroom, our rides to the 
center, April Fools Day, Violent Femmes; EF- the clown song, black 
pants, mashed potatoes, Noni's candy, bubble bath, Matunick, the Vault, 
laser shows, Pink Floyd; LC- first lunches, Mr. Finase's homeroom; JK- 
a letter, a car wash, common sense, breath mint, experience, a copy of 
MCW, "a normal life," empathy. 

Becky Cochrane: JA- MD's gum, football games in jr. high, depressing 
sleepovers, the crusty blanket, cheese saltines, Midge, stumps, dirt, 
salted bagels, Macarena and her dog Tootie, fawn fa tale lipstick, Casper 
forever! GB- Shanaenae dough, toenail clippings from 8th grade; JB- 
the pelican and her sweet car, Sal, Lucky 13, Kirby and Henry, match- 
ing pants, MASH games, dangerous trip to Curry, massive snowball 
fight, a purple and white shirt exchange; AF- NKOTB memorabilia, 
the Vault, fires at Girl Scout Camp, your mom's chicken, It, the boys 
from Arizona, snow angels, Christmas get-togethers, Karaoke, Manny 
and the rest of the gang, Slush Puppies, the monkey sculptures, Psst 
Emil!, Joey's trash, Jordan's trees, Curry trip w/snowballs and ice 

chunks, koala wallpaper, Boykrazy, Finnegan, fun w/pool noodles, 90's 
now, my Newport shirt, superb, Queen not Mockenstep, granny bath- 
ing suits, Flora, Fauna and Merriweather, snacking on Ivory Soap, 
Jumpin' Jack, the pole (JL), the chainsaw (JM), picking flowers at soc- 
cer, everlasting space to describe all the memories we have shared to- 
gether. TG- two fat ladies, f .h. camp, fun in my pool, Carla in her swim- 
ming device, good times at Ben & Jerry's, cacahuetes, a day at the beach, 
Buffy, ouchies, Hawaiian strapless dress, Spice Girls, Lombardos, cheese 
fetcher. SH- the vault, a nice break-up on the playground, special dangly 
earrings, sexy glasses, a move back to the ghetto side. KH-secret clubs, 
my boyfriend Lance, NSync's love, a North Hampton trip, a special 
boutique for a random prom dress; JK- the haunted house, Jen's blan- 
ket, broken pool sticks, trips to Connecticut, perfect t-shirt, trips gone 
wrong to Boston and Providence, good concerts, McDonald's, charades, 
moon-lit walks at Marco's, the rock, wild dancin w/AKA, walks w/ 
Maxie, hand picked bouquets of neighbor's flowers, all of our zoos, 
poems, a guitar pick, craving for JLC, summers on the hammock, a 
clean home for Arnie, bear hugs and kisses, much, much, more; JK-a 
real live people eating spaz monster, Kiss the Girls, Boogie Nights, DMB, 
a faded AE shirt, the last 3 years of Eng., late night trivia games, pow- 
dered donut fights, a politically correct Cabbage Patch Doll, the perfect 
amount of Polo Sport, great memories; AL-pistachio balloons, Spice 
Girls, trips to Boston, weird girls at Hard Rock, my love to Daniel and 
Carla, Britney Spears in the garage, Ben & Jerrys, diarios, Night at the 
Roxbury; KM-Mrs. O'Raymond, my boyfriend Mr. Fischer, the pony in 
the poop, the PSQ's and the PSK, Gatorade on my butt, some big nasties, 
mutual interesting dreams, trip to Pompeii, Magistra, our secret club, 
the easily excited electrons, cute little escorts, a lifetime supply of Turns, 
strength to get through another 4 years of school; AM- cute little 
cheerleading outfit for DP, Tiberius and DP @ SAT fl's, bite the pizza, 
the no-no song; CP-pumba, Triscuits w/spray cheese, Texas Chainsaw 
Massacre w/ Lea therf ace, Macerana and Tootie, Midge, Stumps and dirt; 
KS- college days, yellow cookie dough ice cream, Timmy the tap dancer, 
Michael Fredo; KW- frigado, the cloning caper, best friends in AP, Ken- 
neth Brannagh, the cookie dough monster in NH, scenic photo shoots, 
bball at UConn, some points for Neil, a bad boy; JC- the vault, scary 
trips uptown, golf course-sledding, chair trick, egg painting, Speedo 
men for nonnie, Boogie Nights, the Julie doll, homeroom, salami-throw- 
ing at the movies, almost all-nighter w/DA, fried dough, a date w/El 
Destroyo; RC- ski trips, secrets on the trampoline; AM- Yokie, Bliss, 

Josh Cooney: AF- Glycerine phone calls, "sweet girl," your house frosh 
year, all the great times growing up together; BC- homeroom, all the 
good times from growing up together in Plainville; MK- River Rave 
'99, DMB '99, busting in the boat's trunk 'cause you locked your keys 
in there . . along with other stuff; RS- fill crew with bump, DMB '99, 
hour long deli breaks, calling me sf-thanks man; SM- "hey goat- oh...," 
gym senior year, chillin' at your Cape house, boat rides; KL- the LTD, 
the look you always gave me in the hall, being a good friend; JM- Latin 
class.. was fun, but I don't think I will miss it that much; JA- Semi 
'97, C-being a great friend, college day to Curry, going to Riverside '98, 
Bickfords after the hockey game, talking 'bout you know who, having 
good times with plenty of laughs; JK- your house frosh year, football 
camp; KF- Homecoming king and queen, my singing in LAtin class, 
being a great friend, Student council; WR- princess!!!, Homecoming, 
coming to visit me and Bern at work, chillin' at the deli; JG- hot tub 
nights, chillin' at your house, DMB '99, River Rave '99; EG-Ghosh!!; 
LK- all the memories growing up together, being a great best friend, 
playing guitar with you, Semi '00; KH- Prom'99, art class, my singing 
in Latin class; KS- seeing you at Cook's everyday over the summer, art 
class, your GREAT singing skills; RM- movie nights, rides in the Ltd, 
being a slacker; TM- murfffff!; LD- growing up together, being a good 
friend; KF- the good times; MJ- Hey, buddy!, the picture of us at Class 
Comp,. being a great friend; CW- football camp, the scrubby, watching 
"movies" at camp; MT- chillin' together at the deli harrassing Kelly; JB- 
citizenship, youth & law, old Oregon stories; KC- hanging with you at 
DD, math class (with you and Lindsay); LC- homeroom, AOL chats 
with you and Jeannie; KK- hanging with you and Laura, being a great 
friend; MM- Semi '98; RB- Student council meetings; KD- track prac- 
tice, getting drinks every lap. 
Kellie Cronin: MK- all my love, my heart, TickaKelBel, cutie, moojhas. 


smoochas, thumb swear, smooch pooch, the face, a bum-bum, a tickle, 
cartoons, luppers, a kissy, cinema pub, jeepers creepers, skating, glu- 
ten-free sweetie pie, B.M.G., MiKellie, damos, ish, no blitz, a yedder, a 
yak a madoodle do, a leg hug, a snuggle, a schoolgirl giggle, sweet pea, 
duh YUP, babie, swimmer's ear, awesome dawesome, a dedicated fan, 
a poem to melt for, goose, a best friend for life, a world of thanks for 
your support, I'm so grateful... I love you!; The DC- a squashed bug, 
BAH, ahhh, trashed hotels, a biz-uum, Orlando, maginasts, a mooonkey, 
Charlie's Angels, pillow fights, woopie-swank, it's so hot, the best of 
luck in everything you do; CP- QT, Pull Throo, bein' funky at hockey 
games, a steeple, dress-up, my bf missed, a board-bashing session, a 
turkey; JA- a pumpkin, a fat pitcher, that's not funny, eee dinner!, Pablo 
did what?, Why don't ya cry about it — fatty!, camping trip, pretty boy, 
girlfriend-you're beautiful; KD- DAYS97 + CRONS97, da-da-da-OW, 
making me bad, "W," handicap sign, Brad's pn, a knuckle sandwich, a 
soccer essay, when I think about you..., CP's kitchen-a place to spit, a 
psycho; WR- rhymes w/Studley, a throwing partner, K8, llleaaahhhggh, 
you're beautiful, a hug, kisses on the cheek, and a 2 w/a 1; ELF- t- 
boned in the middle of nowhere, dress-up, drive-bys, Benny's, 
FLYNNA!, talks about "the Mikes," a party w/the girls; DH- a toilet, 
fire video, dance costumes at Benny's, dress-up, drive-bys, middle of 
nowhere, a party w/the girls; JM- would you still be my friend?, pizza, 
you have hair, leaf fights, the cruise, Maine, Fat Tuesdays, St. Thomas, 
bowling in the wrong lane; AS- a Santa-Elf rendezvous, PaRappa the 
Rapper, missions in the hallway; BG- being funny, bethos + kellos, talks 
about "the Mikes"; MJ- an Egyptian, a car buddy, lemme out!, a canoe; 
RS- red king, homey don't play dat, swingers, spaceballs, you ain't gettin 
none of dis, KITH, though I am a lil dizzy, I have sugar, bf tape; LK- a 
surprise, long talks, food, home plate, good luck Krabs! 
Rhianne Crowley: TN- "Ren + Stimpy," "Karana + Lori," ADD, the 
haunted Mansion, Mondo the Turtle + Rock, SNICK 85.3 Boston- "Who's 
your #1?" "1-2-3-4," "Rythm," the Bubbleizer, The Vain Sisters, paint- 
ing pine cones, DK, "Pump Up the Volume," Salute your Shorts w/ 
cinnamon toast, "Heat Wave" w/a trip, "Love Is a Wonderful Thing," 
dance camp, a Wrentham vs. Norfolk "show," an office, a microwave 
block of wood, perfectionist, a fake rose, a trip to FL., a successful night, 
the bestest friend I ever sawed, and an inseparable childhood; CP- the 
bathroom scene-3rd grade, rollerblading, Tae-bo, Newbury Comics 
times, AOL addicts, Rice Krispies treats, prank calls, "Nice," X boy car 
chase + the one tonight, a piece of CAKE, Max-Factor; JA- "Penol + 
Karen," CHA rocks, our tree, BART 1+2, held at gn pt, Rait Alcrow, 
Elm, brains, our list, SG4, BAH, late nights + all our projects, "It ab- 
sorbs!", "I did.. .n't," Free Enterprise!! + PR, the Easter Mission, bananas, 
a disfunctional family, roast beef; AS- 2 Peas + Corn, "Whose Peas?", 
Kippy a captain, kaleidoscope of sports, pretend kinda sorta's, a fatboy 
in me, a swing dance, "Mom- Where are the frames?", a 70's night, pro- 
crastination, How owco, boohead, BL is a ninja, rice pilaf, prom des- 
serts; KC- a road trip, 1-2-3 Fly, a sumo wrestling match, Mega V, SHSL, 
BAH, a date at Rumors, a late night sleepover (a lil dress up), code 
names, a scrapbook,a window seat, my cloud, a strotwin, 4-23, "That's 
what friends are for"; MJ- "Snort + Psycho Spice," the band, 1,001 spoons 
+ 2 spheres (big ones) a game of blanderdash, ice cream cake, pay re- 
spect to the nasty chapstick, black cow, Feb. vac, truck stop, playground; 
RS- a game of spit, a X-mas present, a skipped day, a marriage date at 
UVM, "How's it goin down?" Swingers- "you are money", a severe 
tickle war, a digga at Okemo, a cell-phone message, chapstick water 
the power V, Jr. Skip Day, the playground; WR- Macaroni + Cheese w/ 
worms, slutz electronics, a broken fence, rejax, 4th grade court w/ 
apples, "Brown," the weird game, farting, jumping "free," bf-4th grade; 
KD- a goodluck mixture, a cask + some medicine, a pair of wet pants, 
the bubble gum song, FH notes-CAMP!!!-a roommate, "This is me 

+ 's song," foot cramps, STB + Columbus project w/some tears, 

adjacent, pay a toll, a date w/ "white jeep," a speak + spell, a handclap, 
King David, "It's all about real estate," an injury free tramp; MM- DMB 
forever (8th), a date w/ Juan, CHA rocks, our tree, a pyro friend, a hair 
cut, a dance class for you, Brenna, + the Xmas tree, a Chaco Taco; KF- 
BAH, the DECA cult, the Semi, bananas, roast beef, maginast; KF-Re- 
cording Rhianne and Corresponding Kelly; LC- pocket change and 
bandit, a good talk and friend; EF and DH- RED, a halfback, some great 
talks on field, many, many drives; SH- the Vulcan Death grip; BG- Beefy 
4nd VVeenie, dance; RM- a wedding ring, a weekend at Mariposit, 



"You're Nuts"; BC- a ski trip; JD- a friendship bracelet; SF- OT, grates + 
carrots, Seanie + Rhiannie, seductiveness; KH- math talks, turtles, soft- 
ball; GYM TEAM- Kippy, a championship, a fluffy cloud, MAP, long 
talks, "lessons," laziness, food, a Canton win- "It's all in the water," 
Yellow Ribbons; ES- above, and a big sis; AI- "eyes of brown," Carias, 
"Ria and Rhia-BFF," Ria and Rhia's schoolday, dance vids, a sisters' 
day at the beach, trolls,the pizza scary movie, and many more memo- 
ries; SF- a Grind workout, SG4, a talk on the roof, a New Year's party, a 
fun summer; JK- a ring and love notes (3rd grade), a scar, a push in the 
pool, surfing, "no women-no cry," my longest friend; JM- a mayo sand- 
wich, a picnic, the medicine cabinet, napkin bows and dot books, a 
bottle to smash, a fort, a turtle, meet half way, the "ice skate," bike 
rides, some stolen mail, a game of tippies, the lil Mermaid song, a mini 
troll, a long and forever friend; CG- 23. 

Kylee Day: JM- Cumbies runs, stealth missions, Janis Joplin tickets, 
the Cape, B.F.A, a 24 hour mall, a party, the Green Mile, Leopard, IT 
WILL BE FUN!, siiiiiiit, EWW; MM- LBC, RBC, GG & MM & CC, 
Unabomber, Chris, flood pants, DO IT!, Woodman, Wahooo!, New 
Year's '00, DMB, EZ w/the puma jacket, Purgatory Chasm, leg muscles, 
waves, running in the halls, colonel Stanley junior, say's my name; AS- 
a friend, purple pants, Don't touch me, I'm your friend!, Elbows, to do 
list, blood drive, monkeys that flip you off, Trashcan, chunks, Terri, 
The zoo, Hi, A walk to class, Junior Mints, Yesssss, your bathroom, chunk 
all-stars, a story; KFa- McFlurry, 2mph, car game, bailer dance, BSB 
dance, Remember when we were that age?, our perfume scents, You 
sexy thing!, a bus ride for bball and field hockey, an Aztec rug, Spruce 
Pond, a lisp, a padding, Austin Powers, Back that thang up, Monty 
Python, OMG it's 1998, #1; BG- "That's my daddy," Negative and Posi- 
tive, action shots, "And I'm THANKFUL for that," 2000 stuff, Bon Jovi 
pants, Spruce Pond, death trips, Bethie Boy and Kylee baby, FOOD, a 
gray shirt, CHUPA CHUPA CHUPA CHUPS, an overbite, Simon Birch, 
a padding, a turtle head; RC- "Its all about real-estate," fruit of the womb 
Jesus, trampoline dances, thumb casts, Connie, Ketchup & Mustard, 
King David, peeing our pants, reading projects, Rennie and Dee Dee, 
1800 ghost busters, dirt and water mixture, ain't no mountain high, 
fudge nut fantasy, DMB; CP- the Cape, bubble bobble, red undies, a 
video, karaoke, pool, mafia, an orbital meeting, memory posters, count- 
downs, Papa Ginos breadsticks, a vest, swim cap, our dances, BK cheese- 
cake, clueless phones, lessons on how to eat bread fast; KC- YEHA, 
Brad, you're a sb, Ain't no mountain high, a handicap sign, "Whatever, 
spitting out our drinks, you and me baby ain't nothing but mammals, 
Hey Kellie..., I'll see yo in the morning, Keldog and Kydog, Crons 97 
and Days 97, soccer jr. high; DH- John Elton, God Bless, freshman year 
bball, Dirty Diana, "What a Wonderful World," "Dreamlover," follow- 
ing people after lunch, your funny Spanish stories, cracking up for no 
reason; CM- DL, overalls in math, Bon Jovi pants, a date with "some- 
one," peen, my specs!, a hamster, the pimpmobile, Monty Python, 
Connie, a trip to find a bathroom, a padding; JA- a Belma to fit in your 
mouth, Jeffie and Mikey, "You walk out that door, you don't come back 
no more," English class 7th grade; MJ- "Water," knobs, ceramics, peg 
leg Meg, "Hi is Alex there?", "Sorry you have the wrong number," 
PASS...1999; EF- "I'll be alright," Ain't that right boo.... TRUUUE, you're 
cute and fun; JC- Marge, Leevis and family, the Boots, Good times when 
younger, 2 more great years; KF1- Jon G was fired, singing, Pat, A PT; 
SF- Like Water for Chocolate, a sleepover, the Dynasty, drinking like 
dogs, Monty Pythons, a best friend, Stony Brook, Brad Harley lover for 
LIFE, Bye 234, being right for once, 1 more great year; CF- Like Water 
for Chocolate, Monty Python, Stony Brook, a sleepover, "And then she'd 
be mad," 1 more great year; KM- a house instead of living in the streets, 
Jabar, a luxury of life, a fun gym class, our language, Homie; KFe- A 
REBEL for life, a 21 yr old, running across the ice; KW- jr high bus 
rides, chap stick, loser, the BOOTS, Wardnerbuckle; AK- Tommy, a long 
email, Madonna and Ozzy, rematch at air hockey, Towers, SB, 8sns, a 
new job at the HS, 2 more years; MK- a plunger, blackmail pics, niterish; 
RM- the CAPT, Yeahhhhh; ML- a ride to school, a bathroom, 3 more 
years; CS- a ride to school, shot gun, 3 more years; CH- Dork, and so 
on, FH, Austin Powers, bball, Gatorade stuff, 1 more year; SH- size 
and 10, Dave, 3 more years; SM- neutral, Mr. Bigglesworth; JB- a li- 
cense pic, a seatbelt, Chuck E Cheese, easy listening, AOL record and 
veteran, phone call in the mall; TM- my LB, a locker buddy; KG- ce- 
ramics long period and last of Friday, THE MOTHER BOARD, an air 

conditioner, a song to sing; CS- Dec 2, a sis, Donna, Yeah Ramon!; MR- 

Jim Demone: KM- "a little help driving"; CD- 21 goals this year; AD- 
my car; EF- the memory of myself walking the halls, some pickles, some 
glue sticks, channel 09, a remote control, cool markers, my love; RC- 
my now and laters; RR's Brother-the Roodie Mintometer; worthy fresh- 
man- my #17; JG-some common sense, a clean bathroom sink; JA- some 
snakes; MK- " the face"; PL- his roots, wristbands; MK- trips down the 
Cape, the boat, addict stories, Ron stories, trips to Hampton Beach; RS- 
Gary and Ace, addict stories; AF- a nice guy; RM- a family, Morman 
heaven; SM- trips to the Folk; JK- handshakes; My Family- my love. 
Nicole Evans: As I leave, I leave behind all the tears, laughs, and memo- 
ries. Though while on graduation day I will have tears in my eyes I will 
remember fondly all of the people I have spent the past four years with. 
We have all learned and grown together. I wish the best of luck to all. I 
am going to leave the following: AR- the freshman lipstick club, French 
4, all the parties, Cheese wiz; MK- a big ol' bottle of T, 16 doubles, happy 
days, parties, youth, French 4; MK- the freshman lipstick club, anatomy, 
all the parties; MC- anatomy, psych., parties, keep smiling; KA- French 
bread, French 4, psych, don't ever change; SK- blondie, watermelon; 
KD and PW- shopping trips, AP Biology; SM- office tech, "quiet down 
girls"; AR- sleepovers, LL, the good times and the bad, French 4-Bonjour; 
BL- the title of SCQB; BB- a calculator of your own; SK- a new attitude; 
To JB- a rose, no matter what others say you are so much more than a 
name, and the best for last; CF- 1 won't leave anything, but I'll share all 
the memories, sleepovers, trail rides, camp, girl talks, Mexico, parties, 
and the fun we had together. I'll never forget any of it. See ya Schmidt 


Kelly Fagan: CM- golden ticket, parent trap, Goldstar, Monty Python's, 
Ruff Ryders, playing dress up, KC electonics, Joanna, the dragon, "I'm 
so sorry Raymond," a black eye, Blinkin, the Cape, "want some water 
Niel," a beauty mark, a friend for life; BG- DP's portrait, permagrin, 

Goldstar, funny faces, Picture as a girl, 80's people at the movies, 

pink float days, advice about our Mikes, UNH parties, cruzin in the 
Jeep and Jerta, sweatsuits, FAGan and GAEtani, spaghetti dinner, Ruff 
Ryders, paralyzed in a swimming pool, what if?, fashion class '00, the 
Irish, midnight runs to Goldfork, Spruce Pond, Ames, sober in a bath- 
room stall, large #5 with fries, F.H., Cybil, flip cup, Hawaiian lagoon, 
message from Islam, "juicy," Patty play pal and Joanna, climbing trees, 
one tooth, a padding, Dave's stance, a friend for life; KD: Mcflurry, 2 
mph, car game, secret spytech spot, Bailer and BSB dance, #1, Tritown, 
"Who would you say hello to first?", remember when we were that 
age, You sexy thing!, Back that thang up, an Aztec room, Spruce Pond, 
a lisp, a padding, Austin Powers, OMG it's 1998, Who's that?, Sp. video 
commercial, Woodman, J+J's dances, getting caught, Ruff Ryders, wav- 
ing with gloves, "Juicy," big red, baby boom box, FOXY; AS- Pardo, 
Patty, Pevis, tritown, driveby's, Little, Big, lady's underpants; MJ- a 
pie in the face, trip to Chatham, slapshots, fortune cookies, MegJegKeg, 
secret Santa, Nuns, Ruff Ryders; MM- Woodman, bball '00, Goldstar, 

Ruff Ryders, Montreal; CP- Montreal, I'll be back in 10 make it 5; 

SH- If all goes according to plan, ha! ha! ha!, WILLOW; JH- a good 
hairday, a Bruins game, flip cup, quarry jumping; TM- snowbunny, 
peeing chairs, Dr. Love; CH- Austin Baby, tennis, a long talk in my 
car, JEEPS; Michael- San Fran '00, My heart and love forever. 
Katie Farren: TD- puddle jumping, Mrs. Huckle's sophomore English, 
pool at my house, playing in my indoor soccer arena for hours at a 
time, you don't have your license, you don't know what the rules are; 
AF- all our fun times at Tma's, our awesome secrets that nobody else 
knows, honesty, Applebee's, friendship, I love ya; TG- Jose, Europe, 
mint chocolate chip ice cream and what we washed it down with, get- 
ting stuck in the elevator in France, "Ain't you got enough bread?", 
Charlie; KC-our awesome times in Office Tech w/Jess, Charlie, Bob; 
JN-Entertainment R' Us all the way; JC- friendship; RG- art, our great 
talks; IS- 90210, Party of Five, our friendship that will never end; NE- 
homeroom, Kathy, math (SAT prep); SA- Hampton Beach, ME, good 
luck, Mustangs; SS- Europe, France, if you know what I'm talking about, 
backrubs; JK- Europe. 

Amy Fennessy: BC- another year, Christmas Eve, a GOOD New Year's 
Eve, Papa Gino's, Mathurin Rd. memories, the pole, dirt + trash from 
Joey's yard, Newsies, Carrie, a Barbie fashion show, mailing, a ride to 
school, MY 90's now cd, IT, Plainville girls sleepovers, Empire Records, 

PJ Carter memories, song burst, pop-up video, NH trip, flashbacks of 
Amy's pretty bathing suit, Northampton, a bag for your cheese, Ariel, 
Cinderella, Belle, stalking, Spice Girls, calzones and my mom's chicken 
whenever the craving arrives, Vault memories, Hear No Evil, See No 
Evil, Speak No Evil, a haircut, many more memories to come, my ap- 
preciation for being there and seeing me through the tough times, a big 
thanks for being the friend that you are to me; TG- speedwriting, ST's 
stories, Spice Girls, Macy Gray, Trevor, rabies shots, a pitcher of water, 
sleepovers, my driving skills, "WHAT?!?!", fun times in Becky's pool; 
AL- advice, OT, Electric Shock, Becky's pool, Maidenform (Gretchen + 
Kelly Mudge), AOL talks, Spice Girls, lifetime supply of video tapes; 
JR- Brian & Justin, Semi hairdo's, raspberry ice tea to slip on, rocks to 
throw at me, a tootbrush, You Really Got A Hold On Me, "Just a little," 
20 years from now, the dork, Mrs. Barnes, a family trip to "colleges," a 
best good friend; KF- get togethers at Tina's, a long talk about our ex's; 
JC- the Vault, girl scouts, fried dough, Plainville girls sleepovers; AM- 
Joey Mclntyre!, Plainville girls sleepovers, girl scouts, all the memories 
growing up together; AL- a ride to school, a car, American Pie 
soundtrack, a venting session; JC- AAAMMMYYY!, Glycerine phone 
calls, 6th grade lip sync, "sweet girl"; JD- long AOL talks, advice, a 
prom, MOE (I hate that name), the fish face, gym soph yr; CS- Da Bombs 
(36), my keys, Gerber baby food snacks, long notes, Environmental, 
bashing weirdo; KM- Westside, Iceskating, Northampton; BG- 4 yrs of 
hmrm, Ben & Jerry's for every day that goes wrong, a brush, "How's 
your day going?", my ear, a lifetime of happiness w/your soulmate; 
KH- Environmental, personalities, a GOOD friend, a date w/NSync, 
gas money, Northampton road trip, talking about our friends, a note, a 
prom date, a prom w/no hype; PL- a VURP!, a person to write on your 
back, a pen to chew on, Plainville memories, advice, a friend; RS- "How's 
your mom? I love her!", a Bush concert, Environmental; IS- pearberry, 
your couch, "I'm on Fire," a train ride, semi's, March 14, the night on 
the stairs, visits at Maidenform, 5 minutes without me playing with 
my hair, English freshman year, "Horses," a date w /Meg Ryan, City of 
Angels, a backrub, the tape you made me, your happy Buddha, a pinky 
swear that I will never forget you, you will always be a part of me; SM- 
sweet comment list, Chemistry memories,a SHEET, some helpful ad- 
vice, Spanish soph yr, thanks for all you've done for me, the advice and 
sticking up for me, you are the greatest; MK, PL, RS, JK, CS- Slush Pup- 
pies and pizza to last a lifetime; CLASS OF 2000- I wish you nothing 
but the best of luck. I feel so lucky to have grown up with such an 
amazing group of people. I will never forget any of you or the times 
we've had together. Thanks for everything. 

Erin Flynn: DH- same outfit, Lambert's managers, one free night w / 
Kevin, long talks, life time supply of York's, shopping spree w/no limi- 
tations, quote of morals, crazy UMass trips, English papers, drive bye's, 
T-boned in the middle of nowhere, thank you for being a friend; KH- 
long runs, llueve, The Elephant; RC- Reel.; KC- sociology talks, Taunton 
Street, T-boned in the middle of nowhere, completed homework; MM- 
Westfield; JC- The Clown Song; CP- anatomy talks? AS- my frizzy 
hair, my fat outfits; DD- a ride on time. 

Beth Gaetani: CM- rabbi anticpi, Toby + Tobeyo, 4th gr, a pretzel house, 
WT long Johns, Dumb + Dumber, Goldstar, Edy's, tennis, youth group, 
kayaking in CC, NYC w/Brian, bald eagle, Mike's Deli, hymnal songs, 
many great times in college, a tennis match w/SO, muppets, Mr. 
Ferney/psych, harassing in church, my friendship for ever + always, 
many more memories to come; KF- Ames, a parylized person in your 
pool, trips to UNH, a sober bathroom trip, a cut on your forehead, 
FOOD, midnight run to Gold Fork, spy tech, 80's peeps at movies, 
Hawaiian Lagoon, lrg coffee Coolatta, Span, videos, Mike's Deli, Mike 
talks, UNH boys, Spruce Pond, "Juicy," Cybil, our faces + voices, SP as 
a girl, my friendship + love; KD- death trips driving, "That's my Daddy," 
Chupa Chups, paddings, Warren's b-ball, dreaming drunk, Simon B, 
FOOD, Spruce Pond, action shots, Josephhh, I'll do anything, our voice, 
sweating probs/deodorant, many more fun times to come at URI; AS- 
Timmy, Mmmm, my Mom, Brad, muppets, Pepe Pequeno Hewbert 
Smitanni, Sup Griff, random superbowl, awesome times, oh 
hand now that MG's gone; CP- 8th grade field trips, pretty bird, Mr. 
Runeman, naps in Eng, a Clementine, our hoochie dance, PD, more food, 
a bigger closet, keyboarding frosh yr; GB- London!, pantalones, youth 
+ law, a muzzle for KF; KC- sociology, Kellos + Bethos; RC- Weenie + 
Beefie; AF- countless deep talks, Ben & Jerry's, 4 yrs of hm rm, a da 



that goes a whole lot better, my friendship and open ear for always; EF- 
our Mike talks, Mrs. S, OT, teeth checks, our stories about you know 
what..., so many laughs, our march to OT; DH- Dick Shmick, AP Eng, 
Robert Red ford, the Prov. Place, bus buddies, talks, field trips, singing 
in Span, 4 yrs of sweet hm rm; JH- your neighbor buddy for always, 
sociology talks, elementary school fights, my friendship and advice 
anytime; SH- a sexy German; KH- llueve, nachos; MJ- Thanksgiving 
Day, non-cheese lacking pizza, airplane, slapshots, the random rejects 
night; KM- a Brooklyn buddy, Chains + Basil, tennis, goldstar, Brian in 
WP, OT; MM- Ameganna!, goldstar, tennis, food, MILK, my annoying 
voice, crazy limo driver. 

Tina Gagas: To the class of 2000, thanks for the memories. I will miss 
you all. Good luck in life and enjoy it! AL- He, he, he, where do I be- 
gin?, Carla Tate and Daniel McMan, "I want my own apartment Mom," 
"Hello puppie," sleepovers, Dodgers vs Red Sox game-5th grade, Wa- 
ter Wizz w/OP, "What you all gonna do with them crabs?", Martha's 
Vineyard, Kim's toothpaste on your towel, 4 yrs of double sessions, 
f.h., cuando hablamos espanol por toda la noche, Applebees chicken 
finger basket, tae-bo, trips to Boston, trips to the beach, DARE camp, 
Spice Girls reunion, more sleepovers, f.h. camp, my awesome frog print 
skirt, roof climbling equipment for your mom's shed, a date w/that 
older guy w/the big nose at DMB, my mom's chicken and rice pilaf, 
Roache Bros, pizza, having fun w/Rita, and a piece of paper to keep in 
your pocket that says "Olive Juice," so that you will always remember 
that it is true; AF- ST's stories, a date w/BH, making fun of each other, 
Spice Girls reunion, a recording of me saying "What!?", sleepovers, a 
sock to put in my mouth when you are driving, Applebees, homeroom, 
a date w/Joey Mclntyre; BC- munster cheese from Lombardos, Span- 
ish videos, our fights, sleepovers, Spice Girls reunion, 4 yrs of f.h. 
doubles; HB- walks to school in 8th grade, bus rides for track, children 
of the corn, Spanish video, Megumi and Yuko, all of the points I scored 
in 8th grade, tri-town b-ball, DARE camp, a date w/DA, a no. 2 pencil 
w/your initials on it, all of the recognition that you deserve, your own 
car, ski trips, a new boyfriend who is not ghetto-happy (just kidding), a 
Buffy contract w/the WB, happiness throughout life because nothing 
else matters; KF- everything that happened in Europe, another trip w/ 
o changing a thing, a new hip, mint chocolate chip, French whining, a 
date w/Jimmy, ha ha; KM- A 1st grade CCD teacher's award, list of 
activities we have in common, 2 fender benders in 2 days, a more nor- 
mal environmental class; MM- proof that we are twins, frames for your 
beautiful art work, our world civ, life size mummy, my first album, a 
life full of happiness because you deserve it; KH-my first platinum al- 
bum, your Picasso. 

Tony Garlett: JC- Have fun next year! AL- I'm not leaving you any- 
thing, Welcome to Miami! IN- I'm leaving you my truck, wait no I'm 
not; MP- I'm leaving you some hot girls, use them; MW- can I have 
your car? KM- I'm leaving you a new orange rock! Mr. G.- Just wanted 
to say thank you for everything; My Parents- I'm leaving you my pic- 
ture in the yearbook because you need something to remember me by 
for the next 4 years! 

Sarah Gentry: LW- my scary list; MS- sh! don't tell!, a free license-no 
questions asked; KM the joy of not being called Sarah again; CD, SC, 
KB, BB-the best clarinet section in the world, two more fun years of 
marching band; PW, KD- Riverside, Friendly's, dress shopping, bio tests; 
CT- rotaries, the Hispanics at work, bowling; JD- late night car rides on 
495, "Can you feel the Love Tonight"; PW- a penny, a free burping card; 
KD- si como no, diarios, a car; TH- hugs; RP- my parking space; DK- 
hair rubs, wouldn't you like to know; JG- a day without my turning 
your watch. 

Jaron Goldstein: Rooster- spare set of car keys, pina coladas; RS- small 
thumbs; JD- BBQ grill, a new bush, a few Advil; PL- dinning room table, 
Franklin girls; RM- strong Morman values; SM- new wardrobe; GB- 
IBC cream soda; SW, MK, SA- pool patrol; CW- my mom's dress. 
Kristen Hall: LB- art, a ride home, "Grow a brain," Good luck for next 
year; EJH-the same middle name as Emily Hall, the same last initial as 
me, Peer Leadership, a ride somewhere, thanks for guarding my lunch, 
brownies, a pizza, a last minute History Day project; AH- a pizza, brown- 
ies, a last minute History Day project, a ride somewhere; GD- "Hi 
Gwennie!"; JS- a physics lab, "Hi James!"; KO- biology, boxing gloves, 
a story; SM- Peer Leadership, a ride somewhere, a long talk, "Hey Scot- 
Jie," a smile; KC- a ride home, "Hi Kristin"; SK- "Hi Steve," swing danc- 

ing; SM- a ride for when your car breaks down, 3 years of math classes, 
a date to the Semi, someone to talk to on the bus; MS- math homework, 
"Hey Mattie," a smile; NS- Ooohhh, 2 years of English classes; IN- "I'll 
step on you!", 2 years of math classes; MM- "Grow a brain!", art, a 
ruler, a math and chemistry class, math homework; HH- The Mongoose 
Society, staying up all night, long talks, the beach, a hug, letters, Latin 
1, a friendship forever if you want it, a great summer, all the luck in the 
world for college, I'll miss you, Hil; KK- art, "Grow a brain!"; KA- art, 
"Grow a brain," The Mongoose Society; LB- biology, a story, boxing 
gloves, "Remember that time when CR ate a whole small pizza in 10 
minutes?"; MW- math homework, OT, "I'll step on you!"; TP- a plan, 
Spanish and youth and law homework; My Best Friends- a long talk, 
the beach, Macy Gray "I Try," apologies, the memories, the way things 
were, a friendship forever; JS- magnets, my puppy, a bunny, a drink, 
my notebooks, our sweatshirts, whipped cream, a smile, a hug, a ride 
somewhere, a lion, a long talk, my journal, a mix tape, "And plus...," "I 
was just gonna!", H.B.S.C.R.S, a note, a letter, a story, blue, Friday night, 
practice, math quizzes and studying for them, the little fish, black pants, 
sapphire, and dark L&T, two soccer jerseys, 10-8-99 and forever, a Power 
Bar, 11:00 pm, spinning Elmo, stars, where the cricket goes, my table 
and drawer, a starry night, a flood, an orange, 1 year and 8 months, A 
Separate Peace, movies, the movie theater, 8, Papa Gino's, "I can't be- 
lieve you did that!", 10,000, 7 years and counting, a couple of calls, 
boxing gloves, Justin, there are too many more things to mention. Good 
luck next year, I'll miss you, I love you. 

Brian Hamlin- 1 would like to start out by thanking my parents, coaches, 
and friends especially CD., K.F., L.T., and B.G. and of course I would 
like to thank M.J. for everything she has done for me. CD- 1 leave you 
boxers and a beater; KF- My dawg, I leave you the girls; CD, All the 
clothes I've stolen from you guys over the past 5 years; LT- the "MOST 
CHAUVINISTIC" superlative and hair gel; MM- "you are the best thing 
to come out of KP" and I am going to the NFL, that was a great night; 
BG- Always remember those pong games after practice. All the things 
we have done together, sneaking out, the Cape, I don't know how many 
rips, all the skis we have finished off, you guys are like brothers to me 
and I hope you guys have a much better senior year than I did; BH- a 
better high school career than me, keep working hard; BR, MK- my 
hunting clothes and guns; MK,BR,MJ,JB,KM- the PA system at Wal- 
Mart(*97); KM- permission to return to the WPO; MJ- There's way too 
many but here are a few, the store and the mall, the people crumbs, 
CD's house, HC's house, my football films, the b/f nazi, the CPO and 
most importantly my heart. I love you!; E- "the head"; M- new teeth, 
new clothes, a new car and a brain; and to anyone I missed, sorry and 
thank you! 

Carissa Hassell: MH- a job, my stereo.. .haha....jk, all the luck in the 
world to get out of high school; PP- a camera for all the weird and 
wacky things that happen to you, a pein.. you know what that's for, 
medicine just in case you get sick again, and of course hot boys and 
love cuffs; AG- my little "sister," I leave you my brother because you 
know you two are going to get married someday anyways, Cornils 7; 
DH- I'm leaving you a calling card so that you can call me without 
costing you any money, and luck because you are going to need it; JN- 
happiness because once you move out of your house you'll find it, that 
boy whose name I won't say, the happy table, love cuffs, all of the 
"sketchy" guys we meet, Olive Garden waiters; TN- Flora, smiley face 
lollipops, freshman year math class; SM- sketchy guys that work at the 
mall, roses, 14kt. gold necklaces. 

Scott Herlin: AS- sproutasauras, the crew; NR-Run DMC, Wu-Tang, 
Speck; JP- Michael's Deli, Mike, Be, er; JB- pancakes, head banger mosh; 
SM-a monkey, scof, my ears; CM- my body, Mr Belvadeer; KF- "A big 
surprise" HA HA HA; PL- A "Lapierre call," a stack of hay; MC- natu- 
ral ice sculptures, deer calls; BC- lots of ski poles; JK- class comp; EK- a 
pinch on the arm; BG, KF, CD, MM- nats and skipoles; SW- dipping 
mint, tin; BC- 3rd-6th grade, vault; KD- a dot; RR- "Roode"; CS- To- 
ledo; RM- no shirt in math; BH- eraser shaped haircuts, D'LO; DR- sum- 
mer, art, poop. 

Meg Jordan: RC- a clear spoon for all the times I won't be there, visits 
to my closet, a game of Blanderdash, a pair of big spheres, Coco-Mint 
chapstick+ pennies, Black Cow, an entire ice cream cake, Feb. vacation, 
the truckstop, the playground, sock puppets, "The band," Serv Pro Van, 
a lock in, my sweatshirt & warm-ups, the futon, a drive thru "to go," a 

RS- A sweet comment, an open invitation, fun w/ the real PW, Monty 
Python, Gem, a bungee keychain; TM- Easter bunny costume; JB- 
airplane, football follies, socks, sparkles, chapstick, finger puppet el- 
ephant, my secret screen name; PG- not cheese-lacking pizza, 2 more 
wonderful years on S.C.; finger puppet elephant, my secret screen 
name; DM- my trifle bowl, breakfast, a window seat; KH- sandals, 
bug socks, sparkles, chapstick; DM- my trifle bowl, breakfast, a win- 
dow seat; CM- Supper Club, outcasts, peppermint patties, a run, door 
knob, sweet nicknames, memories with RC. 

Jesse Keene: BC- steamrollers, earthquakes and covers, McDonald's 
fence, haunted house, halfdays, prozac waitress, roadmaps and a 
compass, Dawson Creek nights, maxie walks, Patriot fights, PM 
Dawn Song, summer strawberries, Blazer car trips, ice cubes, ginger 
ale, blue pocket t-shirt, Romeo and Juliet soundtrack, peas and car- 
rots, Forest and Jenny, raptor glasses, Beatles' records, Sundays, to 
hold hands at Romeo and Juliet, Plymouth nights, dough repair kits, 
tropical tree roses, park football, November 29, and always to know 
wild horses couldn't drag me away; CF- a superbowl championship, 
more cortex; AC,JM-D-Zone calls and Coach Finase; PL- more wrist- 
bands, tissues; JD- my sweet ping pong and golf skills, essej, hand- 
shakes, Jimmy Blood, D'Angelo's; MK- Darque, Beetlebum, New 
Hampshire trips, halloween garages, Franklin Tile. 
Mark Kenney: AK- "the boat"; RS- Smokin Grooves tickets; MK, 
AK, MR, SR, GS, CG- my ping pong skills; JD- backdoor football 
championship; JG- "the troll." 

John King: KF- best friends, a ride anywhere, shotgun, an attentive 
ear, a shoulder, a job at AEO, my wardrobe, a wardrobe of your own, 
your permit on time, my car, wedding in a graveyard, Les Mis elec- 
tronics crew, from goth to prep, dyed eyebrows, a shaved head, tux 
shopping, Tori, some musical taste, 3 square meals a day, running, 
cheese puffs, Diet Coke, long nights, Jello, analytical talks, blow up 
mattress that stays inflated, TP at the Hilson's, putting the car in 
neutral (while on) to get it in the garage, Willow Tree, Cruel Inten- 
tions, Angelina, Eyes Wide Shut, American Beauty, Threesome, my 
thoughts, Guster, Vertical Horizon, Spoon, Two-Step, Satellite, JKM 
Behind the Music, Zombie, AOL, Blaydel8, "stories," Kool-Aid, 
Ames, sandals, Tuesdays, Wrentham House, a picked lip, much 
needed sleep, Teeth, long hair, your flannel blanket, UMI chicken, 
going to the Cape instead of practice, Harvard Square, hypocrisy, a 
thank you that could never cover everything. MM- best friends, a 
ride anywhere at anytime, all those CD's you bring whenever we go 
anywhere, driving lessons, my car, Cruel Intentions, Jello, Limes, 
SHHHH!, shoveling the driveway, an orange barrel with toilet pa- 
per all over it on your front porch for Halloween, your air horn, my 
couch, clothes from my awesome store, Eyes Wide Shut, American 
Beauty, Stargate, Applebee's, shotgun, hard work that really pays 
off, the best KP Quadline ever, a world championship, a broken win- 
dow, Shalyn's after the Semi, AOL, CBC, SCV, nights at my house, 
venting, rated R movies, New Year's Eve, shoes that you don't want, 
but will fit me, UNH sweatshirt for Xmas, a surprise party, SNL Best 
of Mike Myers, tickets to DCI Finals this year, much needed and 
much deserved happiness, thank you. MMcK- my hat, your ban- 
dana, my fuzzy sweaters, all your nicknames, dance partners, T-Shirts 
from AEO, drama, New Year's, back rubs, "They sell subs at this 
movie place?!", JKM Behind the Music, Zombie, Tuesday's at 
Wrentham House, going to the Cape instead of practice, flirtation, 
scary movies, ginger ale bottle, apparatus, if we're 21 and we haven't 
yet then...., our book of "positions," Austin Powers and Dr. Evil, jug- 
gling, complete and total goofiness. SG- Les Mis electronics crew, 
heir to the electronics crown, Tuesdays at Wrentham House, "dress- 
ing Stephanie," AEO clothes at 40% off, the best Semi ever, flirtation, 
the keys to my car when you've forgotten something, Vienna Fin- 
gers, semi and prom dresses that I picked out, the Ani dance, New 
Year's, that random bra that no one will claim, going to the Cape 
instead of practice, hickies, bus buddies, an interchangeable ward- 
robe, the ideal man. LB- taking a chance, RENT, yellow roses, sur- 
prises in your locker, stargazing, a few more ticklish spots, inclem- 
ent driving weather, spin outs, wasting time, aimless driving, amaz- 

ing pool table skills, a long nap, my smell, long hair that NEVER 
gets cut, indoor picnics, a prom you can wear your hair down to, 
deer, Dayton, spit, Eye of the Beholder, Scream 3, Erin Brokovich, 
Contact, Shakespeare in Love, Top Gun, Double Jeopardy, Sliding 
Doors, Stigmata, Meet Joe Black, Cruel Intentions. EJ- the best Co- 
Editor in the universe, mornings with JC, two years of hard work 
and stress, one more of the latter for you, Green Tastations, breakfast 
yogurt and that little blue drink box, the best yearbook Jostens has 
ever seen. JD- Boo Boo Face, your tittle dance, Theory, that position 
you get in when you have gas, Gail-nos, a human disgrace, Dana, 
the guts to talk to Mr. L, electronics woes, a much less complicated 
indoor show and a gold medal to show for it. BC- sophomore year 
with Ted Fischer, fireworks project, People Eating Spaz Monster, a 
new diving board for your pool, Mrs. H, Kiss the Girls, rides to school, 
a completely plutonic relationship, powdered donut fights, Newsies, 
a cake for any occasion, Mamma King, long standing happiness with 
Jesse. MK- lucky charm, Mags, Giff 's prodigy, perfect technique, elas- 
tics for our stupid sleeves, blotchy skin, sleepovers at my house, 
Sphere, New Year's; KA- East Coast 98 and 99, AP English, a thank 
you for all that help in Algebra 2, Sunshine Bear, that night I came to 
pick you up, rides to school wicked late, Prom time 99, hopefully a 
championship summer in 2000. JL- a drink of my own in environ- 
mental. BS- calculus and all the struggles we've had with those darn 
numbers, George Washington University. JKS- some humility, mod- 
esty, intelligence, open mindedness, appreciation, respect, and a heck 
of a lot less attitude. LK-good luck little sis, hopefully you won't 
need it, but just thought I'd give it to you anyways. 
Allison Lodge: TG- the Dodgers, a bad waitress, Martha's Vineyard 
trip, "Idaho!", puff paint, dancing in separate cars, Thurgood 
Marshall, field hockey, driving without a radio, Applebees, Ben and 
Naomi and CNN, Tae-Bo, Daniel, "The Other Sister" (enough said), 
beach trips, espanol, E.T, y E.P. "Don't tell Ma, don't tell Pa, Johnny 
shut the gate!", Kentucky Spice, "Hush Mama!", raisins, Camp 
Bournedale, "you think if I threw you off this train you'd fly?", hair 
(since you don't have any), a frog skirt, a boiled wool sweater, Dare 
Camp, Ducky Poo and Tina, fake eyelashes, a frame, getting "sick" 
of each other, Teens, we've had some unbelievable times together. I 
cherish all of our memories. I'll always be here for you! Te amo!; KG- 
our childhood, the Dodgers, softball, making videos, Jimmy Buffet, 
Bob Marley, Buffalo Soldier, your pool and trampoline, Hip Hop 
Class, back tucks, "Baby Got Back," "NKOTB," The Right Stuff," "Hi 
Pup!", the haunted path, bike rides up town, french fries at Nick's, a 
Bimmy Juffet (someday we'll both go), babysitting Wendy for a day, 
JTT, summers of laughing and fun, times I'll never forget.; ML- a 
shopping trip to my closet, mac and cheese, a Tresca cake, playing 
cards in a Wal-Mart parking lot, THE blue sled (who knows whose it 
really was anyway). Best of luck in the future, Strive for your dreams 
and you'll get there, I love you!; BC- Pilar, your pool, " In Dreams," 
driving illegally, fluffing you pillows at f.h. camp, your annoying 
fan, singing wicked loud, awesome videos, Disco Spice, PIZZA, a 
bruise on your leg, problem presentations, yo soy Puck, espanol, 
"Somebody got an ouchy?", Fucifer!; AF- Old School Spice, off. tech, 
Electric Shock, a maple syrup blanket, a date with Joey Mcintire, a 
one way street, the sign in your front yard, advice, the Macy Gray 
CD, a genuine guy, Amy thanks so much for all your advice and 
support throughout the years, I appreciate it!; LK- pregame rituals, 
well deserved recognition, a trip to Fanueil Hall, Christmas shop- 
ping, the left side "chemistry," a goal, Laura, you're an awesome 
field hockey player and a great friend. You'll shine next year! And 
you'll always be a captain in my heart.; SF,KK,DR- boy gossip and 
advice. Field hockey wouldn't have been the same without you guys! 
Good luck next year (KART)!; CS- bike rides, freshman year; LH- 
THE club, a rowdy hockey game, an "RT" physics test; JL-a ride home, 
two more years, Love ya bro; MT- a friendly "hi" in the halls every- 

Pete Lown: AF- Vurp; MK, SW, JG- scuba diving gear; BL- Ed the 
bed; JD- My rulebook; RS, MK- Spanish 3. 
Kerry McDermott: AM- pennydrops, SL, Fat Lady, Salem, Peiman, 

Avonlea, chez, skippy, Baby Boom, Spice Girls, Cocha Peta Boucher, 
9 mile bike ride, Princess sneakers, trolls, pencil boxes, Homie G, the 
Hawk, drama camp, June Girl, Just Another Girl, It's Pat, SNL, our 
big swimming pools, me weather w/Al, New Hampshire, 10 thing 
plays, a friend forever; PM- one kitten on the window, gym class, the 
Blazer, The Wedding Singer, American Gladiators, the crazy woman; 
KH- Mama's old van, big yella, bus boyfriends, "hour for rice," Do- 
nut World, Mr. Shumaker, JC, the little bus, Krishna; GB- a place in 
the back of the line, Anya soup, Spice Girls, Beeker; KH- our danc- 
ing, Jane Fonda workout, French Opera, sleepovers, makeovers, Semi 
hair-do's, 4th grade dance show, ABC's, Laura-Laura from school, 
A+ handwriting; KW-Kangabeaves's, Tom Cruise, "Meet Joe Black," 
Spanish video, hold the bus; KD- Homie, wagon Olympics, 
homelessness, Jabar, the luxuries of life; BG- Brooklyn, word pro- 
cessing, the Gold Sta; KS- therapy sessions, good times, Tan Man, 
Cape Cod, King of Wishful Thinking, baby blue Kek, Ryan Philipe; 
BC- Bill, Mr. Fischer, Magistra, ponchos, PSQ's, big nasties, 
speedwriting videos; AF- Westside, Iceskating, Northampton; AS- 
the popular crowd; JD-Frankinator, franks and beans, my driving 
skills; TG- a good CCD class, our craft club, Charlie, D.A.R.E. camp. 
Amy McGuire: MS- Mexico, Abercrombie boy, a flying propeller, 
spider repellant, DMX, a dance, WOP, car rides, salad bar extrava- 
ganza, a piercing, Mr. Hanky, a drink, a funny laugh, hairy arm con- 
test, the worm, nicknames, a HOT BOY, whipped potatoes, leopard 
print whatever, a somersault, wh- what, Man in scary truck on Rt. 1, 
penne pasta, the "perfect guy," spiderveins; JC- KB, a piercing, TB's 
karate chop, magic muffins, Methods of Mayheim, Jane and Connie, 
FRED, an Immodium, Salvation Army, getting lost on a power walk 
in Boston, Pef 's stache, H zits, a secret letter, profiles, Simpson quotes, 
Modge Podge, Roger Waters, straw. IC- w/ straw, a snot in Jane's 
class, calculator messages, trip down the stairs, my skateboard fall, 
no plans w/ Court, DA's sex life; EM- a mad hottie, PB cup ice cream, 
Melissa's poems, a thong, sappy quotes, your dream man, a collage, 
being chased by the FBI, a few seal claps, a stress-free life, BK man 
and a straw for that drink, I love your dog, shhhexy, broken plants, 
House fiya, mucho mucho?; AS- 5 on 1, Charlie, Daniel, brain farts, a 
#2, sexy rexy, smoothie man at Taunton mall; KW- 5 on 1, Jorge, 
Shhosh, Joe F, flip-outs from her, patience to deal; LA- BSB, a nerve 
pill, Card America, Big Red, Mrs. M, a trouble-free car, a treadmill, 
M&M's; HC- stop, Bliss fiya, DMX, pinanipple, do you want your 
skins wrapped?, a jpt car that leaves the driveway; JB- all my boy- 
friends' numbers, Whoa house fiya!, I wish I met a man, a trip to the 
masseuse, waka waka; SA- Kim Wah Sah, Chinese boxes to house 
the rascals; TN- bladder control, Mrs. Antonellis; BC- sleepovers, 
Bliss, fried dough, Macho Men; AF- sleepovers, fried dough, Macho 
Men, questions; CB- Florida, a concussion, getting lost in the woods, 
Blink, a picture of Drew; DM- Thank you for helping me my first 
two years!; TM- TomBomb- good luck in the next four years. You'll 
do awesome!, Everyone- A million laughs and good times, I'll never 
forget it, I love you all and I'll miss you. A big fat THANK YOU for 

Jenna Menfi: SM- hard N.I.P.S; KD- Cumbies run, stealth missions, 
our songs, Janis Joplin tickets, puppies in a garage, Pool, driving 
around, Mafia, EVVW, Cape, Cindi Lauper concert, B.F.A, 24 hour 
mall, Green Mile, leopard, auntie, URI trip; CD- Cape, Montreal, 
Brody & Tyson, hot dates, DIVA, missions, Taco Bell runs, shopping 
sprees, Auntie, Franks & beans, "Wanna see it?", parties, PW, Mafia; 
BC- peach; AS- Winston "Big Unit," 2/14/97, rose stem, varsity par- 
ties; MM- EZ Meghan with DUMA jacket, trip to China, attendance, 
URI trip; KD- "How do we get one of you," This is Jenna, DEC A, 
Walpole Mall, Pat, taebo; KC- Tae Bo class, cruise, embarrassing mo- 
ments; RC- long talks in my driveway, all our memories from kin- 
dergarten on! 

Allison Milld: KM- fat lady, 10 play things, Avonlea, homeroom, 
Peer Leadership, Spanish videos, Cocha Pita Bouchaa, June girl, 9 
mile bike rides, "Is that ya car parked outside?", penny drops, troll 
pencil boxes, garlic chez, my Spanish name (Carolina), Salem trip, 
4th grade plays, The Phantom of the Opera, lilacs, Sixteen Candles, 


Walpole crushes, Dr. Peaman Mandavi, Robby and Carla, with an 
"i," Reebok, Homie G, driving into the dugout; GB- trips to OA, hand 
noises, push pops, Friday Fun Runs, Grallison, Jen from Friendly's, 
Herdy Herdy, peaz whyz, Bertucci's in Mansfield, 8 mile run from 
your house to mine, Chris and Andy, belly button rings, New York 
trip, Vermont, Spanish videos, scientists, Billy S., a hug, St. Andrew's 
boys; KH- seasons of love, Impact Electronics, art, drivebys, trips 
with our moms, Valentine's Day, BLOB BLOB (Dare Camp), hot Ver- 
mont bus boys, random trips to the doctor, JC, St. Andrew's boys, 
French operas, fluff, half-days, sleepovers, "kick the cat," A B or C?, 
Norfolk soccer, makeovers at my house; KW- mariposas, trips to the 
state house, baseball games, Kangabeavies, AP Biology, berbs, Jun- 
ior High XC, art, a date with Tom Cruise; KS- freshman biology, good 
times, Texas torpedo wrapper, cosmo, sleep talking, life-long shop- 
ping spree; MM- bambino, vanilla girl, OIB, push pops, 4X 800, fish 
dance, "Come on Eileen"; MC- AOL conversations, "Maggie its cold 
outside," Vermonter salad, belly button rings, "Lately"; RB- birth- 
day trip to Applebee's, you singing "Buttercup," St. Andrew's boys; 
BC- SAT II's, Curry cheerleaders, Tiberius; ML- Bigwheels, flashlight 
tag; XC sisters- the best of luck, many more championships; Coach 
B- my thanks, "hey, lil buddy," Hock Champs; RS- prom, el mata 
mujer, red headed bandits; JD- franks and beans, physics; KD- Kylee 
and Allison's trip-letters, Ky-Spy, Bourque's, trips through the sewer 
pipe, cool bangs, how to plant a garden; DD- big dig ice cream, new 
feet, a pool table, a game of spit, a decision, strawberry freezes, hockey 
trivia, "I can't see," movies I haven't seen, a hug; PM- trips to Walmart, 
a seat next next to me at the prom; JG- a cheat sheet, paper, trips to 
Silver's, a seat next to me in calculus; HB- 4X 800, flashlight tag, 
chalk houses, snort bubs, travels with Charley, forts. 
Courtney Murphy: KD- peen, a dead Belma, note from Principal 
Anderson, B.I.G., man in the mirror, Buried Alive T-shirt; KF- Monty 
Pythons, SFO sneakers, a golden ticket, pure luck, "some water," 
rhythm, rides w/ the top down, mom's dresses; BG- D and D, Edy's 
ice cream, Toby, LOTM; BH/RC- "Connie!", napkin; HM- lots of 
laughs, sword and the stone, a great year; AS- "he died last winter," 
talks; MJ- K.P. band; SH- 1,000,000,000 phone calls of breathing, love 
notes, fragrances, journey, Mr. Fischer; JH- fun times at St. Mikes, 
flip cups, a day of quarry jumping; JM- "Quack"; AF- NKOTB, Joey 
Mclntire; MS- fires, alchy; RS- burbs, Austin dance; DH- a hot gym 
class; SF- the south; TN- attitude, vocab list, lots of food. 
Kara Murphy: LW- SA sleepovers, vanilla, chocolate, and straw- 
berry ice cream, "the chicken and the egg" joke, white water rafting, 
"It's raining buckets," music videos, trips to Boston, drum major w/ 
DK next year, "go pee," secret agent man, doggie-don't-eat-the- 
cookie-cookies; HK-sweet dribbler, someone to braid your hair, rides 
to practice, the navigator seat , "you stay," a partner to do drills with; 
MB- someone to call Frosh, rides to practice, Hottie Scottie, an extra 
sneaker, gym class, locking the keys in Hottie Scottie at Dunkin Do- 
nuts before a game, a #1 with chocolate donuts 2 munchkins; HH- 
WYB, Dunkin Donuts, the braid chain, Leo feasts; SG- "ara maries", 
Adam, reclining beds in NJ, "Beatrice," a broken drum stick, the back 
row in Mr. Fisher's class, 3-time Olympic champs; HB- the broken 
chair at WYB, Dunkin Donuts before games; PW- talks in citizen- 
ship, a hug, Adam, 3-time Olympic champs, a penny; KV- field trips, 
rides past "you know whose house," a Baroness Schrader's dress, 
ping-pong champions (freshmen year); LS- body spray, a tan; JM- 
homeroom studies, the F you always think you're gonna get but never 
have; CP- Annie, singing on the bus, French braids, Gilles; NA- field 
trips, rides past "you-know-whose house"; KB- SA sleepovers, 
doggie-don't-eat-the-cookie-cookies, music videos, vanilla, chocolate, 
and strawberry ice cream, fuzzy blankets, "go pee," pink lemonade, 
secret agent man, white water rafting, Gabe, "the chicken and the 
egg" joke, a deer, the night before Gabe, Applebee's deserts, NH '98, 
a weed eater, the washroom, a dance with SR, lime green bathing 
suits, "It's all good," a pair of "nice socks," the world's greatest lover, 
my way, da dip, g-spray, cribbage games, "us?", TP and underwear 
at night, volleyball chicks, a wash room, smiley faces at UNO's, pa- 
per rings, the stadium, golf cart rides, DMB concerts, the guy that 


peed on the wall, softball tournaments, the babemobile, the honking 
game, the monkeys at the zoo, an NSYNC ticket, the boys at the play- 
ground in Mansfield, the waterfall that make you have to go pee, 
train rides to Boston, Layla, best friends forever. 
John Pepin: Anne- four more years; Andrea- one of my babies; JW- 
peeps; CP & JW- a trip to Chucky Cheese; JM- my job, mini golfing, 
donuts, muffins and pies with Joey; AB & SB- new underwear; TD- 
one last joke on Mary; BS- lunch runs; BR- Snasty and my love; Mr. 
S- a cd; DW- a fork; KA- Evan's Pizza; JB- driving MF to school; MF- 
a bus pass and a date with ML; EF & AP- one more mile; JC, HH, LM 
& JW- Russia; AB- Erik McKleine; BP- Trent McKleine; Marisol- 
Espanol; LG- video of me; Anyone I forgot- nothing, I didn't like 
you anyway. .j/k, best of luck. 

Carol Pham-Do: Wendy- "Clueless," sweet guys, captain, online 
chats; Jason- roller bladin' in school, grilled cheese, fball, getting lost, 
hw buddies, Papa Gino's near Plymouth, Chucky Cheese, peanut 
M+M's, Pillsbury Doughboy sweatshirts, love you Buddy, lasting 
friendship; Jenna- Cape, Hampton, shopping, major psycho pig, fi- 
nally getting out of here, cake, x proms, TP/ chase, Chesta, see ya in 
Fl!, Cindi Laup, mafia; Kylee- BK cheesecake, clueless phone, Cape, 
mem posters, making dances at parties, sorry I didn't eat the bread 
fast enough, breadsticks, bubble babble, videos, wood meetings, 
purple pants, Cindi Laup, red undies, mafia; Michael- Nintendo, ad- 
vice, late nite chats, bowling-who beat you?, Bruins game with loud 
guy, Gestures, love you bro. Good luck!; Jen- explosive havoc, see- 
ing both sides, throwing phone, last day of school, frosh year; 
Rhianne- cake, Max Factor, rollerblading, Tae Bo videos, x-boy chase, 
bathroom scene, Newbury Comics, Rice Krispie treats, prank call, 
bathroom scene, AOL; Kellie- OT, turkeys, pullin though, late nite 
Taco Bell runs; Meg- "outlets," x-boy chase, sock puppets, veggie 
burger, IHOP; Kate- "the house," anatomy chats, vengaboys; Andy- 
fball, AOL fights, syphoning, thanks for making me lunch, suspen- 
sions, towers; Meghan- sweet x prom dates, Bickford runs, push- 
ing each other(prom dates). 

Chris Plummer: MB- The trombone section; MS- My amazing jazz 
improv talents; JC- 52 Nintendo games; DK- shoulder pads; CL- 10 
more baritones for chorus; JM- A spiffy new version of "Devil Bunny 
Needs an 8." 

Christina Policastro: JW- PEEPSlChuckie Cheestokens,the word 
"squish," Beauty and the Beast, my Jesus Christ Superstar cd and 
"bandaids"; JP- something Scooby Doo and Adidas, your star from 
star day; BS- Swedish Fish!!!, Ahhh!!!, a gavel, memories of the great 
times at Student Council and our "reign" together; JB- a brand new 
tuba! a place to sleepover whenever you need to vent! and an e-mail 
address for you to complain to, and a TJ!; MF- luck in finding a car 
and a copy of "Man I Feel Like a Woman!"; KA- ET! Springmaid 
Wamsutta and memories of Sheila! (poor Nathan); RM- GPK, just 
don't slap him too much while I'm gone or I'll come and beat you!; 
CT and JC- a piccolo smile and hug, and good luck with your last 
year!; LW- a pack of tissues; JC- an eagle bust; SF- a memory of hav- 
ing played with my bunny!; GPK- all of my love forever along with 
a rocket bunny, a painted jeep, the blue LED, and all the other cool 
toys we have, a single rose, memories of school-even though it stinks 
a lot. If it weren't for school, we never would have found each other, 
a neverending hug and kiss. 

Jonathan Pond: I leave my eternal thanks to my family, friends, and 
teachers for all their love and support; I leave a GREAT line from Jim 
Carrey, "Good morning! And if I don't see you.. .good afternoon, 
good evening, and good night!" -The Truman Show 
Pauline Putnam: JN- MH and an eternal laugh; CH- hot boys, your 
license; LP- a nice car that runs; KH- a 2000 Sable, a live duck; MC- 
free concert tickets, Kevin; KR- happiness with Sean; LM- a talk at 
the fence, walks along the pump house; FG- a free flash, new Ford 
Ranger; KB- environmental science; KC- Olive Garden; SA- pretzels; 
CM- Olive Garden; MH- a ride to school, stick; RS- Britney Spears; 
JL- your own car; TN- LC; CR- Rays, BM; SM- Sunnychoi; MH- bath- 
room lock, new doorframe; All the people I forgot- a thank you for 
being there 

William Raymond: MG- a slipper, a stool; EB- coolness competition 
crown, a seat next to me at UUceremony; SR- the crown to the school, 
Slimfast; BR- Blair Bear's accessories; EJ- my everlasting love, home 
repairs, some Quikmilk, some chai tea, more love, a muffler, my fond- 
est memories, a trip to France and Niagara Falls, a smile, a honk, 
and a quack; EF- French trips to France, a plane ride, compliments 
on your driving accomplishments; JR- skating lessons; MS- egg and 
cheese sandwich; RB- advice, lots and lots of advice (on guys); MM- 
cross country memories; HM- a trip to the prom; BH- Simpsons' 
quotes, a drive in the Tercel; RP- cans on stairways, our CC legacy; 
MP- party memories, our CC legacy, some pictures of water; BA- 
manager of the year award; RJ- a ride on my tractor, a marshmallow 
pie, snackster recipes; JB- a date with my girlfriend, coolness lessons 
(you need some), my good looks; SM-a trip to the semi; EJ- [part II] 
even more love, a kiss, a hug; GS- a ping pong game, a Mike's, a 
warning to be nice to my girlfriend; MJ- M'amour. 
Anne Robbins: BR- shnanas,Y2Naked; AR- shnanas, Y2Naked; MS- 
shnanas, Y2Naked; AR, NE,KA, JM, LM, MF, AC, MK, MC, CL, BR, 
BL, my homeroom, Mrs. Villiard, Mr. Ferreira, drama a piece of my 
heart! (There is enough to go around); KD- my love child; AR- my 
L.L; BL- my L.L; KA- my L.L.; My lock that never opens to some 
poor soul who gets it next year. 

Kristina Robbins: KB- my shoulder to touch while we're talking, 
pickle juice in the eye, walks to Dunkin Donuts, all my complaining; 
JR- my ear for when she needs to talk, being sick together; PP- "slip- 
pery when wet," I'm still laughing, Day 5 lunches; JV- Happy Table, 
time spent in your basement; CB- copies of my labs, my Tinkerbell 
possessions; JN- Happy Table, a soap opera digest written by me; 
CH- Happy Table, notecards; TM- my "terrific" singing, stories about 
my boys; MG- all my hostessing shifts & all her physics homework I 
copied; HH- Sat. nights at EBS which she hated; JP- my good " " life, 
running shoes so he can get to homeroom. 

Ryan Roode: I leave all the jokers another fun year at King Philip; 
CK- 1 hope you have another fun filled year with all the great senior 

Wendy Rukstalis: RS- treadmills, Marsha, Mike D., Miss CCT, 
Bughugs, being made fun of, 57, being spoiled, "studying English," 
my ticket, skiing, "Say my Name," our songs, the night we met, my 
stories, 2 hour visits at work, 2pac, her act, kisses without lipstick, 
math tutors; RS- 1 think I need glasses, I can't hear you, forgetting b- 
days, best friends; RC- macaroni and cheese with worms, slutz elec- 
tronics, OT, the weird scary fun game, farting, my trolley, 4th grade 
court and eating apples, laughing, jumping "free" on the trampo- 
line, "Brown," 7th grade with CL, the limbo, Miss Burke, being my 
best friend since 4th grade; KC- freshman semi, "Do you want to 
catch with me?", "It rhymes with studley," our personality type, K8, 
I...udnuh, Michael, eating peanut butter crackers, online chats, visit- 
ing me at the deli, you're beautiful; CP- "Clueless," sweet guys, PW, 
online chats, your smile; SH- "He put what you said on the paper," 
that summer night after work; MJ- semi shoes, summer tea parties, 
your scary brother, becoming Julia Child, lawyers, Walmarts, TPing, 
tripping over telephone poles, car lights, names, being bored, dress- 
ing up, get-away cars, cookouts, baking; CS- the"tank," our biology 
triangle, our biology project; TM- the "tank," our biology triangle, 
our biology project, a new oven, to learn how to bake a cake, playing 
"punish" in French, bananas in French, the deli, being the true class 
flirt, getting married, theta, science classes; DR- the Primavera, your 
house, eating cheeseburgers and watching T puke, walking and 
watching A. puke, speedwriting, all the sweet guys, sleepovers; KS- 
deli B's, washing dishes, annoying customers, UNH, amaatthedeli, 
shopping, playing tennis, buying flowers, roommates; DB- tennis, 
Vlod and Caitlin, Sunday morning tennis lessons, "How you two 
kids doing," Bear and his farts, hula hoops, 6th grade, JW, Mrs. Lukey, 
being silly and wild, bday parties, 6th grade crushes, softball, TL, 
the Dodgers, being hit in the head with a baseball bat, "Tigger's got 
worms," Mr. Goldberg; MK- bj's, "Captain," my sweet attitudes; PL- 
Alex, playing with my hair in English; AS- "pretty-kitty," "shut up 
Dave," 7th grade w/CM; CM- preschool, my first friend, rug mats. 

tennis, Mrs. Longobardi, Cybil, gymnastics; KF- homecoming, Cybil, 
gymnastics, our hair appointments, tennis; MT- "I told you so," Span- 
ish, yelling things at people, arrogant guys, deaning; MM- spilling 
Sprite, cockroaches, Arizona and Ohio, writing on your calendar; 
TR- driving down Fredrickson Road, hee hee, 143!. 
Jay Santopietro: TD- freshman lunches; JF- best of luck, my special 
sauce; BC- bruises, scars; HM- a neckbrace, bumper; underclassmen- 
drought; Mr. S- prank phone calls, a rat; BH- 235 dollars; CS- a peace- 
ful hood; DT- a brain; MW- my fat sack; Gene- table trash; CD- my 
racquetball skills. 

Melissa Sharon: AH- damaging things, a dead cat, BK, money, 
punches, pokes & bruises, Australia, moccasins, new pants, laughs, 
Simon & Garfunkle, anatomy classes, my friendship forever!, Mr. 
Hanky, a severe beating; AM- piercings, Goulett, a mustang, the fly- 
ing propeller thing, rappers, funny laughs, college days, Ruby Tues- 
days, WWF, Mexicans, a Hot Boy, driving around aimlessly, art 
classes, South Park, fingerrrrrs, truck man on Rt. 1, tubes, a chal- 
lenge to a pen war; EM- Apple Lane, breaking my car, Shmacka, a 
car that works, a sane boyfriend, stuffed animals to talk to..., spray 
paint for your hair, Justin's friends, the psycho at Lil Peach, some 
seal claps; DH- the outlets, winning tickets, Sunny Choi, my stories, 
getting stuff stolen, the mall, nickname, internet boys; LC- dancing 
queen, AH-SO sauce, our songs, New Year's '99, a boyfriend, #3; 
TN- my house, lost in NY, a valid ID, 3-point turns & driving like a 
maniac, dry-cleaning, the hanging dead doll; AS- our lockers, more 
accidents, homeroom, a trip to Canada, Charlie; HC- high speed 
chases, getting lost in the ghetto, a perfect guy, house parties, dance 
classes, my advice, drive-byes, the mall, a kick in the butt, snoop, 
my X-mas tree, KF; BD- all the gum and candy you want, Mrs. 
Antonellis; PP- Spanish class, talks about the GAP boy, my job at 
Sunny, eggs for your car; Juan Peppon- Espanol, a hug, Scooby Doo, 
volleyball & a bikini, Juanita; CS- Shaniqua the sugar baby, 
Abercrombie, Vinnie, writing poems, psych, class, a sub, my home- 
work; JM- my watch, all the fine ladies; KS- the bus!, a crash helmet; 
JW- happy music, the boy in the basement; Everyone- Thanks for all 
the laughs and good times!! I will miss you all. Good luck next year! 
Kelly Shaughnessy: GB- Hotel Victoria, voodoo, barbies, new fresh- 
man semi date, mint chip w/jimmies, drive-bys, summer nights at 
Cook's, good times; KM- Cape Cod, lilacs, tan man, ants on a log, 
Rapper's Delight, mam's ole van and the dugout, hammock inci- 
dent, Walmart, Cook's Hall, sleepovers, freshman bio, date w/John 
Travolta; KH- mall trips, "will you marry me Bill," farm drive-bys. 
sleepovers, a hair salon, date w/ Justin, another haircut from me; KW- 
movie nights, beach trips, freshman bio, Tommy, college days, DMB, 
Superbowl parties, new seatbelt for the Volvo, subscription to Cosmo, 
dates w/Wags; KH- taboo, pool days, date w/JC, Cooks, Tom Jones, 
Spanish class, Bodyguard soundtrack; AM- freshman bio, beach trips, 
tickets to a concert, drive-bys in the Hawk, Cosmo, 16 Candles, Re- 
turn to OZ, Cooks; JC- Elmo, "your" sub, Ireland, Lady in Red, Bryan 
Adams guitar pick, Skittles, finished art project, night sky filled w/ 
stars to last you a lifetime; SH- deli king for the day, date w/Alyssa 
Milano, the velveeta calculator, D'Los class; CS- Sundays at the deli, 
a prom date, new door for the Jetta, date w/Brenda, a road trip where 
you don't get lost, Montreal, "I'm okay," glass of milk, Pepto Bismol, 
driving range, movie nights, your own calculator, trip to Florida, 
freckles, a ticklish spot, football contract, lifetime of happiness, 
lonestar, on the other hand, a new stuffed koala bear; WR- good times 
at the deli, mall trips, hockey games, chocolate cappucino, cure for 
diabetes, house in Bermuda, speeding ticket, roomie for UNH, some- 
one who will make you happy; RS- AOL, the return of the silva Jetta 
equipped w/ torture devices, "How you doin?". 
Amy Smith: JA- SG4, independent Jenny, aggressive car rides, stu- 
pid movies, piercing fetish, anything orange, "those two months," 
the jungle gym, the proper definition of a piercing, rock children, 
statue dog, a hippie manual, oversized home-made clothing, Phil's 
toothbrush, mix tapes, Joe's Rock, late night, Heather Hills, 2 differ- 
ent sizes, "the letter mission," Capt. Howdy, old notes, a hug; RC- 
PEAS, SG4, rice pilaf, co-captain, Kippy, ice cream and flowers on a 

bad day, pretend "kinda sortas," Whose Peas?!, Boo Head, BL is a 
ninja, dance competitions, procrastination, the North girls, JR's kicks, 
spooning sessions, the steam roller, kaleidoscope of sports, how 
owwco, trofeos; BG- Muppets, good blinkers, some new recruits, 
Persian Empire's newest album, that face you like, the kitchen floor, 
Casper, Kermit, my bumper sticker boarder, any good 80's movies, 
late night tanning urges, the huge party you can tell your kids about, 
"Sup Grif ?", supper club, a job at Abercrombie; KD- Chunks, a friend, 
the zoo, purple pants, "don't touch me, you're my friend," Tri-Town, 
elbows, FOXY, a to-do list, blood drive, friends that you need more 
than two hands to count on, my bathroom~for when you're in the 
area, monkeys that flip you off, Chunk All Stars, my specks, trashcan, 
P of T, a story with no "somethings," Terri, HI, a walk to class, Junior 
Mints, yessssss, DMB Worchester; JM- sweet bf's, Varsity Parties, fat, 
frosh yr., 2-14-97, the Cape, Webster Lake, the rat in the water, kings, 
Scooter's, the Classic, Great Woods, a drive to Brookline, dinner and 
a movie, swimmer's ear, late night Cumbie's runs, mix tapes, Patty, 
a "tap, tap, tap," a broken rose, a friend forever; Kfa- Pardo, Patty, 
Pevis, Tri-Town, a trailer home on Shears St., a new trashcan, drive 
bys, a date with me and KD, Ms. Ryan's stories, supper club; CP- 
late night AOL talks, advice, NEW PANTS, pool, F + B, turning 
purple; MM- krapanoli bars, the tire swing, kickakid #1-10, Caesar 
Chelor; CM- a talk about guy problems, to finally get "him," a non- 
existent toga party, supper club; MJ- Fu Chu, "All Mighty Advisor," 
JM's front steps, long talks aobut anything, a coffee run, an elemen- 
tary school state of mind, History Day, home-made play dough, my 
house and stuff, glodfish, supper club, Among Yong, Abbaduhuh; 
SH- The Crew, a kiss, the prom, a fart on my head, sprout-a-saurus; 
SS- math class, town pond, 2-14-00, a boy named Clyde /Morphious, 
a "good time," under the stairs, all the pillows for yourself, a non- 
aggressive fish, Feb, vacation '99, a best friend no matter what; JB- 
friend, Bruce Lee, a drop kick to the chin, Tommy, a random night, a 
late night drive, a handshake, a heart shaped bush, Nike sign, good 
jazz tunes, best of luck furthering your music career; DM- a long 
talk, Semi '99, breakfast, a good hug, spooning, baby balooga; EM- a 
LEFTY HASKLE, St. Patty's Day, birthday funnel, dance party, a kick 
to the capt.; TOOT- a ride, a sleepover, the times I joined in, "if you 
drink the water," Pancho, the name game, "I doubt it," the perfect 
girl; LC- our childhood, cherry rhubarb babisca, a bike ride, catch- 
ing frogs, Rhima, church retreats, a ride to school, the bus stop, band, 
the barbie house, WLCAS, the smell of my basement, pizza night, 
Maine, victor, rollerblading, a friend down the street forever; EF- 
non-frizzy hair, a day to not feel fat, "I about fell ova," BASS, Tom; 
DH- childhood memories, barbies, Jr. gym; SF- SG4, a ride, hayming, 
H + C breakfast, a sleepover, my pullout couch, where is Joshua?, a 
3D greeting card; CF- Big T's, Rob, a talk, the playground, breakfast, 
a game of phone tag, Halloween '99, Homecoming, relief behind my 
car, a place to visit when you need to get away; MM- all the secrets 
of being popular, breakfast, Semi '00, regrets of not becoming friends 
sooner; Kfe- Gray pants Thurs., tips on being "friendly," #1, for us to 
actually hang with Sean; KG- ceramics lunch and last period, the 
motherboard, an air conditioner; DS- Semi '00, my car (to wash and 
drive); AC- "Croteau knows," for you to know I like your sweater; 
BS- YES!, a trip to Salve, plans for 8 weekends from now; SO- Span- 
ish class, pugsly, our talks; Khu- the answer, sandals with socks; JL- 
the capt., a touch on the cheek, the Twins; TM- the Twins, the young 
ones, a neighbor down the hill. 

Chuck Stone: AF-bashing weirdo, Da Bombs, your keys, Toledo, 
Environmental, baby food; RS-FB, butt, flippas, gooch, p-thumbs, 
weirdo; CW-K. W., back scrubby thingy, $290, women; JB-mnt. Je- 
suit, green jacket, gold jacket, Environmental projects, Randy Travis, 
WNBC, Gambler; MT- my clothes, my hooters t-shirt, my food, fight- 
ing, American Pie, big gulp hun, wazzup, everything, you think about 
it; SM-Cooperstown t-shirt, Mrs. Shirley, stink in Mr. Ferraira's; SH- 
the deli, cream cheese, Shayna, bruises, punches, WWF; WR-tickets, 
Joey's first kiss, 1, 2; KS-UNH acceptance, split lip, Sundays, Dreidel, 
3 sheets, me, Salami, Freckles, your dinner, Rusty, Amazed, AOL, 
Montreal, happiness, no regrets, fake smiles, bruises, Brenda, your 


Ryan Straw: RC- tickle wars, Mow's it goin down 7 , games of spit, 
the playground, Montreal, [r skip day, swingers, money, marriage at 
1", our ski trip; JG and SW- the Jetta, the priceless Spectra, many tins 
and pkntj ol spiiters, another year w/Coz, college days; WR- S7mph, 
studying English, bughugs, Marsha, your laugh, messages on my 
cell phone, treadmills, 2pac, our ski trip, juicy; 1 1M- ski trips, no feet, 
\!t snow w/JC, LK, M\d fC; KG swingers, it's broken, don't worry 
someday we'll find tune tor KITH; All my boys-chitlin, partyin, and 
plenty of good tunes; MK- a new car; jC- a party with Ken at U'Mass; 
,OI. in coUege; SM- Zues, MJ- Gem, KM- Styles; PL- Bond and 
\l IL, great white hype; AF. MK, CP- a Bush Concert 
Mike Toledo: JB- Derrr. razor rainon, Montreal, a girlfriend, b-ball 
game, bond, track season, wazzzup, Smoky Shamrock tatoos, tug-o- 
war champs. Eddie Bauer, Lazzara projects, German Scheister vid- 
eos, The rock wrestlernama, Congrats on all your success, you smell 
terrific, driving range, [esuit, KP Franklin hockey games. All Amen 
can b-ball, tor my next trick, I'll give you $50, Nordberg, Polecat, 
weslv pipes, princess, T Rl ., tough gms, sou v\ ill eat them, rail/. 818; 
( \Y- $290 speeding tickets, 2 yr plan, eating your cookies, K. W., 
OCD, complete athlete award, weekends w/vour parents +- AP Bio 
tests, tons-o-tun. football camp library, a touchdown, a girlfriend, 
college overnights, parties; EC- Boo Harnes, Chuck's fresh produce, 
accident tree mo., deamng, microsoft word, a base hit drive-by paint 
bailing, the best hats m the school, curses, fiddlesticks, soccer games, 
winter track, time- factory, ketchup packets, orange pass '99, tread- 
mills, 4 sausage fingers, 818, Coopacy eleventeen, Notorious B.R.A.D.; 
U R- I told you so, nice guys, Spanish 1; CS- Ralph, KP Franklin hockey 
games, .ml smarting Wags, Lazzara projects, Mike's Deli, unlimited 
Superbowls w/Shea, pro-football career, Montreal, you look older 
than 18, Flairs your hands are freezing, sub 7 mm mile "> it your 
gin, Nordberg, Polecat. MI B '99, tournaments, sense of direction 
w KS. KP baseball, chat rooms, thanks for your food, ice cream 
classes together. I avallee's class, freshman baseball. 818, autographs 
at Pats' camp, squeeze my arms, Pedro Martinez auto, a boot, South 
Park. Sime 7, the brain, Samoan Jibber Jabber, QCB ribs, the doctor, 
hulkster, Wags - lOthing driving, KI I tanning, salon, freckles, brand 
new black/ gra) sweaters, Toledo's squid throwing, challenge 2000 

edition, la\ 5 

Chris Wagner [B- golfcarts, rides home from ( CB, i looters (Thaaank 
you), boxing championship, 1-800-54-G1ANT song, Billy Madison, 
tun tunes w A C./arnowskv, mini golt, cruising in Mattapan. thing 
kids Northeastern camp M\d rides to it. Brock talk; Ml- $290. some 
sell confidence, the ability to say whatever you want, whenever you 
want, midnight fistfights w/Matt, the art of shot put bowling and 
catching, the brain, corrugated cardboard, that mingy, Portuguese 
muffin dust, deamng, CS my dictionary collection, that thmgv, slow- 
leisurely rides to sporting events, led going all out. Pro & Con list:-, 
illegal golf cart trails, a map to get home from the Cape, cruising in 
Mattapan, tennis at Rodman, RS calling before showing up and try- 
ing to drive you into the street, Northeastern camp and the rides to 

D oil changes, too many hots, IK- Rodman, senior player meet 
tngs, calm talks w Coach Finase. state school flats and locked spare 
tires. Northeastern camp and the rides to. it; SI I- knowledge of wre - 
tling, kid catching at Pats' camp, P*#*# contests at your house, break- 
ing furniture great subs, RS- chemistry beatings, Seinfeld's final epi- 
sode; IP- Stony Brook bio projects, turtles, porch jumping. History 
day joy rides into Rl; BA- OA Tigers, FM. Bocock, condiments; MM- 

t05, 315, Plymouth North IIS; joe P- joe's Thanksgiving; ja// 
hot tubs, writing on hands, physics labs, speaking fluently in Span 
is|i Spanish videos, English videos. Dodge Rams on Chestnut St, 
Boys' State; PL. -trong wrists and collar bones, Eacasse- style hand- 
offs; PL- saving your name, practice pants. Polecat, pass blocking 
drills. TM- algebra presentations; WR algebra presentations; AB- 
red, take hometests, "si, se", KW- great locker location; DR- hip drive, 
girls discus record, clearing the fence; jP- the head butt; KP Football 
<md Track- good luck in the future. 
Kelly Wardner I IIP bussing at the Eagle Brook, calculus parties. 

soccer, basketball. Girls' State; AM- Scott Brown, taps on the back in 
biology, tree-tipping, Leonardo DiCaprio, environmental buddii 
mariposas. baseball games, art class, Mr. Besaw's class, KM ^nxi 
times at Meet ]ot< Black, our great study sessions, NHS meetings, 
chemistry notes, Homecoming tides in the jeep, pictures of [ohn 
Travolta; KI I- trips to DC with Meghan, Blazei r seasons, on- 

line chats; KS- good times at PI 's house, survey s, beach trips, MC I 
all American game, art class, college trips with Becky. NE WYB 
rettmg, hand shakes, dinner at Friendlv's. D'Angelos; Al tannin 
at Sugar Loaf , Softball, rides, Student Council, LH- soccer, mail trip-- 
Girls State, my great advice, indoor soccer, KF, CI', BS, MJ, RC, I M 
good hmesai Student Council; JC- soccer, basketball, sottbail.btudent 
Council, internet chats; BC college trips w/ KS, English buddies, corn 
is the key, cloning; MM- handshakes, Blazers, soccer, dancing in the 
kitchen with Caitlm, DMB concerts; AKS- WYB early morning rem) 
black eves, dinner at Friendlv's; GB- econmics buddies, handshakes 
initiations, rides in my van, Volvos, Table Top Team, HB- good times 
in calculus and economics, soccer camp, good times at Trinity, the- 
ater, tipping over my canoe, all the |H memories, KH- art i lass 
cer camp, dnve-bys, Vermont trips. Chemistry notes, History I 'a\ 
with Meg, dinner at Friendlv's, MJ- History Day with Kristen, eco- 
nomics class, locker buddies, student council; |M, I.M. IF I. KA. I IB, 
KM. Hli- good tunes at the calculus table; SW- my car, ^nv m 
year at KP; EK- rides to Merrimack in the Eclipse, student couiv. il 
soccer chats at the corner flag; SH- soccer, basketball, Softball, ^n 
line chats, student council, TG- Spanish class, teaching tne the dis- 
cus, early morning NHS meetings, Fable "Fop Feam; CS- bussing at 
the Eagle Brook, MCD's All American (Same, CW- locker buddies in 
Junior High, proms, MCD's All American Came: AB. KB- good times 
in art class, EC- bussing at the F.agle Brook 

Matt Webber: KM mj car, oh watt. Just Kidding! 1 Fwe tun on the 
bus. CS- a zipper, so she will keep her mouth shut; JC m\ notebi - 
cause I don't know it he'll graduate! AW- my car keys So die i m\ 
look cool swinging them but not able to drive. 1 leave my crap lockei 
to a freshman who has to go -4 years in this school! ITave fun! J lea\ <■ 
my oj to the spot where we hang out every morning; I leave my tire 
marks to the parking lot, IN- a memory because he is stupid and 
forgets everything; JW- a lite because she annoys everyone in 
homeroom; The talks m sociology with PW, MP, MS, 1 V to next year's 
class; JCo- my pen because he is the kid who stole my pen in Youth 
and Law; SM- a math notebook then maybe he would do his work 
KI I- her own words because she is always using my lines, IN s< me 
rood so next time we go out he won't get sick; To all my friends 
good luck. Enjoy high school. It goes by fast. Don't forget the litl 
things because they matter the most. 

Michelle Wood The hardest thing about leaving K P is leaving 
friend- r,i\d memories So many things can help you become who 
you are and change you instant iv IX,- Chem. class, 2 vears of men 
nes, love, my heart. April -t 1998, Thank you tor everything we • 
done together and everything we will do; SO Thanks for being th- 
when I needed voir Good luck on your next three years Don'i 

pie upset you Ignore them and move on, KK Toy Story 11, bus 
ride home, the many laughs; PW: I won't miss eating lunch with \ ou 
or with Carol The PF trips were quite fun together Next time, thou 
I really will leave vou in Boston; RD- playing sardines, Merci ;>our 
tout, mon petit chou chou; St. have tun during the rest of '.our stay 
here. Have a sate trip home, Heidi, Sra. Z. mi enemiga mala Fha 
for always being there when i needed someone. You're vine of the 
best teacher I've ever had; HE. AK, JO- France, the last night, the [> 
on the motorcycle, the baby angels in France, the plane ride hor 
HE- the hotel in Nirne, the Eiffel Tower .md thing francs; Jen- no 
more guvs, long live the care factor'; Mom & I )ad- Thanks for gi\ 
me such great opportunities in my life. 1 never could be where I am 
if f never had either \^u in my lite Dad thanx tor all the hoc! 
games; KD- Superman, Hercules, Spooky World, classes on how 
keep your shoes on; Everyone. "Friendship is the only cement that 
will ever hold the entire world together." Wood row Wilson 


r '55* 

Until We Meet figaiix 

An Important Part of the School Year [s Saying Goodbye 

MOVING ON (below) 

After five years oi service, Coach Calzaretta is leaving the King 
Philip community Every sports team has gone on to post season 
competitions this year. F his surely is a tribute to Mr. Calzaretta's 
excellence as a sports director. Whether it is lending an ear to after 
game talks or giving students their varsity jackets, Coach is always 
there to lend his helping hand. Coach Calzaretta will be missed more 
than he knows b) both the students and faculty ot king Philip. 


Mr. Courtney is retiring after manv years at KF His smiling face 

and helptul ways will be missed bv all. 


Mrs. Shirley Is retiring alter this year. She is leaving many fond 

memories ot kP and has many exciting adventures ahead of her. 


•jl Lifetime of Service 

When I think about the seven years at King Philip 
Regional High School, I think of the many hard- 
working, delightful students 1 have known dur- 
ing this time. It has been a pleasure to work with 
these outstanding students and with the excel- 
lent faculty at this school. My plans for the fu- 
ture include traveling, reading, walking, cooking, 
and gardening. I'm especially excited about <\n 
Australian cruise my husband and I are planning; 
to take within the next few years. The thirty years 
I have spent as a teacher have gone by in the blink 
of an eye. I'm anxious to begin a new phase in 
my life; but I have no regrets about having cho- 
sen teaching as my profession. -Mrs. Shirley 

Miss Burke has been a favorite in the English Department! for 
the past few years. She is now leaving King Philip to go back 
to school. While she is furthering her education, KP will be 
missing Ms. Burke. 

ADIOS AMIGOS (below left) 

Mrs. Hamilton is leaving KP to be able to spend more turn- 
with her precious bebe, Lucy. She will be missed not onl\ by 
her students but by her colleagues as well 

GOING HOME (below) 

Sandra linterhollcnberg came to King Philip this \Oc\r from 
Switzerland. She was very active within the school and made 
mam friends, Mow that the school year has come to an end 
site will he going back to her family to share her many fond 
memories of Massachusetts and our unique habits 

ft. (aoodhye Tfte$$age 

Well, what can 1 say? I'll miss all of you guvs' And even this tunny habit of yours with those passes that 
make you feel like you were in a high security section of NASA. But now, seriously, this year was just 
awesome. One part was the first basketball season of my life [hanks to all of you who kept encouraging me 
when 1 was completely confused again by some sort of scramble or any other part of practice, and even in 
games when 1 was running around like crazy and sometimes still wasn't where I was supposed to be. Thanks 
to ail of you who made this season so great! I loved it! And the next award goes to... the Drama Club. 1 just 
love all of you guvs. I'll always remember all our rehearsals, which usually never started on time. It was so 
much fun! I even got to eat my first candy cane Yum! I got to know that it's okay to be a thespian, but not 
only that! 1 don't know what I'd have done without you! You were my lite! And thanks for the bear, perfect 
job Mr. I '-*.! You're the best! The club that lit up all my Tuesdays, what came to be my favorite day of the week, 
was the Diversity Club. I really loved the meetings I'll never forget out field trips and especially one Satur- 
day May 20th, the Gay/Straight Youth Pride March in Boston. That was one of the happiest days ot my lite' 
Thank you so much! But now it's time for me to pack my bags and head back for Switzerland, and believe 
me, it's not Sweden, it's Switzerland! Thanks and bye everybody. I'll miss you! 

Lo\ e , 
Sandra Unterhollenberg (U'Berg) 


r 57- 







Laurier tficole 

We wish you success 

in all your life's endeavors. 

Be happy. 

Love,. Mom & Chris 

M.eli$$a P. Hanlon 


This means so 

much to me that 

you are 


1 knew that vou 

could do it. 

You are one of the 

most important 

people in my Life. 

You can succeed at 

anything in life 

that you put 

your mind to. 

Love you, 


Benjamin tieo "Dcwi$ 


1 ^H 

s SH 


iMflf- ?** 


^tifES^B f : 

"' ». 






; -A 

V 1 


Just yesterday 

we saw a little 

boy with bright 

blue eves- 
Today we see a 
young man we 
are so proud of. 

We love you 
Ben ! 

Mom & Dad 

58 p 



Hilary$ Hayes 



' HH>wm»> 



We are so proud of you! 

You have worked hard 

and accomplished much, 

and always remained the beautiful, 

wonderful person we love so much. 

Good luck at VVPL 

We know you are going to shine. 

Love you. 

Mom & Dad 

Heather, Tommy & Hayley 

::;:,:,,-. : ., »,,.,- 



Eighteen years you have been our son, 
who we are very proud of and love you 
very much. Whatever the future holds 
for you, we're sure that past school, 
you'll RULE. 

Love, Mother & Father 
Pamela & John 

Benjamin, heo 

You Made It, Ben! 


Zak, Tim and Greg 

:■:■■■■.'.':':::':■ :. : ■ <:■'• -.-■ ..:■:■:■ ':'■■■::■: ::: ■: 

— j-. 
r 59- 



^B Wat 


Je$$ica Church 


We are so 

proud of all 

that you have 


in your studies 

and \our 

music, as well 

ah the person 

you have 


We love you. 

Mom & Dad 

Big Sis, 
Thanks for 
the love and 


that you have 
given me and 
for always 
making me 
laugh when I 
needed it 
most. What's 
this? A 


Jeffrey "EJdward 


l hope you are always so full oi fun 
and life. I wish you many happy 
memories at Quinnipiac. 




<W Luck, 
Cla$s of 

We mi$s you 

-60 p 





• . 







wR m 

■ i 



■ ■ 



■ ■ 




m I 


Lfori *